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Good quality mask

14 Nov, 2020
This mask was bought for my trip to Egypt. It is made of a high quality plastic and everything is visible very clear. There is no fog at all. Not leacking if you selected a right size. read more »

Bright light

14 Nov, 2020
Love this bright light, baught it for my MTB bike. It is very good lightning up our roads in the night time. Battery lasts for a few hours approximately.  read more »

They feel great. They're very comfortable and I noticed the difference

12 Dec, 2018
These sunglasses are top rated in my book. They feel great. They're very comfortable and I noticed the difference right away when I put them on. The polarization helped to block out all of the bri... read more »


01 Dec, 2018
I used several diffusers already. There was one very big one (500ml); however, the essential oil cannot last for that long. I need to add more oil in the half way. So, I tried to buy the exactly right... read more »

Great Rainproof Membrane

01 Dec, 2018
I have no clue what this thing is made of but it's pretty awesome!!! living here in texas and it'... read more »

Awesome for yoga

01 Dec, 2018
my family really like the essential oil diffuser so i refresh the review. First, the only issue I have had with this diffuser is that it is difficult to twist on and off when filling. Difficult, not i... read more »

Simple effective bike light

29 Nov, 2018
I love the simplicity of this light, one button and press to switch between brightness levels. Double press to start the strobe, and the first strobe setting is definitely attention-getting. It's... read more »

Great accessory for your laptop

29 Nov, 2018
I bought this to go with my travelling laptop, and I love the freedom of having a wireless mouse. This one not only looks good but it feels comfortable to use as well. It was money well spent for this... read more »

This is a nice little machine

28 Nov, 2018
This is a nice little machine! Sure, the speaker is tinny, not unlike the first cell phone speakers, but the bluetooth works great, and sounds great with headphones or even line-in! If there was 1 thi... read more »

Well thought out light with its dual function Battery bank for Cell phone and 5V USB accessories

28 Nov, 2018
The overall quality of this product is excellent and this a is a complete kit with everything you need. It also comes with a very nice semi hard case and the 12,000 mAh backup battery is very handy fo... read more »

Vey useful

18 Nov, 2018
I never knew about these type of things until I saw it on Amazon... Bought imidiately 2 for me and my husband. So much space to put things... Now it is not falling here and there. read more »

It's very strong and I definitely recommend this one

18 Nov, 2018
This is by far the bet and most durable portable charger I've ever had , it came really as a necessary item last weekend at the hurricane... It's very strong and I definitely recommend this o... read more »

Great Product at a Great Price!

18 Nov, 2018
After having this for a little over a week I can state that the product is well worth buying. Purchased 2 for my children's room and start them up just before they go to sleep. The product work... read more »

not expected more

18 Nov, 2018
We use our XPLUS Essential oil diffuser all the time. We also use it as a night light, I bought it in black color special for a room of that design. Looks and works perfect, not expected more. read more »

not delivered yet

18 Nov, 2018
Still was not delivered...  read more »

Great diffuser

18 Nov, 2018
Love this diffuser! Absolutely must have! The wood grain is gorgeous. Can't hear it running at all (and I'm a very light sleeper). And the light is very nice! Not too bright and not too dark.... read more »

Good size, modern and useful

18 Nov, 2018
I purchase this as a birthday gift and my friend really likes it. She likes that she can choose the color of how she feels that day compared to the oil. She told me she used her lemon oil and chose th... read more »

great choice

18 Nov, 2018
The air in the my apartment is really dry, so I was looking for a diffuser that did a good job at humidifying. This one works great! It holds half a liter so it can run for a long time. I can a just a... read more »


06 Nov, 2018
This armband is really useful for my daily running activity, smartphone never fell down. read more »

Great for the price

12 Sep, 2018
This is the Bluetooth speaker you should be looking at if you value sound quality and do not want to spend much.  Pros Loud, full-bodied sound with lots of bass Terrific detail and com... read more »

Durable and stable

18 Aug, 2018
This tripod-selfie stick is super-useful, it is durable and quite stable.  read more »

Great great!

18 Aug, 2018
It is very comfortable in uze and I really enjoy it. Great for my daily running and sport activity. read more »

Great job

26 May, 2018
I recommend this company to everyone who wants to buy a quality energy saving bulb. It is really does a great job, love it so much.  read more »


26 May, 2018
Bought this diffuser for my mother. Works great for a 12 sq/m room. It has auto off function when water finishes and that's really good read more »

Cool Aromatherapy

26 May, 2018
It's a very good quality diffuser. Especially I like design which nicely match my bedroom decor. I use it with Swiss oil and it helps me a lot. read more »

Awesome product

10 May, 2018
Awesome product helps to take macro and wide angle great shots. Good for me, when I am not able to take my big camera I always use smartphone. This kit is a must have for me from now. Give it the high... read more »

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