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10 Feb, 2021
It fit perfectly and is really durable and thick. read more »

Omg yes yes yes

25 Dec, 2020
This thing is amazing it feels wonderful and cleans amazing and where has it been all my life it's pretty amazing and does exactly what it's suppose to do, vetter then even I expected. read more »

My 5 year old went nuts over this

23 Dec, 2020
My 5 year old has autism and had been obsessed with taking things off the tree and putting things on the tree including things that don't go on the tree, took us 2 days to find the missing donut o... read more »

Worth it

22 Dec, 2020
My husband loved it. Kept all his money together when he didn't wanna bring a wallet read more »

Didn't use it much

22 Dec, 2020
It was very difficult for me to use this but my husband used it alot before he quit workong out he said it was definetly worth it. read more »

Omg I'm so happy I got this

22 Dec, 2020
So I bought this for my brand new mattress, it somehow managed to gather all these hard little fabric balls from my sheets and u can feel them thro the sheets now so i got this and statted to basicall... read more »

Got exactly what I paid for

22 Dec, 2020
It's not the most accurate but it's close enough with bigger amounts to matter  read more »

Very nice case

22 Dec, 2020
Bought this for my niece for her first phone and I was greatly impresses she lived how classy it made her otherwise plain phone look. read more »

Perfect for jams around the fire at a music festival

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for my husband who loves to just sit around a nice fire at a music festival or camping with some friends and just jam out, he like to sing more so I figure something like this would be perf... read more »

Look way better on my husband then on me

22 Dec, 2020
They are a little big for my face but they look amazing on my husband the color is just perfect  such a beautiful baby blue and the diamond along the sides were so well placed and a bit of a surp... read more »

Got this for a friend

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for a friend of mine who needed a new one desperatly I have never seen someone so grateful for something so simple. Hooked  it up immediately and statted playing, it looked like it was... read more »

Suzy earn cozy gloves

22 Dec, 2020
These are so cozy and warm just what you want in the winter months when the snow is so cold.  read more »

I need to order more.

22 Dec, 2020
I love these sunglasses and need to order more in other colors and for backup they r lightweight but very durable and block the shade bjtbarent to dark. They are so comftorable I forget I am even wear... read more »

So beautiful

22 Dec, 2020
Came in working order, beautiful color and such sparkly gems. I love this watch. read more »

Perfrct set

22 Dec, 2020
This is the perfect tweezer set, vibrant beautiful colors, came in a cute little case to keep them all together and to carry in your purse or wherever if u wanted. These are lefit my most favorite twe... read more »

Perfect fit

22 Dec, 2020
These are the perfect for and blend perfectly with your phone, you don't even know they are there. More protective then I could have imagined.  read more »

Finally cleaned mt husband's pores

22 Dec, 2020
My household needed this bad well mainly my husband he has the most awful pores sometimes and I legit have to trick him and like pounce on him to get them cleaned, it was made so much easier with thes... read more »

Bought for 12 year old

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for my daughter a few years ago actually and she still has it and wears it all the time, she has autism and is very time oriented and this watch helps her so much, it was easy to adjust to... read more »

Thank God for this

22 Dec, 2020
After I had my daughter my stomach just wouldn't go back the way I wanted no matter what type of work out i did until I started wearing Thai before and after my work out.  read more »

My husband wore these everywhere

22 Dec, 2020
I got these sneakers for my husband and didn't really expect much so much to my surprise when they were far beyond anything I could have inagined. They weren't cheaply made or to lightweight b... read more »

I loved this phone case

22 Dec, 2020
So beautiful and such vibrant colors and super durable. Easy to put on and fit was perfect.  The pink was a little.brighter then it looked but it was perfect. I would order this again. read more »

I used this case for the longest time

19 Dec, 2020
This was a beautiful and amazing case. It was durable and helped protect my phone during many drops and falls.  The colors were just so vibrant and bright. And I loved how it had a silicone case... read more »

Will order again let me tell you why

19 Dec, 2020
These fit amazing, great quality fabric soft, durable and holds together in all the right places and stretchy in just the right places. They shrank a little when washed and dried so wash on cold for m... read more »

Beautiful vibrant phone case

13 Nov, 2017
I'm completely in love with this phone case, fits perfect, looks beautiful and more vibrant in person, it's soft and makes the phone feel more secure. I have had countless compliments and been... read more »

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