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I Enjoy testing new things and sharing what i've found with others... i am not shy in telling others my findings, I have a good phone with great camera on it and I often use it to take photo's of items I have reviewed. I also have full use of Amazon Prime.
I Love D.I.Y , Home improvements, Renovating old items, Crafting, technology and music , beauty/cosmetics and unique Fashion. My son is a computer and gaming fanatic who is always testing New games/ products connected to this field.
I totally enjoy doing this as it gives me the opportunity to try new products, work along side different people opening my social skills to another level as you can never know to much and learn about new things...
I have been doing review's for items on Amazon and several other companies too i've totally enjoyed myself whilst doing it, I am thankful to all the lovely people that I have built great friendships with through this, and i can't wait to start working along side and connect with new people building friendly honest relationships.

I always try to write my review with in a matter of days from when I have received the product or item I am writing the review on, and I will always give my honest open and general impressions of what ever I have tested.
I can also provide photos or video to go with my comments depending on what method of review you wish for the product or item.
Anything else I can help you with feel free to ask...

Thank you for reading a little about me..
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Good quality and will be great for Halloween or a fancy dress party

20 Sep, 2021
Was rather surprised at the quality of the mask when it arrived, the different settings for the lights make it even better ! This will be great for Halloween or even a fancy dress party, as it's g... read more »

Perfect little gift

20 Sep, 2021
These are a Perfect little gift, I got them for a friend and her partner as they are Joker & Harley Quinn fans.. The keyrings are really good quality with a little gift pouch that is... read more »

Great face coverage

08 Oct, 2020
Got this as required some kind of face coverage and as unable to wear medical masks this has proved to be a great alternative for a vulnerable child so he's able to go out and no longer having to... read more »

Great piece of kit

26 Sep, 2020
Got this for a Christmas gift but we just couldn't wait till then!! Had a great weekend testing & having fun with all the different settings plus the fact you can actually record too, we serio... read more »

Looks lovely

26 Nov, 2019
Got this as a gift and must say it looks lovely though not what I was expecting, fits phone well and one very happy recipient.. Not sure if actually will protect phone as looks a little flimsy but... read more »

Compact and simple

28 May, 2019
A lovely little compact toaster that actually fits my thick sliced bread plus easy settings to get toast perfect for however you like it being either lightly toasted or well done with a great leaflet... read more »

Great for Relaxing

28 May, 2019
I would never have considered myself a techie geek but this is an absolute god send when I need to take some time out just for me , so easy to set up and I can have all my favourite music while Relaxi... read more »

Perfect addition to echo dot

28 May, 2019
Was looking to get some WiFi bulbs for a while, couldn’t be happier now they’re So easy to install and set up , great for when I’m working night shift as can switch my lights on... read more »

Sturdy and good quality

19 May, 2019
got this for my son, wasn’t expecting the quality that it actually is and really sturdy as my son has a tendency to just drop his things when and wherever whether it be accidentally or just care... read more »

Better than I thought

27 Mar, 2019
  Great gadget and very well made its good quality and durable... I was truly surprised but very happy and it’s been a useful gadget more than I actually expected it to be &... read more »

Extremely impressed

05 Mar, 2019
Great gadget and extremely useful For when my phone needs a boost specially in my line of work when I’m on duty (palliative care)... very happy and it’s great quality read more »

Rather Surprised

12 Jan, 2019
i’ve never had my lashes done before but i’ve wanted to try for a while and these where lovely , not as heavy as i thought they would be and more natural looking than some i’ve... read more »

Simple, Easy & Decorative

17 Mar, 2018
Easy & decorative stand for my makeup pencils, so much better than having to search through my makeup bag when I need them..  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  read more »

It does what it says !!

17 Jan, 2018
was looking for a duel usb in car charger socket and came across this one... it does exactly what it says and is perfect for what I required , charges quick and has a light round rim so you know it... read more »

Total peace of mind and security

20 Dec, 2017
Cant believe this Camera is Much better quality than expected. Easy to set up and night vision is awesome specially for the price !! The camera quality itself is Top notch, much better than the... read more »

Craft your own Bottle light

09 Dec, 2017
Great product for anyone wishing to create their Own personalalised Bottle/Jar light or make as a Special gift... Even better is the fact you get 6 of them so can share the love by creating one for... read more »

Crafty Leaves

09 Dec, 2017
Ordered these to make a special display, they are lovely but little smaller than expected and would have been so much better if they had stems.. they are ok for crafting & cant wait to s... read more »

Set for any Selfie

22 Nov, 2017
Finally gave in and joined the Selfie crew, this bundle is a good set for any selfie enthusiast or for when your out and about wanting to take great photos. This pack has everything you need a bluetoo... read more »

Unexpected Dual purpose

03 Nov, 2017
Only just started to train so it's early days but has definitely intrigued my dog and so far so good. Quality good, strong fabric and bells large plus loud enough to be hear... read more »

Compact but packs a punch in quality

28 Oct, 2017
This Camera is Much better quality than expected. If a full user guide was included it would have got 5 stars. The camera quality itself is Top notch,I’ve had No network issues and so far... read more »

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