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12 Jun, 2021
This is the cutest sprinkler! So much fun for the kids to cool off in on hot summer days or to watch as it waters the grass! Easy to connect to my hose and the seal for connection is strong. No water... read more »

perfect for pools

12 Jun, 2021
I got these for my kids to play with in the pool and they most certainly didn't disappoint. The maximum range on these (around 30' wtih a little elbow grease put into it) surpasses any super-s... read more »

Fun at Large

12 Jun, 2021
We had bubbles during the whole reception in the gazebo at our local park. The bubbles changed directions with the wind and the photographer got some great photos with them as part of the pictures! I... read more »

Delicious every sip

12 Jun, 2021
I was really impressed, and since I am using filtered tap water for my tea, I decided to give it a try. So I did some research here in Amazon and choose this tea - although I didn't choose aged on... read more »

Very Very Good

12 Jun, 2021
I get 2 nice steeps out of this. I could probably do a 3rd steep but I steep each for 5 minutes. If you do shorter, you may get 4-5 steeps. Delicious. Highly beneficial to your health. The packaging i... read more »

As Advertised

12 Jun, 2021
Works very well. Daily use no problems so far. read more »

2nd order

31 May, 2021
I used these before and saw them here so i grabbed them. These work perfect and i'm very pleased with this company. read more »

Beautiful Set of Spoons

30 May, 2021
Love these so much. Well balanced too. read more »

Great Product

30 May, 2021
Another great product here. Great family time option.  read more »

Very Pleased

30 May, 2021
works very well. very pleased with this controller. read more »

so fun

23 May, 2021
excellent !! Bavkyard fun all spring . read more »

works well

23 May, 2021
So far its wotking well. read more »

Very Pleased

08 May, 2021
This is a really good water toy. I like it alot. read more »

Worth it

04 May, 2021
buy buy buy. This two pack is worth it. read more »

good lite

04 May, 2021
i like yhis lite very much. works well. read more »


04 May, 2021
works very well. read more »

sturdy product

13 Apr, 2021
Tough little water toy here. Been beat up but held together like a champ. Perfect . read more »

Very Pleased

10 Apr, 2021
works great. 2 guns one low peice. read more »

My Best Buy

30 Mar, 2021
The guns are fantastic and we had the best water gun fights over the past two days. The water pressure is excellent and each water gun holds a considerable amount of water so you don’t have to b... read more »

Great Product

30 Mar, 2021
veru pleased with product. read more »


30 Mar, 2021
very pleased wiyh yhis. Thanks. read more »

Very Pleased

30 Mar, 2021
Very pleased wth this water toy. read more »

Good Quality

23 Mar, 2021
Very Pleased with these goggles. Sturdy and not cheap quality. read more »

Very Pleased

23 Mar, 2021
Very Pleased read more »

Very Pleased

14 Mar, 2021
it works very good. Thanks read more »

Great Product

11 Mar, 2021
very useful. Thanks read more »

Very Pleased !!!

30 Nov, 2020
Best tea ever.  read more »

Love It

12 Jul, 2020
Controller came in charged which is a nice surprise. Also was paired immediatwly with no problems at all. Will reccomend this one to all. Thanks read more »

Packs a punch

22 May, 2020
little machine packs a power punch. All in onr solution to gaming. read more »

Packs a punch

29 Apr, 2020
This speaker is just what I was looking for and never expected to get it under $10, this is just unbelievable. the sound is very good, I can feel the bass and it's louder than expected as well. It... read more »

love it

23 Feb, 2020
I love anything with friends on it! This cropped hoodie is super cute, it sits at a spot where it looks really cute with high waisted bottoms. I’m typically an XL and was worried it’d be t... read more »

Simple and easy

23 Feb, 2020
Ease of use. Screen is easy to see while charging. It allows fast charging. I also don't have to search for and plug in the cord. Little or no setup....just plug in and use. read more »

Easy enough

23 Feb, 2020
Used all the charging location. Easy to set up and easy to use. Just a little cluttered. read more »


23 Feb, 2020
The syncing works well, you can pair either left or right one at a time or both to the same device, you cannot link multiple devices to one bud though and I have had issues with that recently. I was t... read more »

good quality

24 Jan, 2020
I've used these on few workouts already and they are pretty awesome. The sound is great. I really enjoy to use them to listen music and calls. It's small and wireless. And the battery life is... read more »

veru nice

24 Jan, 2020
I love this item! Fits in your car cup holder. Very easy to use: top is twist off, then there is a “cup” to put the water in, twist the top back on, and plug in! Comes with a built in cord... read more »

ok I luv this

24 Jan, 2020
Well this one is so good,that I will buy another soon. The charge is very fast and does not wear down quickly. I like it a lot. read more »

good quality

24 Jan, 2020
I use a better quality tool but for the money this is worth it. Cheap price for a not so cheap tool. i think its worth it.  read more »

Works very well

24 Jan, 2020
These work very well. Fast charge. Love the braided wires. Thanks read more »

All Good

19 Dec, 2019
No complaints here. Everything all good. The batteries work well and are strong. Thanks read more »


19 Dec, 2019
Very colorful gloves. Very bright. I like thes a bunch so i'm going to give the 5 stars. Thank You read more »

A good case

19 Dec, 2019
Its a good case. Nothing too special here. Just your average good case. Satisfied. Thanks read more »

good quality tea

19 Dec, 2019
This tea has a very good taste. The quality is top notch. Thank You read more »

Works well

09 Oct, 2019
perfect length. replaced my cat 5 cables. works no problem . read more »

cute cute cute

01 Oct, 2019
perfect beach mold right here. Tried it today and worked perfect. Very good quality right here. read more »

All Good so far

09 Sep, 2019
For a kids toy it is well made and sturdy. Did not fall apart on a crash which is very good, So far so good ok. read more »

Works very well

16 Aug, 2019
Nice, sturgy piks right here. Price is on point for 250 count bag, Thank You. read more »

ver low quality

16 Aug, 2019
The lunch bad is very thin, very small, and very very cheap looking. Not worth the price at all. read more »

good quality

11 Aug, 2019
Good quality model. I see no problems at all. Good teachers aid. read more »


11 Aug, 2019
well made for a slingshot. very surprised how sturdy these are. Thank You read more »

good quality

02 Aug, 2019
very good shirt. very good quality read more »

Works very well

16 Jul, 2019
clamp works as intended. very strong and sturdy. read more »

perfect taste

11 Jul, 2019
Love this tea. Taste is perfect and full of flavor. read more »

lovely bag

11 Jul, 2019
very good quality bag. nice clear bag perfect for concerts here. read more »

never sent

05 Jun, 2019
my order was cancelled. never sent read more »


05 Jun, 2019
tried this kite in high winds on purpose. I had to see how it stacks up with other kites made same. Very durable indeed. Did not fold or break. read more »

hollow sound

21 May, 2019
Sound is very shallow. Like listening on echo. read more »

Works just fine.

06 May, 2019
Nothing special here. The cover woks well no spillage or anything. I have many of these by different companies and they all work the same. Works just fine . read more »

warm and comfy

01 May, 2019
Love it. Very warm and comfy. Material is indeed very soft on the skin. I would buy again. read more »

Works ok

01 May, 2019
Well it works ok. Vibration strength doesnt hold up well. Power drains fast read more »


20 Apr, 2019
This feels really cheap and lightweight but I was suprised it did a stellar job. Reads temperature very accurate. It is a good useful tool to have around. You can't judge a book by its cover I gue... read more »

quick charge

16 Apr, 2019
This is working out very well. Cable provides a quick charge everytime. Will continue to use these cables . Thank You read more »

Works very well

16 Apr, 2019
Does the job perfect. Very fast wireless charge everytime. Thank You read more »

Great Value

17 Mar, 2019
Nice big size travel map. Love that it comes with a hanging rope that other maps don't have. Very Very happy with this item. Thank You read more »

Great Value

24 Jan, 2019
no problems at all. plays loud and clear. will buy again read more »

Good Product

23 Dec, 2018
This is a good product and worked well on my sink clog. It took a bit of time but it finally got the job done. 4 stars because it took 11 shots to clear a small clog. Also 4 stars because it indeed wo... read more »


22 Dec, 2018
Very beautiful and well crafted. These will make great door hangers read more »

well done . no regrets

13 Dec, 2018
I really like these paints. The brushes are craft brushes, but they are long lasting. I've had a set of them for well over a year and they are still going strong. The little purple one is one of m... read more »

4 Stars

06 Dec, 2018
Not originals but good cards to look at. These will also work for training someone how to play the cardgame. 4 stars . read more »

works as it should

29 Nov, 2018
I  bought this to use while riding my motorcycle because the narrow profile makes it fit under my helmet. Usually I ride with the microphone / buttons on the outside of my helmet and then it'... read more »

Fits Well

20 Nov, 2018
Beautiful. No complaints at all. The fit was perfect to size. read more »


19 Nov, 2018
I really love this set. The brushes are very good quality. Painting was smoothe and easy.  read more »


04 Nov, 2018
Works perfect for me. This growth serum is well worth the money. I would reccomend to everyone. This is good product right here. read more »

This Stuff Works

04 Nov, 2018
This growth serum really works. Enhances my eyebrows spot on. I will use this daily and hope to get longer and thicker lashes. read more »

Beautiful and so soft

02 Nov, 2018
This is perfect for the Fall, the Winter, and the Spring. Wear it as a scarf or wear it as a shawl, it does not matter. Nice and soft on the skin. No irritation worries at all. Thank You read more »

does it right

28 Oct, 2018
This unit charges my controller well. Never any problems. Thanks read more »

Top Notch

19 Oct, 2018
I really like this one. No irritation at all. Goes on smooth and gives the full look you expect. Thanks read more »

Better than expected

08 Oct, 2018
These tealights are very bright. I did not expect much from these but I was truely impressed. Very good product here. read more »

perfect fit

08 Oct, 2018
Fit was spot on. Material feels good on my skin. 5 stars all the way. read more »

Very good investment

30 Sep, 2018
Keep in mind this is and 8 dollar harmonica so you've got to adjust your expectations accordingly. Been playing the harp for 20 years so I've tried a few and this is definitely one of the bett... read more »

loved it

30 Sep, 2018
The yarn is good quality. It doesn't seem like it will ball or fray, even over time with wear. And the quality of the work is impressive. Totally worth the money and I'm sure we'll buy mor... read more »

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