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really nice, great smell!

21 May, 2021
We are really happy these essential oils. there are so many different varieties and the smells are really very impressive.  I personally love the jasmine and orange.  I cannot wait to mix th... read more »

pretty pair peice

21 May, 2021
I really like this hair clip but it is a little small for what I thought the price was.  but overall this is a cute little peice and it does not pull on the hair much when it is removed which I a... read more »

functional and cute

21 May, 2021
I love these 4 colors, and they are perfect for my teen who isnt super girly and also wants a little colors.  Definitely recommend these masks.  good molded to nose, nice elastic.  read more »

Cute..but strap broke on day one

17 May, 2021
This is a super cute jumper but the strap broke on the first time it was worn.  It will be fine because we can just sew it back on.  But for the price we would expect the cloths to not come... read more »

Heavy, pretty, and bit over priced

09 May, 2021
These are really quite nice.  They are pretty heavy which i did not expect.  I wear lighter earrings....you will notice these in.  And they are larger than I expected...so think 90'... read more »

Super cute...but WAY OVER PRICED

09 May, 2021
Ok This is adorable and I do love it.  But it is way too over priced for the item.  I would say cut the price in thirds...or triple the size...one or the other.   read more »

Good but could be better

09 May, 2021
For the price it is not as colorful as I expected.  It is good quality metal and durable - but the color isnt the deep copper shimmer I thought it was.  Overall, I am happy with it...I will... read more »

These are great!

09 May, 2021
Talk about making a jungle!  I had fun with these.  They are perfect for small projects! BUT leafs are kinda small and sparse.   read more »

Not quit what it looks like

26 Apr, 2021
I am not unhappy with the dress.  I bought it as pj's so it did not need to be perfect.  It is comfortable and strechy.  But I wasnt expecting it be so shiny.  Overall, I am ha... read more »

works well for what we need

26 Apr, 2021
We really liked how this fit, as well as the quality being sufficent to out needs.  My daughter really likes how it fits her as well as the design.  We are happy! read more »

Super fun!

23 Apr, 2021
These are so fun to watch, lol...maybe not the safest to have kids riding at night.  But we all enjoyed these!  definitely a good buy read more »

perfect for my needs

14 Apr, 2021
really well made and perfect for my needs.  No complaints.  the colors are bold and the flowers look really nice.  they will look lovely on the hat im decorating.  read more »

No compliants!

13 Apr, 2021
I should have gotten a second one for me.  This was a gift for my older daughters and they have so many plans with them.  They love them and have had fun mixing and using in their daily live... read more »

Almost perfect

13 Apr, 2021
This is really a neat punching bag.  It is quit tall, so a 5'6 person can have fun with it.  But the base is not stable enough.  The water we add is not heavy enough.  I have t... read more »

Wow, I wish this was for humans!

13 Apr, 2021
This is so fluffy and comfy I wish I could lay in it.  really...the cat already has a bed to lay on, now he has a fluffy mattress topper to crawl in.  The fabric is soft and fluffy and well... read more »

Super cool!

04 Apr, 2021
WOW.  This if fun! I have one critism - the poles are kinda of hard to put in.  But we put together a fort pretty easily.  our 7 year old was not able to plug in the peices but we were... read more »

Good quality

29 Mar, 2021
We are pretty happy with these.  We had to replace the pair that were left in a pocket and then laundered - egh.  the battery life is very nice.  I charge my pair maybe twice a week and... read more »


20 Mar, 2021
Oh there are so many things you can do with these!  I am so SOOOO glad I bought them.  Add to art, bath bombs, epoxy - whatever.  They are small and delicate, but colors and details are... read more »

too small

11 Mar, 2021
Well these are cute...but definitely not for my girls.  The cup size is maybe a small C, and that is not me.  Otherwise I would say they are cute and I would have liked these...but I gave th... read more »

My granddaughter loves these!

07 Mar, 2021
They are so cute and so much fun!  A ton of little shapes that float around and she can make baskets with them.  This is such a great little set!  So worth it!  read more »

very comfy!

07 Mar, 2021
They are vey comfortable and have a nice overall feel to them.  the outside portion is slick and the inside is soft.  The fit is not super flattering, but for lounging around the house - who... read more »

Still learning but great!

07 Mar, 2021
we are all still learning how to use this watch, my daughter loves it.  the flashlight function is really fun for her and she feel so grown up with all its little techy perks.  she was walki... read more »


01 Mar, 2021
WOW this thing really sucks.  And I mean in a very productive clean my floor kind of way!  It is really very powerful and pulls everything up that I wanted cleaned.  It is a powerful li... read more »

So pretty and cute!

24 Feb, 2021
My daughter was beyond excited when she saw these approach her for her class!  Definitely a worth while purchase and she loved every minute of the glamor of these topper sets!  LOVED these! read more »


24 Feb, 2021
Addmittedly I have not put the puzzle together yet - its a 1000 peices but the pieces are well cut and the image is going to be really pretty when it is put together!  It is going to be a project... read more »

easy to use

24 Feb, 2021
I was not sure what I was getting when I purchased this planter.  And wow...I need like 10 more.  I would use these just about everywhere!  I am planning herbs this one...but the next c... read more »

This is wonderful!

24 Feb, 2021
Oh my gosh.  WE LOVE THIS!  So I actually got the drum for a 7 year old party...now the adults are planning to jam with it.  I love the light weight of pad, and it has a usb charger whi... read more »

Very pretty

16 Feb, 2021
These are really quite nice but the posts are kinds thick.  I had to really work to get them in to my ears.  Perhaps if a person has old peircings....but regardless they are really quite pre... read more »

Very nice little pieces of tile.

06 Feb, 2021
They come in a nice little box and 200 g is an ok amount for the price.  I would have given 5 stars if I got more.  But overall the colors are bold and vivid.  And the peices are small,... read more »

very cute, but fall a part

06 Feb, 2021
They are very cute, and it took a moment to figure out how to put them on my daughter.  But one of the back pearls fell off that day.  Easy fix, I just super glued it back.  But overall... read more »

Love these!

06 Feb, 2021
Currently baking a loaf of sourdough on these!  Love them.  you can do so much with them and they are definitely worth the purchase. read more »

Really like these!

06 Feb, 2021
They are perfect for a bathroom.  I really like them.  They have this kind of rustic quality, and it is not fabric canvas which is important as our bathroom get pretty moist.  The color... read more »

Thin but window sized

18 Jan, 2021
We got this for our daughters window.  Even with a light curtain it still sends in just about blinding sunlight.  So we turned this into a second curtain and definietly worth the purchase.&n... read more »


18 Jan, 2021
They are really quite lovely and thick.  I got them after fall, and so I will have to wait to put them up.  But in the mean time they are definitely a reasonable purchase.  And can be u... read more »

daughter loves this

12 Jan, 2021
I do not understand the love for these weighted blankets.  I cant stand the weight on me.  But my daughter loves this.  She loves the balls, they kinda do not stay in one place and so s... read more »

Perfect for kids

12 Jan, 2021
This is your standard halloween gift set, the kids will love this come next halloween.  The elf ears are a bit big for little kids but that fine (they will make great devil ears for my costume on... read more »

neat light

12 Jan, 2021
I like the modern simple look of this light.  We had plans to modify it differently than what the image suggests and it works fine with the modifications we made.  It is on the smaller size... read more »

super fine...but small package

12 Jan, 2021
The glitter is perfect if the plan is to mix it into lotion, makeup, crafts ect.  It is very fine fairy dust like glitter.  But the container is kinda small for the price.  I will say..... read more »

Great lightweight product!

31 Dec, 2020
Nothing better than a super lightweight, easy to pack, and easy to use stand.  Solid purchase!   read more »

Good product

31 Dec, 2020
They are a good product and of course easy to use.  they are super soft and have a really nice stretch.   read more »

Fun but gives a head ache

30 Dec, 2020
These are fun and I am sure if a person used them at a stobe light party with all kinds of mind altering stuff in their system they would have a different experience...I got these for a 6 year old and... read more »

My daughter LOVES this

30 Dec, 2020
This is BIG!  We ended up tacking it to the roof and it runs the full lenght of the wall.  It is quite thin, so I can be used as a curtain and it is not tapestry material.  It is very l... read more »

so pretty!

30 Dec, 2020
The package does come with two and both go all the way around my daughters room.  But they are solar so in order for them to work the solar panels must be near the sun.  unfortunately the su... read more »

Could be better

30 Dec, 2020
I love all the little phrases on this, perfect for what can only be described as a spastic and odd year.  But it is cheaply made.  I ended up staining the material (not sure what it is exact... read more »

Good quality!

16 Dec, 2020
They are easy to assemble and good quality.  I would not say they are great for heavy load baring such as a backpack but are perfect for smaller or lighterweight items.  The overall pro... read more »

very comfy!

16 Dec, 2020
Thus are lightweight and thin gloves but surprisingly warm.  touch screen pads are good and have just enough texturing that gripping objects is made easier.  good purchase and they fit well... read more »

Perfect for little learners!

15 Dec, 2020
I bought this for my 1 year old granddaughter and wow!  She loved it.  It does take a little time for little bitties to feel confortable on the toy.  It has 2 wheels up front which is r... read more »

So cute!

15 Dec, 2020
I am not a crafty person, but for crafty people I am sure people will have a million things they can do with these ribbons.  For my purposes they will go with Christmas gifts.  But I am sure... read more »

perfect for night desk work!

15 Dec, 2020
this little devise is perfect for nighttime desk work - if I am at work or if I am working on school work!  I love that it has two light modes (soft and bright) as well as the blue tooth speaker.... read more »

cute, soft, fluffy

08 Dec, 2020
We love this carpet.  It comes vacume sealed so the package is smaller than I expected and then when you open it, it just fluffs right up.  very soft and texturally pleasing.  the color... read more »

Love this!

08 Dec, 2020
This was  wonderful purchase!  It is great for quick use and perfect if you cannot have immediate access to a plug in.  My family likes that we have this extra powercell when we are on... read more »

Great brush!

08 Dec, 2020
We desperately needed a new grill scraper and this is perfect!  Super strong and works really well to clean up the grill.  My husband love this and I would say this will work quite well for... read more »

A gift for hairy people

08 Dec, 2020
LOL.  This is a pleasant gift to give someone.  Here is a trimmer for your nose hairs, honey.  But the machine works really well and having the ablity to use in the shower is just wonde... read more »

AHHH where was this for Halloween!

08 Dec, 2020
I cannot say enough out this dress!  It is beautiful and soft!  The material is grey blue velvet with good stretch and the detail work is perfect for an Elsa look if that is what you are goi... read more »

Love this bush!

08 Dec, 2020
So the color is super cute and light weight.  We use it for egg wash, and butter basting.  Honestly, I should have gotten two!  Defintely a great purchase!  read more »

Keeping it old skool!

28 Nov, 2020
My Gen X self and husband love this!  It is kinda like the old hand held devices we saved up for, forever.  And this was a steal.  Definitely recommed for someone who wants a little nas... read more »

love these!

28 Nov, 2020
the kids loves these!  they are fun and colorful and they enjoy using them for drinks or for treats!  read more »

A huge kit with a lot of parts

24 Nov, 2020
This is really a great kit!  There are so many pieces that a child could play with.  I was expecting it to be smaller than what I got and I am pleasantly surprised.  I have no complaint... read more »

Super cool

24 Nov, 2020
My daughter loves these!  They make all kinds of neat shapes and stick together well thanks to the magnetics involved.  I wish there were bigger or more of them because it would be fun to re... read more »

Always wanted!

20 Nov, 2020
These are so mysterious and unique.  I wish it was bigger though.  I cannot complain about the detail - definitely beautiful.  And the incense smoke flows like slow water down the mount... read more »

So cute and big!

20 Nov, 2020
We fully plan to individualize these!  But wow, these are great and we love the matching factor as much as we love that we can individualize them.  Well packaged and soft. Down side, as... read more »

Fat Girl Happy!

20 Nov, 2020
Oh man, here comes the big chocolate nummies!  Ok sure you can do other things with with them, but we plan to make chocolates.  We have been making extra large peanut butter cups so these wi... read more »

Oh they are toasty

20 Nov, 2020
I would give 5 stars if they fit smaller hands well, but seriously...who cares.  When it is freezing outside - and the steering wheel is icy and your waiting for the car to heat up enough to be t... read more »

Wow. Powerful and Colorful!

20 Nov, 2020
Definitely a great purchase.  I have a really crafty child who loves to draw on rocks.  Well...these are perfect!  Super bright and hold up on her hard hands.  Adults can uses thes... read more »

These are great!

15 Nov, 2020
I love these little ear buds.  They dont hurt when I put them in my ear and they sound great.  I love being able to listen quietly without everyone knowing I am.  Wonderful!   read more »

Small but mighty

15 Nov, 2020
This is a handy little device for on the go really.  Perfect for small areas as well as while just sitting on the couch.  I am not sure how well it works of pain as we are still learning how... read more »

Really well made!

15 Nov, 2020
These are a great gift for my mom!  They are really well made and color is classy but simple.  The largest piece is perfect for overnight trips without being too big that its cumbersome.&nbs... read more »

Beautiful Shirt

15 Nov, 2020
Very comfortable, lovely top and the color is vibrant too.  Size is just right too.   read more »

Good pairs of Socks!

15 Nov, 2020
These are good pairs of socks,  honestly cant complain when you get 10 pairs and they are thick enough to hold up against heavy wear but thin enough to be comfortable.  Definitely recommend... read more »

Absolutely Gorgeous!

15 Nov, 2020
This is wonderful!  So well made and I am so glad I got two!  The twinkling is lovely at night and the color of the leaves is great during the day.  Solid recommend!   read more »

Love this writing toy!

08 Nov, 2020
My 1 year old granddaughter loves this work station.  The board cleans easily and its basically like an etch a sketch where you use a pen to write.  And that is the cool part, she is getting... read more »

Fun and a bit of education

07 Nov, 2020
Homeschooling meets desk gift.  This was bought for my teenager as a cool desk gift which she can watch change with the weather, and in order to understand it, she had to do some research. ... read more »

Beautiful earrings!

03 Nov, 2020
These are well made lovely earrings.  Perfect for a daughter or mom.  The stone is large enough that you cant miss it, but dainty enough that the ears dont feel dragged down.  They have... read more »

Nice little gift

03 Nov, 2020
We really like bath bombs, you really cant go wrong with them in just about any fashion.  These ones are great.  Small enough to do the trick in a standard bathtub.  And they produce a... read more »

Neat little Frying Pot

03 Nov, 2020
This is a cute little pot.  It is stainless steel and does exactly what I want it to do.  Perfect for an apartment or table top kind of cooking. No you cannot fry a whole turkey. ... read more »

Mama's gonna learn how to make wine!

27 Oct, 2020
Yeap...I plan to learn how to make wine.  These look like so much fun.  I am sure you can put fruit and spices of all kinds here and boil it, and have a lovely cider.  But after that...... read more »

So beautiful!

27 Oct, 2020
I cannot wait to see this whole project put together.  These vines are so beautiful!  And I could not be happier with them, so much so that I wont share them after the event I got them for,... read more »


27 Oct, 2020
I am in love with these.   I have them in a few colors now and they will be stunning on a project I have going.  The vines are long and heavily flowered.  The metal forms a fork li... read more »

Kids party!

27 Oct, 2020
I love these for kids parties.  And yeap...going to the school halloween party.  I have been having to fight my 6 year off of these for a week now.  The fall shapes are perfect in case... read more »

very comfy!

27 Oct, 2020
Fabric is of nice quality and stiching seems solid.  The material is not heavy but definitely has weight to it.  Color is nice also.  The pj's have not been worn more than twice, so... read more »

Wonderful piece of kids tech!

27 Oct, 2020
For the person who grew up with nintendo - this is a really nice game console.  If could remove the camera function I would because my kid takes a lot of pictures of chairs...or feet....  Bu... read more »

cute pocketwatch feel

17 Oct, 2020
super cute and unique gift.  we will turn it into a key fob because it is more my daughters style.   read more »

Fun for grandkids

17 Oct, 2020
What better gift to give a preschooler than a loud machine that projects voice.  Its small enough that little hands can take it around, but not so small that they have an easy time of it.  M... read more »

oh the noise...

17 Oct, 2020
if you want a quiet house...maybe not this.  my youngest will be singing off key songs forever now.  but otherwise this a really neat little system and I have not even scratched the surface... read more »


17 Oct, 2020
Look...holds 400 pounds.  need i say more?  that is the most important part.  easy to put up.  has mosquito netting...and wont break.  done deal.  read more »

good quality, soft and flexible.

17 Oct, 2020
good buy.  I have several for a function being planned.  they are good quality, solid strong eye portion but soft all around.  worth it read more »

cute but not worth the price

17 Oct, 2020
first i was expecting more crystal than plastic beads for 16 dollars.  it is not elastic so putting it on and taking it off...also an issue.  its cute, but not worth 16 dollars.  read more »

The dog approves

13 Oct, 2020
I have a german sheppard mastiff mix who just about destroys every chew toy there is.  She will make this one go to.  And that is not a bad thing, the dog is happy chewing on the toy and giv... read more »

Works really well!

05 Oct, 2020
We used the bread loaf pan and it works really well!  I used it to proof the bread and then when done rising I baked the bread in the silcon pan.  The sour dough slid right out!  Tonigh... read more »

So beautiful!

04 Oct, 2020
I got these for a fairy garden project I am working on.  And I am so happy with them!  Several thick branches and good sized flowers.  Very easy to wrap and secure in place!  I can... read more »

Soft and Classy!

04 Oct, 2020
Wow!  I am really impressed with these.  My mom is going to love the classy look of the scarf.  But she is really going to appreciate the soft texture.  It is wide and two toned wh... read more »

This is a really neat and classy looking clock!

02 Oct, 2020
The picture does not do this clock justice.  It is light weight so putting it up is not an issue - but well made so I am sure it will last.  Packaging was good as well, the  clock arriv... read more »

Wow! I wish I got a second set

02 Oct, 2020
So these were a gift for my step daughter's new house...these are so neat I should have gotten me one too!  The little flames actually move about.  And the color changes to suit the deco... read more »


02 Oct, 2020
These are adorable!  We cannot wait to add some glitter and metalic paint and then place these bad boys on our Christmas tree!  And so SO many pieces!   read more »

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