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50 piece disposable masks

15 Oct, 2020
These masks are really great! I needed new ones because we are running low on the other disposable masks we have. I like that the strings are secure and don't break easily. They are also pretty th... read more »

Very bright flashlight!

01 Oct, 2020
This flashlight is super bright. They dont have flashlights this bright at any store in my city. I looked and always been disappointed with there flashlights. I love this one and will order another on... read more »

Works perfectly!

28 Sep, 2020
This ps4 works so great! I have the original ps4 controller and have been wanting a new one as a backup and to use when I'm charging my old one. I haven't had any issues with this controller.... read more »

Great for my 4 year old nephew

30 Aug, 2020
I'm giving this to my 4 year old nephew so he can practice writing his name and letters and numbers. My parents will help him with his schooling this year so this will come in handy for him and it... read more »

I plan on using this for my fall wreath

30 Aug, 2020
I plan on using this for the fall wreath I want to make. I love how it looks and I'm going to use it on my front door. I needed a new wreath hanger because my old one broke.  read more »

Really cute headband lights

25 Jul, 2020
These are really cute headband lights. Since it will only be me my husband and my son this Christmas we will all be wearing them as we open up our presents to each other. They fit really comfortable a... read more »

They are beautiful!

17 Jul, 2020
These earrings are so beautiful! My grandma will love them. She loves earrings with stars. I'm going to give these  to her for Christmas.  read more »

Great quality case for the switch lite

12 Jul, 2020
My husband loves his switch lite case. He bought a switch lite last month and he mentioned he needed a case for it. He was so happy when I gave him this  case plus the extras in inside were great... read more »

Great quality controller

12 Jul, 2020
This is a good quality controller. I am using this as my backup controller when my other one needs to recharge I can use this one and switch them back and forth.  read more »

Amazing masks

12 Jul, 2020
This is pretty amazing! I am going to use them at night and take it off when I wake up in the morning.  I want to order more if I start to see results.   read more »

Stylish controller for the switch

09 Jul, 2020
I recently got a switch lite and I wanted to use a controller for it. This one will be perfect  for me to use with my switch lite. I am able to pair this with my lite and play animal crossin... read more »

My son will love this!

09 Jul, 2020
My son is going to love  using this controller for his switch.  His old controller is getting older and sometimes it messes up so he needed a new controller.  This one is just perfect.&... read more »

Fits my switch lite perfectly

08 Jul, 2020
I don't  have to worry about dropping my switch now. I was looking for a protector that wouldn't be slippery and this one is perfect. Now I can play animal crossing and not have to worry... read more »

My son loves them

30 Sep, 2019
My son loves his new light up gloves. He is going to use this with his Halloween costume. He's going as Marsmallow. They fit him very comfortable and he will be able to use them this winter. It co... read more »

I love these solar lights

05 Jun, 2019
These solar lights are really beautiful! The lights are 33 feet long and they have different modes. It's bendable wire which can wrap around anything. It's perfect for my patio.  read more »

Absolutely amazing clock radio!

05 Jun, 2019
I am so happy with this clock radio. This has to be the most coolest clock I have ever owned. The night light on top has so many pretty colors and the fact that I can adjust the brightness level is aw... read more »

They are so beautiful!

25 May, 2019
I love all the settings of these lights. Im going to use one in my living room wall right above my tv for fun lighting and the other I will use in my bedroom wall right by my bed. Lights always make t... read more »

They are so cute!

25 May, 2019
I love how detailed the silicone mold feet are. Im going to use them to make some cute Jello feet on my nephew's 3rd birthday. They are really cute and im sure everyone will get a kick out of them... read more »

Works great for charging both my devices

20 Mar, 2019
I can charge my phone and my sons tablet at the same time and they charge up faster with this charger. I use this in my bedroom next to my bed so I can charge up both devices at once. It doesnt take l... read more »

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