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Fun and safe

04 Feb, 2021
It has become Magda's favorite game. Fun and safe for our dog. Recommended. read more »

Forget it .... let's go others ...

28 Jan, 2021
Forget it .... let's go others read more »

Ottima torcia!!!

19 Jan, 2021
Ottime finiture. Luce molto potente e led UVA che può sempre tornare utile. Acquisto consigliato. read more »

Recommended product

10 Nov, 2020
Durable material and great lid idea. The cubes are very easy to remove. Recommended product. read more »

Excellent grip

12 Jul, 2020
Finally, enough with ruined hands. My dog pulls a lot and with this leash I can manage it better. Also visible at night. Good purchase. read more »

No more torn hair

12 Jul, 2020
Comfortable brush. The grip helps in the movements and the cleaning system is very functional. It works well, I recommend buying it. read more »

Solido e capace

13 Jan, 2020
Al tatto risulta subito solido con un rivestimento anti-graffio e anti-impronta. Ricaricato a pieno 2 volte phone e 2 volte ipad e è power bank risulta ancora carico. Acquisto consigliato... read more »

Easy assembly and functionality

23 Dec, 2019
Easy to assemble and capiemente. Of course the materials are not the top but for the cost it is to be taken into consideration. read more »

ZOORE Supporto Manubrio Motocicletta per Bicicletta

25 Oct, 2019
In my opinion not of good quality. The fixing is not stable and you could risk losing your phone. I don't recommend it. read more »

Pecute Retractable Dog Leash Leash

15 Oct, 2019
Excellent as a value for money. Arrived in its packaging, complete with bags and bag holders. The material of which it is made looks good and even the 5 meter long straw looks very strong. I rec... read more »

Housmile 7500Pa Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

07 Oct, 2019
A cyclonic vacuum cleaner of good quality, with an excellent bag, a well thought-out brush, and an eternal battery. Let's go with order: - the suction body: the suction body is of the highest... read more »

Pecute Seat Cover for Universal Rear Dogs

24 Jun, 2019
Produced with excellent water repellent materials. Door guards are useful. Very easy to install. I recommend the purchase. Regards. read more »

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