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Works Great!

01 Dec, 2020
Both are perfect and work great with my iPad and iPhone. Thank you so much! read more »

Love my water bottle

30 Nov, 2020
This bottle is made of very sturfy plastic. Each part is easy to wash and put back together. It has a strap for easy carrying during a hike or if you need to be hands-free on your next adventure. I lo... read more »


30 Nov, 2020
These are great quality straws. I love the variety of patterns. They'll be perfect for our Halloween-theme events. Thank you!  read more »

Great Rice!

30 Nov, 2020
Our family is Middle Eastern; nearly every dish we serve has rice. I'm so glad I got this one. It has excellent flavor and cooks perfectly. I love the brand, their mission, and the association wit... read more »

Sharp Look and Knife

28 Nov, 2020
I was impressed by the packaging and even more impressed with the cut! Great knife to have in your kitchen!  read more »

Nice Quality, Just Need Stylus Tip

28 Nov, 2020
These get the job done! They're made of sturdy metal and open the doors as needed. I only wish these had a stylus tip somewhere so I could use them on touch screens in various places.  read more »

Nice Color, Quality a Bit Concerning

28 Nov, 2020
The material is nice, but I did receive it with several strings of thread out. Makes me wonder how it'll hold up after a few washes. I got this for my husband; he said its comfortable to wear.&nbs... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful!

23 Nov, 2020
These just arrived today and I love them! The rhinestones on the tree add the perfect sparkle and make a beautiful addtion to my Christmas dining room decor. Great quality pieces too. Thank you!&... read more »

Great Bag for Stadiums

18 Nov, 2020
This bag qualifies for the clear stadium bag policy in the fact that is clear and the right size. I get stuck having to shove everything into my pockets when going to events. Now I can put what I need... read more »


18 Nov, 2020
Great quality picnic blanket, exactly as described and pictured. read more »

30 Minutes to Remove Fine Lines

18 Nov, 2020
These worked great on my skin and got rid of my fine lines after 30 minutes of wear. Quick resolve for an ageless face! read more »

Great Quality

17 Nov, 2020
Took a bit of effort to get them on, but they stay in place and make moving around easier. Thank you!  read more »

Excellent Quality

06 Nov, 2020
This cutting board is nice and sturdy! It is comparable to some very expensive wooden boards! I would highly recommend it. It works perfectly for displaying with knife storage as well.  read more »

Quick Results

06 Nov, 2020
I received two silicon pads to put on my neck and chest. These required a minimum wear of 30 minutes time. What a difference! They work great and I saw results instantly! Who know. I hi... read more »


06 Nov, 2020
These PJs are so cute! My daughter loves them. They're true to size and very comfortable.  read more »

Amazon Marked Package Undeliverable

06 Nov, 2020
It was sad to hear the package was damaged in shipping and these were marked undeliverable. When I went to re-order, they said the coupon doesn't work and wouldn't let me reorder.  read more »

Very Cheap

02 Nov, 2020
These are very flimsy and cheap. While they're stainless steel, they are very thin and bent while I was washing them. I returned them.  read more »

Does the Job!

02 Nov, 2020
This mini space heater is great for keeping small areas warm. It needs to be on for quite a bit of time to heat up an average space. I wish it had more power, or at least a gauge that allowed you to r... read more »

Great Product for Baked Goods

31 Oct, 2020
We have used most of these while testing out our new frosting decorating tips. They each have a unique design that inspires my family and I to get more creative when decorating our cookies, cakes, and... read more »

Excellent Bags that Don’t Rip Easily

31 Oct, 2020
I've purchased these in the past, but from a different manufacturer. Those bags ripped and made a huge mess when trying to decorate our baked goods. These bags on the other hand are a nice, thick... read more »

Great Quality Lunch Bag

31 Oct, 2020
This is a nice quality lunch bag. It looks to fit most of my medium-sized Tupperware, but my larger ones don't fit. I've found myself taking less to work and adding in a lot small snacks that... read more »

Perfect for Little Hands

31 Oct, 2020
I ordered this kids camera for my children; they absolutely love it! It looks just like Mommy's camera and is so easy to use. It makes them feel like they're using a grown ups camera, but it i... read more »

Trump 2020!

29 Oct, 2020
This is a great set for a Trump rally in your city. It states in the product description that you'll get 5 sticker sheets, but that's incorrect. I ordered this set FOR the stickers, but was di... read more »

Works Great!

26 Oct, 2020
This is the perfect hat hanger! I had my hats taking up so much space and thrown about in various places in my house. It's so nice to have them all hanging in place and organized. I highly recomme... read more »


13 Oct, 2020
These arrived just as pictured and are made with great quality. My family loves this and can't wait to use them during the holidays!  read more »

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