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my son absolutley freaked out for these

27 Nov, 2021
he loves them they r exactly as pictured. its way more sturdy then i felt like it would be. the colors r bright and vibrant and the pop it is perfect. my son needed thse for school to help him stop fi... read more »

Husband loves this for a quick touch up between visits

27 Nov, 2021
my husband was looking for something to use inbetween haircutting visits.it works amazingly and my son even doesnt mind it being used on him, usually he hates the noise and vibration but this one isnt... read more »

such a cute ornament

27 Nov, 2021
i was pleasently surprsed at this ornament its like a soft silicone type of material so thankfully it wont break easily. it looks exactly as described and i cant wait to hang it on my tree for christm... read more »

This is my very first own knife set

23 Nov, 2021
I am so happy with this set not only is it absolutely beautiful but it cut everything and anything so perfectly. Took me a minute to learn which knife does what but the first time I cut a ra... read more »

Perfect for my collection

23 Nov, 2021
So I have a ballon dog collection, I love then so much and I was kinda skeptical about this one due to the print on it but I was so happy when I received my new balloon pup and it was so much better t... read more »

So perfect, bigger then I thought but in a good way

23 Nov, 2021
This is the cutest water bottle, the colors are so perfect, I love that it's so girly and fun. I also love the feel of the bottle its silky smooth like velvety. The writing on the bottle is clear... read more »

Durable and strong, perfect size for my mini home gym

23 Nov, 2021
I was pleasantly surprised at how strong this ball is, it came with a pump and plugs for the hole in the ball, and once blown up its a good little size, not huge like some other ones I've owned. T... read more »

This is the perfect set for artist

30 Jun, 2021
U love the case it comes in and the pencils themselves are perfect. It's amazing for any artist as it travels well.  It has everything it says it will come with and the case is even better th... read more »

Exactly as described

27 Jun, 2021
I love this the bucket fits my rig perfectly and it comes with the beads and the lid it's legit a starter kit for doing dabs. It's wonderful. read more »

So cute

13 Jun, 2021
This is such a cute addition to any home it's quarky and different but also cute and fun. It's well made and beautifully printed no blurriness. It hung up really easy and looks perfect in it&#... read more »

This worked perfectly, loud and easy to use

13 Jun, 2021
It's really loud and can be heard across big rooms or yards..it's easy to use and perfect for parties. read more »

Perfect for a busy work kitchen

04 May, 2021
I got one for myself and my husband kept stealing it on me so I got him his very own and he brings it to work to have music while he is cooking in the kitchen. Perfect sound great connection and goes... read more »

Perfect for all my candles specially the long ones most lighters don't reach

02 May, 2021
This works so perfectly and I don't risk lighting my nails on fire or burning myself. It is very cool to watch too. Charges easily and I never run the risk of not being able to light a candle in a... read more »

My girls love them and look so cute

02 May, 2021
They are so adorable and girly. The colors are spot on, no fraying or loose sequins anywhere and the sewing is amazing nothing is glued. It fits the girls head and mine perfectly without feeling... read more »

Such a great flashlight and blacklight

02 May, 2021
I got this mainly for the blacklight function to make all the stars on my kids ceilings glow brighter at bedtime which works so amazingly and i end up using this all the time to go out and put th... read more »

Amazing quality water guns

28 Apr, 2021
They are very good quality, shoots far and holds a good amount of water. Has a decent pressure too. My kids love it but I tend to steal them and attack them wirh all the water, so they turned to hose... read more »

Never showed

28 Apr, 2021
I wish it had show but it never did. read more »

Summer fun

18 Apr, 2021
These work perfect my kids were so happy with them. They last for a good few minutes before they need to be refilled, they are so much better  then the ones I had growing up. They have a decent c... read more »

I'm addicted to these shorts

16 Apr, 2021
I love every single thing about these shorts. The color, the feel, the design, the material, the pockets, just everything. They fit like a glove and are so comftorable and u barley know your even wear... read more »

beautiful classic and vintage farmhouse feel with this.

16 Apr, 2021
this has a beautiful vintage looking classic clock. I love how it adds a touch of farmhouse to my kitchen.  it's printed beautifully and works wonderfully, doesn't have any annoying ticki... read more »

so comfy and beautiful colors

16 Apr, 2021
these are so comftorable and soft, i love that they have some length to them as well, I love u don't have to worry about bending over and showing your butt. the color on these are so amazing as we... read more »

kinda bulky but sterdy and secure

16 Apr, 2021
it's a little bigger and bulkier then I thought it was be but it has a hard shell that makes it super secure and safe. I like that I'll be able to put other things in there while wearing my gl... read more »

these could pass for real diamond earrings

16 Apr, 2021
these are beautiful quality. if u didn't know u could pass them off as the real things . they don't weigh down your ears and they don't make ur ears turn green or cause an allergic reactio... read more »

better then alot of name brand expensive tools.

16 Apr, 2021
this is truly wonderful. it's better then the last one we had which was an expensive well known brand it it was shit compared to this. great power. gretat tool. we r renovating a house and this ha... read more »

such nice headphones

13 Apr, 2021
They connect really easy,  they came charged and I've only had to charge them a handful of times,  they stay charged forever,  they are comftorable and easy to wear,  the don&#... read more »

Perfect for a warm day

13 Apr, 2021
I got this for my husband and he loves it. lightweight and cozy, he loves tanks with hoods on it. he was surprised the drawstring was the kind if string it was, said it reminded him of shoelace and ha... read more »

Omg I have never had such nice makeup brushes before

13 Apr, 2021
I have never before in my life own brushes that were this nice. They are so soft and thick and the bristles are secure. they arent cheaply made, the spots where everything connect isn't done with... read more »

Perfect kids sneakers for school and play

13 Apr, 2021
They are really nice, I never understood spending 70 bucks on a pair of kids sneakers when u can get a really great pair for a decent price.  these are sturdy and thick but lightweight. My son lo... read more »

My booty!!!

13 Apr, 2021
Now the pair i got were to big, I ordered wrong.  The waist jyst was to big but the seller was kind enough to help me get the proper size,  I'm waiting on those now,  but my best fr... read more »

My cats are very pleased with it

13 Apr, 2021
It's very cute and very modern design, I love being able to fill my cats water and not worry about  the water getting dirty or evaporating.  The good bowl is removable so you can just sc... read more »

It's mesmerizing and so peaceful

13 Apr, 2021
This is amazing, the lights are so bright and I love all the modes and how captivating it is. My daughter was completely mesmerized and entranced. The sounds are very peaceful, the sound quality is re... read more »

This is such good quality

11 Apr, 2021
I love how nice this is, it's a great size and perfectly stretched on the canvas. I loved the little details on each of the corners. There are these little gold square outlines. Adds a little touc... read more »

Perfect gift for my 9 year old son.

11 Apr, 2021
No duplicates and all of them are exactly what is pictured. They are good sized and perfect for my son's sticker wall. They have a bunch of different styles and types all centered around among us. read more »

These see made from the softest material.

11 Apr, 2021
So so so effing soft. They fit like a glove and really make the butt look amazing,  I love the pockets and how they are normal sized pockets that will fit my phone and it won't fall out while... read more »

So amazing, soft and such a good shape

11 Apr, 2021
It's sort and smooth, and it definetly feels amazing, it's shape is perfect for what I wanted it for, my husband enjoyed using it with me as wrll. It's very veritle. I would recommend this... read more »

Individually wrapped lightweight but protective black masks

11 Apr, 2021
I love that they are all individually wrapped so i can put a few extra in my bag in case I need them or i see someone who needs one. It's nice to know I won't have to worry about not havi... read more »

Silky and vibrant, they look so cute in a ponytail

11 Apr, 2021
These are so silky soft. The colors are so bold and vibrant. They have a touch if elegance to them, but still make me feel like I'm back in the 90s. Nostalgia. I did have to put a ponytail holder... read more »

Wasn't sure what to expect but omg yes yes yes

11 Apr, 2021
I usually buy the disposable cardboard filters for joints but I saw these and was like I'll give it a shit and omg at first I thought u rolled it and put it in the glass tip but then I realized yo... read more »

Perfect for my baking needs

11 Apr, 2021
I wanted to make macaroons and this worked perfect. The mats are durable and flexible and lightweight, they don't overcook stuff like alot of metal or glass pans can. I love the piping bag and tip... read more »

Small and cute and safe and will protect my babies!!!

11 Apr, 2021
I ordered these because I was so sick or replacing the reusable ones constantly with my kids or them forgetting them at thier dad's and panicking before school trying to find a random one they los... read more »

Was beyond surprised with this

11 Apr, 2021
I was shocked at just how fricken nice this is. It's metal and it's solid, definetly not cheap. The colors are so vibrant and pop. The galaxy print is beautiful. And the shape of it is perfect... read more »

So adorable and works perfectly

09 Apr, 2021
I got this for my teenage daughter's computer and she loves it, the color is perfect and kinda metallic. It charges great and connects flawlessly. It's a really good mouse. Perfect size for he... read more »

They never arrived

09 Apr, 2021
I never recovered these headphones so I can't leave an unbiasised review read more »

They are so much more then I expected

07 Apr, 2021
I use these way more then I thought I would, I now have a new favorite spatula, they are so soft and stay safe from heat. And this legit has everything I need for my kitchen. Not one item doesn't... read more »

So soft and vibrant

07 Apr, 2021
I was not expecting these to be as soft and smooth as they are almost silky, the colors are so vibrant and they are so lightweight u would forget your even wearing them but cant because if all the com... read more »


10 Feb, 2021
It fit perfectly and is really durable and thick. read more »

Omg yes yes yes

25 Dec, 2020
This thing is amazing it feels wonderful and cleans amazing and where has it been all my life it's pretty amazing and does exactly what it's suppose to do, vetter then even I expected. read more »

My 5 year old went nuts over this

23 Dec, 2020
My 5 year old has autism and had been obsessed with taking things off the tree and putting things on the tree including things that don't go on the tree, took us 2 days to find the missing donut o... read more »

Worth it

22 Dec, 2020
My husband loved it. Kept all his money together when he didn't wanna bring a wallet read more »

Didn't use it much

22 Dec, 2020
It was very difficult for me to use this but my husband used it alot before he quit workong out he said it was definetly worth it. read more »

Omg I'm so happy I got this

22 Dec, 2020
So I bought this for my brand new mattress, it somehow managed to gather all these hard little fabric balls from my sheets and u can feel them thro the sheets now so i got this and statted to basicall... read more »

Got exactly what I paid for

22 Dec, 2020
It's not the most accurate but it's close enough with bigger amounts to matter  read more »

Very nice case

22 Dec, 2020
Bought this for my niece for her first phone and I was greatly impresses she lived how classy it made her otherwise plain phone look. read more »

Perfect for jams around the fire at a music festival

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for my husband who loves to just sit around a nice fire at a music festival or camping with some friends and just jam out, he like to sing more so I figure something like this would be perf... read more »

Look way better on my husband then on me

22 Dec, 2020
They are a little big for my face but they look amazing on my husband the color is just perfect  such a beautiful baby blue and the diamond along the sides were so well placed and a bit of a surp... read more »

Got this for a friend

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for a friend of mine who needed a new one desperatly I have never seen someone so grateful for something so simple. Hooked  it up immediately and statted playing, it looked like it was... read more »

Suzy earn cozy gloves

22 Dec, 2020
These are so cozy and warm just what you want in the winter months when the snow is so cold.  read more »

I need to order more.

22 Dec, 2020
I love these sunglasses and need to order more in other colors and for backup they r lightweight but very durable and block the shade bjtbarent to dark. They are so comftorable I forget I am even wear... read more »

So beautiful

22 Dec, 2020
Came in working order, beautiful color and such sparkly gems. I love this watch. read more »

Perfrct set

22 Dec, 2020
This is the perfect tweezer set, vibrant beautiful colors, came in a cute little case to keep them all together and to carry in your purse or wherever if u wanted. These are lefit my most favorite twe... read more »

Perfect fit

22 Dec, 2020
These are the perfect for and blend perfectly with your phone, you don't even know they are there. More protective then I could have imagined.  read more »

Finally cleaned mt husband's pores

22 Dec, 2020
My household needed this bad well mainly my husband he has the most awful pores sometimes and I legit have to trick him and like pounce on him to get them cleaned, it was made so much easier with thes... read more »

Bought for 12 year old

22 Dec, 2020
I got this for my daughter a few years ago actually and she still has it and wears it all the time, she has autism and is very time oriented and this watch helps her so much, it was easy to adjust to... read more »

Thank God for this

22 Dec, 2020
After I had my daughter my stomach just wouldn't go back the way I wanted no matter what type of work out i did until I started wearing Thai before and after my work out.  read more »

My husband wore these everywhere

22 Dec, 2020
I got these sneakers for my husband and didn't really expect much so much to my surprise when they were far beyond anything I could have inagined. They weren't cheaply made or to lightweight b... read more »

I loved this phone case

22 Dec, 2020
So beautiful and such vibrant colors and super durable. Easy to put on and fit was perfect.  The pink was a little.brighter then it looked but it was perfect. I would order this again. read more »

I used this case for the longest time

19 Dec, 2020
This was a beautiful and amazing case. It was durable and helped protect my phone during many drops and falls.  The colors were just so vibrant and bright. And I loved how it had a silicone case... read more »

Will order again let me tell you why

19 Dec, 2020
These fit amazing, great quality fabric soft, durable and holds together in all the right places and stretchy in just the right places. They shrank a little when washed and dried so wash on cold for m... read more »

Beautiful vibrant phone case

13 Nov, 2017
I'm completely in love with this phone case, fits perfect, looks beautiful and more vibrant in person, it's soft and makes the phone feel more secure. I have had countless compliments and been... read more »

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