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Jan, 2018







About Me

I am new to reviewing in this way, but am definitely excited to get started! Right now, my reviewing is wide open to any category for the most part. Whether it be electronics, kitchen items, household items, clothes, dog items, jewelry...almost anything!

I stick to facebook right now, but could be open to doing different social media sites in the future. I will be a great reviewer for any product I get chosen for, so please consider me!
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Trio of Kitchen Utensils

12 Feb, 2018
Mmmm spaghetti! One of my favorite dishes! I just got this set of utensils that make the perfect trio for servin up the good stuff! These utensils are very sturdy, great quality, and easy to clean. Th... read more »

Best Silicone Spatulas

06 Feb, 2018
I have been wanting to get this type of spatula for a while and I finally found a good brand! These are heat resistant, silicone spatulas that come in a 5 pack; each a different, vibrant color. They a... read more »

Perfect Size -Great Colors!

06 Feb, 2018
The size of these highlighters are perfect to hold on to. I have rheumatoid disease which makes it hard to hold on to things...including bigger or real small highlighters. However, I didn’t hve... read more »

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