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Lights up our path nicely

24 Jan, 2020
These are very nice lights that require no electrical cords. I had an issue with one of them but it was just a lose connection. All are working very well and so far, not affected by the florida rain.... read more »

Eye see you

22 Jan, 2020
Bought this to set up as a hidden nanny cam in a teaddy bear. Works great as it connects to Wi-Fi and I can see live feed. Plug it into the wall using the usb cord and not have to worry about battery... read more »

Leaves a nice shine

22 Jan, 2020
I am not sure how well the Hair folicles are being stimulated but I can say my hair is a lot more shiny and does feel more healthy overall. Been using this for a few weeks now every shower. Doesn'... read more »

Very comfy

22 Jan, 2020
Very comfortable pillows. They came in a vacuum sealed bag and quickly fluffed up within a hour of opening. No weird smells or lumps noted. Very cool concept allows you to remove or add filling to get... read more »

perfect for the BBQ

18 Jan, 2020
I can't stand to see all the wondeful juices flow out of meat when people stick a fork in it to flip. I bought these to replace my other set of tongs that had "walked off" from my back p... read more »

Super bright!

17 Jan, 2020
WOW...... I did not expect this light to be so bright, It is sturdy and well made. Only negative is it did not coem with a wall charger. Only a USB charger read more »

excellent lounge pants

17 Jan, 2020
I bought these as a gift. She says they are super soft, light and very comfortable. She is 5'10" and they are the perfect length  read more »


17 Jan, 2020
This was a gift and the feedback was very, very positive. 2 minutes to reach the desired results....... read more »


14 Jan, 2020
Soft and comfortable. One fo the ties has a few frays in it. Otherwise excellent quality and comfort read more »

Great camera

14 Jan, 2020
Overall I am very pleased with the camera and accesories. I used it for a trip recently and it worked very well. I was up to 10 feet deep underwater with the waterproof case. No elakage or problems at... read more »

Great for my high school daughter

29 Dec, 2019
I have a 16 year old and I am always conserned about her phone losing batery if she is ever in a situation where she does not have access to power. This power bank gives me the comfort knowing she can... read more »

Good bag

26 Dec, 2019
Very good bag that holds my ipad with room to spare. It is a bit stiff but time will tell if it loosens up. My neice said it reminder her of the Indiana Jones bag. This is a good bag for a guy who doe... read more »

good for christmas

26 Dec, 2019
I am thinking these may last a couple of years. they are thin but cling to the sliding door well.    Even if they dont last, the price was well worth it for all that came. Good bu... read more »

Great for hunting

26 Dec, 2019
I wore this in 34 degree weather and my head stayed nice and comfotable. It is soft and fit well. I wear a 7.25" hat and this had plenty of room. read more »

Wonderful camera and features

23 Dec, 2019
Easy to set up, very clear pictures, accurate notification. All and all a great camera to monitor things while I am away. Buying one for the back porch and garage also!  read more »

Nice set

20 Dec, 2019
very nice set that can be used more than once!  read more »

Must buy for fast eater

18 Dec, 2019
We have a small dog that inhales his food in 5 seconds. He then has stomach problems after. We bought this and it takes him a ew minutes ot eat now. No more issues. Perfect!  read more »

Excellent bargain!

18 Dec, 2019
Bought this for our daughters bathroom to go along with the sealife theme. We were really impressed with the quality and colors of this. Comes ready to hand which is a huge plus!   Great ca... read more »

Good for back seat

18 Dec, 2019
Good trash can for your back seat. Not too big, not too small. Didnt fold out in a complete rectangle but still does the job 4 stars solid read more »


18 Dec, 2019
I wanted some industrial type stuff for my kitchen and bought this to go along with a few other things. Overall the design, quality and looks are great! Holds my silverware fine. No isuues at all read more »

Great for travel

13 Dec, 2019
I bought this prior to a hunting trip whre I spend numneorus ours deep in the woods wityh only a cell phone for emergency communications. The phone signal is in and out which uses up the phone battery... read more »

Work very well in our smoker

12 Dec, 2019
Works well for smoking smaller pieces of meat such as pork cubes that would normally fall through the grating ro get stuck. Helpos a lot with cleanup as well!   We use these average 250 deg... read more »

very clever design

12 Dec, 2019
Works well with my LG Stylo phone. I use it in the CD slot and it works well. No instructions but pretty easy to set up read more »

love this set

12 Dec, 2019
Well made, easy to cleran, stylish and functions as expected.   All and all a great buty for a complete set. The wood holder looks great on our counter as well.  read more »

work well

12 Dec, 2019
They work for what they are designed for. Compact set with a nice metal finish  read more »


12 Dec, 2019
I have a re-occuring ingrown nail on mu right big toe. I have tried tweezers and nail clippers to get it out and cut. The little tool that comes with this kit was the real key to "horn" ... read more »

A great addition to our Sous Vide machine

12 Dec, 2019
We bought an Anova Sous Vide cooker an dtried to use a pan with an opemn lid. The water woudl evaporate to quickly on lonhg cooks. Bought this and it solved that problem. Fits our Anova perfectly... read more »

Must have safe grill brush

12 Dec, 2019
bought this after reading horror stories about the other type of brushes losing bristles in food. This works great and has a handy scraper to get dried food off.   Very happy read more »

great stylist toaster

12 Dec, 2019
Bought this on a whim because we wanted somethign that looked a little retro but functioned modernly. We are happy with the toaster. Arrived quickly and required no assembly. We have been using it now... read more »

Really good doorbell for apt life

03 Nov, 2019
If you live in an apartment or rent a place and cant installa permanent doorbell, this is perfecy. Very loud at loudest setting and has multiple sounds. Works well in the farthest pont in our home.... read more »

Great set

02 Nov, 2019
Great set. Very sturdy, sharp and precise. Works well for eyebrows and stray hairs. Nice little case as well.   So far so good read more »

Cuts down on smells

26 Oct, 2019
Bought these to put in my work truck that smells like sweat, I do belive it has cut down on the odor quite a bit. I put them under the seats and have 2 hanging off the dash. Price was a bit high but s... read more »

A cool design

26 Oct, 2019
This is my second one of these masks as the 1st, the dog chewed (seriously) LOL   My son loves it and has non stop annoyed his mom with it every chance he gets. Batteries going strong after... read more »

If you work night shift, buy these

26 Oct, 2019
Anyone who works nightshift should look at getting these as they do block out the light a great bit. Well made, no design flaws an dstylish.  read more »

Must have

26 Oct, 2019
I bought a new truck and needed this as I had given my other one away to a firends. This is perfect to keep tucked under the seat to quicjkly suck up crumbs and sand in the carpet/seats. Keeps my truc... read more »

Works well

26 Oct, 2019
Works well 99% of the time. Only once did it stop working briefly but so far no problems.  I no longer have to worry about losing the remote as I have this glued to it LOL read more »

Great for when you take antibiotics

26 Oct, 2019
I traveled to West Africa an dneeded to take Doxy to prevent malaria. I had an upset stomach and after a couple of days taking these, it cleared up and I felt much better. I believe the antibiotics ki... read more »

Perfect for my electric smoker

26 Oct, 2019
I use these to move hot racks in and out of an electric smoker. They fit my XL hands well and protect from heat. No more forearm burns either!!! read more »

Excellent package

26 Oct, 2019
I bought this for an apartment rental that has very little space. The complete set was perfect for the need. Comes with a nice little carrying case and when we used it, it expanded niceley and then co... read more »

Good addition to the kitchen

23 Sep, 2019
We do a lot of cooking and always experimenting with different infusion flavored oils, Bought this to try some new stuff and use it in the sprayer. The srayer actually works fairly well. Did have some... read more »

Complete kit

23 Sep, 2019
I bought lights previously only to find out they did not come with all the hardware to operate. This kit has it all.   Very easy to set up, all of the lights work great and the whole kit se... read more »

perfect for the back patio and front drive

21 Sep, 2019
I work night shift and have been lloking for a way to have the house lte up during darkness only. These work very well. I leave when it's daytime and return when it's still dark out an dhtey h... read more »

life saver

18 Sep, 2019
Wow, I bought this because the bed I have has been giving me problems lately due to an injured shoulder. This added a good amount of coushion and really helps with my sleep now that my shoulder is les... read more »

Adds a bit of softness

14 Sep, 2019
It's a really good cover to add a bit of softness to your matress. Holds the corners really great! No problems at all with a 14 inch matress. Washes well and continues to hold it's shape with... read more »

all in one set

14 Sep, 2019
Comes with everything you need. The opener is great. A lot better than a corkscrew.   No more broken corks!!! read more »


13 Sep, 2019
My son absolutely loves the mask! takes 2 AA batteries that have lasted for days now with him playing with it a couple of hours each night. He is 12 years old with a medium face and it covers him well... read more »

Worked great for long haul flight

13 Sep, 2019
I bought this for a flight from Atlanta to Paris. I can say I have not slept better or more comfortable in my previous 400,000 miles prior to this pillow. I used one of those regular neck roll ty... read more »

Very nice

08 Sep, 2019
This Print looks great in my room. Very clear, crisp and came without any flaws. It came well packaged and tightly mounted with hardware to hang.    Very happy! read more »

Lovely spoons

02 Sep, 2019
Cute little spoons thta are perfect for seasonings and sugar ect. Arrived timely and well packaged. Easy to clean and very happy read more »

Pretty darn good

31 Aug, 2019
I took a gamble on this as I did not want to spend a fortune for a smart watch. Shipping was a bit delayed from Amazon but after getting the watch, I am very pleased. Functions similar to a Abble watc... read more »

It works

31 Aug, 2019
Works for what it is intended. It is a bit flimsy if you have a larger phone. Mine is an LGH Styulo 5 and the holders arms are extended all the way which cause them to bend and move a bit when hi... read more »

Energy efficient

31 Aug, 2019
Very bright, energy efficient bulbs that work very well in our little apartment. Currently switching all bulbs to these. No heat buildup and cleaner light than regular bulbs! read more »

WAY cheaper than Mr....

31 Aug, 2019
These work the exact same as the overpriced Mr .... you get in the supermarket. Erase all sorts fo things you would never get out with regular cleaning supplies   We love these on our boat... read more »

Very good for the price

31 Aug, 2019
I bought this nort expecting much but nce arrived, I was very suprised to find out it was an actually decent little camera. Took it on a trip to mexico and it worked really great both above and und... read more »

Nice whiskey glass

12 Aug, 2019
Good glass for whiskey. It is thick with a nice heavyweightfeel to it. Etchings look nice  read more »

Very good for our small bathroom.

12 Aug, 2019
Works well. I like the little brush that also comes with it for hard to reach spaces. read more »

Small but handy

12 Aug, 2019
Very very small but work well for the inside of my truck dash and vinyl. read more »

Good inexpensive wallet

28 Jul, 2019
It's thin and inexpensive. Material is a bit stiff and cards are not very easy to get in/out. Works for my needs as a minimalistic wallet while traveling.  read more »

Great addition to our other gadgets

27 Jul, 2019
We are gatched freaks and love trying new things in our oloder home. These work very well but you NEED to follow the directions for use, These make turning off our lamps very convenient from anywhere... read more »

Works well

27 Jul, 2019
Doorbell works well. ringtones seem a bit outdated. Still a good buy for those who do not have a home door bell.   Range works fine through walls  read more »

Perfect for my fishing shorts

22 Jul, 2019
I wanted a lightweight belt for my nylon fishing shorts and this fits the bill perfect. Well made, lightweight and securely buckles. Happy with this!  read more »

Good filter

19 Jul, 2019
Very easy to install, doesnt impede water flow and seems to help make our water more skin friendly read more »

Nice straws

19 Jul, 2019
Nice straws minus the heart that can be removed. Good condtruction and ne risk of poking your eye out like with the mtal straws.  read more »

Very good pillow

15 Jul, 2019
I bought 2 of these    Very good pillow that has the ability to have the stuffing removed as needed for comfort. Bought this to take with me as I work on an oil rig and our pillows suc... read more »

Has options for filling

15 Jul, 2019
Very good pillow that has the ability to have the stuffing removed as needed for comfort. Bought this to take with me as I work on an oil rig and our pillows suck. These will be nice. No weird odor an... read more »

Very soft bed

13 Jul, 2019
As soon as I put it on the floor, my little dog jumped in it and snuggled right up. He really loves it and sleeps in it throughout the day and night. Very good quality with no weird odors or loose thr... read more »

Very nice gift

06 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my father for fathers day not really knowing what to expect. It arrived quickly and exceeded my expectations. Beautiful crafsmanship and solidly made.   Very happy wi... read more »

Works well to hang gear from my hunting bags

06 Jul, 2019
I use these to hang gear from my hunting bags/backpack. I also use 4 of them connected to a cord to raise/lower gear from my tree stand.   Well made and no worries about rust. read more »

Great for our Masterbuilt smoker

06 Jul, 2019
Absolutely love this thermometer and highly recommend it. Compared to our previous one, this is more accurate and has a better wireless range. I like the pre programmed meat temp selector and alarm wh... read more »

Very cool gadget

13 Jun, 2019
Bought this not really sure what to expect but it works just as a lighter would but without any liquid fuel. It's like a mini tazer lol. Lit our charcoal very easy. Produced no smoke and only a sl... read more »

A must have for the kitchen

11 Jun, 2019
Measuring spoons are pretty much a "must have" in my kitchen. Bought these to replace a plastic set and have veen happy with them so far. Held up to the top rack of the dishwasher with no si... read more »

Works well

11 Jun, 2019
We use this for some outdoor lighting, which gives us the ability to customize the times it is on and off. Very pleased read more »

Could save you from a dui

11 Jun, 2019
Used their yesterday morning after drinking the night before. I felt ok to drive but it showed I still had alcohol in my system. Saved me from a possible DUI.  read more »

Great invention

05 Jun, 2019
Doorbell is a great addition to our home. We own an older home and the doorbell stopped workign This system is an economical way of adding a dor bell and having the option of placing 2 speakers in pla... read more »

Good shorts for the pool

05 Jun, 2019
Good shorts for lounging around the pool. They seem to be of decent quality. held up to 1st wash vert well. Make sure you order a size up as they do not run true to USA size.  read more »

Very usefull to hang key rings and dog leash

03 Jun, 2019
I'm using this to hold our key rings and dog leash in a closet near our front door. Clips are sturdy and well made. Overall satisfied  read more »

As good as those costing twice as much

03 Jun, 2019
This reel is a bargain for what you get. Has features you'd find in reels costing $100+. The overall design and assembly are great. It feels very sturdy and the drag works as it should.... read more »

Not just for pets

01 Jun, 2019
Bought this to use during kayak trips where we are not allowed to bring disposable containers. Works well to hold pretzel sticks and peanuts. Cool design to be able to put 2 different items in th... read more »

Great for the gym

31 May, 2019
I bought these to wear at the gym because most "supportive" boxers dont do a good job at stopping the sweat. These are 95% cotton with a little stretch. Absolutely perfect for what I wanted.... read more »

Must for macbook

30 May, 2019
Works well with my macbook. I had a couple of disconnect issues but that seems to have resolved within a few minnutes. (user error?) Worked great connected to USB   Overall happy read more »

Added to my outdoor kitchen

30 May, 2019
I bought this to add to my outdoor kitchen to hand a couple of pots and other cooking gear. Overall, I am very pleased with it. Firm material, long hooks and secured hardware. After screwing this into... read more »

Excellent for camping

30 May, 2019
These will make an excellent addition to our camping trips. We like chilled red wine but do not like the bugs that get into our open top plastic wine glasses. This not only keeps the wine cold but als... read more »

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