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Battery discharge too fast

14 Feb, 2020
I can not get the battery to hold for 3 days without use. It would completely discharge. If used right after charging it barely runs toys for 10 minutes.  read more »

Broken upon arrival

14 Feb, 2020
Broken upon arrival but seller was nice enough to provide credit for the broken unit. read more »

Great choice for kids

14 Feb, 2020
My 6 yr old loves it. He wants to use it everyday.   read more »

Great one to have

14 Feb, 2020
Love it. It was fun to use. Wish the manual was little clear n pose easy to decipher.  read more »

Love it

14 Feb, 2020
Great lamp Very responsive to touch. Charging port is a bonus. Would have been even better if it was wireless charging. Light is pretty bright.  read more »

Did not work on note 8

14 Feb, 2020
Could not get it to work with samsung note 8  read more »

Great cable

03 Dec, 2019
Fast charging Braided cable, feels strong Works for note 8 read more »

Lost strength over time

03 Dec, 2019
Grip and the strength has fell over time.  read more »

Good but needs improvement

27 Nov, 2019
It works great. Bluetooth function is nice for taking pictures.  Pros - folds to very small package -bluetooth clicker is great Cons - was scared to use with canon t5...not sturdy... read more »

Good but not great

17 Nov, 2019
Pros Cute design Okay battery life  Cons Poor picture quality Not so easy to use ise for kids Screen glass scatched without any fall just from storage in the drawer.  &n... read more »

Perfect for ipad 6th gen

17 Nov, 2019
Pros: Easy to connect  Great battery life  Nice feel when u type  Looks good too Cons Not so protected. I won't trust it for my ipad fo full protection  read more »

Nice and sturdy

17 Nov, 2019
This is nice laundry hamper. Great for kids room. My kids love to put their dirty clothes into shark's mouth.  read more »

Lots of fun

17 Nov, 2019
We have a lot of fun with this. I play monster game with my kids all the time with this. Every day after dinner, my 3 old brings thos from my office and tells me to wear it so that we can play monster... read more »

Nice bluetooth mask but low volume

01 Nov, 2019
Sound is little low but uts very comfortable read more »

Not fast charging

01 Nov, 2019
Its nice but i am not getting fast charging in my note 8. read more »

Nice small set for luggage

01 Nov, 2019
Easy to set up and use. It was easy to reset and use. Fits in luggage nicely. read more »

Great tool set

01 Nov, 2019
It is a nice handy toolset to have.  Its efficient and easy to use. read more »

Very difficult to put on

23 Aug, 2019
It seals fairly tight however it is very difficult to put on even for 5yr old...he doesn't even want to try anymore since it took forever to put on and take off. read more »

nice storage my kids legos

27 Jul, 2019
I bought this to store the legos as the lego box was falling apart and this has been perfect. the handle makes it easy to carry even for my 2 yr old and it is perfect size, it even fits in the book sh... read more »

great product so much fun

27 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love it. It is easy to fly and guide. Just charge it and fly. everything is already setup and connected. There is no work to be done to set up. just charge it and your are good to go.... read more »

There are better $1 head phones in dollar tree

18 Apr, 2019
I am not sure why this was priced so high at $129. It has no bass or audio quality. Wire is flimsy. It looks like a dillar tree headphone. read more »

Poor built

18 Apr, 2019
Charger got hot after one use.  Looks flimsy and I am not sure  it is worth $70 plus value as stated in Amazon.  read more »

Nice scratch off world map

18 Apr, 2019
This was a love and hate relationship kinda thing.   Map is good. I like the hanging feature to add clips or pictures.  However map itself even though is large, some of the countries... read more »

Like it

10 Mar, 2019
This is the second one that I am using and I am liking it so far.  Pros 1. Multiple charging ports 2. Stick to the wall, so no more running cables 3. Charges my note 8 fast like other... read more »

Great multicharger

08 Mar, 2019
I am liking it so far. The are few good things it has going for it. 1. Multiple charging ports 2. Stick to the wall, so no more running cables 3. Charges my note 8 fast like other charges... read more »

Great replacement for multi piece sockets

06 Mar, 2019
I used it yesterday for a small project and i only have good things about it.  - i love how easy it is to use. - the long extension bonus are great especially when working with long sc... read more »

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