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14 Nov, 2019
This handheld milk frother is so convient to use at all times! Elegantly desing in stainless steel construction.  Uses 3 AAA battery to power this milk frother up. It can whip up your favorite dr... read more »

Absolute Amazing~

14 Nov, 2019
Enow Toilet stool works!!!  Packed in a sturdy box and it's very easy to assemble for use.  Very sturdy!!! It really helps to promote smooth bowel movement~  It helps to bring... read more »

I like it!!!

05 Nov, 2019
Prevor casual turtleneck long sleeve pullover sweatshirt is very comfortable to wear! I got in XXL and it fits!  Color is bright and the patterns on the sweatshirt is eye catching! Great combinat... read more »

Fits Perfectly!!!

30 Oct, 2019
NTCON soft TPU case fits perfectly for the Nintendo Switch Lite ~  It gives added protection for the game console while playing.  No need to worry about accidental dropping the unit on the f... read more »

Happy Halloween!

30 Oct, 2019
Kids love this Halloween skull mask! Got it in time for Trick-or-treating.  They can't wait to put it onto their face! Fits nicely on the face and very comfy too~ Elastic band holds it in pla... read more »


25 Oct, 2019
Love these heavy duty Sporks!  Works as a fork and a spoon!!! How convienent to have these when eating~ just one spork and it does the job.  Kids friendly too. Easy to hold and use. Great qu... read more »

Super Comfortable!

25 Oct, 2019
This gel sleeve pads are super comforable when wearing~ They give cushions for both feet and relieves pain and soreness~  Easy to use too! simply slide it onto your tired feet and feel the comfor... read more »


07 Oct, 2019
isYoung Hiking poles are great to have~ these are lightweight and holds comfortably in hands. Cork grips with strap lets you have a secure hold when using the trekking poles.  these are great for... read more »

Love it!

07 Oct, 2019
These earphones are easy to carry around on a go ~ work with all my devices such as phones, MP3 players and tablets~  Sound quality is very clear!  Comfortable to wear too!  Comes in pa... read more »


28 Sep, 2019
This wallet money clip is compact and stylish to have!  Well crafted both the money clip and credit card holders.  Easy to carry in the pocket.  RFID blocking feature is great to have t... read more »


28 Sep, 2019
Nicely crafted silicone bip clip!  It's compact and lightweight and fits easily in purse or diaper bags. very easy to use and works with paper towels or clothes bibs.   read more »


28 Sep, 2019
Love these hand grip rings!  works great for hands/fingers exercises!  different weight for different level of exercise.  great for joint authritis and helps to strengthen too!  co... read more »

Awesome Gears~

15 Sep, 2019
We just love this helmet! It fits nice and securely when doing activities outdoor. 11 air vents allows air to breeze thru and keeps cool~ Gender neutural kid's helmet great for outdoor acticitires... read more »


15 Sep, 2019
This sofa cover is just perfect for our 3 seat sofa~  It fits snuggly and without issues. Velvet sofa cover is soft to the touch.  It gave the sofa a brand new look.  Comes in different... read more »


11 Aug, 2019
Cordless Drill, WORKSITE CD312-18N 18-Volt 1200mA Ni-cd Battery Powerful Cordless Electric Drill Built-in Light with 13 PCS Accessories Bits Set and Magnet Wristband  Worksite coreless drill i... read more »

Absolute delight to have!

11 Aug, 2019
8 Pockets Expanding Document File Folder is great to have to keep things organized! It holds A4 size paper nicely.  I love the 8 pockets which let me sort receipts, bills, shopping list etc nice... read more »


11 Aug, 2019
Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is made nicely and durable to use~ Works on our lawn mower without issues.  The blade can be used with any type of drill to perform the sharpening task. Two i... read more »


11 Aug, 2019
Just gotta love this lighted makeup vanity mirrow with LED lighs.  The LED lights makes using makeups much easier.  1x/5x magnification is great ~ it allows one to see it up close when looki... read more »

Great addition to the kitchen!

17 Jun, 2019
This 2 in 1 multifunction kitchen colander/stranier is so handy to use it daily in the kitchen~  Unique bowl set design allows cleaning fruits with ease.  The stranier bowl on top holds... read more »


17 Jun, 2019
Love this Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer attachment! works with both of the hair dryers that we have. This frees up both hands while I am drying my hair.  Very convenient and functional~ compact and easy... read more »

Great Face Mask!

17 Apr, 2019
This disposable dust mask is individually packed and comes in 20 packs per package.  It fits snuggly on the face without issues.  Perfect for working in the yard or just be outside to filter... read more »

Works Well~

13 Apr, 2019
Works with all devices with 3.5mm plug in.  compact and portable to carry on a go~ good sound quality!  read more »

Works great!

13 Apr, 2019
This ear phones works great with my iphone~ compact and portable to carry around. good sound quality~  read more »


13 Apr, 2019
This Micro USB & USB-C charging cable works great with all Android devices that we have!  Very handy to have.  Fast charging and saves time!  Great quality!  read more »

Works Great!

13 Apr, 2019
this USB type C cable works great with our android phones nicely!  fast charging and very durable~ ready to use at any moment!  Handy to have for Android devices!  read more »

Compact and functional!

04 Apr, 2019
This Pecute dog nail grinder is compact and functional!  It's not scaring the dog when using it to frinding the nails on it. it has 2 speeds to choose from.  Once charged fully allows ab... read more »

Love It!!!

04 Apr, 2019
I love the design of this scratch off world map with hanging rope!!! It's so unique!  We are able to hang favorite photos under the map for great reminder of which places we've been to.&n... read more »

Nice to have!

30 Mar, 2019
The bow tie suspenders set is very nice! Hubby uses it on normal wears without the bow tie.  that helps to hold the pants up! Easy to adjust and wear it. Bow tie is an added bonus if one has to w... read more »

Great Travel Backpack!!!

29 Mar, 2019
We are very pleased with this travel backpack! Large capacity which allows us to carry stuffs with us when we are on a go!  We like the separate compartments this backpack has. We are able t... read more »

Great addition to our kitchen!

03 Mar, 2019
This garlic press is nicely made! We use garlic on daily basis for cooking! with the help of this garlic press, it helps to save us time on peeling garlic cloves.  simply just press it and we get... read more »


03 Mar, 2019
I love this night light Bluetooth speaker! It connects to my all devices without issues.  color LED makes it very festive and adds decor to the room.  Multi functional! Sound quality is grea... read more »


22 Feb, 2019
Absolute delight to have this MP3/MP4 music player on hand!  It's compact and portabale to carry around everywhere one goes! Multi functions on this music player~ You can listen it with or wi... read more »


15 Jan, 2019
This cheesecloth is nice! soft and yet durable to use.  I use the cheesecloth for straining homemade ricotta cheese and soy milk.  So convenient to wash and store after use.  This filte... read more »


20 Dec, 2018
Love this watercolor paint set!  it's all-in-one paint set anyone would love to have~ 36 colors, a paint pad and 6 paint brushes~  Great quality!!!  I love how easy it to set it up... read more »

Extrodinary manicure set!

29 Nov, 2018
this manicure set includes blackhead remover tools and tweezers!  All in one for working on blackheads! Packed nicely with all pieces secured in place.  compact and portable to carry around... read more »


29 Nov, 2018
Love this exfoliating brush!  It works well with igrown hair remover! Easy to apply and use! The silicone face scrubber is gentle on the face when using! Gentle and Nicely scrubbing the face!&nbs... read more »

Wonderful blender!

12 Nov, 2018
this immersion blender is compact and easy to use in anyone's kitchen!  Use it to make delicious soups and/or juices~  multi functional as it can be a blender, chopper, whisk, beating~&n... read more »

Solid construction!

12 Nov, 2018
The drain hair catcher is well built! works as described and easy to use it on the drain hole.  it prevents hair from getting into the drain prevents clogging~  Great to have it!  read more »

Works great!

12 Nov, 2018
this charging dock works great with the charging the game controllers~  Easy to use and operate.  Portable and compact!  Hassel free to use it! allows charging the controllers on the go... read more »

Well constructed video power cable~

02 Nov, 2018
These cables are nicely built and very sturdy!  comes in good length for use with installing video cameras. Works great!   read more »

Cozy and comfortable!

30 Oct, 2018
This winter scarf is super comfortable to use! Portable and easy to carry with you.  The color is very nice and texture is soft to touch! The size of the scarf is 55"x55" and can be use... read more »

Fits comfortably~

18 Oct, 2018
this shorts is really nice~ waistline is very comfortable! Love the pocket! we are able to put things inside! Great for daily wear or sporting activities!  read more »

Interesting and Fun!!!

13 Oct, 2018
Star studded projector light is totally fun to have! Compact and portable! Uses 3 AA battery or can be powered by USB cable.  Use it on all fun and romantic occasions.  Use it as a nigh... read more »

My niece loves it!

05 Oct, 2018
This mermaid tail blanket is lovely~ My 12 years old niece loves it!  It fits comfortably!  Great for snuggling on the sofa or bed~ Use it all year round!  Soft and comfortable!  read more »


04 Oct, 2018
These video power cable are super nice!  great quality! Comes in pack of 4 and long enough for any security camera wiring !  perfect for our security cameras.  Easy installation with th... read more »

Sous Vide Bags Works Great!

02 Oct, 2018
These Sous Vide food storage bags are great! works great with immersion cirulator! These are resuable and each has 2 sealing clips for use when cooking. Quite durable! great addition to the Sous Vide... read more »

Works Great!

27 Sep, 2018
It's a water based lubricant! easy to apply and use! Non greasy  at all~ It didn't stain the sheets.  Wash it right off with water without issues~  read more »


18 Sep, 2018
Love these aluminum D shaped clip!  They are so handy to use with backpack, purse and tool belts~  I use it on backpack to hold my travel pillow ~ color is visible to see from afar... read more »

Perfect fit!

03 Sep, 2018
The boxer briefs for men are very nice and comfortable to wear!  they don't feel too tight on private areas which is really nice to have!  comes in pack of 4's with different color a... read more »

Perfect size for small things!

27 Aug, 2018
Fireproof money bag is perfect for keeping smaller items safe and protected during emergency situations.  Sturdy and durable! fits perfectly in letter size safe or larger safe. Eaxy to identify.... read more »

Refreshing to use!

27 Aug, 2018
Glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser is easy to apply for daily facial cleansing!  Refreshing after use.  cleans facial buildups easily!  Works great on me!  read more »

Absolutely Love it~

13 Aug, 2018
The toaster is elegantly designed~ Stylish ~ Works great without issues~ Multi settings suits everyone's liking~  We love it very much!  read more »

Dogs love it!

04 Aug, 2018
These gadgets are super functional to have!  the grooming glove, deshedding brush glove, massage mitt and the lick lick pad are pets best friends!!! A Must have for people who have dogs!  Ea... read more »

A must have for Apple devices!

29 Jul, 2018
64GB lightning flash drive allows easy storage for photos and video from Apple devices!  Super easy to use! Compact and portable to carry with you in the purse or backpack for immediate use! &nbs... read more »

It's Wireless!

26 Jul, 2018
Love this wireless eletrici massager!!! It's powerful enough to give one a nice soothing massage!  Multiple speeds to choose from. Easy to charge it up and use ! Handle is nice to hold and op... read more »

Works great!

26 Jul, 2018
This iphone memory card reader is easy to use wherever you are!  simply connects with iphone using lightning connector to retrieve information like photos and videos from your phone in a jiffy~ &... read more »

Perfect On the Go~

21 Jul, 2018
Love the extra storage that I get to carry with me on the go for my iphone!  Never need to worry about not enough storage on my phone when I am taking pictures or videos.  This falsh drive &... read more »

Awesome Device to have!

18 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is great to have! 32 GB portable memory stick allows easy stoarge of photos and video for the phone! no need to worry about not enough memory to keep those valuable phontos!!! Carry i... read more »

Works Great!

16 Jul, 2018
Easy to operate this hair trimmer remover! came with two types of head for different uses! Compact and lightweight and easy to use! USB rechargeable saves from using the disposable batteries! Like it!... read more »

Really makes one sweating!

16 Jul, 2018
hot sweat weight loss waist trainder corset trimmer works to help slimming down when exercising! Fits tightly to trim one down!  Material is nice to touch! A great exercise workout belt to have f... read more »

Super functional!

16 Jul, 2018
Works well with laptops and any other Type C devices!  It's compact and portable to carry with you in the backpack for immediate uses!  Connects easily and works great! A must have! ... read more »

Works great!

16 Jul, 2018
This USB C hub is super easy to work with! simply connect to one's device such as laptops or phones for it to operate immediately!  Compact to carry it with you on the go!  read more »

Great one to have!

08 Jul, 2018
Packaged very carefully in a sturdy box to prevent breakage!  Good to take it on a daily basis for nutritional supplements! Great value!  read more »

Awesome LED flashlight gloves!

08 Jul, 2018
Uniquely designed and great function! Makes working in a tough areas much easier if lights were needed and no hands to hold it! Just use this glove to give you that much needed lights at whatever one... read more »

Functional Tie Rack~

08 Jul, 2018
This twirl tie rack kcan be used both indoor or outdoor to hang the ties or belts!  Easy to hook it up and ready to use!  Lightweight and durable!  read more »

Very Nice!

08 Jul, 2018
This rope works great! Easy to grip the handle and start jumping! Well crafed and easy to use! Adjustable length works for different heighth!  We like it very much. read more »

Great one to have!

04 Jul, 2018
Works great! we are able to put our important documents inside the bag and keep in tuck away~  Great quality and craftsmandship! A must have in all households for safe keeping of important items!... read more »

Super Brite LED wall pack~

23 Jun, 2018
This LED wall pack is super brite!  Totally lights up our backyard!!! Energy efficient ~ Uses only 26 watts of electricity! It's equipped with dusk to dawn feature. die case aluminum body qui... read more »

A keepsake to have!

23 Jun, 2018
Love the design!  So cool to have!  Easy to use! great for spices and tobacco!  absolute delight to have it!  read more »

Convenient to use!

23 Jun, 2018
Great to have this tablet and cell phone holder!  Multi functional !!!  Easy to hook up with our devices! Handsfree is an awesome feature to have!  use it anywhere you want!  On th... read more »

Awesome Herb Grinder!

16 Jun, 2018
Gotta love this BB-8 Herb grinder!  Nicely crafted! Easy to use!  the design is just so adorable to have!  A keepsake item!   read more »

Great bed canopy for kids~

07 Jun, 2018
awesome quality of this cotton canvas dome bed canopy!  Well packaged for gift giving!  Easy to use as a bed canopy or play tent!  gender neutral color great for boys and girls!  O... read more »

Lovely kid's play tent!

01 Jun, 2018
Solid color kid's play tent is great to have!  Easy to work with and adds special touch to kid's room!  One can have children work on the tent to create it's own unique design~&n... read more »

Great Craftsmanship of the cotton canvas dome/kids play tent~

01 Jun, 2018
Nicely packaged!  very impressed!  easy to assemble as tent or bed canopy!  Solid pink color allows one to add it's own design to be creative with this kids playing tent!  Grea... read more »

Easy to apply!

30 May, 2018
This water based lube is easy to apply! Non Greasy~  Like it!  read more »

Love this dusk to dawn light bulb!

28 May, 2018
it's been used in the front porch and it works perfectly~ with this dusk to dawn light bulb no more worring of dark area at our front door!  It lights up and turns off automatically without h... read more »

A Fun Toy to have around the pool~

28 May, 2018
Love the inflatable flamingo cooler serving tray~  just inflate it and let the fun begins!  It can hold enough party drinks while having party by the pool side!  Flamingo desing is cool... read more »

Feels Great!

22 May, 2018
A true realistic feel~ Soft and comfortable!  Great gift to give to your friend~  read more »

Fits perfectly on our gaming laptop~

19 May, 2018
This laptop screen protector guard fits our 15.6" laptop screens perfectly~ Easy to apply to the screen!  Great Value to have this to protect one's eyes and laptop screen!  Anti-blu... read more »

Toolicious Egg Cooker Set is awesome!

15 May, 2018
Love the easiness of making egg dishes~  perfect portion every time!  hard boiled eggs are so easy to make using these non stick egg cookers!  super easy to clean after use!  perfe... read more »

Awesome Karaoke Microphone on the go!

12 May, 2018
Totally loving this karaoke mobile microphone!  It's compact and easy to carry it around!  Pairing to any device is hassle free~  We are able to enjoy singing in the car while we ar... read more »

Great addition to the kitchen!

06 May, 2018
Love the egg cookers!  We are able to use it in the pressure cooker to make cooking much easier and faster!  Easy to use and clean!  Pack of 6 egg cookers are of a great value! great ad... read more »

Perfect Gift for Star Wars Fans!

03 May, 2018
It's a must have to keep!  Love this BB-8 Droid Weed Grinder!  It's so adorable!  Love the design and how easy it is to use it!  Detailed crafting great for keepsakes and/o... read more »

Fit the phone perfectly!

26 Apr, 2018
Love this phone case a lot!  fits the phone perfectly~  Soft and comfortable to grip!  great quality!  All around protection for the phone one has!  Great!  read more »

Love it! Beenus eyebrow tweezers!

23 Apr, 2018
Love this pack of 3 eyebrow tweezers!  Made of stainless steel!    three different tips for use with different purposes!  Nicely packaged in the metal box !  Easy to grip and... read more »

EyeO2 screen protector is nice!

11 Apr, 2018
EyeO2 Screen Protector for iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 Anti-scratch & Anti-fingerprint Tempered Glass 9H Hardness Screen Film Protective Accessories works great on the iphone!  No edge and easy to app... read more »

EyeO2 Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 is great!

11 Apr, 2018
EyeO2 glass screen protector fits iPhone 7 nicely!  Easy applications! All touch function works on the phone!   read more »

EyeO2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector !

11 Apr, 2018
EyeO2 tempered glass screen protector is easy to apply to the phone! works great!  read more »

Bessure 3 piece duvet cover set is awesome!

11 Apr, 2018
Love this Bedsure 3 Piece Duvet cover set!  Material is soft to touch and comfortable to use!  Zipper closure allows easy handling of changing the covers of the comforter!  Love the flo... read more »

A Lovely phone case for iPhone X~

02 Apr, 2018
A lovely crystal clear case for iPhone X~  Floral patterns on the coreners makes it look elegant!  Four corners protects the phone from damages if accidentally drop to the floor! Easy to sli... read more »

Absolute Delight!

25 Mar, 2018
Cake turnable by Lavandin is wonderful to have! It's very easy to use this turntable to do cake decoratioins. The size is perfect for our countertop not too large to take up the space.  It le... read more »

IXP7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

21 Mar, 2018
Love it! The desing is cute to carry it around on a go! Not too big and fits in my backpack nicely!  Easy to pair with any Bluetooth devices.  Solid construction and shockproof are great for... read more »

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