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Great fun for a road trip

25 Jun, 2021
This handheld console helped my son when we had our 2 hr drive fishing trip. It came with a remote to make it a 2 played. You can play on tv screen. It has classic games. I would highly recommend . read more »

Works great

25 Jun, 2021
I was worried it would be too noisy. It turned out it was quite . My sons fish tank is in my room & my husband has a hard time sleeping with noise . It worked really good no complaints. It has a c... read more »

It worked really good

06 Mar, 2021
I bought the for my son to charge his ps4 controls it turned out really good. I like how it really lights bright. I thought it was going to be a dim light. It. Turned out better than I thought . It ch... read more »

I love my mirror

04 Mar, 2021
 I really love my my mirror you can either hold it or stick it some where for it to stand . It is pretty bright & really helps me see good since it is magnified to see how I put on my make up... read more »

Gifted to my niece

28 Jul, 2020
These lashes look really  pretty on.  I gifted them to my niece who loves false lashes & is good at putting them on.  They looked so pretty  & the length  was perfect... read more »

More beautiful in person

05 Apr, 2020
Very beautiful  in person . I that it was going to be much smaller  turned out the opposite.  It just turned to be very beautiful.   The cord it is on is long & it has a h... read more »

I charged the remote really good

05 Apr, 2020
I really liked this ps4 remote charger . I have tried the upright ones, but it is a little hard to put the charger in & out . This one was easy charged at good speed and is still working today&nbs... read more »

Very pretty,but had lots of fingerprints on the inside

11 Mar, 2020
Hi I gifted this it was beautiful  except for the fingerprints  on the inside that were so easy to see. I tried to find a way to contact the seller,  but I couldn't.  I do reco... read more »

They work better than I thought

11 Nov, 2019
I really liked these sheep wool balls , because they really help the clothes dry faster at a lower setting of heat. They come with there reusable bag to put them in love that too. I think the sheep pi... read more »

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