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I'm a mother of four daughters, ranging from young teen to adults. I'm also very lucky to be blessed with 6 grandchildren. I'm single so im always on my phone. I'm a very open and honest person so even if its a sex toy i will put reviews on my social media. I'm always shopping for my girls and grandbabys.
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The cutest tie I've ever seen

07 Dec, 2019
I had my doubts but they were blown away. This tie is so cute. It's well made. No flaws on top of all of that. The music plays great and the button to turn it on and off is so easy to use. I bough... read more »

All in one spot awesome

30 Nov, 2019
I absolutely love having all 3 of these cords in 1. And usually when u get a cord like this u can only use 1 end at a time. Not with this one u can use all 3 at the same time if you want. Its coiled s... read more »

Very Impressed !!

30 Nov, 2019
Ok first of all it comes in a stronge plastic box. And it's got padding in it to protect. The head lamp works great. This is great for a mechanic or anyone that works outside in the dark. I've... read more »

Really cool

30 Nov, 2019
This is the 2nd belt of this type I have bought. I hate wearing belts and having people look at u. Now nobody really notices it's a belt they just think it's part of my jean. I've also use... read more »

Extremely comfortable and stylish

30 Nov, 2019
It is really comfortable, I love the belt with tie in front. Gives it a total classy look with a little fun. Only issue I had was it didnt come in the color I expected? It was dark green, I believed i... read more »

Absolutely beautiful

28 Nov, 2019
This is actually a very beautiful set. No flaws at all. Fits well. The colors are great. The fabric feels great. Machine washed and dryed and no issues u do want to hang it after drying so it dont wri... read more »

Very nice not cheaply made at all !

28 Nov, 2019
First off the box they come in is really a nice sturdy box. Its thick and opens and closes easy. The set inside the box also made very sturdy works great on small to large blemishes. This sets really... read more »

Great support also comfortable

27 Nov, 2019
These are not too tight but still give great support. They felt comfortable all day long. No issues fitting under my socks and in my shoes. Its everything it says it is in the description. Washes grea... read more »

Very cute little struggle

27 Nov, 2019
The patch is great. Thick enough to not fall apart in the wash. It did take awhile to iron it to the point it was stuck on and not coming off. Worn the jeans its ironed to all day no issues machine wa... read more »

Fun stickers

23 Nov, 2019
These all are great colors. So far seem to not be damaged by water. They are slightly thin. But the pictures are all great. Peel easily  read more »

Just loving these socks

23 Nov, 2019
I love unique cute socks. These are them. There warm not too tight. The colors are great. No shrinking after wash. They didnt stretch out too much. There perfect read more »

Totally in love

23 Nov, 2019
These bags are so cute. There made well. This company knocks it out of the ballpark with all there bags. Cant wait to see what else they come up with. What can I say there great. The hair ribbons and... read more »

Another great set of charging cords

23 Nov, 2019
They are very well made. Came with it's own block. Works great. read more »

So cool

23 Nov, 2019
Not one of the cheap ones u buy at a dollar store. Comes in it's own carrying case. Also has the tool to clean it even it's own cloth. The color is great. The carrying bag also comes in some v... read more »

Nice but bigger then expected

23 Nov, 2019
This two piece swim suit is vibrant in color. Made very well not a flimsy one. But it was about a size bigger then what I expected so runs bigger.   read more »

Lots of fun

23 Nov, 2019
My grandchildren played with these for hrs. They loved out the magnetize to each other which made it easier for them to build stuff. Very sturdy came in a great carrying box. Will be purchasing more.... read more »

Omg I'm in love

22 Nov, 2019
Cutest ever !! This is the cutest backpack ever. It's so soft and really made so well. And then they throw in a bracelet and hair ribbons. I want more plan on going to buy more. My grand daught... read more »

Good cords

16 Nov, 2019
Came in a box , they are really sturdy well made cords. They all work perfectly. Great cords would purchase again read more »

Cord is great

16 Nov, 2019
This cord works great. Super long so u can move all around. Also withstands teenagers. read more »

Really great cord

16 Nov, 2019
I have a daughter whom goes thru charger cords alot. This one seems to be withstanding whatever she does to them. Works with any block. Actually liked it so much I bought another one. read more »

Really like this belt

16 Nov, 2019
This belt is great for someone that dont want to fight with buckles being in the way. Works great. Wonderfully made. Nice and sturdy. Colors great  read more »

Love these socks

16 Nov, 2019
So warm the coloring on these are great no peeling pictures. Not too tight just perfect. Have washed and no shrinking and no fading. These are perfect socks and I love unique socks. read more »

Great socks

16 Nov, 2019
Love these socks and all the others from this company. The colors are great. And even after two washes the colors great no shrinking and just as comfortable as they were the first time. read more »

Great socks

14 Nov, 2019
Love the color the comfort the warmth these are so unique and for the price it's great. Washed and they dont shrink or dull in color read more »

Seriously love these socks

14 Nov, 2019
These are beautiful, I love strange and unique socks and these are great. Color fit comfort also have washed no shrinking and no dullness in color read more »

Absolutely beautiful only one flaw

14 Nov, 2019
Its beautiful but it's really thin. The picture is great and it's exactly as it shows on Amazon. As long as u are careful putting it up it's great  read more »

Super warm and great pictures

14 Nov, 2019
Colors are great and the socks are soft and thick enough to keep feet warm. Very comfortable. Washed also no shrinking no color changes will buy these again. read more »

Super cute and warm

09 Nov, 2019
These are warm and very cute. There not too tight they stretch very well, have already washed them and no issues looks like they did when I purchased them they came in a zipped plastic bag.  read more »

Just as good as the very expensive name brand ones

08 Nov, 2019
They work great, volume control is very easy to use. Also come in a case so u dont get them all knotted up. Sound is great.  read more »

Only one small issue

08 Nov, 2019
It goes on so great no leaks and comes with everything u may need. It moves around just as advertised. But I did find out that the covering chips easily. It got hit by a pan not hard and the covering... read more »

Love this hat so warm

08 Nov, 2019
This is great it's so warm and keeps ur face hidden from the cold. The color is great it's a bold red. Also it was shipped in a air tight package so there was no chance of damage. Just got the... read more »

Great set of tweezers with a awesome case

08 Nov, 2019
Great tweezers Sometimes u get some and they just wont tweeze it's like there not closing together stronge enough. Or the colors come off. But not with these they work great and the color Dosen... read more »

Amazing cute warm and cuddly

06 Oct, 2019
This bear was made so great my little toddler has put it thru alot and it's still kicking. Warm beautiful bear. Also washable and dryable read more »

Warm but made poorly

06 Oct, 2019
The face mask and hat is warm but the one I received the mask and hat the stitching came apart. read more »

Super soft and super comfortable.

06 Oct, 2019
Great warmth and was made stronge. Love the color and the length was great also read more »

Worked as it should

22 Dec, 2017
Got a beautiful piercing now. It worked great. Had everything it needed to do the naval piercing. read more »

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