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I do product reviews on youtube. I upload reviews to IG. And share on FB. Im honest and unbiasd. I'm disable /retired so I'm home often. I am a veteran so have world travel and life experiences and posess an above average IQ.. Im a father and grandfather. I like buying at a discount and giving my opinion on these products. I buy items I can use or make as gifts. I have reatail management in electronics and robotic experience from industrial maintenance jobs. I like getting deep and technical into things and learn how they work. I also have a YouTube channel doing product reviews concentrating on fidget spinnes. All of this makes me more qualified for this activity.
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Say goodbye to your old washcloths

17 Oct, 2021
Dirt I only rated these a 4 star because they aren't quite as soft as the others I purchased and not quite the same value but there are more per package and they are a bit larger so it up to you t... read more »

super soft and extremely absorbent

17 Oct, 2021
I absolutely love these guys. Not only for dishes and such but a great sweat rag too due to is super soft touch. Just the right size for jobs of sizes. These are the best I've found yet and p... read more »

jean button replacement easy fast and secure

17 Oct, 2021
Sewing on jean buttons can be a challenge and time consuming not to mention down right painful. Not anymore with these handy little things. Just press and a little twist and the turn of the included t... read more »

No electric bill security light

17 Oct, 2021
This is absolutely fantastic and the best part is no additional cost to your electric bill. Easy to mount and the lightweight design is awesome too. It has 3 brightness levels and an included remote f... read more »

Light wher and when you need it

13 Oct, 2021
I have purchased many types of these lights from other sellers but none surpasses these. Motion sensor activated or manual your choice of settings. Three different light frequencies so if you want bri... read more »

No more muscle cramps/spasms

13 Oct, 2021
These gummies are great for stopping those painful spasms. I also think they tast great. They are a good value as well. I eat them before bedtime so I'm not awoken by those painful cramps in my si... read more »

Above average quality cables

13 Oct, 2021
These braided cables are an above average cable that delivers full charging power to your devices. No more seeing that annoying notification saying "slow charging" like with those over price... read more »

Good quality at a great value

21 Sep, 2021
I'm very impressed with this product  a heavy rubber like outer sheath that leaves the impression that it will last the test of time  no issues charging my phone as it is fast when... read more »

Not worth it

10 Jun, 2021
Band too small for adult. Luminous hands and markers dont hold light long at all and keeps terrible time. I returned it. Very cheaply made read more »

Keeps excellent time

10 Jun, 2021
A bery beautiful timrpiece that keeps excellent time at an amazing value. A basic calandar date watch design that looks expensive but is quite thrifty for the quality. I would expect to pay twice what... read more »

Reach dust in cracks

10 Jun, 2021
Clesn dust from hard to reach places like car vents and computer keyboards. Just put in place wait a short time and peel away the dust. I used it on canvas paintings and it brought back the new luster... read more »

Bye bye bug

10 Jun, 2021
If your tired of pesky insects interupting you festivities and when eating. Place these is area of food or gatherings indoor and out, the light attracts them and ZAP!!  Comes with a brush for cle... read more »

Bright light all angles

10 Jun, 2021
This is a great idea. Light where you want it at a lower cost for power consumption. A good value also. You cant go wrong with this so get yours now. Great for garages, basements etc...  read more »

Taste funky

25 May, 2021
I will not buy this again. Yuck..... read more »

Poor value, not impressed

24 Mar, 2021
I love the extra large size. That is about all the good I can say about these.  The absorbancy is average and it is not a very thick towell it is not as soft as expected either.  read more »

Great resealable bags food storage

10 Mar, 2021
I like these mylar food storage bags. Resealable is definitely a plus. I expected them to be a bit heavier/thicker material but it is not a problem.  I dont feel it is quite a great value though.... read more »

Not as described

10 Mar, 2021
They are not silione with cotton lining. They are cotton inner and outer with silicone ridges for texture grip. I expected all silicone outer as in item description.  I am very disappointed but t... read more »

Index card combo

10 Mar, 2021
I am pleased with these cards of 6 various colors and the 6 included split binding rings. The hole is not punched perfectly centered and corners are not trimmed symmetrical but all in all they will do... read more »

Order canceled by mistake

10 Mar, 2021
Canceled order read more »

Order canceled

07 Mar, 2021
Order canceled in error  read more »

Dual purpose flashlight/UV

19 Feb, 2021
Great little lights. Very bright on high and adjustable beam. Can power with included AAA batteries (3) snd holder or use a rechargable 18650 battery ( not included ) with the included cylinder adapte... read more »

Nice paint bad container

14 Feb, 2021
I like the bright vibrant colors and the variety of brushes included along with a palette for mixing colors. The only problem is the container. The lid is warped and does not seal. My paints are dryin... read more »

Arrived water danaged

14 Feb, 2021
Amazon driver delivered package and set it in a water puddle. So the water damaged package returned for refund.  read more »

Order canceled by mistake

09 Feb, 2021
Canceled read more »

Good for kitchen and mail

09 Feb, 2021
Weighing out portions of food for preparing balanced meals just got eaiser. Accurate to 1/100th of a gram up to 600 grams. Battery or usb powered at an affordable value. Can be used for scientific pur... read more »

Good jawercise

09 Feb, 2021
I followed instructions for fit by placing in boiling water for 20 seconds then biting down to size it. It should have came with a lanyard for convience and the inserts where you bite fall out creatin... read more »

Good and durable cups

08 Feb, 2021
I like these ss cups. There is a bit more heat transfer than I expected but not bad. A good capacity but not large. It appears the seam maybe on top rim center. This is concerning that something may g... read more »

Less paltipations and calm feeling

03 Feb, 2021
I gave these to my nephew who has paltipations and high heart rate. He indicated they do not upset his stomach and he is much calmer and he seems to sleep more relaxed and have more energy at the same... read more »

Awesome portable air compressor

01 Feb, 2021
I was tired of paying $1 or more each time I needed air. Not anymore because I have this great little compressor now. Long power cord with cigarette lighter plug. A sports needle and 2 different mattr... read more »

Top quality laminate

31 Jan, 2021
This is a good quality laminate. No bubbles or warpage. A good smooth feel and look. Preserve you photos or important documents. Definately a good value as well.  read more »

Top quality laminate

31 Jan, 2021
Very good quality. No bubbles or warpage. Good clean smooth look and feel. A highly recomendable product.  read more »

Awesome fitness tracker

29 Jan, 2021
This is a nice watch/ fitness tracker. Easy to instal app and open to use. Alert vibration notification instatanious to phone alert or ring. Read txt on watch also.  Seems to monitor Sleep, BP &a... read more »

Item not received. Order refunded

29 Jan, 2021
Sorry no review read more »

Save food, save dollars

25 Jan, 2021
This is a great vacuum food saver. Comes with bags and a hose for jars and bottles. Easy to use and small enough for ease of storage. A perfect addition to my Sous Vide cooker. Start saving money... read more »

No fit too small

25 Jan, 2021
Order a size larger. Returned read more »

Roll with style

24 Jan, 2021
Natural bamboo look and durability. Includes and ashtry and several other goodies. All held together nicely with strong magnets. A great addition to the connisuer of such. A must have so order yours t... read more »

Comfortable for her and cute

24 Jan, 2021
Simple and basic with s tiny bit of frill. They look good on her and fit as expected. Soft material make these ideal for style and wear.   read more »

Crafting fun

24 Jan, 2021
These diamond paintaing kits are great. Colorful and definatly time consuming. All you need to complete your own is included. Let your crafty side out.  We ran out of several colors of diamond... read more »

Lighting the Way

14 Jan, 2021
These are great for decorating on all occasions including birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Independence day and crafting ideas too. The solar panel charges daily and lights co... read more »

Fresh and clean like after a rain

14 Jan, 2021
This ozone generator is amazing. In moments the air is fresh and clean like after a rain. The clean scent last all day too. This dont cover odors it eliminates them. No chrmicals or perfumes. Only nat... read more »

Time is Beautiful

14 Jan, 2021
This is what my kitchen needed to brighten it up. Large enough to read easily and a silent smooth sweep second hand so no annoying tick tock sound. A wonderful sunflower and a butterfly to entice the... read more »

Lazer light show at home or anywhere

25 Dec, 2020
This is the coolest for home light shows. A lazer light box small and lightweight. Perfect for portability and convenient usb powered.  ( internal battery model optional )  So many pow... read more »

Cordless means portable not cumbersome

25 Dec, 2020
This is a fantastic glue gun. Mini and cordless makes great for portability and lightweight and easy to use especialy crafting. I seem to find something everyday to mend with this. The charging base i... read more »

Fun with crafting and more

21 Dec, 2020
I get these and put into masonjars or liquor bottles. Glue the solar panel on top to charge internal battery. Select 1 of 8 modes of operational effects and power on. On auto at dusk and off at dawn t... read more »

More beautiful than expected

20 Dec, 2020
This is simply lovely and delicate in size. The chain seems sturdy but not easy to clasp. The clasp ring should be a bit larger for old or larger not so nimble hands. The ring clasp size is my only co... read more »

Very nice but needs improvment

17 Dec, 2020
This is a lovely ornament with an inovative touch. I would have given a 5 ☆ but the power cord is way too short making it very inconvient and cumbersome to plug in. Cofd is only about4 feet long but s... read more »

Great looking top for her

17 Dec, 2020
So soft and comfortable. Looks great for most casual occasions. Fits true to size and another great value. Cant beat this brand. She absolutely loves it. read more »

Best spin mop ever

17 Dec, 2020
I bought the other brand of spin kop a few yrs ago but shortly after the thin cheaply made handle bent and broke. And it cant be replaced. You have to buy a whole new mop, bucket etc... I saw this... read more »

Stylish attire for her

17 Dec, 2020
Very nice material. Soft and comfortable to wear. Fit true to size. Arrived early. Overall pleased with this purchase amd a good value.  read more »

Great lighting for streaming

22 Nov, 2020
I must ssy I was pleasently suprised with the quality construction of the included tripod. It is not a cheaply made item. Much better than I expected. The ease of assembly and the convienent storage a... read more »

Time for the Temp

10 Nov, 2020
This is a very cool way to see the time, temp and date at a glance. Very stylish design with a new age look. Manual adjustable brightness levrls and an auto brightnness level sensor adjusts the bright... read more »

In between fit bag

09 Nov, 2020
Smaller than a regular size back packs but bigger than most sling bags. Plenty of additional room. Pouches and pockets everywhere and a rugged construction makes the the best on the market and an exce... read more »

Not a good value

21 Oct, 2020
The lamp is nice and works in several modes to include a red s.o.s. mode. It is not as bright as I expected it to be and I feel the value is not there for the quality and performance. There are m... read more »

Not as described, unrecomendable item and seller

21 Oct, 2020
The lamp is cool looking but not as described. The shade is described as fabric but is  clearly plastic not fabric at all. I emailed the seller several times but have not received a response... read more »

Smooth triggers and no lag

19 Oct, 2020
This seems to work better than the original name controller. Feels goid and smooth operating buttons and triggers. Vibration and axis sensors for a better gaming experience. The digital com pad is swe... read more »

Lightweight and easy to operate

19 Oct, 2020
This is perfect for small areas lije apartments ir small area rugs.  Only weighs a few pounds and has great suction power for just a little vacuum. Easy pivoting directional head for manuver... read more »

20v not 18v as advertised

19 Oct, 2020
Works great and comes with extras which is always good. Charges relatively quick and the work light led is in a great position for illuminating the work area. A good value also so if you're lookin... read more »

A lightweight drill that works

07 Oct, 2020
Very nive little drill with some included extras. A soft tool bag, a soft holster for drill. Several drill and driver bits. Great for kitchen repairs  or any general purpose house repairs. ... read more »

Wide projection and comfort fit

06 Oct, 2020
Being rechargeable says it all. Batteries are expensive so save your $ great size to produce enough uv light to see something with ease.  Ill be checking hotel rooms for clean sheets. read more »

Gaiter easy to breathe mask

25 Sep, 2020
These are great. So easy to breathe through and ear loops hold in place. Tapered cut front gives it a stylish design. Tuck into shirt for a whole different look. Vented fabric for easy breathing and w... read more »


13 Sep, 2020
Do not buy this if you expect a filter because there is NO FILTER. There is a basket they call a filter but by definition a filter removes impurities and particulate.  This basket is more of... read more »

Strain, sieve and fry with these baskets

13 Sep, 2020
Very nice product  4 sizes to suit many needs. Stainless steel construction means it will last the test of time. Handles and hanging loops and stackable/nesting. This will make frying an easier t... read more »

Cant review becaues after im done it kicks me out and my review is not posted.

13 Sep, 2020
This crap happened 2 times in a row. Dont expect a review on this cause im not doing it a third time. You raise my rank score 110 points overnight after ordering several items then reviewing them . Al... read more »

Bait and switch

12 Sep, 2020
2 awg and 20' as advertised but wrong clamps. Not made for side post as stated and as in pictures.  Completely different. I received the curved clamps that take up too much room around a batt... read more »

Bandana, gaitor, mask, patriotic

12 Sep, 2020
Too small and too tight for adults. Kids, it should fit well. Should be more form fit. Cool design.  read more »

Bandana, gaitor, mask, patriotic

11 Sep, 2020
These are great!! Cut and trim nicely for a better lying fit. Elastic ear loops help keep in place. Vented material for easier breathing and ventilation for keeping cool. I wear around my neck until n... read more »

Wet your whistle water bottle

08 Sep, 2020
Take a big drink from this generously sized BPA free bottle. A quart capacity to last a good while. A soft grippy band encircles the bottle for sure handling. A silicone straw with a nozzle and cap fo... read more »

A big drink of water, refillable bottle

08 Sep, 2020
This is what I've been looking for. Extra large capacity over 1/2 gallon BPA free bottle with cap and drinking nozzle and silicone straw. When you think it can't get any better they include an... read more »

Weighing in

08 Sep, 2020
I like that a 50g calibration weight is included and a nice storage spot built into scale. They are plastic but look very cool with the golden steampunk design. The max is just under 1/2 lb in 1/100th... read more »

Up Up and Away Air Rockets

08 Sep, 2020
These things are great!! So much fun and they launch way more than the 100 feet as advertised. I got 2 units so we can set up hoops and targets for different point values for different targets and tra... read more »

A shocking flame out

07 Sep, 2020
It works better than some but wont hold a charge. Recharge about every 20 or 30 lights. Other than that it is great.  read more »

Emergemcy and everyday use buy buy 6h

03 Sep, 2020
The charge dont last. She has to charge several times a day  But it workes grest as diresctdperfect for aurvival. read more »

Beautiful ceramic incense burner with cones to make the smoke flow like water effect

03 Sep, 2020
Also a place for lotus lesves or stick incense. It is absolutely stunning to watch. Staring at it creates a calm feeling all throught your mind, body and soul. Achieve bliss. Ery good product at a fai... read more »

Apartment size grilling

27 Aug, 2020
This is absolutely fantastic. Perfect size for portability and lightweight for ease of carrying and folding legs for transportation.  Everything great all in one. Exactly as described and so conv... read more »

Knife sharpening A cut above

20 Aug, 2020
This is simply amazing.  Dual sided for coarse and fine edges. Keep that blade at it's best.  Attractive bamboo base and a rubber pad to cradle the stone and a rubbery pad under the base... read more »

Canceled order

17 Aug, 2020
Order canceled read more »

Got masks

17 Aug, 2020
Standard mask, nothing special just glad to have some. They will suit their intended purpose. Easier to breathe through these compared to others. Seem more durable on elastics points adhered to mask w... read more »

Bait n Switch

17 Aug, 2020
Advertised one thing but sell another. The shoes fit comfortably just order 1 size bigger than normaly. The problem is show 1 item and sell a different 1, Which is what they did.  Do t... read more »

Good emergency lighting and more

17 Aug, 2020
I think these are fantastic.  Great for emergencies, camping, patio, balconies, closets or roadside repairs. 3 light levels, strobe and SOS for emergency signaling. The diffuser dome is removable... read more »

De- light full

16 Aug, 2020
100 LEDs and solar charging are 2 key points. I put them into a used bottle with cork or Mason jars and bunch up lights in jar or bottle for a beautiful decorative light. Sun charges in the day and co... read more »

Beard greatness

16 Aug, 2020
This is just amazing. Charges quickly and has power to spare. Cuts through my thick beard with ease. Several included attachments and a rechargeable li-ion battery are awesome features as well making... read more »

Style beauty and functional

12 Aug, 2020
This company just keeps on making great things even better. Again the soft supple leather and its color makes is most desirable  read more »

Very bright light in a twin package

09 Aug, 2020
4 rechargeable 18650 2600mah batteries with and included 2 bay charger (usb powered) with cable. All tucked nicely in a protective foam cut out for everything to fit snugly in place inside a box nice... read more »

Wireless hassle free

31 Jul, 2020
It works but a small sweet spot for charging so off a bit and no charge. The vent clip is great but the adhesive base needs improvement.  Magnetic not great for movement. Needs auto clamping not... read more »

Crossbody bag perfection

24 Jul, 2020
1st I want to say bravo..  Much better than I expected. Soft top grain leather and even stitching makes this look absolutely stunning. I was going to subtract half a star because only 1 ring on b... read more »

Led strip lights

24 Jul, 2020
Very nice lights. Bright or dim and multi or single color. Programmable remote. Comes with ir controller and battery, 12v pwr supply and control unit with 2 reels of led strip lights over 32' ea. read more »

Stuck with it

21 Jul, 2020
Not overly impressed with this tape. A roll arrived damaged,  stuck together. Does not work in cold but can be cleaned and  reused. It is very tacky and has a lot of potential. This wou... read more »

A cut above

18 Jul, 2020
A great knife perfect for the amateur or the professional. A good heavy handle and balanced well. The blade finish will ensure that food will not stick to it. This knife is sure to perform and maintai... read more »

More than a thread caddy, jewelry, hair scrunchies, keys

01 Jul, 2020
This is pretty nice. Better than expected actually. Build quality is good and sit level. Can hang on wall for convenience. I plan to cut into 3 pieces to make 3 smaller from the one. Great for keys to... read more »

More than selfie and makeup, emergency use with power bank

28 Jun, 2020
These are absolutely fantastic. 3 types of lighting colors and adjustable brightness. USB power cord so it can be used practically anywhere,  even on the go with a power bank. ( power bank not in... read more »

Bright and rechargeable light

24 Jun, 2020
Very bright 5 mode light with rechargable batteries and charger included. Heavy duty pocket clip will keep it secured when not in use and a lanyard for carrying and drop prevention. The adjustable foc... read more »

Great for emergencies and everyday

16 Jun, 2020
Awesome performance just as described.  Definitely a good item to have for you never know when. I got the soft white and will have to order the daylight too.  You better get some too for... read more »

Beautiful display resembling meteor shower or falling stars

13 Jun, 2020
These are absolutely beautiful.  Great to look at and lightweight so easy to install. They put off quite a lot of light in my opinion.  Definitely an eye catching experience.  I got the... read more »

Pants shrinking no more

13 Jun, 2020
This is a great item. Works exactly as described and quite simple to figure out with just a bit of common sense. I was able to look at drawing on accompanying insert to assemble correctly.  No to... read more »

400 games retro

13 Jun, 2020
This is awesome.  All the ones you forgot about in one compact handheld console with 2nd player control, rechargable battery and hooks to the TV for bigger fun. Portable for on the go play like l... read more »

Disco Party Light Double Rotation

09 Jun, 2020
Very cool light. Produces multi colored light just like a big glass reflector ball. You will feel like John and Olivia with this sweet little device. Be the star of your own disco. Great for all occas... read more »

Rolling Pins, baking pies biscuits, dough

06 Jun, 2020
Arrived very fast in about 4 days. Wooden handles are formed and sanded well. My only dissatisfaction is the silicone is only a thin sheath over a harder plastic of sorts and the sleeve is not adhered... read more »

Retro fun games

01 Jun, 2020
Great video game. Rechargable so no batteries to buy over and again. Corded game pad for 2nd player and includes rca component cables for viewing on your television. 400 retro games inside. The only c... read more »

Very bright when glowing and good traction

28 May, 2020
Very good for steps and slippery surfaces. Just peel and stick. The phosphorescent strip is bright when charged by light. Very helpful thus far. I'm glad I bought it.  read more »

Compact size easy to use

28 May, 2020
Small and lighter then most but works pretty good.  Great for light duty around the house repairs and projects.  The led light is located so you can actualy see you work area. Very nice that... read more »

Blistered skin and left the hair

28 May, 2020
After her 1st use she was done. Blistered skin and hair remains.  I returned it.  read more »

Just as described and perfect mood lighting

28 May, 2020
These are amazing. Great for setting the mood and relaxing.  It's as if you were actually near a fire. Soft ambient light and everyone loves them and are fascinated with their effects. &... read more »

Powerful spray

17 May, 2020
They work ok, powerful pump shoots water up 2-3 feet The only draw back is debris like grass and dandelion fuzz will plug the pick up screen.  read more »

Nice trunks. Order 1 or 2 sizes larger than normal.

17 May, 2020
Great trunks. Soft and quick dry. Comfortable fit and they look good too. I use them as pajamas.  read more »

Awesome tool

17 May, 2020
This is a great tool with many variations of use. Anyway you use it you will be pleased. I'm so glad to get one.  read more »

Order canceled

17 May, 2020
Didn't receive product  read more »

Absolute junk

17 May, 2020
Says quality silver won't turn fingers green. Her finger is green and you lied. Well its plated and flaking off right out of package. If anyone buys one you should see a shrink. The worst... read more »

Versatile and bright colorful leds

16 May, 2020
Several color combos and dimmable.  Decorative and self adhesive with ir remote. A great buy read more »


16 May, 2020
They slip and loosen in adjustment. Plated buckles flake and peel.  I cannot recommend these read more »

Plenty of room for extras

16 May, 2020
Awesome cross body bag. Built strong and seems durable.  Several pocket compartments and mesh pouches. Great for walks, hikes, running or even as a purse. No limit to these read more »

No more guessing

16 May, 2020
Too many times a dash warning light comes on or just not running right.  Plug this is and read the code and problem. No more guessing with this gem. Clear codes and drive monitoring functions are... read more »

Professional results with this airbrush

16 May, 2020
The built on compressor is handy and convenient. Charged in an hour and runs an hour. Not bad at all. Can also paint when charging with ease. If the compressor is to cumbersome then remove and add hos... read more »

Plenty of power

16 May, 2020
Charges quick compared to other solar chargers with only 1 panel. I can charge my phone 3 times from dead before recharging bank. This will definitely come in handy. Great for emergencies and power ou... read more »

Be a chef

15 May, 2020
This cooker is great. Juicy and delicious steaks and veggies with ease. Vacuum seal in food saver bags the just throw bags into preheated water, set timer and voila.  Perfectly cooked every ti... read more »

Beautiful and vibrant colors

15 May, 2020
Very nice as gift or for yourself. Brighten that drab wall/room with these fantastic and exquisite pieces of art. I truly can't stop looking at them.  read more »

Good product

06 May, 2020
Great for blocking sun and glare. Uv protection yellow for night and fog. They need to be a bit wider. Great buy  read more »

Good quality materials

06 May, 2020
Arrived bent but other than that these seem ok. Looking for more now. read more »

A heavy, solid quality feel

06 May, 2020
Very handy tool to have. Versatile design for many applications and no doubt it will last a long time. Crafting just got a whole lot easier.  read more »

Variety and style go with quality

06 May, 2020
Very nice belts. Solid leather strap and all metal buckles. Seem to be made well. She is very happy with them. read more »

Just brush

26 Apr, 2020
Not impressed at all. Weak jets don't clean well. Bulky to handle.  read more »

Awesome, handsome and smart all in one

26 Apr, 2020
Heavy leather to last awhile. Double sided to reverse and buckle twists to change color side makes it a breeze to switch. Great gift idea with father's day around the corner.  read more »


26 Apr, 2020
Canceled  read more »

A bright idea

26 Apr, 2020
Completely controlled remote. Many settings from colors to effects and brightness intensity. They put off a lot of light.  Very cool and glad I got them. They gave that perfect accent to my room.... read more »

Awesome gift for a gift of memories

28 Mar, 2020
Great DIY photo album. No wrong way to do it, make it your own and one of a kind. Great for all occasions.  Good family or group craft idea.  read more »

Good quality belt w/reversible buckle

28 Mar, 2020
Seems durable and quite genius idea for twisting buckle. Reversible from black or brown.  Great for any occasion. I like so well I ordered a 2nd one.  read more »

Fantastically beautiful lamps

28 Mar, 2020
Great looking design. Assembly was a bit tricky but manageable. Adds style and uniqueness to the room.  The only issue is the nylon clips leave dents in plastic liner of shade causing dimples... read more »

Awesome Protection and Dependability

22 Mar, 2020
Great minimalist design with sleek carbon fiber overlay. Shielded for protection against RFID thieves  The 1st lasted so long I bought another as a gift for my friend. He also uses his daily a... read more »

Better than nothing.

19 Mar, 2020
Not what I thought it would be.  It does work but not great. Good for backup and maybe camping when matches or a regular flint lighter won't work because its wet. This works.  My only... read more »

No bulky back pack but hold essentials and more

19 Mar, 2020
These are great for anyone looking for a smaller pack. My girlfriend used hers as a purse. Many zippered compartments and seems to be constructed well.   Highly recommendable in my opinio... read more »

Great for balance and sure footing

19 Mar, 2020
I walk with a cane and these poles are perfect for other than normal short walks when a cane is convenient.  Adjustable length poles and 2 tips with a snow cup and ice cup and when remove... read more »

Great tool

19 Mar, 2020
This is very handy to have. So many bits including many security bits.  Extendable handle and a cable attachment for around the corner hard to reach places. I'm so happy I bought this.  read more »

Clean pores

19 Mar, 2020
This is my 1st time using this type of product for blackheads, I'm a squeezer.  I'm happy with this mask and my oily complexion is cleared up on my nose, not oily for a day then in 2-3 da... read more »

Schrunchie bunch

18 Mar, 2020
Very nice with a soft velvety feel. 20 pieces and 20 different colors.  A good product in my opinion.  read more »

In pieces

14 Mar, 2020
Lamp arrived with broken wooden base and bent shade hoop. The led bulb was smashed also. It appears to have been packed this way as no visible damage to package.  I cannot recommend this produ... read more »

A heavy, solid quality feel

17 Feb, 2020
Very nice light. Bright and strobe function is great. The 2 side lights produce a lot of light. Having the pivoting function to accommodate the 300° coverage area claimed. At full swing the small... read more »

This is shocking

17 Feb, 2020
Great stungun. Ergonomic design for gripping and a nice rubbery texture soft grip. Very powerful so be careful it is not a toy. My only concern is the contact points are loose and pivot unaligned at t... read more »

Very beautiful

07 Feb, 2020
Make great gifts and everyone loves them. Glad I bought them  read more »

Looks and fits well

07 Feb, 2020
Made of wrong material.  Suppose to be cotton but its polyester or nylon or rayon. Some man made fabric.  read more »

Soft, warm and practical

07 Feb, 2020
These are fantastic. Keeping me very comfortable in the cold weather, protection from the wind and harsh elements while keeping me dry. I'm so glad I bought these. You should get some too!!... read more »

Paint like the pros

07 Feb, 2020
This is my 1st airbrush and its surprisingly easy to use and clean. Having choice of hose or not is nice as the brush can mount directly onto compressor. Compressor stays charged quite a while. ... read more »

Works great and handy

07 Feb, 2020
No more running to dealer shop or auto parts store for diagnostics.  I get the same reading on this as auto parts store reader. I am very pleased with this purchase.  read more »

Spot this bright light handsfree

29 Jan, 2020
Amazing comfort and feel of head gear. Several lighting modes make it versatile and its extremely bright so a must have item. Being rechargeable makes it even better so no batteries to buy repeatedly&... read more »

Stylish clock for any decor

12 Jan, 2020
This is so cool. Looks like a block of wood until it lights up with time and temp in f or c also date. Very classy indeed read more »

Disappointing quality

12 Jan, 2020
Too many buttons and switches for this to be used as defence. Buy the time you get switches in required positions then push the fire button you would be too late.  Its fun to play with, make f... read more »

Unlevel when assembled, wobbles

10 Jan, 2020
Disappointed in this dish rack. The appearance is great as the finish coating looks and feels durable. Unfortunately it wobbles and I'm afraid my dishes may fall and break.  I cannot recom... read more »

Easy to read without glasses This is a great clock

31 Dec, 2019
Extra large display makes it easy to read even without glasses. The soft blue glow is easy on the eyes and attractive. Simple design and easy to operate. Battery backup too.  This is a great c... read more »

Not impressed

31 Dec, 2019
Plating on buckle chipped and loop made from very thin elastic and stretched out in a few days. The adjustable length slips through buckle loosening belt allowing pants to fall.  Good idea, ba... read more »

Great value and performance

31 Dec, 2019
My 1st drone and love it. Easy to fly with little practice. It is unbeliveably fast and agile. About 20 minutes of flight time per charge and about an hour to charge.  Don't let this amazi... read more »

Super bright and adjustable. LED saves $ in energy consumption

30 Dec, 2019
These are amazing. 7000 lumen w/ only 60 watts. A standard 60w bulb is only about 650 lumens.  Built from cast aluminum for durability and plastic base.  I'm so glad I got there. G... read more »

Great deco lighting using LED technology

30 Dec, 2019
These are great..  They look good and put out plenty of light all around and only 11watts delivers as much as a 75w incandescent.  I'll get a triple pendant light kit to hang and use the... read more »

Cool functional design

22 Dec, 2019
These look amazing and work even better. No glare dark lenses that are polarized for maximum protection. The multi layer lenses are absolutely fantastic.  I say with confidence that these shad... read more »

For small areas

21 Dec, 2019
I use two of these in bedroom and close the door to enjoy the ionization. Makes air smell so clean making it easier to sleep.  read more »

They work

21 Dec, 2019
Just a bit too strong signal. When transmitting it bleeds over other frequencies. Practicly useless read more »

Shiney smooth hair everytime

21 Dec, 2019
Such a great leave in conditioner that don't weigh down your hair. Dries soft and smells wonderful. All in a convenient spray bottle.  read more »

A heavy, solid quality feel

21 Dec, 2019
This recorder worked well. Picks us clear sounds from across the room. The Twin mics ensure that. Plenty of memory for recording. The playback speaker is loud and clear.  I'm glad I got th... read more »

Looks good, works bad

20 Dec, 2019
Claims to have dual time but does not. Several functions do not work such as the temperature, barometer, altimeter and uv index. None of this works and flange around all buttons are loose. &... read more »

Cheaply constructed

09 Nov, 2019
I got 2 of these and both broke in 3 days with normal use. No crashes just not well built, inferior parts. I would never recomend these. Im very disappointed read more »

Disappointing quality

09 Nov, 2019
On the 1st day the car was great. Good remote response, fairly fast car. Body seems rugged and durable. On day two I noticed a grinding from motor trans box. Now it dose not work well at all. Poor qua... read more »

Awesome led lighting for car with remote

11 Aug, 2019
Extra long cables for placement of the 2 back fixtures and 2 remotes included. Great lighting effects for fun snd exibition or competition. Be the envy on your block.  read more »

Powerful magnetic safety latches/child resistant

09 Aug, 2019
Very powerful magnets make these latches work through thick wood with ease. Simply a great buy. Just add any strong magnet for aditional keys.  read more »

Plant looks nothing like photo

09 Aug, 2019
Very disappointed, no colors just green.  read more »

Defective seeds

10 Jun, 2019
I ordered 2 packs but only received 1. I attempted germination and planting but nothing germinated so no groth. I contacted Zippem several times. The have ignored the fact that 1 package is missing. T... read more »

Very cool and stylish just not quality built

06 Jun, 2019
This is a beautiful light and hlad I got it. I put individusly controled color changing led bulbs gor decorative look ptoducing a soft glowing light. Matches any decor. The only problem was the thread... read more »

Very nice protective case

27 Apr, 2019
Great for keeping that favorite glass piece safe. Elastic strap holds it sucurely so it wont fall out when opening case. A mesh pocket to hold your favorite stash for your complete smoking pleasure. P... read more »

Awesome soft hard case

27 Apr, 2019
I got this for my power bank, charging cables and adapter plugs. It works great for them. Everything conviently stored safely from bumps and jolts. Comes with a handy wrist strap for carrying.&nb... read more »

Make America Great Again hat

27 Apr, 2019
A good hat for what it stands for but not worth the cost. Very thin cloth that dont appear durable at all.  G. Dunlap read more »

Protect those air pod style buds

27 Apr, 2019
A desent little silicon cover protects the charging case from light impacts. A vibrant red color looks good too. Includes a caribiner to clip onto belt loop, key chain, etc... for convient carry. A sm... read more »

Very hot glue gun

27 Apr, 2019
This 60/100 dual wattage glue gun is great. Gets to melting temp quickly to get the job done. A lot of glue in a short time at the 100 watt setting. But for smaller jobs the 60 watt setting is suffeci... read more »

Soft fleece like

27 Apr, 2019
This is a nice ladies top. Fits as expected and soft material. She looks good in it as well. This is a great value. Dont pass up this amazing deal.  G. Dunlap   read more »

Good ear buds

24 Apr, 2019
Not overly thrilled. These ear buds sound clear and are medium loud. Standard 3.5mm plug. Very lightweight and easy to wear. Not too easy to fall out of your ear though. I only gave them a 3 of 5 star... read more »

Very soft Duvet cover set

24 Apr, 2019
Duvet cover and pillow cases, 3 pieces. Very soft like microfiber. Super comfortable and looks great. Adds warmth and gives a new look to your old comforter. Dont throw out that old stained one,... read more »

What power

24 Apr, 2019
I could not get this to work at all. Very disappointed.  read more »

Softer topper

24 Apr, 2019
I was suprised how soft this makes the bed. It seems thin but its effective and I dont overheat at night. Also made by Nanotex it is soft material like the comforter. What a great combo they make.. Wa... read more »

So soft and warm

24 Apr, 2019
Stay warm and comfy soft with this comforter made by Nanotex. Super soft material and ultra plush fill ensure a comfortable and warm slumber. Available in different sizes for all beds. Get this and yo... read more »

String lights

24 Apr, 2019
These are very handy and easy to hang. No need for power cords with its solar charged battery. 8 lighting modes and on/off switch. Watertight for safe outdoor use or indoor near a window to recharge d... read more »

Soft leather minimalist wallet

24 Apr, 2019
Strong magnetic money clip on this well stitched luxury wallet. Even grain and finish. Roomey enough for the essentisls and a little extra. No more bulkey pockets with this. Makes a great gift too so... read more »

Summer fun

22 Apr, 2019
Good bathing suit for the ladies. Soft material and an eye catching pattern. Fits as expected. She was very happy with it.  G. Dunlap read more »

Tomas the Toaster

22 Apr, 2019
Great toaster. Wide openings for pastries and bagels. The cage closes holding it in place on whatever you are toasting when you depress the lever. It toasts evenly wich is a plus. It looks g... read more »

Great bbq accessories

21 Apr, 2019
Extra long silicon heat resistant gloves great for grilling or baking. Protects arms up to elbow. Includes a digital meat thermometer, small silicon basting brush and meat shreading claws. Quite a dea... read more »

Awesome stereo sound

20 Apr, 2019
A stylish and flashy look with a good stereo sound. Pair 2 speakers with one device simultaniously for a true stereo sound. Tft card slot for mp3 function. Lights on or off and charge lasts 5-8 hrs de... read more »

Great for diy fountain projects

20 Apr, 2019
This little thing impressed me. The water sprays up about 8-10 inches when solar panel is in direct sunlight. I could not believe its performance. Inexpensive but effective. Compact for small places a... read more »

Good LED security lights

20 Apr, 2019
These lights are quite bright and have a wide angle of illumination. The solar panel charges the battery during the day and a photo sensor turns it on automaticaly at dark. I would have given them a&n... read more »

Cool color changing led bulb

20 Apr, 2019
4 color changing led edison base bulbs with 4 remotes (batteries included)  They are much smaller than I imagined but put off enough light for setting the mood. They are also advertised as flo... read more »

Tough metal construction

20 Apr, 2019
Much better than the cheap yellow plastic multi angle measuring tools that cost more. This one has and added circular template attachment that others dont so already more for your money and definatly... read more »

Nice light weight drawstring back pack

20 Apr, 2019
This bag looks and feels good. Constructed of heavy material and folds for easy compact storage. Plenty of room for gym clothes or a swimsuit and towel. Over all a good buy. G. Dunlsp read more »

Over priced

20 Apr, 2019
Not impressed with construction quality and way over priced. Sound is not bad just not worth the cost.  read more »


19 Apr, 2019
This is a pretty impressive light. Rechargable dual 18650 batteries make this thing BRIGHT. You can light up a football field with this light. It has a red tail light, several lighting combos and... read more »

Awesome anti theft back pack

19 Apr, 2019
This thing is great. It has a locking mechanism for zipper pulls that has a code you can chose yourself. Lots of room for all you items including lap top. A spot for a power bank and usb port on bag m... read more »

Start your engines and more

19 Apr, 2019
This li-ion boost jumper/power bank is sweet. 400 amp and a 12volt 10amp port along with 2 usb ports for all your charging and jump start needs. Compact size fits in glove compartment for convienent s... read more »

Very nice long wallet

19 Apr, 2019
These wallets are fantastic for using with inside coat pocket like on a suit. Its long design has so many card slots and a gusseted bill compartment for holding large sums of cash with ease and m... read more »

A good rule

07 Apr, 2019
Very nicely made aluminum triscale for drafting and modeling. Precision scale measuring device. Also mskes an excellent straight edge my main reason for purchase. Tri design aids in holding choices fo... read more »

Dress up

07 Apr, 2019
These are nice. I needed suspenders and saw this set and figured why not. A great price and 2 pieces to boot..  I plan to order the black set also, at this price I cant go wrong.  G.... read more »

Excellent for emergencies

07 Apr, 2019
A very heavy rope with carabiners. This is an excellent buy all day long. Great for bug out bags and hiking. You never know when you might need a good rope so dont get caught short. Order all 3 sizes... read more »

Very nice shirt

07 Apr, 2019
Order at least 1 size larger than normal and sleeves are still short but I plan to wear it sleeves rolled anyway. Besides that its heavy made but breathable. A bit odd, no tag??? Still a great shirt t... read more »

Beautiful gift for her

07 Apr, 2019
This is built heavier than I ever imagined. Beautiful blue cut crystal and esquisitly designed. Sure to catch all eyes the facets on the gem is remarkably sparkling. It seems that it is mede very well... read more »

Very good QI charger

07 Apr, 2019
Fast wireless charging and large sweet spot make this a great item. Just drop and charge. Nothing sweeter than that for todays charging needs. Durable construction means it will last the test of time.... read more »

Quick dry shorts

07 Apr, 2019
It would be nice to get what I ordered but twice I was sent the wrong item. Not sure the problem but suspect its an inventory number issue. Number not matching picture.  And order at least 2 s... read more »

Close shave

07 Apr, 2019
I actualy got this to use as a trim knife. My pocket knife was ok but this is better. Not the best design and no real instructions. A small pictorial that you cant see and nothng telling you how to lo... read more »

Look great for less

06 Apr, 2019
Polorized lenses and handmade bamboo frames make these the shades to have. Extra dark lenses that reduce glare making everything crystal clear to see. Even the packaging is nice. Included is a micro f... read more »

A lot of sound

06 Apr, 2019
These are definatly a great buy. Big bass sound and clear highs make these a great pair of earbuds. The smart design fit snugly and secure but remain comfortable to wear at all times. Get that big sou... read more »

Amps 2 spare

06 Apr, 2019
This is a fine usb charging device. 2 amps delivers plenty of power to charge smartphones and tablets simultaniously. Two ports opens electric recepticles to use for other devices or appliances makes... read more »

Security bit screwdriver set

06 Apr, 2019
I love this tool with all those security bits. Versitle and compact to fit anywhere. Adjustable length shank and flex extension included. No more wishing I had a torx bit with a center hole. Got it...... read more »

Get packing

06 Apr, 2019
This is a great back pack. Lots of compartments and big capacity. Constructed superbly with padding for a comfortable carry that will last for years to come. Included is a combination luggage lock all... read more »

Large capacity oil diffuser

06 Apr, 2019
These are great. Just like their smaller counterpart they deliver a wonderful aroma and filling them less often. 500ml not just 300ml almost doubles the capacity. I start them out on high the 1st hr t... read more »

A fantastic gift special

06 Apr, 2019
Make that gift even better with this sweet exploding presentation/memorbilia photo album with pockets for momentos. Totaly worth the extra to make it even more special. This is sure to be adored by th... read more »

Super cool way to follow your excursions

06 Apr, 2019
This scratch off map is way cooler than I imagined. It is super thick so it will last many years if treated well and you follow care and use instructions. I am so glad I got this. Be sure to order one... read more »

Very nice under cabinet lights

06 Apr, 2019
These things are great. Very slim line so they tuck out of the way, practicaly un-noticable when not illuminated and bright, or dim if you choose. The only draw back is the large power supply and conn... read more »

Good for windows

06 Apr, 2019
I like the perfornance of the shading tone it has and effects on that brught sun. The only problem is keeping it clung to the window. Waybe when the temp warns a bit eill make it cling better. Other t... read more »

Great UHF 2 way radios

06 Apr, 2019
These are fantastic. They are compact and sound great with or without included earpiece and mic combo. Amazing range with these and 16 preset channels. Programable with added cable.(not included) Rang... read more »

Good quality and great sound

01 Apr, 2019
This is a very nice gaming headphone. They sound extremly well and drown out ambient noise. The lighting effect looks great also. Very comfortable to wear and an even better bargain. I can say that yo... read more »

Untrusted seller

01 Apr, 2019
I ordered this item on Feb 14th and it was suposedly mailed on the 15th, the next day. Tracking shows it has not moved from somewhere since the 27th of Feb. I emailed the seller 15 times. They promise... read more »

A joke

30 Mar, 2019
$109. Really? No better than what you get at the dollar store. I would pay $1 for these at most. Nothing to stop cord pulling apart/ seperating and very very thin cord would break in a gust of wind. T... read more »

Item never received.

29 Mar, 2019
Not recomended from this seller.  read more »

Large duffle bag

29 Mar, 2019
Extra large capacity and built to last. Large opening makes it easy to access contents. Grey color is a neutral color so it matches anything. I ordered a 2nd one I like it so much.  G. Dunlap read more »

Excelent for camera gear.

29 Mar, 2019
Would be good as intended but great for keeping electronics dry and safe. Many compartments and large capacity make this great for many needs. I would buy it again if I needed another. Durable constru... read more »

Very comfy and padded

29 Mar, 2019
These are excelently made. Thick and insulated. Great padding for feet. Unfortunatly not in my size but loved by the wearer. I can recomend these with confidence. You wont be disappointed. G. Dunla... read more »

Save your money

29 Mar, 2019
I was very disappointed in this maglev device. No protection to coils from above so it can break easily when electro magnetic field fails.  G. Dunlap read more »

Beautiful yard and garden ormament

29 Mar, 2019
These are so nice to look at and they light in evening automaticaly. Charged by the sun so no buying batteries all the time so it is economical and eco friendly. Cant go wrong with these. G. Dunlap read more »

Be in style

29 Mar, 2019
I like this shirt a lot snd so does everyone else who sees me wear it. They ask wher I got it so it was money well spent. Just remember to order 1 size larger than usual.  G. Dunlap read more »

Good looking and sweet

29 Mar, 2019
Very cool piece. I love you in 100 languages. Using cell phone led illuminates it best for viewing. Everyone who sees it is impressed with it. Great gift idea for mothers day or any occasion. Nothing... read more »

Very nice sound

29 Mar, 2019
Comfortable to wear and blocks out ambient noise quite well. Great sound quality and mic works well also. Attractive design and has supplied 3.5mm adapter.  G. Dunlap read more »

Nice sound

29 Mar, 2019
Good bass and all around sound. Fit well and come eith extra ear pieces for sizing. A good buy in my opinion. Great build quality too.  G. Dunlap read more »

Great starlight projector

25 Mar, 2019
It works good and is built from aluminum so it wont break easily. Very bright and works at a good distance. Dont waste your money on more expensive models that are inferior to this one. It is sure to... read more »

Bad starlight projector.

25 Mar, 2019
Save your money. Dont buy this model. One of the colored scenes is inverted. The customer service is non existant as I sent more than one email but was ignored. You can get a better one for much less.... read more »

Good message/ doodling board

25 Mar, 2019
Convenient and saves on paper. Write with included stylis and lock erase button feature to keep from deleting before you intend to. Otherwise write or draw and press the button and its gone. Included... read more »

Good for open fire cooking

25 Mar, 2019
Place food inside and close to hold your food. No dropping or loosing food in the fire with the closed basket design. Add a copper grilling mat for no stick easy clean up. Remove the handle for space... read more »

Economical decorative lighting

25 Mar, 2019
Use these for any occasion. Birthdays, Graduations and Christmas these lights are also great for crafting needs. Solar powered and auto off and on with 8 lighting modes to choose from. Great indoors a... read more »

Nice ladies top

25 Mar, 2019
Very soft material and nice looking. Fits perfectly and a bright color. Comfortable to wear and a great buy.  G. Dunlap read more »

Bright flashlight with extras

25 Mar, 2019
This light gives a nice bright adjustable beam of light. Flood to spot in a second. Use an 18650 rechargable for max brightness or use the included battery holder for 3 AAA batteries. A bike headlight... read more »

Big sound Small earbuds

25 Mar, 2019
Wireless bt earbuds. Rechargable and built in mic. Music stops to answer a call then resumes when call ends. Good bass sound along with the highs. Quite loud for something so small. Well worth the pri... read more »

Nice fitting shirt

25 Mar, 2019
Great looking shirt and excellent price. Awesome pattern and comfortable to wear. I eould buy this again. G. Dunlap read more »

Ok clips

25 Mar, 2019
Not bad wire clips but just a bit flimsey. They havnt broke yet but seem as they are weakly made and could break easily. A little small also. Great for hanging fairy lights though. I also use them to... read more »

Great battery charger

25 Mar, 2019
Charge almost all rechargable batteries with this smart charger. 1/2A - 2A and ni cad, ni mh and lithium batteries and so many types. The charger knows what type and size so it knows how much voltage... read more »

Great slim wallet

25 Mar, 2019
Nice design and soft leather. Strong stiching for longevity. Fits quite a lot to my suprise. Fits nicely in front pocket so no more sore backs from sitting on a thick wallet.  G. Dunlap read more »

Nice ladies top

25 Mar, 2019
Soft material and looks great. Fits perfectly and a good buy. Excelent gift idea too.  G. Dunlap read more »

Nice charging choice/ nightlight

25 Mar, 2019
Great usb charger with nightlight that comes on at night and brightness adjust with surrounding light. Be illuminated and charged all at once with these.  G. Dunlap read more »

Great lazer sight

25 Mar, 2019
Very good quality built to last. Ambidextros on off switch make it easier for anyone. The 3 position toggle switch to go between sight, flashlight or both. The fllashlight has strobe mode which can be... read more »

Excelent energy effecient under cabinet light

24 Mar, 2019
These are amazing. Super bright and dimable with a soft touch control make these great for your lighting needs. Slim and compact design. Low energy consumption. Comes with mounting hardware and p... read more »

Decorate and landscape, garden or patio

24 Mar, 2019
A nice way to decorate and eco friendly with dolar technology. Charge all day in the sun snd light automaticaly in evening so no more spending all that money on batteries  and helps reduce waste... read more »

Very comfortable stearing wheel cover

24 Mar, 2019
Soft but firm for good grip and non slip rubber design makes this the perfect choice. Comes in 2 sizes and several colors to suit your need. No more cold wheel in the frigid weather and made to o... read more »

Good grow light

24 Mar, 2019
Considering about a dozen leds are dark it works very well. I am impressed with the palnts which were dying before I hung this. In no time green was appearing in seamingly dead stalks and leaves. I wo... read more »

Very bright rechargable led flashlight

24 Mar, 2019
This is a great light for all. Very bright 1000 lumen led will light up anything you choose. Very clear white light will light up a football field. From flood to spot just zoom in or out for your need... read more »

Original and Handcrafted

24 Mar, 2019
These are beautiful to hold and admire the uniqueness of each piece.  The beautiful blue glazing and the patterns created in it. The egg shaped pattern is just awesome. Every time I look at... read more »

Great gift for baby shower

24 Mar, 2019
I gifted one for a new born. Mom likes it so thats all that matters; right? Appears padded well and with soft waterproof covering. Matching and heavy burping blanket included. Cant go wrong with... read more »

Good angle reproduction

21 Mar, 2019
This works good for taking measurements and angles for a perfect fit every time. Tiles, glass and carpentry are a few areas where this tool can be of good use. My only negative remark is that it is al... read more »

High quality at an economical price

21 Mar, 2019
I was very impressed with the quality of this journal. It everything they say and more. Beautifuly embossed leather cover with a high end cotton paper filler inside. This is something I would expect t... read more »

Lovely and ultra light

21 Mar, 2019
I got these as a gift and she is pleased. They look great and add pizzaz. Just remember to order 1 size larger than normal and they should fit great. The mesh weave provides ample ventilation for maxi... read more »

These are amazing essential oil vaporizers

21 Mar, 2019
Make your home look good with these while they work to give you a pleasent  aroma. The lavander is great for the bedroom as it provides a relaxing effect to aid in a better sleep. I fall asl... read more »

These are awesome

20 Mar, 2019
These led strips are sweet. Waterproof, dimmable and color changing with flashing and glowing effects with the included remote. Self adhesive so stick them about anywhere. Great for the patio, garage... read more »

Get you charge on

20 Mar, 2019
This is a pretty good device. Plug it in without any cable to charge with the folding prongs and take your power to the next level. Included is an led to light your path. It can charge most smart phon... read more »

My Happy Rottweiler

20 Mar, 2019
My dog is almost 13 yrs old and 120 lbs. She has hip issues as expected for large breed dogs and a senior. This full spectrum hemp oil has helped her quite a lot. She is still  stiff after gettin... read more »

Wonderful tv backlight

18 Mar, 2019
Stick on back of tv and plug into a usb port for power. Turns on and off with tv power. Change color and lighting effects from strobe to flash or soft glowing fading from color to color with included... read more »

Ok for dusting

18 Mar, 2019
Im not impressed with these micro fiber cloths. Ok for wiping or dusting but poor for cleaning galsses as the leave streaks. I would not buy these again and cannot recomend them.  read more »

Amazing solar lights

18 Mar, 2019
Battery powered and recharged by the sun. Many different lighting modes to choose from for any occasion lighting. Auto on at dusk and off at dawn. Decorate a tree or patio or use as indoor mood lighti... read more »

Keep tabs on someone or something just like the pros.

18 Mar, 2019
Easy to use real time gps tracker. Add a sim card and charge it up. Attach to a steel object with powerful internal magnet. Carry around your neck with supplied lanyard with quick release mechanism fo... read more »

Wonderfuly warm and powerful

18 Mar, 2019
Warm your hands in the winter with two heat levels to choose from and power or charge a number of different devices with this. And a handy flashlight with emergency flash setting too. You simply cant... read more »

Great bass sound and rechargable

18 Mar, 2019
I am truly very pleased with these. Great sound quality and excellent value for bluetooth technology. Holds in place well and music stops whrn phone rings. Answer calls with the push of a button. End... read more »

Great window tint and easy application

18 Mar, 2019
Keep out the eye blinding bright light and add privacy with this easy to apply window tint film. Lower electric bill in summer air conditioner costs. Reflective on one side and dark on other for seein... read more »

Very nice bluetooth speaker and more

18 Mar, 2019
A rechargable bluetooth speaker. A variety of lighting choices from 3 brightness levels in white to several colors. Set it to change colors in loop or modulates with music. Just tap the top grill to s... read more »

Super bright and well made

18 Mar, 2019
This is a great flashlight. Super bright and adjustable beam from flood to spot light. Being rechargable will save on battery cost. It uses 3 types of batteries. 26650, 18650 which are both rechargabl... read more »

Great vacuum food saver

18 Mar, 2019
I absolutely love this thing. It is compact and works perfectly. Anyone looking for a good value on a great product here it is. No more wasted food. Just seal and freeze for later. By using a vacuum i... read more »

Excellent glass cleaner

17 Mar, 2019
This is a great product. It is compact and easy to mix. Just put water in a half gallon jug and drop in a tab. It disolves perfectly with no particulate (floaties) making a translucent blue like the n... read more »

Nice trunks

17 Mar, 2019
Very nice looking and comfortable quick dry material. They were too small though. So if you order order 1 or 2 sizes larger than normal. I had to give them away as gift because they didnt fit. Otherwi... read more »

Great emergency ropes.

26 Feb, 2019
I feel its important to be prepared for many things. If I never have to use these ropes then great but if I need them one time and dont have them then Im stuck. Any rope of this size and length would... read more »

Very spaceous and lots of compartments.

26 Feb, 2019
This seems manufactured well. Sturdy construction for a longevity sure to please. Padded shoulder straps and all the extras.. A power bank and audio tap on side. Combination lock deters theft. A code... read more »

Best led lamp

26 Feb, 2019
This is absolutely amazing. Many brightness levels to choose from and a variety of 4 settings from cool to warm lighting hue. Foldable and portable being lightweight aluminum but very sturdy. It ises... read more »

The road to salvation

24 Feb, 2019
Romans is often refered to as the Romans Road to Salvation. Alabaster bible was made with visual aid to help those understand in a much different way. Much like Rosetta Stone. Written in a modern... read more »

Beautifuly put together

24 Feb, 2019
Masterfuly thought out to aid in easy understanding of God's word using pictography to relate with passages. Kinda the Rosetta Stone of Gospel. I have the Gospel set to buy now which includes the... read more »

Good cover at a great value

23 Feb, 2019
My nephew had a cover for his moped and it riped apart in the wind in a few months. So I decided to get this for him. Very good size to fit 3 bikes. Seems to be tougher material and  better const... read more »

Perfect peeler and slicer

13 Feb, 2019
This thing is amazing. It is extremly sharp and works with ease. No need to switch utencils as this is several in one. There isnt a lot to say except you cant go wrong with this and it is made quite w... read more »

Beautiful canvas prints

13 Feb, 2019
These look absolutly amazing. Quality is good and pre streached on frame makes it all the better to beautify you home or office right out of the package. And the value is incredible for these. I have... read more »

Absolutly beautiful and great Valentine gift idea

13 Feb, 2019
I bought these as a gift for my special lady. She loves them and looks fantastic in them. The bra has the perfect lift and hold and the lace is soft not scratchy like so many others are. Since they we... read more »

Amazing non stick technology

13 Feb, 2019
I was skeptical but purchased anyway. I am so glad I did. I trimed down one with ease to fit my cookie sheet. Straight out of the oven the chocolate chip cookies  slid right off and a simple dunk... read more »

Nice for a lady.

02 Feb, 2019
This made a good gift and it looks great. Only negative is the thin wrist strap. Seems it could break / wear out in no time.Glad I bought this.   read more »

Very soft for baby or anyone

02 Feb, 2019
A good assortment of muslin wash cloths in a variety of mixed colors. Very soft to the touch and quite absorbant. Perfect for delicate skin or anyone. All at an affordable price. I highly recomend the... read more »

Sandpaper assortment, sanding block

02 Feb, 2019
Awesome assortment of sandpaper and various grits accompanying a good sanding block. Very nice for the price. A very recomendable item.  read more »

False Advertisement

01 Feb, 2019
This is advertised as solar led lights, plural lights. I received one (1) light. I called Amazon c/s and was passed on to the resolution dept and they said it means 2 leds in one light. In at least 3... read more »

Dont trust this seller.

31 Jan, 2019
The coupons from this seller do not apply their offered discounts if the code works at all. Do not buy from this seller. A rip off one way or another.  read more »

Smart watch but not a smart choice

29 Jan, 2019
No instructions included with this watch and when I contacted the seller they sent me a pdf for a different watch. When I contacted them again I invluded picture attachments of the one I got and the s... read more »

Henley shirt that is comfortable to wear and fits great

29 Jan, 2019
This is my 1st Henley shirt. I am very pleased with the soft material and it is sized great. I have had many compliments when wearing it. I am glad I bought this shirt. I hope to get more in different... read more »

Nice ladies top

29 Jan, 2019
I got this as a gift for my lady friend and it fits her well and she likes it a lot. I think it looks great on her. I would definatly buy these products again with confidence. They are made well witho... read more »

Sound Bar by Joly Joy

28 Jan, 2019
The sound bar is ok but has a hum from amplifier and does not work with the RCA jack hook up. The bluetooth works amazingly well though. My problem with returning it is it takes too long to get a repl... read more »

Aqua swim shoes defective

21 Jan, 2019
I was excited to receive these and to my suprise the size was off and a defect in the sole. It appeared to be melted and chared from the mold during manufacturing process so I returned them for exchag... read more »

Versitle and multi function remote controled lights

21 Jan, 2019
This is the 2nd set of this type of lights I have purchased. I absolutly love the versatility of them and being battery powered makes them easy to place where you dont have electric handy. No extensio... read more »

Great lights and well made

21 Jan, 2019
These are very nice lights. Battery powered make them easy to place litteraly anywhere. Very colorful and the variable function remote allows for different lighting effects. Everyone I show them to wa... read more »

Perfect pet grooming gloves

21 Jan, 2019
These work as advertised. Excellent quality and fit snugly so no slipping on hands while in use. The hair comes off my service dog and then off the gloves marvelously. They also give my dog a scratchi... read more »

Very good quality shower curtain.

21 Jan, 2019
I needed a new shower curtain and found this one. It is very thick and has reinforced grommets that will last a long while. The only issue is they were advertised as 72"×72" when in fa... read more »

Beautiful canvas art

21 Jan, 2019
I bought these as a gift and boy did I impress her. She loves blue and flowers so this was a great choice. They look spectacular hung in her living room and the hugs and kisses have not stopped commin... read more »

Works in a pinch

20 Jan, 2019
The idea is good but quality is absent. Pen and screwdrivers are ok but the bubble level is difficult to read as window is one sided so not enough light to see well. Made of plastic and arrived scratc... read more »

Ok bluetooth device

20 Jan, 2019
The sound is a bit weak but clear. Connectivity is good and conviently rechargable. Overall a decent buy for the price. Customer support is very lacking though. Don't expect much but it will do. P... read more »

Survival slingshot

20 Jan, 2019
It is good for a bug out bag in emergency situations. The casting at bottom has some defects and the rubber tubes are too short for adults. Overall it is good to have in my opinion.  read more »

Budget bluetooth

20 Jan, 2019
Not bad to the price but not good. Great sound quality but it disconnects from phone when two feet away. I contacted seller and after several emails they failed to provide a replecement as they p... read more »

Nice camera strap

20 Jan, 2019
I got this when I ordered my camcording device. It is made very well and sturdy and sure to last a very long time. Comfortably fits aver shouder keeking camera safe from drops and conviently at your s... read more »

Be a star at home with these bright and effecient lights

20 Jan, 2019
These are so nice. Very bright and easy to instsall on your mirror. The doft touch on/off sensor switch is great as you only need to bruch aginst it to work. Low energy consumption is great for your p... read more »

Ice balls are great

20 Jan, 2019
Being spherical they disolve slower in your refreshments so they do not get diluted quickly like cubes. I think these are great to have and will buy more of them. They work prrfectly as described. The... read more »

Very bright and compact size

20 Jan, 2019
I love these lights. They are bright and sense motion at a great distance. Rechargable with usb and last quite a while on a charge. Conviently attaches with adhesive magnet so you can pop it off for c... read more »

A nice alternative to the expensive action cameras.

20 Jan, 2019
This is my 1st action canera. I can't compair it to the others as I have not used them but I'm pleased thus far with this one. It came with many mounting options included and an extra case doo... read more »

Phone /Tablet holder

20 Jan, 2019
This is not a good product in my opinion. The plastic is weak and wont stay clamped in place. It will open to a 10 inch tablet but will not suport it as tablet is too heavy making it droop and wobble.... read more »

Very soft and plush comforter

20 Jan, 2019
I bought this for a throw cover for my recliner. It is very soft, plush and adds comfort to my recliner along with protection to my furniture. Yes it is a bed comforter and would work well as intended... read more »

Impresive bike light

20 Jan, 2019
I bought this as a gift and my friend and he is very pleased with it. It is very bright and conviently attaches and detaches with it's included mount. Rechargable makes it economical and convienen... read more »

A good 4 port usb power adapter

20 Jan, 2019
I like this charging adapter. 4 ports and plenty of amps for any need. Its described as a desk charger but has no stand or cord. It has a folding plug as it goes into a wall recepticle not a desk. Oth... read more »

Wow!! The sun at your control

20 Jan, 2019
This is so bright yet uses so little electricity. When you turn it on you can hear a pop sound from it's intensity. The heat sink is good and it is vented to release the excess heat it produces. T... read more »

Great mood lighting.

20 Jan, 2019
This is an awesome light. It set the mood from relaxing to romantic evenings with that special someone in your life. They make great gifts too. LED's have low power consumption and it will reflect... read more »

Great charger

20 Jan, 2019
This charger is quite nice. Very versitle as it can chatge most batteries used today. From 18650 to AAAA you cant go wrong with this smart device. Intrigated circuitry determines which battery you are... read more »

Great starter camera for anyone.

20 Jan, 2019
This is my 1st camcording device. I like its compact size and it performs well. The sound from dpeaker is not the best but suffices for instant viewing. The instructions are vague at best and they ind... read more »

Awesome LED light forany camera

20 Jan, 2019
I highly recomend this light for any video recording needs. The super bright LED's are amazing and use little battery power. Two brightness settings allow for lighting needs. Although the low sett... read more »

Item not received

14 Dec, 2018
I contacted Amazon c/s about this item being omitted from my package. They are suppose to be investigating the issue. A bunch of manure in my opinion.  Be careful buying from 3rd party sellers... read more »

Phone /Tablet holder

14 Dec, 2018
This item supports the weight of a cell phone but my 10 tab is too heavy. This is not for a tablet. I contacted seller and they were not happy with my opinion. They ask me to not use their store again... read more »

CL Carbonlife creditcard holder and moneyclip

09 Jan, 2018
Awesome product for gift or yourself. I love it and recomend this product. Dont delay, order yours today. read more »

CL Carbonlife

09 Jan, 2018
Great product and gift idea. Loving this one. I recomend this product. read more »

Cl carbonlite carbon fiber money clip

03 Dec, 2017
Package arrived empty. A brown plastic ziploc bag stapled closed. Inside was an empty white box read more »

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