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I am an avid saver! I share all great deals with my team of currently 3,300+. My family loves, loves, loves opening Amazon packages daily! I formally reviewed on Amazon, but no longer. I will do my best to give great reviews on this site, and I have several social media outlets as well. My family consists of mom, dad, 9 and 13 year-old girls. We have a broad spectrum of items in which we purchase.
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28 May, 2020
This case is a bit sturdier than the last one I received.  It's also night that the silicone cse cover allows for wireless charging. read more »


28 May, 2020
I’m very impressed by this case. It looks beautiful and has a fantastic battery life. It fits snug on my iPad. I had to be careful to wiggle it into the case. It is a little heavy and bulky, but... read more »

Love these!!

26 May, 2020
These storage bag organizers are just the ticket! They fold flat until use, but then expand to fit anything!!  Towels, comforters, clothing, anything you can think of.  I can't believe y... read more »

Simple and cute

26 May, 2020
This is a simple and cute little photo album.  Blank canvas to do whatever you'd like.  Wish it had more pages with it. read more »

Great to give as a gift!

25 May, 2020
Are all bath bombs made the same?  No.  And this is a perfect example of one that is different.  They actually use essential oils in each of their bath bombs!  You can really tell... read more »

Sturdy mugs

25 May, 2020
These are very sturdy mugs, I just wish the seller would've put something besides their name on them.  They do hold up well though. read more »

Decorating made easy!

21 May, 2020
These faux silk eucalyptus garland leaves are just the ticket!  Re-decorating my daughter's room.  She wants a shaby-chic theme, complete with fairy lights and 'plants" and vine... read more »

Much easier!

21 May, 2020
The manual pumps are such a pain!  This is a really great product.  And it charges via usb!   read more »

Works for the money!

20 May, 2020
This is a very low-priced case cover for AirPods.  While they do fit great - the silicone case is a bit thinner than expected.  The top isn't really tight fitting either.  But still... read more »


20 May, 2020
If you're like me, you never wanted a garden - but in this epidemic - it's a necessity now.  I was SO aggravated trying to grow vegetables from seedlings.  I even got the special lit... read more »

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️10 STARS!!

17 May, 2020
I absolutely LOVE these floor lamps!!  They are just a tad over 5 feet tall.  I have several rooms in my home that do not have sufficient lighting - these floor lamps are the my fix!  T... read more »

2 belts in one!

10 May, 2020
My previous belt broke a few months ago.  I've been looking ever since then for a well made, leather belt that is reversable.  And this is it!  FINALLY!!  I absolutely love thi... read more »

Complete Kit

10 May, 2020
This is a complete kit - 149 pieces is just incredible!  My favorite part of this kit is the 48 bottle of glitter!  It's the biggest "WOW" factor for my kids and their friends.... read more »

Just like Belle!

08 May, 2020
I can't believe all the pieces you get in this set!!  It totally "completes" the Belle dress!  Or, it's a set to play princess with your daughter's favorite dress! Brig... read more »


04 May, 2020
this is my 2nd time buying these!!  They are GREAT quality!  and you get FOUR for the price!!  Each has it's own little case.  I really love this idea.  Not only does it c... read more »


03 May, 2020
I can't say I've ever seen collapsable pails!  Going to the beach, we haul SO many things!  And even if we go for just a couple of hours, it's still a pretty big haul.  But... read more »

Not just for cats!

03 May, 2020
Everyone buys these fountains for cats!  It is the perfect size for my boxer!!  She absolutely loves it!  We put it out on the deck on a sunny day, fill to the water line with both ice... read more »


01 May, 2020
This cool mist humidifier is just so fun!  Small and compact, so you can put it anywhere!  Watching the LED night light will put you in a trance!  Totally mesmerizing!!  It's v... read more »

Very nice

30 Apr, 2020
This comes in 4 smaller bouquets, but if you put them together - it's a VERY impressive bouquet of flowers!  Can use it for a wedding, special occassion, or  beautiful centerpiece! ... read more »

Perfect mini-claw machine prizes!!

26 Apr, 2020
I was SO excited to see these little emoji keychains!!  Who doesn't LOVE emojis??  :)  A while back, I had bought my kids a mini claw machine.  It comes totally empty.  Th... read more »

great for temp tatoos!

26 Apr, 2020
This mini airbrush kit is great for all sorts of things - any type of fine spray that you can think of - makeup, designs on cakes, and temporary tatoos!!  Just use a template with the holes cut o... read more »

This is AMAZING!!

24 Apr, 2020
I have similar type of toys already (disguised as Anna and Elsa).  Only 1 of 2 of them even works at all, and the 2nd one is just okay.  But THIS one - the UTTORA Flying Ball - has P-O-W-E-R... read more »


24 Apr, 2020
Great set!  Simple belts that get the job done!  No bulky belt buckle, simple clasp, easy adjustment and it stretches!  Easily worn with dress pants, jeans, dress or jumpsuit!  Sim... read more »

Brings back memories!

23 Apr, 2020
I can't believe they can pack in 400 games into one device!  These retro games from the 80s sure do bring back some memories!  Now I can share my childhood games with the new generation!... read more »

Cute! Environmentally friendly!

23 Apr, 2020
What a cute little set!!  Perfect for our family of four!!  I got these mainly for our trips to the zoo!  I can't stand when we get something to drink, and we can't get a straw... read more »


22 Apr, 2020
My previous belt broke a few months ago.  I've been looking ever since then for a well made, leather belt that is reversable.  And this is it!  FINALLY!!  I absolutely love thi... read more »

Great set!

22 Apr, 2020
This is a great set, and an even better price!  There are three sets of four belts to choose from.  All colors are neutral, and there are different clasps.  I like how they are each adj... read more »

Fabulous Tool!

09 Apr, 2020
This mini airbrush can be used for t-shirt art, cake decorating, make-up, nails, body art, with stencils on a wall or planted pot, whatever!!  You can use it even without an air hose!! ... read more »

Will definitely come in handy during the quarantine!

09 Apr, 2020
I'm sure everyone is thinking just like me, gather up food and supplies for the next few months.  Then, where do you put them all?  I found this little shelf, and it is absolutely perfec... read more »


09 Apr, 2020
WOW!!  I just can't say enough about how SHOCKED I am at the quality of these storage bins!!  I bought FOUR sets!!  They are perfect for storing all my little treasures in.  :)... read more »


01 Apr, 2020
These are so light and easy to use.  I sometimes forget that I even have them on!  Started to walk out of the house with them still on my face!  :)  I have noticed a big decrease i... read more »


01 Apr, 2020
These are SO easy to use!  The Décolleté area is so sensitive, and I continue to get more and more wrinkles there when I sleep.  This set is a life saver!!  I can tell a b... read more »


01 Apr, 2020
This is a very classy knife.  The weight of it, the sheer size - these both make it very comfortable to use.  It came already sharpened.  The box that it comes in is padded and a very n... read more »


01 Apr, 2020
216.4 feet worth of sheer delight!  This LED strip lights set is worth every penny!  Just try and compare the quality, length and price to any other online!  I had no issues upon openin... read more »

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