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I love to try any and all products and give reviews for those I love! I take quality photos and can even add videos if needed. I make my reviews personal to get the buyer excited about the product. I love to cook, craft, and have a large family.

I do have Amazon Prime so I can get the product quickly.
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Fun and Warm

02 Aug, 2020
These great Gloves will keep you Warm and Warm your Heart! To turn on you just have to look inside the glove to find the velcro opening. Then find the box that contains the on/off switch and remove th... read more »

Great for Holiday Attire

01 Aug, 2020
Every Holiday we go to the Company Holiday Party. It's our day to really dress up. So I got this great Crystal Belt. It's Shiny without being overwhelming and will look great with my black dre... read more »

Time for a Luau

01 Aug, 2020
I Love Hawaii and Love Luau's so this set is perfect for me! Just add the decorations and food and you have and instant party! The Palm Leaves can also be used as coasters! read more »

Perfect Gift Tags for the Holidays!

01 Aug, 2020
We have relatives that celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah so these tags are perfect for us. They are really cute and I love that the cords are included! read more »

Great Halloween Treat Container

01 Aug, 2020
I love Halloween and try to go all out. This year I will be giving Treats in this wonderful Cauldron. You get 12 in the set so I'm going to put small candy bars and some cash and wrap it in cellop... read more »

Great to keep your nails in tip top shape

01 Aug, 2020
I am always struggling to keep my nails perfect. I'm a crafter and my nails suffer from it. I got this great Manicure Set and now I can keep them properly shaped and buffed. It works great and is... read more »

Best Purchase This Year!

01 Aug, 2020
This Set is AMAZING! These erasers are Adorable!!! You get 75 of them and the only duplicats are of the Unicorn and Mermaind Tail. Every other one is unique. They are very well made and I'm so hap... read more »

Great Shiny Origami Paper

01 Aug, 2020
I love Origami and these great Iridescent Papers include 2 different sizes so I can make all kinds of designs. It's amazing art and fun to do for Adults and Kids! read more »

Get Barbie Ready for School

01 Aug, 2020
This great set has 5 different outfits for Barbie! Includes three pairs of pants, three shirts and 2 dresses. It also includes all the matching shoes. And every Barbie needs new clothes! read more »

Kids Love to Paint and Will Love This Set!

01 Aug, 2020
This great set has everything my Grandkids need to paint. It has paint, paint rollers that have shapes on them, paint sponges, paint brushes and even really cute aprons. It even includes a paint palle... read more »

Great Glitter Foam Sheets

01 Aug, 2020
Decorate Tote Bags, School Bags and Much More with these great Glitter Foam Sheets. Just cut into the shapes you want and they peel off the backing. Use stencils, cookie cutters and more for the shape... read more »

Fun for the Entire Family

01 Aug, 2020
Adhesive Foam is my Favorite! You can make anything with it! And this great set has 30 sheets and they are have a glitter on them. They are great quality and look amazing! Just cut out into the shape... read more »

Fun for the Holidays

28 Jul, 2020
These are great Bandans for your Animals! I got them for my cats and they look adorable! You get three in the pack so you can use them for multiple animals or for a variety for one amimal. They are we... read more »

Perfect for Connecting Wires

28 Jul, 2020
These are perfect for connecting wires as you just put them in each end of the wires and then use a heat gun to shrink them. They keep the wires together and seal them shut! Super great idea! read more »

Great Burlap Ribbon for Crafts!

28 Jul, 2020
I got this ribbon for making wreaths and I love it! You get six different colors and the quality is top notch. Burlap Ribbon is perfect for Country Charm Crafts and so easy to work with. Now I can use... read more »

Great for Kids and Crafts!

28 Jul, 2020
My grandkids love to watch me bake. Now I can give them their own Baking Pins so they can play bake themselves. These are fun and work great! Great for crafts too...puzzles, diamond projects and much... read more »

Looks Even Better in Person!

28 Jul, 2020
This great set is going to look perfect in my Kitchen! They look so much better in person and are quality made. They come with the screws and even extra screws. I love the contrast of colors due to th... read more »

Super Cute Santa Topper

28 Jul, 2020
This Bottle Topper is adorable! Perfect for Wine Bottles! It's actually like a real doll head, with a long flowing beard to cover the bottle. The details are perfect and it would look great as a d... read more »

Pancho Fiesta Fun

25 Jul, 2020
This great Pancho is Sewn Beautifully and Looks Amazing! Really Great Colors and the Fringe is Perfect. Any child would love to wear it! read more »

Fun for the Holidays

25 Jul, 2020
Who doen't want to stand out for the Holidays! Whether it's a Party or Parade, stand out with this great set of Flashing Light Headbands. You just remove the paper between the battery and then... read more »

Such a Fun Set...Sand Art is Easy and Kids Love to Make Art!

25 Jul, 2020
This is a Great Set! You get 20 Sheets of Art! You use the provided sticks and peel back the layers to reveal a sticky layer. Then you use the bottles of sand to to cover the sticky areas with sand (y... read more »

Amazing Stress Relief Balls

25 Jul, 2020
I had gotten one of these in a Variety Pack and loved it so much I got this great set of 24. The detail is amazing and they are so fun to squeeze. It really does make you feel better when you squeeze... read more »

I Love Gift Tags!

25 Jul, 2020
These tags are perfect for any holiday. They are already cut out and come in a variety of shapes so you have choices. Some even have heart cutouts which are super cute. You get all the tags and the ju... read more »

What a Great Idea and Tons of Fun

25 Jul, 2020
I love Squishies and I really love this set! The Squishes are large and fun to squish. And it includes paint to you get to to paint them any color you want. I'm going to use Markers myself and I l... read more »

Great Barbie Clothes

25 Jul, 2020
My grandkids love to dress up their dolls. And now they can dress them up like their favorite Frozen Characters with this great set! It comes with everything you need to dress the queen and princess a... read more »

Great set of Bobbins

25 Jul, 2020
I sew a lot and am constanly having to either search for bobbins or thread new ones. Now I finally have all different colors of pre-wound ones. They are in cases which makes it really easy to find the... read more »

Great for any Computerized Device!

19 Jul, 2020
I live in a hot state and have to make sure my laptop does not overheat. I deal with it every single year. Well this year I can stop worrying now that I have this great riser. You can raise it 3 level... read more »

Absolute Amazing and Adorable!

19 Jul, 2020
I am in love with this set! You get 3 separate boxes of Diamond Stickers. Each with a different theme. One is Vehicles, one is forest animals and one is sea animals. Great for gifts for just for yours... read more »

This is a great Organizer!

19 Jul, 2020
I love this organizer and it comes with a Bonus Wall Mounted one too! The quality is top notch and it is already assembled which is a plus for me. Just hang up and it's ready to go. For the wall m... read more »

These definitely work!

19 Jul, 2020
These do work, but they seem to be a bit small. Great for kids though! Great quality too! read more »

What a Great Set for All Your Memories

19 Jul, 2020
My Husbands Birthday is Coming Up and I wanted to make him something Memorable! And he will love this! It shows you how to put it together on the Amazon Page and then you just add photos, written memo... read more »

Great Wreaths Ready to be Decorated

13 Jul, 2020
I love crafts and now I have this great set just waiting to be decorated! They are perfectly made and I like the variety of the different sizes. Just add bows, trinkes and more and you'll have a g... read more »

Great Set of Molds for Ocean Themed Design

13 Jul, 2020
I love Molds! You can use them for Chocolate, Fondant and much More! I have even melted Crayons and made molded Crayons for the little ones! This set is perfect for any Ocean themed party. read more »

Very Sturdy Steel Hooks

13 Jul, 2020
I love these! I can use Carabiner's and these are perfect! I use one to attach my purse to my shopping cart to help prevent theft. I attach them to my belt for my keys and much more! Great to have... read more »

Great Tags!

13 Jul, 2020
I can always use Tags! For Presents for any Holiday! With this set there is a color for any season/holiday! They look great and are made from quality materials! They come with the string so they are r... read more »

Nice Wreath

13 Jul, 2020
I love Wreaths! You can hang them anywhere and they look great! This is already decorated and you can leave it as is or add more! Great for any holiday! read more »

Great for Crafts...especially with LED's

10 Jul, 2020
I love to craft and like to use LED Lights. For that it is helpful to use a Breadboard to set up your lights. This is a great set of three breadboards so I can make sure all my lights work properly! read more »

Works Great for Crafts...I Made a Bracelet Already!

10 Jul, 2020
I lovw to make my own Jewelry and love to use unconventional materials. I took one set and conntect them individually (While the wires were still all connected). I just tooke the ends and connected th... read more »

Great for Crafts too!

10 Jul, 2020
I love to use Unconventional Materials in my Crafts...Especially when I make Jewelry. These Resistor Kits are going to make great Bracelets and Earrings. I can just connect the wire ends to make the b... read more »

Great Quality

10 Jul, 2020
I am new to Singing Bowls, but I've always been fascinated by them! This Bowl Mallet is very well made and I look forward to getting a bowl to use it with! read more »

Great Price for Fantastic Price

09 Jul, 2020
Silicone Molds are so expensive, so this is an Amazing Price. I have paid almost this much for jus ONE of these molds! So I was delighed to find these three sets for this wonderful price. You get all... read more »

What a fun idea for the Summer!

09 Jul, 2020
What could be funner than Ice Cream for Summer! So thse cute pens are idea! I love them and know the Grandkids will love them too! I always try to have little treats to spoil them! I know they will lo... read more »

Works, but does not look like Photo!

09 Jul, 2020
I wanted this to use as a Mask, but while it might work, it is really thin! It does NOT look like the photo! Even the stitching is different. Very dissapointing! read more »

Nice Recorder for Kids!

09 Jul, 2020
I needed something to keep my Grand-daugher amuzed during the summer. She wanted to play the drums so I compromized and got here this recorder! I played one when I was a kid and loved it. This is just... read more »

Great Set of Storage Boxes for all Your Crafts!

09 Jul, 2020
I love to craft and try to do them all...LOL! I really needed some containers for my buttons and wanted to be able to sort them. So the larger Container is perfect for that. I plan to use the other tw... read more »

Amazing Set - Amazing Price!

09 Jul, 2020
I love making things with Resin! Resin can be difficut to use, but it's so worth it when you get it done. And you need quality Molds to get it done. These Molds are Perfect for that and I have pai... read more »

Really Colorful and Fun Squeeze Balls!

09 Jul, 2020
I like to keep small gifts on hand for the Grandkids and my cats and I just love these Stresst Balls! They are so colorful and cute! They are quality made and fun to use. I even picked out a few of my... read more »

Fun for Everyone!

09 Jul, 2020
During the Summer I always need toys for the Grandkids to play with! And for my Cats! These balls are perfect for both! They are very colorful and I love to squish them myself. You get 40 of them and... read more »

Beautiful Butterflies for Plants, Crafts and More

09 Jul, 2020
I love this set! You get 50 Fun Butterflies! They are already mounted on a stick with a spring on the end to get the movement of a butterfly. I plan to put them in my planters and use some in my Resin... read more »

Super Cute Animal Bandans!

07 Jul, 2020
I just love to dress up my cats! And the holidays are the best time to do so! I love these Halloween Bandans! They look great and fit great from all 3 of my cats! A great way to decorate! read more »

Great Set for Kids and Adults

07 Jul, 2020
I love Shrink Projects! You just color in the designs and then use either a heat gun or your oven to shrink them. They start out thin and then get smaller and thicker. Great for Ornaments or Keychains... read more »

Great for Carrying and cutting Pills

05 Jul, 2020
The older I get the more Pills I have to take. And some of them I have to cut in half. This cutter works perfectly! But I really love the pill holder. I hold 7 days of pills, 4 holders for each day. S... read more »

Really Great Artificial Flowers!

05 Jul, 2020
I love artificial flowers, they can bring so much color to a room and they work inside and out. These are large petals and they are colored to look real with darker colors in the center. They are soft... read more »

Who doesn't love Pipe Cleaners and Googly Eyes

05 Jul, 2020
Every since Forky showed up I'm obsessed with Pipe Cleaners and Googly Eyes! You can make an entire family of Forky's just by adding Pipe Cleaner Arms and Googly Eyes. And they just look adora... read more »

Great Set for Diamond Painting!

05 Jul, 2020
I just started Diamond Painting and wanted this set to make it easier to do. It has extra holders for your  and even ones that hold more than just one diamond sequin to make it easier and quicker... read more »

Great Wooden Frames for Jewelry!

05 Jul, 2020
Ever since I discovered Resin I love to make Jewelry. But to take it to another level you need to use Frames. These Wooden Frames are Quality Wood and are going to make excellent Necklaces ane even a... read more »

Great for Halloween!

05 Jul, 2020
I love to celebrate all the Holidays and Halloween is no exception. I plan to use these for a Halloween Wreath for my front door and they are perfect for that. They will be able to withstand the eleme... read more »

Great Set for Making Your Own Holiday Creations!

05 Jul, 2020
I love to craft and wanted to make my own Holiday Door Greeting. This set is perfect as it has the plastic Greenery and the Pine Cones. Just arrange how you want and then glue or tie together. They ar... read more »

Great Speaker and Really Cute!

05 Jul, 2020
This is a great little Bluetooth Speaker. It was really easy to pair and it works great. I wanted something for my bedside table and this looks great! I love the snow and this tiny snowman is perfect... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful Napkin Ring Holders!

02 Jul, 2020
These are Amazing! They are beautiful and will loom AMAZING on my napkins for the holidays! I love the details and cannot wait to use them! read more »

Great Binder Rings!

02 Jul, 2020
I needed these to help keep a Baby Book together that I was making that they worked perfectly. They are very well made and easy to use! read more »

Great Mix of Glitter!

02 Jul, 2020
I love using glitter on my nails and this mix is perfect. It's so colorful and really stands out when I use it. I used some in my resin for a bracelet and it looked wondeful! Very versatile. read more »


02 Jul, 2020
NEVER ARRIVED!!! It's been months and nothing! read more »

Great Quality

02 Jul, 2020
These Toggle Clamps are really well made and stay put. I needed them for my resin pieces and they work perfectly! read more »

Could not get the two tapes to separate

29 Jun, 2020
Due to the packaging, I could not get the two tapes to separate from each other. I really tried, but I just could not get them apart. read more »

Not only adorable but really saves your Charging Cords!

29 Jun, 2020
I just love all of these! They are so cute and when you put them on your cables they give stability to the end of the cable. This will help keep your cable from bending and cracking with will extend t... read more »

Great Hat for St. Patty's Day!

29 Jun, 2020
Really cute and campy! Perfect for that one night a year when you can just go all out for St. Patty's Day! Fits most adults! read more »

Really Nice Stickers

29 Jun, 2020
I got these to put on my grandkids Bottles and ended up putting some on my coasters. Then I put resin on top and they turned out amazing! Great colors and very well made! read more »

Adorable clothes for your doll

29 Jun, 2020
This is a great set for your dolls. Includes Outfits with shoes and I like that it has a large variety. Dresses, pants and shirts and even formal wear! Great for the price! read more »

Great Rug, but too Months to arrive

29 Jun, 2020
The rug it self is great, but it took several months to arrive. Amazon even said it was probably lost. But it did arrive, but by then I had already just bought one locally. read more »

Great for working with shelving that use Hexagon Wrenches

29 Jun, 2020
I have several craft shelving sets that need Hexagon Wrenches and cannot ever find the ones I need. Now with this great set I can easily tighten the bolts and I aways have the right size. Plus with al... read more »

Beautiful Bevels for Jewelry

27 Jan, 2020
I love to make jewelry, especially with Resin. These bevels are perfect for that and look amazing. Nice and heavy duty and they look amazing! read more »

Beautiful Bevels for Jewelry Making

27 Jan, 2020
I love to make jewelry, especially with Resin. These bevels are perfect for that and look amazing. Nice and heavy duty and they look amazing! read more »

Great Floss and Toothpicks for your teeth!

27 Jan, 2020
I love this style of tooth picks for your teeth. They have floss on one end and a curved pick on the other. Great for really getting between your teeth to keep them clean. read more »

Best Toothpicks for your Teeth Ever

27 Jan, 2020
I love this style of tooth picks for your teeth. They have floss on one end and a curved pick on the other. Great for really getting between your teeth to keep them clean. This great set has them all... read more »

Gorgeous Napkin Holders for the Holidays

27 Jan, 2020
These are really pretty Reindeer Napkin Holders. Just place napkin inside and they make the entire place setting look elegant and festive! read more »

Large Binder Clips!

26 Jan, 2020
I have arthritis and sometimes it's hard to open zippers. So I use these clips by attaching them to the zippers. Then I can just grat the clip to open the case. So much easier than trying to wrest... read more »

Great Tweezer Set to keep in your purse!

26 Jan, 2020
I always need tweezers and scissors so this set is perfect for me. It comes in it's own case and has 2 different kinds of tweezers and scissors. Great for just keeping in my purse for any time I n... read more »

Beautiful Napkin Rings for the Holidays!

26 Jan, 2020
These great Napkin Rings are great for any Holiday Setting. They really shine and make any table setting look festive. I definitely recommend them and love them! read more »

Great for Kids!

26 Jan, 2020
This great Christmas Tree set is great for kids and adults will love it too. Just hang it on the wall and let the kids decorate it themselves. The felt is nice and thick for the tree and the decoratio... read more »

Wonderful to use! Love the extra cases!

25 Aug, 2019
This is a great set and the picks are perfect! They are durable and the end is curved to get between stubborn teeth. I really loved the cases and the smaller one is great for my purse. read more »

Great For Hyper Birds! Keeps Them Occupied!

04 Sep, 2017
We have two Cockatiels! We love them but the male keeps picking on the female and pulls her head feathers out. We figured he was bored. So we got them both this great Bird Chewing Toy. When it arri... read more »

Fun for All Ages! Unique Twist on Old Classic

04 Sep, 2017
Us older folks will remember this great classic puzzle. This is a great twist on that puzzle. Instead of solid colored blocks this great one has different colored hearts. But don't worry, it's... read more »

Fun For All Ages! Makes Great Shapes!

03 Sep, 2017
I have a lot of Grand kids. But two of them are a boy and a girl. He has Autisim and is the sweetest boy ever. His sister is the greatest and is his best friend. So I got them this great set of two Ma... read more »

Love Cats? Get This Great Squishy Cat Phone Case

23 Aug, 2017
I just love cats!! In fact, we have six of them! They are all rescues and each more like our kids! So when I see anything related to cats, I have to have it. And this Amazing Cat Phone Case is the... read more »

If You Have Pets You NEED to Get This Brush!

16 Aug, 2017
We have Six Cats! So you can imagine how much hair they generate! We have pet brushes, but they only work so well. Until now that is. This Amazing Self Cleaning Pet Brush is the best one we've... read more »

Best Fidget Spinner I've Seen! Makes Amazing Colors When it Spins

11 Aug, 2017
I love Fidget Spinners! I got them to help the Arthritis in my hands. I needed something to keep my hands mobile and when I first saw them I thought, no way these would help. But once I started to... read more »

Great Baby Bibs With Fun Patterns For Boys or Girls!

10 Aug, 2017
With Two New Babies in the Family and Two Weddings I Wanted to Stock Up on Baby Supplies! And This Great Set of Eight Baby Bandanas has fun patterns that are perfect for boys or girls. They are sof... read more »

If You Have to Smoke, Do It in Style With This Great Hands Free Cigarette Holder!

08 Aug, 2017
I have to admit, I don't smoke, but my friends do. I may not condone it, but I don't judge either. My best friend is always worried about her nails so I got her this great Cigarette Holder.... read more »

Great Way to Keep Your Picnic and Gathering Food and Drinks Cold

05 Aug, 2017
The older you get, the more time you make for family get togethers. We love to go on picnics, but always worry about taking salads containing mayo. We dont want them to sit out all day and turn. We... read more »

Finally Grass That is Safe for Cats to Eat!

05 Aug, 2017
We love cats! We love them so much we have six of them! They all have different personalites and quirks. One of our cats loves to eat house plants. And no matter how hard we try to deter him, it do... read more »

Would You Like to Be Able To Charge More Than One Device While You Are Driving? This Dual Port USB Charger is Perfect! Great for Trips!

23 Jul, 2017
Our Family Recently Went on a Long Trip For a Wedding. The Wedding Was Amazing...the 1100 mile trip each way in the car...not so much...LOL! Not only was it tiring and long, we all had to wait to c... read more »

Do You Have a Hard Time With Your Nail Polish Getting Dry? Get This Great Nail Lamp Dryer to Quickly Dry Polish & Gel Polish!

06 Jul, 2017
I always have a hard time with my nails.   So when I take the time to polish them, I want them to stay polished. And now I can keep the polish dry and do it quickly with this great lamp dry... read more »

Do You Know Someone Who Loves Maps? Maybe You? This Great Scratch Off World Map Includes the Country Flags at the Bottom!

05 Jul, 2017
My father-in-law loves maps of all kinds! He is one of the best persons I know so I decided to get him this amazing Scratch Off World Map! And he loved it! We did too! It has the maps of each count... read more »

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