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Good 3 in one cable

23 Dec, 2019
It's go a coiled part which helps reduce the yanking stress on the connectors.  I tried using both the microUSB and lightning connectors at the same time, and it seemed to work?! That kind of... read more »

Good baking mat starter pack

01 Aug, 2019
These are silicone on both sides with fiberglass internals.  The good thing about it is that the fiberglass is a wide weave, kind of like a screen rather than a tightly woven cloth.  That wa... read more »

Slick mats for easy cleanup

18 Jul, 2019
These are fiberglass and PTFE mats.  With this you don't get the same scorch marks as you would directly on the grill if you're into that, but of course it lets you cook stuff on the gril... read more »

Use your USB C for lots of connections

04 Jul, 2019
I can't speak as to how this works on a iPad pro or Android with USB C, but for my purposes, a laptop w/o enough USB ports, this works great.  Plug it into your USB C, and now you instead hav... read more »

Good standard sanding discs at a good price

26 Jun, 2019
You get a big set of 100 aluminum oxide sanding discs for a much better price than the brand names like Norton etc. at the big box home stores, which sell for more than double the price.  Good&nb... read more »

Super compact wireless charger

01 May, 2019
This is cute & small and works great.  A lot of wireless chargers are bigger and circular, so when I wanted to put them in my car center console it took up too much space and made it tougher... read more »

Easy to use, but don't lose track of the charger

10 Dec, 2018
These are LiPO batteries so incompatible as far as I know with all the usual NiCd/NiMH/LiIon battery chargers you have for your other devices.  They do provide a warning card with the item, to 1.... read more »

Pump up the jam

07 Dec, 2018
This is a #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored review for the  #Zorvo pipe blaster. Looks a bit li... read more »

Light & tough & long

05 Mar, 2018
Ah the spork, the eating utensil love child from when the fork ran away with the spoon.  It's not a great fork, it's not a great spoon, but does the trick if you need to make do with only... read more »

Not the warmest but really cute

23 Feb, 2018
My kid has one of these mermaid tail things in a quilt/comforter style, its really warm but she's outgrowing it, so I decided to go for one of these.  It's a knit yarn thing, and although... read more »

Convenient size, and small LED light

07 Feb, 2018
2200mAh is not enough to get most modern phones a full charge, and like all other power banks I seem to have, there must be conversion inefficiencies or storage loss, because I never seem to get liste... read more »

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