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Well made

07 Jan, 2020
I find it very well made and high quality!  The instructions were ok to follow. The looked very modern and sleek, heavy duty. I'm happy with it. Thanks read more »

True to size

07 Jan, 2020
Got them for my daughter who is never settled for one, she really likes this one. It fits her well and very soft and comfortable, comes in very pretty colors as well. Will see how it after a few washe... read more »

Good Quality

07 Jan, 2020
Good price, good quality and nice big sizes! Coming very handy not just for clothing but for other stuff as well. read more »

Nice but has a bad smell

21 Dec, 2019
Got it for my son and he loves it, but it has a bad leather smells that doesn't go away after such a long time too. Well made and lookes good too but he didn't want to put on after a couple of... read more »

So adorable

21 Dec, 2019
So adorable and fluffy!! I got this for my 2 years old nephew who is visiting us. He was so happy to get it and cuddling with him since. Glad with my purchase! read more »

Beautiful pattern but not very sticky

21 Dec, 2019
I loved the patterns and colors of the decorative tape and used to wrape the gifts. They are very light and very easily coming off several times while trying to stick on the boxes on wrappers. I wasn&... read more »

Works wonder

09 Dec, 2019
I found this small heater a very useful. The reason I got this was that my daughter I always feel cold when taking a shower eventhough the central heater. I had been on the look out for a small heathe... read more »

Awesome DIY project

10 Nov, 2019
One of the amazing DIY photo album kit I purchased. I came with tons of accessories to decorate and do your own design. It was a bit hard to understand the setup but once you get the hang of it, every... read more »


10 Nov, 2019
Lovely design and fits perfectly, so far tried only one of it and it looks awesome! read more »


04 Nov, 2019
Adorable cute small earrings. The red color looks so beautiful and the shine with the color even shows from the distance. My family members love it too and it came with the nice packaging.  read more »

Cute little doll but no lifelike

04 Nov, 2019
I gave 3 stars since when I was buying the product, I could see and tell that it's not reborn newborn kinds of doll, I can tell it by the images. I still got it and my daughter loves playing with... read more »

Cool colors

04 Nov, 2019
I loved these glitter powder, they are in big sizes and in all the beautiful colors. I've been using them to make slimes mostly and just loving them. Will buy again, thanks! read more »

Large display, nice design but no clear instructions

31 Oct, 2019
The size of the alarm clock is nice with huge display. It's so easy to see the timing when you are waking from your sleep. I also liked the shape of it. I'm also glad that it could be battery... read more »

Easy setup and correct readings

31 Oct, 2019
So far I'm having no issues with the scale, it gives the correct body weight and was hard at all to set up. I loved that it comes with body measuring tape and Large reading display! So far so good... read more »


31 Oct, 2019
So cute and fluffy, my daughter loves it. She has been playing with Rabbit's ears and sleeping with it.  read more »

No leaks so far

22 Oct, 2019
As of now, the mattress protector does what it supposed to do " it does protect against leaks". I'm satisfied with it. However, how it will retain its quality over the years, I can't... read more »

Works well

21 Oct, 2019
I'm loving this shower filter. I had been having issues with the well water where we just moved. My hair was so dull and with no shine, so hard to even comb my hair. I never had any trouble before... read more »


11 Oct, 2019
Really nice and high quality for the price! My daughter just loved it. She wore it on her birthday put the topper on her cake. Everyone really liked it. The Rose Gold color was also amazing! read more »

Cute and litter thicker than usual ones

11 Oct, 2019
They are very cute and comfy. My daugher loves it and says they are very soft. Usually leggings get holes because of how thin they are and I personally like a little thicker as well. It's so much... read more »

Most gorgeous item

11 Oct, 2019
So so adorable to put together with the child, not just small kids but big kids and even adults like me. We all had fun preparing the soil. Also, all the little ornaments toys to decorated the garden... read more »

Good length

11 Oct, 2019
Very long and it's a good quality. Haven't used it for a long time so can't tell much! read more »

Soft and comfy

11 Oct, 2019
Very soft and comfy. The color is very bright and my daughter just loves it. The size is letter bigger but winter just started so hopefully it should be ok. read more »

Good quality

06 Oct, 2019
It's a good quality product. Very good for daily hygiene. Very easy to install and so far I haven't had any issues but it's been only a week or so. read more »

Cut little artificial plants

06 Oct, 2019
Very cute little fake plants. The packaging was very well, I was thinking that the bowl and the stones are included but they are not. Well, the color was awesome and they look amazing even though they... read more »

Nice looking but light weight

06 Oct, 2019
The product was easy to assemble since the instructions were clear. The bottom corks were not holding up tight! The design is good but it's much smaller than what I thought! I loved that it has a... read more »

Unique and lots of

30 Sep, 2019
Super cute and unique clips. I love that they all come in pair.The design are beautiful. However, it is a thin metal that traps little my daughter's hair but still my girls are loving them an... read more »

Excellent price and good variety

30 Sep, 2019
These pictures hangers and screws are very handy and good thing is that it has tons of different variety that any kind I need, I can find it. Usually I didn't know what kind of screw I would need... read more »

Still works

27 Sep, 2019
This is a very long lasting product. I bought it long ago and it still works perfectly!  I like it for the price so affordable! Thanks read more »

Comfortably ties the hair

27 Sep, 2019
I like the designs and different colors of the clips. It does not hurt and easily comes off and on. The size is perfect as well, neither too small or too large. It's a good purchase! read more »

Quality product

27 Sep, 2019
Really nice and large size bottle.The handle belt is so convenient since the bottle gets heavy and it's a bit hard to hold, carrying it around with the strap is so easy and I like that my hands ar... read more »

Nice curtains

19 Nov, 2017
These shower curtains are very nice and don't let the water come out of the tub. The polyester used is of good quality and not very see through. I do see some water spots later on but those easily... read more »

So comfortable and well designed

11 Jul, 2017
Love #hughapy travel pillow! Amazing experience! Slept through the whole flight! Adjustable, breathable,portable, so comfortable, unique design and affordable! read more »

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