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Hello, I have been reviewing products for over 4 years. Recently was turned on to Rank Booster and would love to make a great review for you. I love home and kitchen products but anything out of the ordinary is a real joy. The platforms I share on are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, but recently been enjoying a bit of video recording so I am thinking about spreading my wings to You tube. I keep my reviews fun and upbeat and would love to help your business grow.
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Sharp set

27 Nov, 2017
Basic Knife Set review Great set. Each of the three knife sizes has come in handy on a small project where I'm cutting pleather or soft woods. Great beginner set for someone that might be interest... read more »


27 Nov, 2017
This Professional High Precision USB Wired Gaming Mouse has 8 Buttons,With 7 kinds modes of LED Colorful Breathing Lights. They are mesmerizing to watch or you can turn them off.It has a quick thumb f... read more »

Great kit for older cars

17 Nov, 2017
Great looking product.  Was able to sync it easily to my car and phone.  I have an 2008 Pontiac G6.  The sound quality is good with the music and phone calls.  People say they can... read more »


15 Nov, 2017
 This is the cutest little angle. My mother collects them, so I am constantly buying a new angle. I admit I didn’t expect it to be as tiny as it is. I’m not real sure where they found... read more »

Fit is good

11 Nov, 2017
 I bought this holder for my new bike because it didn't have one and it is hard to ride without water on hot summer days. The holder is sharp, has a sleek design and stands out on my bike. Th... read more »

Great gift for anyone

08 Nov, 2017
The packaging alone on this lamp was high-tech, so when I took the lamp out of the box I wasn't at all shocked at its appearance. The lamp is very sleek and modern looking and doesn’t l... read more »

Beautiful colors

08 Nov, 2017
 I am really enjoying this Acrylic paint set. The paints are vibrant and blend easily giving them a watercolor look. Whether you are buying these paints for an adult or a child, this paint s... read more »

Great investment

05 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this lamp! I just found a new hobby of drawing and I like to sit on the couch next to my partner at night watching TV and drawing. Problem is, I can see worth a darn. But this l... read more »

Very well made

05 Nov, 2017
I was very surprised opening these Dog rope toys. Eleven Toys in one bag, I was exspecting the dogs to have them chewed up in no time. But I started taking them out and these toys were very... read more »

Love them

05 Nov, 2017
I pulled these Stainless Steel Measuring spoons outof the box in front of my mother and she gasps saying "where did you get thoes". I just smiled and said " the web is a wonderful thing... read more »

Love it

05 Nov, 2017
I bought one of these Car power inverter's about ten years ago so that the kids could play there play Station in the car. hooked up a portable screen and everything. Total trip rescue where you ha... read more »

Fixes something shiny disease

04 Nov, 2017
Been  looking for a fidget spinner for a while to help with my something shiny disease.When I recieved the spinner and opened it I could tell right away it was better then the store bought ones.... read more »

Great investment

04 Nov, 2017
I bought this for a Christmas present for my son. He has been wanting one for a while now.First of all, he is going to love love love the design of the mat. I am going to love the fact that its water... read more »


04 Nov, 2017
I recieved this neckless in a small velvet bag not a box as sugested for a gift. It is a really cute neckless, it has a real gold look to it and the pendent is simply beautiful. The pendent has unique... read more »

Vandals beware

31 Oct, 2017
Im' giving this Duumy Security Camera to my friend to put under the eve of her garage to deter vandals. It doesn't feel like it would fare well in wet conditions to put it... read more »

Grate gift

28 Oct, 2017
These are really cool. My son will love these. I am going to put these ear phones in his stocking. But of course we had to make sure they worked. They work great. They charge in their case t... read more »

Perfect for chicken

28 Oct, 2017
I have bought at least 10 thermometers some costing more than this one. But this one as soon as I took it out of the bag I could feel in the weight of it that its durability was going to be execellant... read more »


25 Oct, 2017
I bought this stand because when I charge my phone it is constantly falling on the floor in between the couch and table. But it happens that I have a 7 inch tablet and the stand holds it perfectl... read more »

No more cuts

25 Oct, 2017
Okay so I have huge hands, so my first thought was  they are never going to fit. But I got a size 9 and wow, they are the best gloves ever. Probably the most comfortable gloves I ever put on my h... read more »

Lots of cooking No mess

25 Oct, 2017
These Gas Range Protectors from are fantastic for people who love to cook but hate the clean-up.  You will absolutely love them the next time you forget you're cooking spaghetti when the... read more »

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