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Real Handy Kick Stand

09 Sep, 2017
This is so neat. It's real handy and pretty. It is real handy. Comes with a sticker. I just stuck it on. And I can use it to hold my phone and I can get some work done. It looks so nice on my phon... read more »

Accurate Temperature

16 Jul, 2017
This is Handy when your traveling. It has a load alarm. Tells temperatures and time. So when I get ready for my day I know how to dress and what I want to do outdoors for the day   read more »

Wonderful Clippers

16 Jul, 2017
I really like these they cut so smooth and easy. They are real easy to clean up. They are the best ones we have ever tried. They don't pull your hair on your face. They are really worth the money.... read more »

I love this beautiful colors

16 Jul, 2017
This is such a neat toy. Takes me back to my childhood. I love to spin it and watch the changing colors. The faster it spins the prettier the colors.I will definitely recommend to everyone and also I... read more »

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