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Starting as an influencer and reviewer. Tech savy and pc builder.
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Clear and very protective

06 Sep, 2018
The latest and greatest phones available out there has rolled out and with it new accessories such as the this curved crystal clear tempered glass with 100% visibility and touch sensitive. Comes with... read more »

Perfect fit

06 Sep, 2018
Absolutely durable, sturdy, and slim case perfect for the newest Note 9 which you will want to protect at all cost. The case is lightweight, flexible yet durable, and the button cut outs are very prec... read more »

Very stylish with nice white color

16 Aug, 2018
Pretty nice audio player with an all white colored theme that makes it look very appealing. Design is great with capacitive buttons to make it feel of higher quality and the weight to it gives it more... read more »

Great audio player

16 Aug, 2018
Great MP3 player that is small and very portable at the same time with built in speakers which you can use to play all of your favorite audio. Although at high volumes, the sound starts to distort but... read more »

Convenient charging method

16 Aug, 2018
Convenient solar powered external power bank to charge your devices wherever you are. Super portable, lightweight, and durable with its rugged design for added strength and protection. It is also wate... read more »

Strong water fountain

13 Aug, 2018
Pretty powerful solar powered water fountain given its small size and small water pump. The set overall is great made with durable materials that will surely last for a long time and the water reachin... read more »

Very durable and sturdy

13 Aug, 2018
One of the perfect patio umbrellas that you can get out there with a decent area coverage and durable build. Although it is kind of heavy to handle for a single person, installing and assembling it do... read more »

Really works

13 Aug, 2018
Works perfectly as it should. First time I tried it, I clearly saw how much dirt it was able to catch just on my face alone. It is lightweight, easy to use and very simple to maintain. Comes included... read more »

Nice design

06 Aug, 2018
Nicely designed iphone 7 plus case with a glow in the dark effect that last for quite a while after being exposed to direct sunlight.  The design makes it very appealing and even if the glow is o... read more »

Cute mini chalkboards

03 Aug, 2018
Really cute mini chalkboards with their own indivdual stands. The package comes  with 18 piececs each one of them included with their stands, a chalk to write and an eraser as well. It also comes... read more »

Nice bluetooth speakers

01 Aug, 2018
Nice bluetooth speakers equipped with a 5W audio driver that gives out a decent amount of good audio quality adn some bass for a more enjoyable expereince. It is very lightweight and its cylindrical s... read more »

Fun little toy

27 Jul, 2018
This is a little different than your regular fidgeting toy such as the fidget spinner, fisgetting cube, and more in that this requires you to continually move your hand. Its small size allows for a si... read more »

Okay earphones

27 Jul, 2018
Not the best sounding earphones but, they are decent enough to listen to. In terms  of build quality, they are really nice with not just a simple and cheap cable but, actually they are reinfirce... read more »

Very challenging

26 Jul, 2018
If you have solved and mastered a little bit the old fashioned and old school 3x3 Rubik's Cube, then you have to give a try this similarly 3x3 Rubik's Cube. Unlike the regular one, this has a... read more »

Biiger screen with a simple cables

24 Jul, 2018
Lightning cable adapter to HDMI that will let you mirror your phone’s screen to your tv, monitor or another display that you desire. It is very simple to use by simply plugging in all the cables... read more »

Very convenient

24 Jul, 2018
One of the iUSB flash drives available out there on the market that does not pop up an error window on your mobile phone when inserted. There is a need to download an app on the store in order to use... read more »

Quite powerful cable adapter

23 Jul, 2018
Great cable device that will let you mirror your apple device’s screen to an external display such as your TV, monitor, or any other display that supports HDMI in. The cable has everything that... read more »

simple and elegant

23 Jul, 2018
Nice and pretty simple LED string lights equipped with 100 individual LEDs measuring approximately 20 feet in length. Does not require any battery to be installed as it is powered by solar panels for... read more »

Decent gaming headet

23 Jul, 2018
Not bad at all gaming headset that can be used both your consoles such as PS4 or Xbox, and also for your laptop, computer. Has two 3.5mm jack one for the mic and the other one for the audio. Has an ad... read more »

Solar powered

21 Jul, 2018
This is a great solar powered water fountain to put and add to your small garden. You can make a little pond or a small water fountain in the middle of the walkpath. The best thing about it is that it... read more »

Durable and portable

21 Jul, 2018
Very durable USB Hub type C. the perfect accessory to have to go with your laptop in order to have more devices available to connect to your computer. Very simple to use, lightweigth, durable and does... read more »

Perfect for storing files and able to carry around

18 Jul, 2018
Slim and lightweight 5mm USB flash drive that be used for both your computer, laptop or apple device. Durable build with an aluminum like finish to give it a nice aesthetic look and the passthrough ho... read more »

Absolutely great

18 Jul, 2018
One of the best wooden earphones I’ve ever had and listened to. The build quality is flawless with a super nice wooden finish and comfortable ear tips for the best experience when using them. It... read more »

Very durable and quality material

16 Jul, 2018
Decently sized running clip belt that suits both men and women alike. The design is really a unisex one that perfectly suits you and it is very convenient to bring and have if you are running or joggi... read more »

Convenient and reliable

12 Jul, 2018
Expand the amount of pluggable devices to your laptop or computer with the help of this USB Hub type C. With USB 3.0 specs, you will get stable, reliable, and fast data trasnfers between your devices.... read more »

Portable and rechargeable

12 Jul, 2018
Small size, portable and best of all rechargeable hair trimmer for your nose and facial hairr as well. Very ergonomic design with a simple all black color and shiny finsish with sturdy plastic build.... read more »

Huge mosquito repellent pack

26 Jun, 2018
Big pack of mosquito repellent protection to keep you and your family and friends safe from any disease that mosquito bites might bring to you. The 22 bracelet bands will give you protection without b... read more »

Very sturdy

26 Jun, 2018
3 feet nylon braided lightning USB cable to plug into all of your apple products whether it is an iphone, ipad, or tablet as long as it supports the lightning port connector. The nylon braided cable p... read more »

Huge spool

19 Jun, 2018
Huge spool of 1Kg PLA filament for your 3D printer or pen, they both work on either one as it has the most standard and mostt used sized of 1,.75mm diameter filament. It is in color blue reaching a de... read more »

Very unique adapter

19 Jun, 2018
Have so much fun so far using this auxiliary adapter joining several sources and play them to a single output device. The other way also works as well with one inout device and several outputs like sp... read more »

Well made

18 Jun, 2018
Very stylish and fashionable bag to store all of your important papers and make sure thatt they are always safe when stored. It also can be used as a daily bag since it is very stylish and fashionable... read more »

Huge water bottle jug

12 Jun, 2018
Enormous water bottle jug that is able to hold up to 2.5L of pure gorgeous good tasting liquid. Features a leakproof lid cover that closes very tightly and open up easily thanks to the silicone rubber... read more »

Comfortable and breathable

12 Jun, 2018
Simply super comfortable pair of underwear to wear every day. Made from a mix of polyester and spandex to give you the best of both worlds, Breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and stretchable at the... read more »

Handheld Juicer

03 Jun, 2018
Very convenient handheld juicer that can be carried with easily anywhere you go. It is very powerful in terms of tis functionality since it allows you to blend basically any fruit you want that can fi... read more »

Bright and automatic

27 May, 2018
Really convenient light bulb that can be turned on and off automatically without you having to do it yourself. Will fit into most standard light bulb fistures such as E26 socket and has an equivalent... read more »

Exquisite rose gold headphones

19 May, 2018
Exquisite rose gold 4 in 1 bluetooth and foldable over ear headphones that comes equipped with built in mic for hands free calling, micro sd/tf card support for local music playing and supporting wire... read more »

Light with big sound

19 May, 2018
Stereo wireless headphones with built in mic for hands free calling. The great design allows you to fold it by the ear piece so you can store it inside your backpack easily. Can be used wirelessly thr... read more »

Great sound

18 May, 2018
Hi-fi sound quality that you will surely enjoy listening to with its extra added features, it will make for a great pair of bluetooth earphones. The neck hanging support is very flexible and can be al... read more »

Plenty of water beads for any use

18 May, 2018
Container pack of 40000 colorful water beads that expands when soaked in water. Container is capped which is nice since the last thing you want is to have 40000 pieces of water beads scattered all aro... read more »

Fast USB 3.0 speeds

17 May, 2018
Very powerful small and very portable USB hub type C that support up to 3 devices that is compatible with type A connectivity, a sd card reader and a micro sd  card reader. Can be plugged directl... read more »

INtelligent night light

17 May, 2018
Cute little bed night light that can be used and be plugged directly into the wall socket without using any kind of adapter. Light is of a yellowish perfect at night since you don’t want a white... read more »

Clean kitchen stove

13 May, 2018
Great stove top protector that you can use to keep your cooking area clean and in mint condition every time you use it. Durable, flexible and very resistant to scratches as well so that there are no w... read more »

No more standing up to turn on something

13 May, 2018
Very smart power strip outlet that can be controlled through your mobile device by downloading the free app that it indicates. The app is easy to use and pretty straight forward with simple navigation... read more »

Convenient when needed

12 May, 2018
Very convenient when you need it specially if you work with cameras other than your phone which most of them uses some kind of micro sd card or sd card. This USB card reader will allow you to transfer... read more »

Great sound quality

12 May, 2018
Beautifully made foldable bluetooth headphones that can be used wirelessly, wired or by inserting a sd card into the slot. It is super versatile in that even if the battery runs out, you can still use... read more »

Variety of colors to choose from

07 May, 2018
Pack of 10 different colored 3D filaments perfect for 3d printers that accepts standard 1.75mm filaments. Each measures 16 feet in length which is enough for a decent run for a project and the differe... read more »

Comfortable use

07 May, 2018
Very portable and lightweight bluetooth earphones that you can hang on your neck for easy portability and comfortable using experience. The band is very flexible allowing you to bend it to your prefer... read more »

Portable feet and hand exerciser

29 Apr, 2018
You no longer have to leave your house just to simple work out and do some exercise. Now, you can do the same without leaving your house and even seated with this very portable pedal bike exerciser. E... read more »

Leak proof design

29 Apr, 2018
High quality leak proof design water bladder able to hold up to 2 liters of fuild. Has a nice black color with an included hose that has a dcent length to it to reach your mouth. The hose a nice mecha... read more »

Hours of fun recording

28 Apr, 2018
Super portable microphone with done nice features added to it. With built in rechargeable battery, you will never run out of mic to use and last long enough for you to have a decent music session, voi... read more »

Soft and durable at the same time

26 Apr, 2018
Flexible deep matte black colored silicone case for your iPhone series. Very precise cutouts for buttons not affecting their function and the inside is protected with a nice soft feeling lining microf... read more »

Start your adventure with this 4K camera

25 Apr, 2018
Super lightweight and small 4K action camera that offers super high definition video captures and high quality pictures. Media files can be saved through the SD card which you can insert inside the ca... read more »

Big capacity

25 Apr, 2018
Huge storage space of 2tb able to hold thousands of media files and still have plenty left for more. It's very sleek looking with some minor designs both on the top and the bottom part. Size is ve... read more »

Motion sensor

18 Apr, 2018
Small but powerful motion activated sensor and controller for LED strip light, cabinet lights, or any other strip lights that you can connect to it. There is no longer need to turn on and off manually... read more »

Long smooth spin time

07 Apr, 2018
Very durable fidget spinner made from zinc alloy with some decent weight to it. Colorful design makes it very attractive and the weights are not removable compared to other fidget spinners making stur... read more »

Great power supply

07 Apr, 2018
Great power supply even for custom deekstop ones. Eventhough it's only rated at 500W of power, it's still cpacble of powering up any single GPU out there even if it requires power connectors t... read more »

Powerful PSU

05 Apr, 2018
750W of pure and raw power from this PSU unit. Really quiet fan operation which is desired from most psu when you are gaming. Although the fan always turns on no matter if the load is high or not, it... read more »

High quality

02 Apr, 2018
2 pack of full body tempered glass screen protector that protects the whole front part of your phone from scratches, dents, and any kind of breakage from mishandling it. After installation, you still... read more »

Full body protection

02 Apr, 2018
2 pack of full front body tempered glass that goes from the top of your phone to the bottom giving it full protection against any kind of damage (except drops lol). Easy and very straightforward insta... read more »

Clear and durable

02 Apr, 2018
Very strong and sturdy tempered glass for your newest iphone series. Super lightweight and easy to install with clear visibility allowing you to see your screen as if there was nothing on top of it. read more »

Strong lights

24 Mar, 2018
Excellent pair of fog lghts with super bright and wide angle light focus making it perfect for vehicles. Installation is very simple by simply connecting to a power supply ranging from 9V up to 32V. O... read more »

Very satisifed

24 Mar, 2018
Exactly the kind of spool that I need to start my 3d printing. Packaged well in a vacuum selaed plastic wrap and inside a box. Filament is as described measuring 1.75mm perfect for the nozzle of my pr... read more »

Extremely soft and absorbent

22 Mar, 2018
Extremely soft and very smooth texture definitely perfect for baby use. Comes in a pack of 6 pieces giving you always a baby towel to use while the others are in the laundry. Perfect size for a multip... read more »

Good audio quality

19 Mar, 2018
Decent quality headphones that features both good audio quality and comfort. The earmuffs are soft and smooth to the touch and has an adequate size big and small enough to cover my ears. The foldable... read more »

Super energy efficient

17 Mar, 2018
Well made solar string lights with no need to use batteries saving you money from buying it and only needing the light from the sun to work making energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The so... read more »

Makes for a great room decoration

17 Mar, 2018
Perfect pieces of decoration to add to your room or any place where you want a unique decoration on because this is definitely is. The lids works very simple, it only needs sunlight and you're goo... read more »

Great umbrella

14 Mar, 2018
Inverted umbrellas are becoming more popular for their versatility and durability. The double layer canopies gives it a stronger structure overall that is able to withstand strong winds and not bend b... read more »

Unique vase

14 Mar, 2018
This silicone rubber wall vase is pretty neat and decorative at the same time. There's no worries about expensive vase breaking because of mishandling or dropping them. This is also very versatile... read more »

Stylish umbrella

14 Mar, 2018
Nicely made inverted umbrella with double canopy layer for added extra durability and fashion style. The canopy opens the other way than regular umbrellas do preventing water from spilling all over th... read more »

Nice air tight lids

05 Mar, 2018
Perfect pack of storage containers for storing food for a while or short term. It has air tight lid covers which prevents rotting or spoilage keeping it fresh as it was recently opened. Comes with 5 c... read more »

Uniquely designed

01 Mar, 2018
Super versatile and easy to install rgb strip that is somehow different from your regular strip. It is bright and reproduces colors quite accurately and powers on through USB port making it perfect fo... read more »

Sturdy and simple to use

28 Feb, 2018
Neat cutting board set of 3 of different sizes for specific use. Lightweight and very sturdy for various purposes and has an anti microbial surface so that you won't get nasty residues when cuttin... read more »

Very portable with big capacity

19 Feb, 2018
Slim, comfortbale to hold, and very portable to fit inside your pocket or backpack. Has a very simple and easy design with a monochrome look and minimal lettering. It also has LED indicator that shows... read more »

Durable and not the cheap type

08 Jan, 2018
Just what you need to hangs decorations on your wall around the house such pictures, mirrors, vase, and others being able to hold a decent amount of loads. Includes 120 pieces overall including the na... read more »

Very convenient

08 Jan, 2018
Powerful little device that lets you turn on or off power by simply using your connected mobile device. This smart wifi plug can be easily inserted into wall sockets without requiring any adapter as l... read more »

Covered in steel

04 Jan, 2018
Your regular 3.5,, auxiliary audio cable allowing you to connect devices to speakers and such. What separates this cable from the rest is that instead of nylon braided, it is covered in steel making i... read more »

Piano is on session

04 Jan, 2018
Super portable melodica piano with 37 keys allwoing you to play and reproduce full size piano sounds. It comes in a nice and hard cover carrying case that can be closed with a zipper and  has a c... read more »

Durable 2 pack laundry bag

23 Dec, 2017
Quality and durable nylon laundry bags in 2 packs. Decent in size able to hold a week's dirty clothes. Features a drawstring closure that securely wraps to prevent the clothes from coming out from... read more »

Perfect for projects

09 Dec, 2017
Perfect foil tape to use for projects and very unique ways to connect electrical circuits. The foil tape is very conductive since it is made from copper and the adhesive on the back is a plus allowing... read more »

Keeps you hot with fun details

09 Dec, 2017
Comfortable blanket made from acrylic fabric material making it super comfortable when using. Decent length long enough to cover from the waist down and a bit more and has a wide opening to put it on... read more »

Superb mic for PC

07 Dec, 2017
Crystal clear and crisp audio pick up by the microphone with sometimes little to no buzzing noise. Nicely designed with a stylish chromatic finish for the top part and an all matte black for the body.... read more »

Great clip on mic

07 Dec, 2017
Probably the best clip on lapel mic that you can get without breaking your bank. It is not overpriced and offers a more bang for the buck as you can use it basically with any device that you own wheth... read more »

Nice audio quality

26 Nov, 2017
Nice pair of earphones featuring decent noise isolation and comfortable silicone earbud pieces. Not your traditional earphones where the cables hang straight down when you wear rather, you have to pos... read more »

Small and convenient

24 Nov, 2017
Vibrant and colorful lcd display clip on guitar tuner with 360 degree viewing angle for easier tuning. Button battery operated with easy to use single operational button for fast and accurate tuning.... read more »

Durable and hygienic

24 Nov, 2017
Very portable blackhead remover packed with the most effective tools to keep your face clean looking. Easy to use and easy to maintain stainless steel tools for a clean and reliable use. Comes inside... read more »

No aux cable or USB charger included

21 Nov, 2017
Great headphones that you can use through Bluetooth wirelessly or plug your aux jack cable to save some battery life out of it. Super comfortable earmuffs and easy to adjust head support with some str... read more »


21 Nov, 2017
Beautifully made mechanical keyboard with loud click and feedback with added RGB light accents. The keycaps are made with durable double shot ABS plastic that will never fade away over time and the li... read more »

Very portable guitar tuner

18 Nov, 2017
Excellent build guitar tuner in the shape of a pedal for a fast and on the go tuning without wasting time. Cuts off sound entirely when you're in tuning mode so you can concentrate on it and switc... read more »

Play on!!!

18 Nov, 2017
Lots of guitar picks with 50 pieces in a single pack all in white color. Durable and very comfortable to handle with a 1.2mm thickness to give absolute control when playing your guitar. They’re... read more »

Versatile bluetooth receiver

13 Nov, 2017
Small but really powerful bluetooth receiver making any device that is not bluetooth capable, wireless. Any device that has an aux jack in it, you will be able to insert it to this device, then c... read more »

Great as a bike headlight

12 Nov, 2017
Really great and bright flashlight especially if you're using them at night, it mostly iluminates what is in front of you. What's great about it is that the headlight is removable and works th... read more »

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