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Really bright!

15 Nov, 2019
Easy to place/install.   The output of light is impressive.  Light works flawlessly and hasn't changed with the recent freeze or less sunlight. I like this light and where we pla... read more »

husband loves

15 Nov, 2019
He seen it. He claimed it. He uses it. He likes it. He says his biggest like is the pull knife. He uses it to open boxes. He says it feels balanced to hold and use, folds smoothly and is sturdy.... read more »

good value

12 Nov, 2019
Bell shaped adjustable sink spout works well. Easy to put on, came with all materials needed. Functions well. Pleased with product and its price point. read more »

pretty face - band is junk

12 Nov, 2019
2 stars for a beautifully crafted face that tells time.  Minus stars for the terrible discoloration of the band in a relatively  short period of wear (a few months.) The band has large da... read more »

hubby loves it

12 Nov, 2019
We have owned many small portable air pumps over the years. This one is his favorite and we are going to purchase a few for holiday gifting. The pump as performed well for several months. Easy to hand... read more »

lovely color and feel

12 Nov, 2019
This changed my cold feeling leather couch into a soft warm snuggly place to be. My couch is oversized in the hieght and the cover still fits - but does tend to slip off now and then from one corner.... read more »

as expected

09 Nov, 2019
Small, bright, and very clean looking.  The edges of all the materials look smooth.  These were gifted and recieved very well. I can not say if they hold up well yet but they are at a price... read more »

love it

09 Nov, 2019
Use it everyday and it is perfect in my home. I am going to get another for my son.  Multi device homes finally unitied!  I have a pixel with c plug, my son has a motorola with mini, and... read more »

not for me

09 Nov, 2019
I wanted to love these but can not tell you if they work well or not.  The shape of the mask doesn't fit my head. Maybe I have a funny shaped head?  :(   The nose area comes to... read more »

mediocre performance

09 Nov, 2019
Plus stars for looking good, having good features and toasting the bread.   Minus stars for not being as wide as expected, toasting seems to take a long time, doesn't toast evenly. read more »

works as expected

09 Nov, 2019
As expected. Works as it should. read more »

works fine

09 Nov, 2019
Great upgrade that is functioning as expected.  read more »

used for multiple projects

09 Nov, 2019
These little lantern lights perform well. Easy to use, good shine, light weight. The provided hangers are sturdy enough for the piece and its has proven durable against drops and dirt. The missing sta... read more »

great light if it held a better charge

09 Nov, 2019
I have used the lights for several months. They are easy to handle, bright when fully charged, and easy to place. The ease of use makes them very versitile in different areas. I want to love them, but... read more »

16 year old gamer son loves them

08 Nov, 2019
My son goes through many headsets a year. He is hard on them. After having so many, I trust his experiences with them to believe him when he says he really likes these. He says the ears are comfortabl... read more »

don't work

08 Nov, 2019
No heat coming from unit. Just blows cold on all fan settings. read more »

design didn't last more than 30 days

06 Nov, 2019
The imprint on this ring faded and was gone in less than a month of wear. Sized right and comfortable but I can not recomend a ring with a design if the design isn't done in a way it can last... read more »

I depend on a good non slip boot for my safety.

06 Nov, 2019
The description sounded good. I ordered.I had no idea what to expect.    Shoes arrived fast and well packaged.  First impression: This is a high quality, well made boot! The... read more »

Works very well.

03 Nov, 2019
I set these up and they worked great with the native app.  I then connected them for testing with Google home and Alexa. Both apps picked the plugs up easily when following the directions provide... read more »

This is a quick and easy little product

23 Jun, 2018
This is a quick and easy little product. We do fresh brown eggs that are a MESS to hard boil. The fresher the egg the more it sticks to the shell. So with these it doesn't matter how fresh the egg... read more »

I really like this little Speaker

31 May, 2018
I really like this little Speaker. I was amazed how much volume you can get out of this with pretty good quality at that. It's easy to use and connect to your device and start listening. I usually... read more »


12 May, 2018
This clothesline is a very easy set up which makes it perfect for on the go. It's very easy to adjust the location of the clips to where you need them. I put this thing through the wringer ( haha.... read more »

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