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Does the job well

13 Jan, 2021
Was able to do my jobs with this and had no issue. Its a good quality wrench and i found it easy to use. I needed to open some stuff and this made it easy. It comes with all the bits i needed and im g... read more »

Nice product

06 Jan, 2021
Unlike many other docks, this charger makes use of the standard micro usb port on the back of the controller. Whilst this means you have to have a mini adapter in the back of the controller, it makes... read more »

Good product

06 Jan, 2021
We had used a Philip's sunlight alarm before which offered similar feature of playing sounds. Believe me when I say this product blows it out of the water. Granted, Philip's was mainly an alar... read more »

Great projector

06 Jan, 2021
This is a great little projector, image is very good, clear and crisp and bonus is it has a built in speaker, I didnt read the description properly. Connects to my Samsung S10+ no problem, can stream... read more »

Good quality lights

06 Jan, 2021
Bought these to light up a metal tree for christmas save using mains ones but me being me couldn't wait ????‍♀️. I was a bit dubious with it being solar powered that it wouldn't light for... read more »

Amazing product very happy

06 Jan, 2021
This boroscope was purchased with the intention to find a path for cables under the floor, but it's so good there will be alot more uses for it. This little but mighty camara saved me hours of blo... read more »

Great torch at a great price

06 Jan, 2021
I needed a powerful torch to control the garden at night since I live in an isolated area and am always afraid of wild animals. The torch is of a good material, excellent quality and looks super durab... read more »

Fun drone for the kids

06 Jan, 2021
It is a 100% working little gadget and powerful enough to stand out the flight in the air fast, and fly for several minutes. It has 4 propellers that set in motion via the small remote control thanks... read more »

Amazing laptop stand

06 Jan, 2021
This arrived in a lovely box, in a nice travel bag. On opening, I thought the edges of the unit didn't look friendly, but to be honest. as soon as my laptop was on the stand, I realised that'... read more »

Nice design and works well

06 Jan, 2021
Cannot complain, looks good and does what it is supposed to. Very nice thing, easy to set up. A must to avoid having to keep charging your controller with the wire which gets in the way. This is neat... read more »

Good quality head lamps

06 Jan, 2021
The beauty of these lamps (set of two) is the use of 18650 lithium batteries, rechargeable and now of wide availability. Also convenient to charge via USB. The only point a bit boring is to have to sw... read more »

Good quality sander

06 Jan, 2021
i was doubtful it will be a good machine but to my surprise it works much better than my mouse from black and decker. It’s ok noise wise. Pleasure to work with as it doesn’t need hoover at... read more »

Better then a paintbrush

03 Dec, 2020
This is a excellent tool. I used it to repaint a some set pieces, it was a bit of a last minute purchase as my previous sprayer gave up on me! I’ve found this is as good as, if not better than t... read more »

Good quality product

03 Dec, 2020
Tired of coming home from work and having continuous back pains, I decided to buy this electric pad, as it covers from the neck to the lower back, also covers the shoulders as it attaches like a shawl... read more »

Amazing product

03 Dec, 2020
It comes with a photo clicker you can use with your phone so you can take your picture by remote. All round very good and recommend. Very high quality product and amazing value for money. However,... read more »

Great smart watch

03 Dec, 2020
In the search for my first smart watch I came across this product that attracted me for its elegant design and its many functions.Ordered and arrived quickly and well packed.The strap is disassembled... read more »

Great product at a great price

26 Nov, 2020
There are several things that I want to point out about this robot vacuum. 1. It is extremely quiet, not even my sleeping baby which is very sensitive to noise wakes up when it’s going around t... read more »

Great ring light

26 Nov, 2020
we are slowly increasing our online exposure for work and the business has been doing a lot of working from home and so on. due to this we’ve found ourselves buying a lot of ring lights and webc... read more »

Amazing controller for the price

08 Nov, 2020
I got this product and just expecting to give it a go and may have to send back if no good (have tried a few controllers and have had to send back a few). This is a great controller for the price,... read more »

Great quality product

08 Nov, 2020
Very good, nicely packaged. Halloween is just around the corner, so we thought we could make some decorations for the kids. We bought this string of lights. It is very well processed and has a beautif... read more »

Great t shirt got lots of comments

08 Nov, 2020
Perfect shirt for a fun themed night out, had lots of comments. Actually fit really well and felt nice. read more »

Better then the official ps4 version

08 Nov, 2020
I really liked the remote controller, I was pleasantly surprised, I have no fondings to put. The value for money is very good, the quality is excellent, performs all the necessary functions perfectly... read more »

You won't regret buying this item

08 Nov, 2020
We were unsure about buying this first, but we decided to take the plunge, Wow completely worth it. The results in one night are attached. Around 25 mins on each foot. Really took the hard skin off an... read more »

Very nice smart rope

08 Nov, 2020
I think since the last time I jumped with the rope it's been at least 25 years, so I'll let you imagine when I used this rope the results achieved: a real disaster. After two or three tests y... read more »

Good metal hub

08 Nov, 2020
The product felt good from the beginning, including the package. It's a solid alminium built hub with two white and sturdy plastic caps at both ends. The performance holds up to the promised speed... read more »

Great PS4 controller

08 Nov, 2020
I bought this controller as a cheaper replacement for a genuine Sony controller, as the extra controller in my house is predominately used by my kids. First things first, this controller does not h... read more »

Great product

08 Nov, 2020
Not enough stars for this handy piece of kit. Seriously, every home should have one. So far I’ve used it to blow up air beds, inflatable chair, large paddling pool and the biggest one was an inf... read more »

Good quality and good price

08 Nov, 2020
Great product and good workmanship, best value for money, simple operation, just put 30-40ml of water (better bottle to avoid limescale) with the measuring cup in the saucepan with essential oils and... read more »

Good build quality noise machine

08 Nov, 2020
This machine is a lovely design and I have been using for the past 5nights and it has done exactly what it claims to !! I have fallen asleep before the 30minute time, which is most unusual for me ,som... read more »

Great even better than the official controller

08 Nov, 2020
I was sceptical purchasing an unofficial Switch controller replacement. The original controllers I had with the switch didn't last long which was really disappointing. I looked across Amazon and e... read more »

Good quality bike light

08 Nov, 2020
Fantastic Bike light, my son was pleased with the brightness and the radius it gave. It is usb chargeable and you can also charge your phone from it. There is a front and rear light, the rear uses b... read more »

Great inflatable for kids

08 Nov, 2020
Makes all the other kids jealous.... this is a great float. All the other kids in the pool were pointing and asking their parents for one. It’s strong and sturdy and the shade on the top is a gr... read more »

Great solar powered light

08 Nov, 2020
I was skeptical and instead she's great. After 3 months of outdoor use it is still perfect. Turns on at dusk with 50% light to switch to 100% in case of movement nearby. Mounted at the corner of... read more »

Nice toy for kids

08 Nov, 2020
Very cute drone aesthetically, it gets up in flight easily and is easy to maneuver and manage. It has sensors that detect the motion of the hand and follow it so that you can decide the direction to... read more »

Great you for a great price

08 Nov, 2020
This little drone has some colorful flashing led lights on it. It's very attractive especially in the dark room. Kids are very excited to chase it. Because it's low weight and low price, I und... read more »

Great lights

08 Nov, 2020
Ordered these for my teenage daughter to brighten up her room and she loves, loves them. I must admit I love too and have hinted that they would make a great Christmas present :) The set up was easy... read more »

Great product even though little thin

08 Nov, 2020
Graphic is great and looks clear. it's something different and that's why I purchased the item for my mum and she loves it, very happy with the product but a little thin but that's not a p... read more »

Great tool that you can't find in the shops

08 Nov, 2020
I cut up to 8 layers of fabric very easily, and I think you can with more. It is very versatile in both straight and curved cuts, even very tight curves can be done by cutting several layers at once c... read more »

Great camera

08 Nov, 2020
I bought these whilst going through a bit of a James Bond phase! It's great though! I set it up in my dad's flat to monitor just how little he does in a day! At one point I thought it wasn'... read more »

Great fun for kids

06 Nov, 2020
I used buy toys for my kids from shop but recently I started buying it from amazon. And good thing is that I don’t regret it. Amazon is always great where you can find quality products. This toy... read more »

Nice and compact

06 Nov, 2020
This made my life so easy recently decorating my house for my sons birthday. We normally book a party and have all the balloons and mess there ???? with the current restrictions this year we obviously... read more »

Better quality than others at same price

06 Nov, 2020
Very interactive drum pad kit, the build in stereo speakers sound really good, does visual effects every time hit the pads, connect with my kids tables easily via Bluetooth with fast/stable connection... read more »

Good Christmas pillow cases

06 Nov, 2020
These pillow covers are amazing and blended in perfectly with my santa Christmas theme. Quality is durable and the value is incomparable! Definitely plan on purchasing more from this awesome seller read more »

Good quality ring light at a good price

06 Nov, 2020
This is one of those products you don’t realise how much you needed it until you get it! I saw a few posts recently on Instagram where people were taking incredible pics and they posted about us... read more »

Amazing quality for the price

06 Nov, 2020
This is a great controller if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the PS4 controller as it does everything you would expect for a games console controller. It is lightweight however still has... read more »

Good quality Halloween lights

06 Nov, 2020
Good quality Halloween lights and well worth the price,these are for Halloween party so are going to look great light up and decorating the table. There are cute little faces and nice glow from them .... read more »

Good quality ring light

06 Nov, 2020
I am delighted with my purchase. The hoop has three different lights, one cold, one warm and a third intermediate, in the photos you can not see the difference very well but in person it changes quite... read more »

Great for Christmas decorations

06 Nov, 2020
Used these for gift tags/ Christmas tree decorations, with an initial on. Very popular and admired by all who saw them. With the hole already drilled, it saved a lot of time. I painted some and left o... read more »

Nice projector for the price

06 Nov, 2020
Mid-range projector for home use in children's rooms, to watch movies from bed, or to cheer up a party or birthday, with a budget slightly above 100€ but justifies with the inclusion of WiFi... read more »

Very nice better than expected

08 Oct, 2020
The controller is nice the quality feels better then the official controller and I think the battery lasts longer which is a bonus because I use it for longer times.   I am very happy with... read more »

Very nice Bluetooth speaker

16 Jul, 2019
First off the packaging is good quality, with a good description of what's inside The build quality is very good and the item has a good weight to it over 600 grams.   The buttons ar... read more »

Good solar garden fountain

26 Jun, 2019
Found this item very useful, it did not need a huge amount of sunlight like some other solar powered products. The item is compact and seems well built with solar panels around the upper base which... read more »

Fast and reliable

16 Jun, 2019
I've had many chargers in the past and many don't work very well I find this charger very good with a good build quality.   it's small and compact and very portable so good for... read more »

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