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Works great

18 Oct, 2020
This stuff works great, has a even better warming sensation then any other cream I have tried before read more »


18 Oct, 2020
These color coded guards are super convenient and make just grabbing the size you are needing so much quicker. Wish I haf these starting years ago.  read more »

Works great

12 Oct, 2020
This clipper set is great. It is pretty quiet and runs smooth and clean. Works great for line work as well. Cuts sharp and clean.  read more »

Great quality

12 Oct, 2020
These are great quality and work great for rock painting and painting glassware as well. I find tge paint to be very well pigmented and the flow is steady and great too.  read more »


12 Oct, 2020
These unicorn shower headbands are super adorable and very soft. My girls love them they use them for playing spa and make over. I would so recommend them to anyone they would make a super cute gift f... read more »


11 Sep, 2020
These were super soothing to use and helped relax and wind down really well.  read more »

Looks amazing

14 May, 2019
This swimsuit looks amazing and fits awesome. Made with great quality fabric and great stitching. Fits true to size as wellv  read more »

Fits great

14 May, 2019
This swimsuit fits great and looks amazing. It is made with great quality stitching and from great quality fabric.   read more »

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