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Seems to tingle a little

12 Sep, 2020
I rubbed the Hemp cream on my knee as soon as I received it from the amazon truck. I rubbed it in circles and didn't feel anything right away. As soon as I started watch tv, I felt more tingling a... read more »

LOUD little thing

08 Sep, 2020
I just bought it to buy it. I just love electronics and sometimes I give stuff away but this speaker is all mine. It's small and packs a punch. I like to listen to music in the bathroom and it see... read more »

Small light

31 Aug, 2020
This speaker is extremely light and really packs a punch for outdoor use. It even connected to my television but I am not leaving it on for that. I rather keep this speaker for outdoor use. read more »

Strong smell

31 Aug, 2020
I put this soap in the hand soap dispenser because the hand soap I had didn't leave a scent. Now I get the smelling scent that I wanted for my hand. I like that my hands smell good all day. Imagin... read more »

High quality

08 Aug, 2020
These chimes are the best I've seen in a long time. I buy about 20 chimes every year because of wear and tear. These are big and come with their own hook; which makes it easy to secure on the tree... read more »

Perfect for summer

03 Jul, 2020
I needed a shirt for these hot summer days. Something not too expensive but comfy and I found it. This shirt is cool and great fitting. But most importantly it feels great on my skin. read more »

Perfect for kids and teens

01 Apr, 2020
These are amazing they get everything out. read more »

Very thin and not worth it

16 Mar, 2020
The rug is very thin not worth the high price. The quality is cheap and the water goes through. But the rug has soft fur like material maybe good for a pet to sleep on as opposed to a bath rug. read more »

I love this sponge brush

13 Mar, 2020
This sponge brush not only puts my hair together neatly it massages my head. The last thing anyone needs in the morning is a struggle to make the hair neat. I love how soft this brush is and I also lo... read more »

Cute brush for teeny booper

10 Mar, 2020
I keep this brush on my desk at work because my students like to touch everything. When they saw this brush they wanted to take it. They loved how cute the brush was any they wanted to keep it in thei... read more »

Very hot

06 Oct, 2019
I made sure to write a review for this because I had purchased a very expensive heating blanket and by the 3rd use it had an error message on it. I returned it and purchased this on. I am very happy t... read more »

So beautiful In my garden

22 Sep, 2019
I love having new things in my garden to draw attention. I used to have lights and wind chimes but after a while they would break. These spinners are strong and they are lasting again rain and wind. S... read more »

Strong bags

22 Sep, 2019
These bags are great because we have cats in the yard who love to sniff for garbage. These seem to be always in tact the next day after those cats rip through the garbage can. I am pretty impressed wi... read more »

Perfect for a safer home

11 Aug, 2019
I’m safer when I know who is knocking at the door before I open it. The pinsparkle home wireless remote home montoring system  is easy to install, just 4 screws and it’s up. No big te... read more »

Cute and soft

08 Aug, 2019
Very cute elephant and extremely soft. This is what little girls would love to sleep with when they are having nightmares at night. This comforted my Bella back to sleep. read more »

Stretchy spandex

01 Aug, 2019
Great little outfit for practically anything. To wear under your clothes, to wear to the beach or to bed. It’s a great way to stay cool and stay compressed. I like the material it keeps my thigh... read more »


01 Aug, 2019
I need phone cords that will stand the test of time. All of my other cables are worn out and stripped. This cord is very strong and it is bendable. The issue I have with my cords is that when I charge... read more »

Cute for a girl

01 Aug, 2019
My neice is 7 years old. She is always under the sun or getting wet in the pool. One thing for sure is that she need something to constantly shade her from the sun. This cap is so perfect for her. I l... read more »

Heavy and durable

26 Jul, 2019
Great big spoons for cereal and good sized forks for pasta. Kid tested and mom approved. They look great on the gavel and they wash easily. I love them. read more »

Perfect for painful heels

22 Jul, 2019
oh what a relief I really don’t have to wear them too often because they really heal the heel. I can honestly say they add that support that I have needed for a long time. They are easy to put o... read more »

Reg small but can do the jobi

15 Jul, 2019
small ponytail holders are for girls who have thin hair. I can’t imagine these grabbing thick hair.  I love the colors because they match with every outfit she has. read more »

Perfect for cold nights

04 Jul, 2019
I love this duvet because you can easily clean it without having to clean the quilt underneath. It’s beautiful and it lights up my room. read more »

Great drill

04 Jul, 2019
Great drill! Perfect for any job and comes with handy wrist bands to hold any nails. If you’re like me you drop nails and find it difficult to find them. By wearing the wristbands the nails stic... read more »

Loud but clear sound

04 Jul, 2019
Loud music when I workout is the best way to keep forcused on the workout. The music sounds clear and loud. It masks the noise of the men Grunting and  hollering in the gym. Who wants t... read more »

Firm but soft

04 Jul, 2019
I like pillows like these. The memory form confirms to your head and I love it. I love squeezing my pillow at night. It’s the perfect pillow for back pain because you sleep peacefully at night. read more »

Perfect for work

02 Jul, 2019
I am a teacher and I supply my own goods and cutlery and plates. These plates are perfect because they have a 100 in a pack which seems to last longer than other packs I buy. read more »

Cute bottle

02 Jul, 2019
I got this bottle for my neice, she is going to summer camp and she need to drink lots of water. The bottle is so cute and it is Light Blue and pink perfect colors for a little girl. read more »

Perfect for this bike

27 Jun, 2019
I have a bike at home with flat tires. In order for me to get it filled up I have to walk for miles just to make them rideable. Ever since I got this air pump. I have access at home to get the air int... read more »


24 Jun, 2019
Perfect outfit for the summer. It is bright, airy and perfect for any day or event. I love wearing this for a picnic in the park. I love he material and it is very comfortable. read more »

Great item for fast charging

24 Jun, 2019
This portable charger is the best. You don’t need a cube because it’s a portable AC and when it dies you plug it. So nomore looking for a cube it’s all I one. read more »

Leather lightweight

17 Jun, 2019
Nice earrings for any event. I wore mine to work and one for a sporting function. I got many compliments and the best feature of these earring are that they are lightweight. My other earrings are... read more »

Good sounding earphones

12 Mar, 2019
These are great for the gym. Whenever I go to the gym I need my own music. The music in the gym is loud and boring. These cancel out noise and they are water proof which is something that I really nee... read more »

Perfect for the teenager

05 Mar, 2019
I purchased this for my teen. She is always wasting her phone battery because she listens to music when she showers. Now that I purchased this speaker she can save the battery life and enjoy music on... read more »

Perfect for hot oil treatments

05 Mar, 2019
I have coarse hair that needs weekly treatments. I put on hot oil and the. I put the cap on with the blower attached and just let the heat cap perform it’s magic. I love the way it leaves my hai... read more »

Hooks for the volleyball net

03 Mar, 2019
I purchased these hooks so that when my students are playing volleyball the net stays secured. In the past the net would fall on someone and usually in their face. These hooks are strong and support t... read more »

loud headphones

30 Oct, 2017
The headphones are used to go tot he gym and back home on the bus. It is such a perfect way to tune unnecessary noise and distractions. read more »

watch for kids

30 Oct, 2017
The watch came at the perfect time. It's my son's birthday and he just turned 4. He is technology savy and so very bright. The watch keeps him entertained for hours. read more »

roomy bag

29 Oct, 2017
A bag for a quick getaway. Styleish and roomy. it is perfect for picnics or for carrying lunch. I love my bag. read more »

bright bag

29 Oct, 2017
You can not be missed with this bright orange bag. It is super huge and extremely well made. I stuffed it with clothes and books and it held up pretty well. read more »

Great drill

29 Oct, 2017
It did the job well. it is a sturdy strong drill that charges and works for hours. read more »

breathable lightweight sweat band

29 Oct, 2017
My sweatband controls the sweat vfrom running into my eyes. It is very comfortable and it washes well. read more »

phone saver

22 Oct, 2017
I was in my yard and my phone was dyinh. i did not want to go inside to charge my phone so i just stayed outdoors. coincidently, the mailman came and handed me a box which had my phone charger and i w... read more »

book bag for school

22 Oct, 2017
This bookbag is so popular in school. We use them to not only put books int hem but to put our laptops. everything fits so snug and safe. it also has many pockets in which we store all of out money, p... read more »

very soft scarf

22 Oct, 2017
The winter has shown its face and I had this scarf on to protect from the brutal winds. My neck is usually exposed because my coats do not offer the protection. not this winter though my scarf was the... read more »

Easy to clean

18 Oct, 2017
The best part of cooking is eating and the worst is cleaning. I have to say that this pan was a sinch to clean. it practicially rinses off with soap and water. read more »

cute shorts

12 Oct, 2017
My daughter tried these on as soon as they arrived and never took them off. she danced in them and even did a few cartwheels. I can tell how happy she is with them. These are great shorts. read more »

cute costumes

08 Oct, 2017
These costumes are for my baby boy. He loves these action heroes, his favorite is batman.I love watching him turn into his favorite super hero. read more »

no more mess

08 Oct, 2017
i hate cleaning the cat mess. Samantha makes a big mess when eating. All her food is always on the floor. i have to clean it every morning. However, with this bowl and mat set, the food mess stays on... read more »

great socks for any occasions

06 Oct, 2017
I purchased this great pack of socks for the entire week. I hate wearing shoes but these socks made wearing shoes for bearable. read more »

Amazing workout pants

06 Oct, 2017
I love the comfort that I get when I wear my tights. In the gym, It is hard to be comfortable because it is so hot. these pants make it bearable. read more »

good socks

03 Oct, 2017
Good thick socks that stay in place all day. Unlike cheap socks that slide down and feel uncomfortable these socks really feel amazing on my feet. During the long work hours and the constant standing,... read more »

they work great

03 Oct, 2017
These charger plugs are perfect, I use one for work, home and the basement. The problem I used to have was i would forget the charger plug at home or at work and I would always have a dead phone. Thes... read more »

breathable lightweight shirt

28 Sep, 2017
This shirt is so classy, that I decided to wear it for work. oh the comfort it brings when I am on the computer for hours. i probably should have purchased two.  read more »

small compact charging case

28 Sep, 2017
The perfect charging case for those who can not find an outlet. read more »

leggings for the gym

27 Sep, 2017
This is the second pair I purchased and I am very happy with the comfort. I usually just wear sweats when I workout but I found that the sweats made me extremely uncomfortable when I sweat and it just... read more »

well made spinner

27 Sep, 2017
This spinner has weight it needs to spin forever. it also spins for many minutes and causes you to forget problems and helps with being distracted. read more »

nice tights

24 Sep, 2017
my daughter loves wearing tights to school. these have been added to her collection and she loves them. They are very comfortable on her and she loves the pretty patterns on them. read more »

it's a keeper

23 Sep, 2017
I purchsed this table for outdoor picnics and games. However its perfect for my basement and even more perfect for folding my clothes. read more »

very sturdy

23 Sep, 2017
This clothes hanger is the real deal. The pole is like steel and the wheels are super tough. The setup process wasbout 15 minutes and you need a wrench and a screwdriver and your all set. read more »

clean trimmings

13 Sep, 2017
cheap way to stay home and not pay a cent for hair removal. read more »

strong wire for clothes line

13 Sep, 2017
Tough wire, strong and durable, I use it to hang my shirts outside. I like how my clothes don't sag and drag with this clothes line. read more »

Portable charger

07 Sep, 2017
This outdoor charger works well in any weather. The best feature is the solar panel, it can self charged outdoors without being plugged, I simply love my power bank charger. read more »

solar lights

06 Sep, 2017
I love this light it is very nice and it compliments the walkway. All my neihbors want one and I told them where I got it from.I hope they don't try to take mine. read more »

back support

06 Sep, 2017
I love my summers off as a teacher but when I sleep for long hours I always wake up with back pain. Now I use the back support for when I get up and then after a few hours I feel better. read more »

Swaddle Molly because she loves it.

06 Sep, 2017
My baby Molly loves to be swaddled and rocked to sleep. But if I forget to swaddle her she will cry all night.Good quality and very soft. read more »

very cushiony and good support

06 Sep, 2017
This knee brace offers the support that I need when I am at the gym. I had a torn meniscus and after surgery I needed extra support. During my post workout, cooling down was great I stretched and I ha... read more »

I can see the game form my house

06 Sep, 2017
These binoculars are high quality and capable of seeing details from afar. I live in the corner house across the street from the park, where I am able to see the game without leaving the comfort... read more »

Talk about a boom box!

06 Sep, 2017
Wow! is all I can say about my favorite speaker. This speaker quickly pairs with my Iphone and keeps playing for hours. Everyone wants to steal my boombox but no way! I will never part with my boombox... read more »

small speaker packs a punch

06 Sep, 2017
This speaker easily connects to my bluetooth and easily paired with my Iphone. I played my speakers outdoors and even in the noisey nehborhood that I live in I was able to hear it loud and clear. read more »

excellent night light

06 Sep, 2017
I loved this light for my daughter's room. She is so afraid of the dark. I usually play soft music so she can go to sleep faster.  But when My daughter goes to school in the morning I pu... read more »

compact purse

06 Sep, 2017
This purse is big enough for cell phones, brushes or anything that you need on the go. I usually have two of these and put sanitary pads in one and just put them in my over sized bag. read more »

new wave outlet for the phone charger

06 Sep, 2017
This outlet plug is very savy. You can plug your charger directly on the the outlet which is so cool. I usually forget the small box but wiith this outlet you don't need the small box you just plu... read more »

Tape for injuries

06 Sep, 2017
I love this tape. I used it on myself because I wanted to see how my girls would feel wearing it. I coach basketball and I usually get injuries such as knee and ankle sprains. I use this tape for dire... read more »

I would buy this in every color!

01 Sep, 2017
I love this soft blanket. I would buy one in every color if I had the  closet space. I have a queen sized bed but king sized quilts look nice on my bed.  read more »

forks are great

24 Aug, 2017
I have been looking for forks like these. Sometime when I use my own forks I find that they are too heavy. i like these because they are light weight and easy to lift. read more »

the best loud speaker.. great bass and boom.

21 Aug, 2017
This little speaker packs a loud boom. I  enjoy listening to my favorite music in pandora. Yes, I said pandora because it connects easily to bluetooth. Amazing and compact to say the least.... read more »

small kit

16 Aug, 2017
I love my first aid kit! it comes equiped with all the accessories I need to help the injured. I have been coaching for 23 years and i had to carry a very heavy and bulkyfirst aid kit. i am glad... read more »

Bright lights for the night time

05 Aug, 2017
These night lights are so beautiful. My walkway is always very dark and usually I trip on stuff when I am trying to throw out the trash but since these lights are so bright the path is illuminated pee... read more »

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