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Lovely thick blanket!

18 Oct, 2019
I absolutely loved this blanket. It was actually thick enough to put a baby on and know they'd be comfortable, rather than just on a thin sheet.  The wreath and headband were perfect addition... read more »

Excellent thermometer

23 Oct, 2018
Love the protective case it comes in, you'll need it because this is long.  I got it specifically for grilling so there's no chance I burn myself trying to get the temperature.  Spot... read more »

Lots of fun!

14 Sep, 2018
Kids had a lot of fun playing with this! Loved the hover feature, especially on a rainy day. #Sp... read more »

Excellent straws

29 Aug, 2018
These straws are so great! They're a lovely green and red and perfect to be used at Christmas time to keep everything festive! read more »


28 Jul, 2018
Easy to use.  I love that it can illuminate for when I'm grilling at night.  Very handy that it can speak the temperature if you're not in a position to see it.  The display aut... read more »

Beautiful headphones!

10 Jul, 2018
These are very stylish headphones.  The box and packaging is very impressive.  There's an extra bag for storage, which has a neat magnetic closure so the contents will be certain not to... read more »

Great cat toys

22 May, 2018
These are such great toys for a cat! My little one cannot stop playing with these, she loves to chase them all around the house.  She was so attracted to the scent of them she had it out of the b... read more »


22 Jan, 2018
Loved this product! I bought it to make a cat scratching post and it's perfect! It's a very large post and my cat loves it!  read more »

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