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Sling Backpack

28 Dec, 2020
Excellent little product. Perfect for a kid! Well made read more »

Barber Cape for Men & Women

28 Dec, 2020
Very nice Barber Cape. My aide who gives me a haircut every now and then really likes it. Does a very good job read more »

Piping Tips Set 18 pcs Cake Decoration tips

18 Nov, 2020
Yeah I need these 2 a friend who really does a lot of Baking. They are very well made. and she was very happy to get him! Would recommend them to anybody read more »

Cake Decorating Piping Bag,

18 Nov, 2020
I gave these to a friend who does a lot of baking. She was very excited as she just ran out of them and she needed them. Very well made product read more »

BigOtters Artificial Lavender Flowers,

18 Nov, 2020
Great little artificial flowers! Will be putting damn in glass containers. Nice to look at read more »

HANSGO Small Popcorn Boxes

18 Nov, 2020
Great little boxes good for popcorn or even little cookies. Very well made read more »

yamaso Black Golf Ball Pick up Tool(

14 Sep, 2020
Great little item. As stated helps pick up the golf balls quite easily! Would recommend anybody read more »

Great hearing purchase for my niece

04 Jul, 2020
I got these for my niece, she was thrilled with them. And she told me she would be wearing them is coming holiday season   read more »

Great exercise bands for handicap person!

04 Jul, 2020
I got is sad because I'm wheelchair bound, and it allows me to put one in on a door nob and work my hands and upper body. Very good quality. would recommend to anybody read more »

AXEN Key Chain

20 Mar, 2020
Great keyychine read more »

Great set up doll clothes

03 Mar, 2020
This is a great set of doll clothes. I got this for a friend of mine who collects dolls. she loved it. would highly recommend this item read more »

SuperXC Hexagonal Chakra Crystal Bullet Shape Gemstone Pendant

14 Feb, 2020
Very nice pendant. Give it out to a good friend of mine and she was ecstatic about it!   read more »

Perfect little tool set 115 piece

23 Jan, 2020
I would recommend this to anybody without a second thought. Excellent for small electronics. Looks like it has everything to change a cracked screen on a phone, except for the heating unit lol I have... read more »

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set,

23 Jan, 2020
This is an excellent tool set for anybody working on small electronics, phones, radiol. Would recommend this to anybody without give me another second thought. love my set read more »

Lost in mail

08 Jan, 2020
Unfortunately I did order these but they were lost in the mail. R though that's what Amazon told me read more »

Corciosy Lao shan Sandalwood Incense Sticks

23 Dec, 2019
These are very nice incense sticks, I typically always keep one burning in my house just to keep the fragrance going. Would not hesitate in telling other people to buy these. read more »

Corciosy Agarwood Aloeswood Incense Sticks

23 Dec, 2019
I've always been a fan of incense sticks. And these are very nicely made, and smells really good. Would not hesitate in telling other purses to buy these. read more »

Mini dash Cam

20 Dec, 2019
This mini dash Cam may be small in size but it works excellently. Takes great video, and works quite well. read more »

Telescopic Teachers Pointer

07 Dec, 2019
Great pointer,gave it as gift to freid read more »

115 in 1 precision screwdriver set

20 Nov, 2019
This is an extremely nice set to be used for fixing phones or any kind of small electronics. Well made. And any asset in any tool kit. read more »

Book Binder Rings

31 Oct, 2019
well made and good qality   read more »

HONESTY Santa's Tree

31 Oct, 2019
Great little table top X~Mas tree Runs on 3 AA Batteries I love it read more »

Micro USB & USB-C Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable

22 Oct, 2019
great cables 4 the price Works perfect read more »

VantInter S2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

22 Oct, 2019
Best bluetooth speeker 4its size. great clear sound and display of lights   read more »

Liposomal Colostrum.

09 Oct, 2019
Great item to help improve your stomach health. Also helps make you regular. read more »

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