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Married, hardworking mother of 2 crazy lil girls. Honest and loyal to the core. Love to create and host party events, I'm very crafty and love to be social.
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Good oil

18 Jan, 2020
My hubby has a beard and really likes the consistency of the oil, not to think or thick. He adds his own scent with essential oils. read more »

Comes in handy

09 Jan, 2020
I carry  this Everywhere. I use this set all the time. Small compact and it's very light.  read more »

Super soft

08 Jan, 2020
Well made, very soft and perfect size for our puppy. read more »

Absolutely love the nightlights.

07 Jan, 2020
Perfect lighting, sensor works great. read more »

Good fit

07 Jan, 2020
Got these for my nephews air pods and fits perfectly read more »

Slow shipping

07 Jan, 2020
Have yet to receive this topper. They keep pushing back the shipping date. read more »

Kept my girl busy for a while

07 Jan, 2020
Great activity package for my kids, kept them busy for hours.  read more »

Quality sweatshirt

27 Dec, 2019
Thick sweatshirt, kept me warm. The print was ok, true to size read more »

Great gift

26 Dec, 2019
Got this for a Christmas gift and they love it. Easy set up and clear picture. Good camera for the price. read more »

Absolutely love this stool

26 Dec, 2019
Easy to use, easy to fold up and store. Nicely made. read more »

A soother tool

26 Dec, 2019
My child was very responsive to this necklace. It calmed her down and was able to bite down on the necklace when she was upset to help her stay calm read more »

So far so good

26 Dec, 2019
Was skeptical about these lashes but to my surprise it actually works. They lasted all day long. After I was able to place them back on the strip so I can use them again. read more »

Super cute

26 Dec, 2019
Great flashy Christmas necklace. The bells jingle and have different light settings. read more »

Good set

26 Dec, 2019
Good tweezers, works good for a close up pluck.  read more »

Comes in handy

26 Dec, 2019
Nice color, safe for baby to chew on. Small and compact. read more »

Great deal

17 Dec, 2019
Got these in time for Christmas. Well made, perfect size, and easy for toddlers to use. read more »

Perfect for a Christmas party

17 Dec, 2019
Used this at a company Christmas party. Sturdy board, easy to easemble, can fit up to 1-2 heads. read more »

Super cute

17 Dec, 2019
Sticks are a lil bit longer than usual but the cut out is great.  read more »

Fast charging

14 Dec, 2019
I needed a new charger and this one works pretty good. Charges my batteries for my lil fashlights. read more »

Handy lil light

14 Dec, 2019
Small compact but the light is bright and strong. The battery last, needs minimal charging.  read more »

Did not really feel a big difference.

14 Dec, 2019
Been taking these drops consistently for 2 weeks and only notice a slight change in my sleep. Not as effective as other hemp oils I've tried read more »

Gorgeous earrings

14 Dec, 2019
Cute earrings, goes with any outfit for any occasion. read more »

Works great

14 Dec, 2019
Simple to use, was to read. The light is a great touch to read in the dark. read more »

Great baby shower gift

09 Dec, 2019
Very cute and nice quality. Gave it as a baby shower gift and the mother loved the set read more »

Very pigmented

09 Dec, 2019
Colors are bold and strong. Needs very lil product to shade the eye. Color goes on strong and lasted all day read more »

Multiple applications needed

09 Dec, 2019
In order for it to start working you need to use daily I the same spot with multiple applications. Once it is applied the relief last about 1-2 hrs read more »

Great potty tool

07 Dec, 2019
Helps with regularity, acts also as a stool. It's great that it folds up and easy to set up read more »

Does not hold a strong charge for long

07 Dec, 2019
I use these for my baby monitor and had to charger them 2-3 times a week. It does save on money but I wish the charge lasted longer read more »

Great lil light

07 Dec, 2019
This light comes on handy. UV is a plus, the light is strong and bright and I keep it in my purse. read more »

Very effective

07 Dec, 2019
I had to use it twice in a row for one spot but it was totally gone by the third morning. Love how they come in all sizes as well read more »

Awesome lil flashlight.

03 Dec, 2019
I keep this flashlight in my glove compartment and it comes in handy. I got a flat tire I the rain the other day and it worked so good. read more »

Good for a travel lipstick.

03 Dec, 2019
Color pigment are not very strong. Needs to be reapplied often. Very small so it is good to keep in a small clutch for touch ups read more »

Easy to use

03 Dec, 2019
Easy to use, mount and simple instructions. Picture quality is ok. Haven't had to recharge the batteries yet. read more »

Good organizer

19 Nov, 2019
I'm a messy person so this helps me out alot in my mini SUV. A lot of pocket space, nice color and it stays in place. read more »

Cute watch

08 Nov, 2019
Got this for my daughter, she will be starting school soon and it has a big face. You program your numbers and it also has a alarm and camera read more »

Great sleep aid

06 Nov, 2019
Been using it for a straight week and noticed an increase in my sleeping. I fall asleep faster, actually sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. read more »

Great for my babies room

05 Nov, 2019
The night light is a great feature. I set the diffuser and it turns off within hours. I use alot of essential oils and they pair perfectly with this diffuser read more »

Awesome diffuser

05 Nov, 2019
Very nice simple sleek look to it. I use this every day in my bedroom and the lights add a nice subtle touch when I used it at night. Oils work great and has my whole room smelling zen read more »

Strong hold

05 Nov, 2019
Chin straps had a good hold, stayed secure throughout the night. Left no sticky residue read more »

Second time was better

05 Nov, 2019
Purchased this diffuser and originally came damaged but luckily the seller sent me another one and it worked beautifully. Very elegant and the lights were a nice touch. read more »

Awesome lil tree

05 Nov, 2019
I also purchased this tree for my toddler classroom. Very simple set up. Kids enjoyed it and played for hours. read more »

Cute lil tree.

05 Nov, 2019
Got this for my toddler classroom. Very cute simple easy to set up and kids loved it. read more »

Sturdy banner

05 Nov, 2019
Nice banner, looks exactly like the picture. Was sturdy and easy to hang. read more »

Gender neutral

05 Nov, 2019
Cute simple growth chart. Very sturdy material used, not flimsy read more »

Small fogger but did the job

30 Oct, 2019
Used this at my Halloween party. It's not a big machine but it kept up pretty good with the fog making. Great for the price I paid. read more »

Beautiful cheese board

30 Oct, 2019
Bought this to give as a gift. Came in it's own case. Beautiful wood and great as a gift. read more »

Adorable camera

30 Oct, 2019
My daughter is 3 and she loves snapping pics. Camera is actually strong. She dropped it a couple of times already and it's still works great. Very happy with out purchase  read more »

Cool mask

30 Oct, 2019
Had 3 different light speeds. Had a nice strong neon light. Mask was made out of plastic but it was strong, not that cheap flimsy plastic material read more »

Simple but elegant

30 Oct, 2019
Held up well when placed on cake. Made well and looked beautiful on top of the cake. read more »

Everything included.

24 Oct, 2019
Easy instructions to follow. Used background as a photo prop. Scissors that come with it don't really cut so better use your own. read more »

Fits perfect

24 Oct, 2019
Beautiful color and well made. Fits my Bible perfectly and love that it has a handle. read more »

Nice look

24 Oct, 2019
Very sleek and nice. Cleans up nicely. Easy to grip and easy to smoke out of. read more »

Charges fast.

22 Oct, 2019
Compact and fast charging.  read more »

Great decoration

15 Oct, 2019
Bought this for my front lawn. Hung it on the side of my house and it took a lil pull to get it to stretch but ultimately came out looking great! read more »

Very Cute

15 Oct, 2019
Looks exactly like the picture. Cute fun little bean bag tossing game. Good for toddlers. read more »

Runs a little small

12 Oct, 2019
Runs a little small but does the job. Fits snug but once it's on it help out wirhy wrist pain read more »

Good for lashes

12 Oct, 2019
Did not work on my eyebrows but it helpedy lashes. They grew and more luscious build.  read more »

Not very strong on flavor.

12 Oct, 2019
Flavor not strong but it did help calm my nerves and made me relax. read more »

Real firm

12 Oct, 2019
Felt firm and held on my face for a solid couple of hours. Easy to remove and apply. Did moisturize my chin as well. read more »

Great charger

03 Oct, 2019
Got this charger for  my truck, I have an iphone and my husband has an Android samsung. We can both charge our phones at the same time under one USB cord. Pretty fast charging and I like that it... read more »

Wouldn't recommend

02 Oct, 2019
Worked good for the first day but motor shut down after.  Couldn't get it to work even after the batteries were charged. read more »

Small but efficient

02 Oct, 2019
Works good as a trash can, but as a cooler it does leak after a while. read more »

Great gift

02 Oct, 2019
Bought these as a gift for my sister. She says they provide good clean sound, and she can wear them in the sauna without interference. read more »

Great baby monitor

02 Oct, 2019
I love the 360 camera. I can communicate through it as well as keep a close eye on my babies. Night vision works great as well   read more »

Great party kit for a reasonable price

23 Sep, 2019
This kit includes everything, the banner was welll made it was readable with big bold letters and out of cardboard cardstock material. I can't wait to use them! read more »

Great Camera!

20 Sep, 2019
Needed a camera for our babies room. We purchased this one and love it. You can control it from ur phone device thru an app. Camera itself does a whole 360 of the room. Works great at night. read more »

Couldn't see a difference

20 Sep, 2019
I believe you have to use the patches every night for a few weeks to get results. Simple instructions to follow, they stayed on thru the night but I didn't notice a difference. read more »


19 Sep, 2019
Recieved these lipsticks with liner today. Did a quick search and wasn't impressed by the red lipstick color (Amour) the color was more to the orange side. The other two colors were as expected an... read more »

Nice lil play tree

16 Sep, 2019
The actually green base felt is the strong sturdier felt where it can hold up the other lil ornaments. The ornaments itself could use a lil more care. Some of them where falling apart. Nothing that a... read more »

Beautiful clip

16 Sep, 2019
I love the look, the style, and the quality of this hairclip. It's well made, it's looks exactly like the picture and it's not heavy to where it weighs your hair down. read more »

Ok bracelet

12 Sep, 2019
Simple tactical bracelet. Nothing fancy comes with everything stated in description. Material is sturdy as should be and works good. read more »

Good party package

12 Sep, 2019
Vibrant gold color, everything was included, the lettering was made out of black cardboard so very stable and sturdy. read more »

Solid mask!

12 Sep, 2019
Solid mask, not like the flimsy plastic mask. It takes 2 AA batteries (not included) the neon lights around the mask are bright and vibrant, 3 light settings with plenty of cord to hide the battery pa... read more »

Well made

10 Sep, 2019
Well made knee and elbow pads, they get the job done. They come with adjustable Velcro to fit the size of your baby. Machine washable as well. read more »

Pretty clips

10 Sep, 2019
Clips came fast, they are pretty and we'll put together. Pearls held on to the clip and they were just the right size. read more »

Quality cleaner

06 Sep, 2019
Nicely made, easy to assemble, bristles are of good quality. Fits perfectly ok the side of my toilet. Love how it hides the bristles. read more »

Missing pieces

06 Sep, 2019
Recieved the topper quick and prompt, looked exactly like the picture. Color isnice and vibrant. Only problem I have it states 12pc only recieved the cake topper, missing the other 11pcs read more »

Lovely bibs

04 Sep, 2019
Bought these as a gift for my friend. Items came fast and as described in the post. Very cute prints read more »

Cute gift set

04 Sep, 2019
Adorable box, oils smell strong and a great gift set. My oils did arrive and one of them leaked in the box but seller corrected the mistake and was very happy to send me a new one. read more »

So happy I purchased this

04 Sep, 2019
My infant loves this water mat. Keeps her entertained and helps with her sensus read more »

Great scraper

04 Sep, 2019
Good quality metal, love all the different types of notches for different grates. Love the added bottle opener to. Husband grills and smokes meat almost every Sunday so this was a great addition to al... read more »

Cute toddler sandals

04 Sep, 2019
Very light weight sandals. Easy to clean off. Vibrant colors. My only complaint is the strong smell of the plastic, had to air them out for 2 days and clean them before I could use them on my toddler. read more »

Awesome fruit infuser

04 Sep, 2019
Absolutely love this drink bottle. Holds the fruit well. You can taste the infused water. Good quality bottle. Great color and come with spiral mixing ball for protein shakes! read more »

Love it

04 Sep, 2019
Simple instructions, very easy to apply. The patches stayed on my face overnight. Did not leave a sticky residue either read more »

Not the item I bought

04 Sep, 2019
I bought a 72pc acne patches but I recieved a box with only 36pcs and the box was different from the one shown above. read more »

So refreshing

01 Sep, 2019
I absolutely love these eye treatments. They are lightweight but carry so much moisture and refreshes my undereyes. Great price and they feel great. read more »

Good quality steel

01 Sep, 2019
Fast shipping, nice packaging. I like how the have each size individually seperated in it's own bag. Strong steel but lightweight. I love how they look. read more »

Cute letters

27 Aug, 2019
Letters are very cute, they magnetic on them are not so strong so they do fall sometimes but other than that they are a great addition to my daughters learning toys read more »

Great teether

16 Aug, 2019
Bought this teether for my lil one and she loves gnawing on it. Feels good on her gums and she uses every part of it on her gums. I love that I can clip it to her shirt or a blanket. read more »

Adorable toothbrush

16 Aug, 2019
Very cute toothbrush, only requires 1 AA battery. The whole unit vibrates but the toothbrush head doesn't have a separate vibration for an extra cleaning. read more »

Sturdy studs

25 Jul, 2019
These studs are actually nice. I was afraid they were going to be flimsy and cheaply made but I was wrong. They look exactly like the picture and are beautiful made. They also came with extra backings... read more »

Worked very well on my hair

12 Jul, 2019
Did not take long to reach it's maximum heat setting. My hair did not get snagged while straightening it. Easy to use, love how the cord swivels as well. read more »

Helped my mother with her leg pain

10 Jul, 2019
My mother suffers from restless leg syndrome at night. She applied the cream to her legs and after a few days she noticed a decrease in pain from her legs and was able to get a good night's rest!&... read more »

Has a good shimmer

29 Jun, 2019
Was surprised to see that the shadows were very pigmented and the shimmer was great. Lasted all day and was very pleased with it. read more »

Very light weight

29 Jun, 2019
Serum so far feels great on my brows and lashes, very lightweight and not cakey. I've used it for a while week already under my makeup and I've seen more of a result in my lashes, they look an... read more »

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