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Shindel 12 Pack Tote Gift Bags

21 Jul, 2021
These are very well made bags! I love the choices of colors. I would recommend these to anybody. read more »

Qukueoy 12 Inch Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Clock

13 Jul, 2021
I purchased this for a neurotic chicken loving rooster loving friend of mine. And she did like it! read more »

Night Light Wall Clock

13 Jul, 2021
Very well made clock and I like the design of it. Will look extremely nice in my apartment. Thank you read more »

Cat is My spirit annimal Mug

13 Jul, 2021
Very nice cat mug, I got this as a birthday gift for a friend who loves cats and she loved it! read more »

20 Pack Sidewalk Chalk Set

13 Jul, 2021
Extremely nice sidewalk chalk set. Each individual chalk is much bigger than I thought. And they come with a nice little grab her honor thing that you put over the chalk which helps your hand hold ont... read more »

VGOODALL Cupcake Boxes

13 Jul, 2021
Very nice cupcake boxes. We do quite a bit of baking and they will come in handy! read more »

Koogel 15pcs Stencils

03 Jul, 2021
This company does extremely good job with stencils, as I have several other other kits and enjoying quite a bit. Thank you guys read more »

Retro Wooden Decorative Beach Clock

03 Jul, 2021
Very nice clock, will look very good on the wall!. Thank you guys read more »

Vegetable chopper

25 Jun, 2021
Very nice vegetable chopper. Does exactly what I needed to. Thank you so much and have a great day  read more »

GoosWexmzl Take Apart Dinosaur Toy

24 Jun, 2021
Very nice dinosaur toys here. I actually purchase this as a Christmas gift for this Christmas for a nice little boy that I think will like it he's into dinosaurs. Thank you very much guys have a g... read more »

Koogel 300 Pcs White Study Cards, 3 x 5 Inch

24 Jun, 2021
I gave these to a teacher friend of mine as she was ecstatic to get up. Thank you guys! Have a great day read more »

Thickened-Piping bags-Disposable Pastry bag

19 Jun, 2021
Very nice piking bags. Thank you read more »

Vintage Wooden Round Wall Clock

19 Jun, 2021
I love this wall clock,! Very very nice design! hey read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower

19 Jun, 2021
Very nice power strip. Five out of five stars read more »

Kiztoys Sprinkler for Kids

19 Jun, 2021
I've purchased so many of these I'm giving them out to neighbors LOL. But they are fun read more »

Shindel Water Guns for Kids

19 Jun, 2021
Another great water product purchase. Very nice water guns. Thank you read more »

VGoodall 14 PCS White and Brown Bakery Boxes

19 Jun, 2021
 Purchase these for a bakery friend of mine. She is very happy wit Thank you for a great purchase again read more »

Kiztoys Water Gun

19 Jun, 2021
Again another nice water toy from a great company. I purchased this for a friend of mine to shoot at her husband LOL. Again guys thank you for a great purchase read more »

Koogel Plastic Stencil Template

19 Jun, 2021
Very nice dental set, I gave these to a cook friend of mine who can actually use these when they make up food packages and they put designs on them. Thank you read more »

BOFUTE Men's Swirl Dial Quartz Waterproof Business Casual Watch

19 Jun, 2021
Wow I am very impressed with this watch. Very nice design actually has some weight to it which I like in a watch. Very happy with this purchase thank you guys! read more »

Plastic Stencil Template

12 Jun, 2021
This is my second set of plastic stencil templates I've purchased and they are just as nice as the first. Thank you so very much read more »

7pcs Plastic Stencil Template

12 Jun, 2021
Very nice plastic stencil templates. Both me and the kids will love using them thank you read more »

Koogel Scratch Painting Kits

12 Jun, 2021
Very nice painting kit. Both me and the young ones will love it! Thank you   read more »

Aqueous Flopping Fish Cat Toy

12 Jun, 2021
This is a very nice fish toy. My little furball will love it. Thank you   read more »

Silicone Funnels

05 Jun, 2021
 come in very handy in the kitchen!! Thank you! read more »

Koogel 10 Packs Canvas Zipper Pencil Bags

05 Jun, 2021
 Very nice 10 pack of zipper pencil bags, can also be used for change. Kids will love them read more »

Koogel Slime Supplies Kit

31 May, 2021
Very nice kit! The kids will highly enjoy it! read more »

Yan Hou Tang Simple and Plain Solid Line Mug

31 May, 2021
Nice coffee mug. Can't really say anything special about it because it's just as good as any other coffee mug. Doesn't stand out in any way. Sorry but I'm being very truthful read more »

Kiztoys Water Guns for Kids

30 May, 2021
Very nice set of water guns, the kids will highly enjoy them   read more »

4-Cavity Silicone Mold

30 May, 2021
Very well made silicone molds. Will be using them to make like candies and desserts. Very happy with the product read more »

BigOtters 6PCS 6 Sizes Embroidery Hoops

30 May, 2021
I'm not really into embroidering, but I gave these out as a gift to a nurse friend of mine and she very much like them. read more »

Koogel 8PCS Silicone Rolling Pins Set

30 May, 2021
My health care aide opened the package with the rolling pins and she was just delighted beyond belief. I myself don't do much baking but she does all my picking due to my hands not working that go... read more »

Laptop Stand for Desk

30 May, 2021
Very unique laptop stand. I like the fact that it gets the laptop about 5 inches above the table and you can actually store stuff underneath your laptop there's that much room I very much enjoy th... read more »

Kiztoys Foam Water Gun

30 May, 2021
Very nice and unique water guns, the kids will highly enjoy them for summer! read more »

LovesTown Jump Rocket Launcher

29 May, 2021
Very well made rocket launcher for kids and some adult.. Very very soft tip so even if it hits you it won't hurt.. But then again if it hit me it would probably hurt because I'm a wimp. LOL bu... read more »

LovesTown 41 PCS Bubble Wands Set

29 May, 2021
Any kid would love this set! Very well made many many different shapes and sizes although bubbles come out round no matter what LOL but I typically give these out as gifts so any kid will love this. V... read more »

Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids

25 May, 2021
 This is the second or third Kiztoys brand that I purchased. I'm very happy with the quality they are very well made and the kids are gonna love them. And when I say kids I mean my employees... read more »

Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids

25 May, 2021
 I picked this up for my employee who has kids as I do not have kids but I do like buying gifts for kids and their parents. I'm sure her and her granddaughter will love it and thank you for t... read more »

Kiztoys Water Guns for Kids

24 May, 2021
Excellent set of water guns. The kids are gonna love Them! read more »

USB Microphone Kit

22 May, 2021
I'm highly impressed with this USB microphone kit! it really helped get rid of a problem.... with little clicks in the background.thanks! read more »

Super great microphone

16 May, 2021
This is a very nice microphone stand it is built very ruggedly.  . Before using my PC's like it sounded blurry but now it's crystal clear.! I would definitely give this 5 stars out of 5 a... read more »

Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids

15 May, 2021
  My kids gonna love the sprinkler! Thank you very much   read more »

Shindel Dried Flowers Greeting Cards

07 May, 2021
Very nice little greeting cards here, unique design with the dried flowers on them. I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking to send out a unique card to a friend or family member. read more »


07 May, 2021
 I've used many of these Wi-Fi adapters over the past few years. And I just happen to need another one for a Dell optiplex PC I purchased. And I plugged it in and it works fantastic great wou... read more »

HiFan Scented Candle Gifts

02 May, 2021
I'm very impressed with these candles! Not only did they come in a very beautiful box, but like candles their selves are in beautiful containers. And the fragrances are very intense which I do lov... read more »

KitchMix Retro Stainless Steel Bread Toasters with 6 Settings

02 May, 2021
I was so dang impressed with this toaster! Not only it is beautiful, but can paired to my old $7 toaster this thing of rocks! Or does it defrost function it has a bagel function. Cut bagels have no pr... read more »

SallyFashion 85 Pieces Planet Marbles

28 Apr, 2021
Great colorful marbles! I will be using them for arts and crafts. thank you read more »

Men's Novelty Cap

19 Apr, 2021
Very nice cap. A little better than the other ones as the hair does not fall off on this one. Would definitely buy again. Great gag gift read more »

Flexible USB Rechargeable Lighter

03 Apr, 2021
This is a very well made USB lighter, all metal which I like!.. And although I don't smoke I do use them to light candles around the house.. What I really enjoy about it is the flexibel head for t... read more »

Remote Control Led Tea Lights

03 Apr, 2021
I have always enjoyed these tealights for years, and this was a very nice set also. Which I will be using quite often . Thank you very much read more »

UTTORA Remote Control Car for Kid

28 Mar, 2021
Although this is stated for kids, I gave this to an adult friend of mine who had quite a bit of fun with it. Very nice little RC car read more »

Camo Face Mask

28 Mar, 2021
  great 50 count box of face mask multi design   read more »

UTTORA Remote Control Car

14 Mar, 2021
Very nice RC car and any kid would love it, and actually I gave it to my health care aide at she loves it LOL read more »

Dollhouse entertainment set

14 Mar, 2021
Very well made one piece construction, kids of all ages would love it read more »

LEIDAI Womens Long Scarf

14 Mar, 2021
Great scarf, got this as a gift for a friend of mine and she loved it! read more »

Vacuum Sealer Bags,

14 Mar, 2021
 Great set of vacuum sealer bags.. a great value for the price read more »

UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit

27 Feb, 2021
Nice little pretend kit for the outdoors.. Got this item for my niece and I think she'll like it ☺ read more »

UTTORA Remote Control Car for Kids

27 Feb, 2021
Fantastic little RC car! Got this for a friends kid and they loved it. read more »

NEILDEN 5D Diamond Painting Kits

24 Jan, 2021
Although this is not my thing, I give him out as gifts to people that do love him. And they do! read more »

Sling Backpack

28 Dec, 2020
Excellent little product. Perfect for a kid! Well made read more »

Barber Cape for Men & Women

28 Dec, 2020
Very nice Barber Cape. My aide who gives me a haircut every now and then really likes it. Does a very good job read more »

Piping Tips Set 18 pcs Cake Decoration tips

18 Nov, 2020
Yeah I need these 2 a friend who really does a lot of Baking. They are very well made. and she was very happy to get him! Would recommend them to anybody read more »

Cake Decorating Piping Bag,

18 Nov, 2020
I gave these to a friend who does a lot of baking. She was very excited as she just ran out of them and she needed them. Very well made product read more »

BigOtters Artificial Lavender Flowers,

18 Nov, 2020
Great little artificial flowers! Will be putting damn in glass containers. Nice to look at read more »

HANSGO Small Popcorn Boxes

18 Nov, 2020
Great little boxes good for popcorn or even little cookies. Very well made read more »

yamaso Black Golf Ball Pick up Tool(

14 Sep, 2020
Great little item. As stated helps pick up the golf balls quite easily! Would recommend anybody read more »

Great hearing purchase for my niece

04 Jul, 2020
I got these for my niece, she was thrilled with them. And she told me she would be wearing them is coming holiday season   read more »

Great exercise bands for handicap person!

04 Jul, 2020
I got is sad because I'm wheelchair bound, and it allows me to put one in on a door nob and work my hands and upper body. Very good quality. would recommend to anybody read more »

AXEN Key Chain

20 Mar, 2020
Great keyychine read more »

Great set up doll clothes

03 Mar, 2020
This is a great set of doll clothes. I got this for a friend of mine who collects dolls. she loved it. would highly recommend this item read more »

SuperXC Hexagonal Chakra Crystal Bullet Shape Gemstone Pendant

14 Feb, 2020
Very nice pendant. Give it out to a good friend of mine and she was ecstatic about it!   read more »

Perfect little tool set 115 piece

23 Jan, 2020
I would recommend this to anybody without a second thought. Excellent for small electronics. Looks like it has everything to change a cracked screen on a phone, except for the heating unit lol I have... read more »

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set,

23 Jan, 2020
This is an excellent tool set for anybody working on small electronics, phones, radiol. Would recommend this to anybody without give me another second thought. love my set read more »

Lost in mail

08 Jan, 2020
Unfortunately I did order these but they were lost in the mail. R though that's what Amazon told me read more »

Corciosy Lao shan Sandalwood Incense Sticks

23 Dec, 2019
These are very nice incense sticks, I typically always keep one burning in my house just to keep the fragrance going. Would not hesitate in telling other people to buy these. read more »

Corciosy Agarwood Aloeswood Incense Sticks

23 Dec, 2019
I've always been a fan of incense sticks. And these are very nicely made, and smells really good. Would not hesitate in telling other purses to buy these. read more »

Mini dash Cam

20 Dec, 2019
This mini dash Cam may be small in size but it works excellently. Takes great video, and works quite well. read more »

Telescopic Teachers Pointer

07 Dec, 2019
Great pointer,gave it as gift to freid read more »

115 in 1 precision screwdriver set

20 Nov, 2019
This is an extremely nice set to be used for fixing phones or any kind of small electronics. Well made. And any asset in any tool kit. read more »

Book Binder Rings

31 Oct, 2019
well made and good qality   read more »

HONESTY Santa's Tree

31 Oct, 2019
Great little table top X~Mas tree Runs on 3 AA Batteries I love it read more »

Micro USB & USB-C Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable

22 Oct, 2019
great cables 4 the price Works perfect read more »

VantInter S2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

22 Oct, 2019
Best bluetooth speeker 4its size. great clear sound and display of lights   read more »

Liposomal Colostrum.

09 Oct, 2019
Great item to help improve your stomach health. Also helps make you regular. read more »

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