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Hello, I am a stay at home mom of four (10, 6, 4, 2) cute and crazy kids! I have been doing product review/ promotion for the past four years. I do a little bit of everything but my favorite products relate to arts and crafts, food, gardening, and of course toys! I have a BA in Psychology and love to add glitter to everything!
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Cute design but the execution was poor

30 Jan, 2020
I love the look of this sweater but it is just not very cute on. The stripe of animal print hits rights at my hips and because of the pockets it pokes out more, This makes your hips look really big an... read more »

Fun bored with glitter letters

30 Jan, 2020
This set comes with everything you need to have a fun board for your room or video background. It comes with two different colors of letters and symbols, emojis, and even a game. The easle that comes... read more »

Festive design

30 Jan, 2020
This is a very nice set of two napkin rings, the reindeer are nice looking and attached well. I am not sure why they come in a set of two but they are still cute on the table. They have a nice shine t... read more »

These work well!

30 Jan, 2020
I have been using these for cub scout projects and love them. They clip well but not too tight that the scouts can not get them open. They hold lots of cards on them too! This is a good size for the s... read more »

Adorable for a birthday party!

30 Jan, 2020
This set comes with a lot of different items for a birthday party! I love the colors used in this set! The only thing I was confused about was the hats, There are only two hats in this set and it seem... read more »

very small but cute

30 Jan, 2020
These decorations for cupcakes are very small and seemed overpriced for what you get. I recieved what was pictured but it seemed like more when I was looking at it online. Overall this is a cute set b... read more »

Absolutely Love This Shirt!

30 Jan, 2020
I wear this shirt all the time! I love the color and how soft this shirt is. The knot design in the front makes the shirt interesting and dresses it up more than a plain shirt. The top part is a bit b... read more »

Cute and well made!

30 Jan, 2020
These socks are a great gift to someone who likes space. My son loves these and wears them a lot. They are made well and have a nice feel to them when worn. The colors are bright and the images look j... read more »

This is a set of pipe cleaners I do not know why it is coming up as cord ties now

30 Jan, 2020
The pipe cleaner set is awesome if you have kids! There are lots of different colors and even some sparkly ones! This is a good size set too, there are plenty for all the crafts you might want to do w... read more »

Such a cute item!

30 Jan, 2020
This tree light is so cute! The only thing I would change would be to make the cord longer. I keep this on my desk and turn it on when I am recording. It would be nice to have it on the desk and not h... read more »

Bright Colors and Soft Fabric!

13 Nov, 2019
This shirt has a bunch of bright colors and the fabric is very soft! The sizing is big, I usually wear a medium and the small was baggy. I like this top and it works well for casual or dressed up look... read more »

This watch works decently

10 Nov, 2019
This tracker works okay, the vibrations for notifications are annoying. I would like to have the notification but the vibrations go on a long time. The step count seems really high compared to another... read more »

One Small Turtle with Suction Cup

10 Nov, 2019
I was a little disappointed when this package arrived. The price is for one small turtle with a suction cup, I know it is my fault for assuming it came with two like the pictures show but for the pric... read more »

The sizing is weird and the reflective paint comes off first wash.

05 Sep, 2019
I was so excited to get these leggings, they looked so cute when they arrived! I washed these inside out to help the paint stay on but when I got them out of the wash most of the paint had come off. I... read more »

Turned out super cute!

05 Sep, 2019
This is a nice diamond painting set! It has everything you need to complete the project and several extra drills too! I would have liked to see this on a larger canvas because it does not have a lot o... read more »

This works well but the cord is a bit short for a van!

02 Aug, 2019
I was really surprised the first time I used this, because it actually worked! I have four kids and the van always has crumbs and sand through it. This little vacuum is strong enough to suck up the sa... read more »

The Canvas Size It Too Small For The Detailing On This Painting

02 Aug, 2019
I have done several diamond paintings and the ones that only have one size choice always make me nervous. When you have a lot of detailing in a picture you need a bigger canvas size to show the detail... read more »

Very Nice Set, The Canvas Size Works Well!

02 Aug, 2019
I have done several diamond paintings and I have found that when there is only one size for diamond paintings they tend to now work very well. You need to have a bigger size for detailing to show. Tha... read more »

Only Lasted 3 Days

26 Jun, 2019
When this product first arrived I was happy with it. The size worked well for all four of my kids and the water sprayed up into the air just like the pictures. This product does use a lot of water and... read more »

Bright Colors!

17 Jun, 2019
This band looks really cute in person! I love the bright colors and the fun pattern. This band is a bit smaller than the Fitbit brand bands but it works well for me. I took a star off because this ban... read more »

Super cute, Made well, Good Sizing!

17 Jun, 2019
I got this pair of skirted leggings for my 10 year old She really liked the way these leggings fit and the cute skirt. We got the black so she can wear it with all her different shirts. The patterns a... read more »

Such A Cute Birthday Shirt!

06 Jun, 2019
We get shirts for our kids each year and this year my son wanted a Lego themed party. This shirt worked well for the party and he loves wearing it! The printing on the shirt looks nice and we havent h... read more »

Good Product, Could Use Directions!

06 Jun, 2019
This is an interesting set! It allows you to address envelopes easily and works for any size. I would have liked to see directions on how to use this product, even shampoo has directions. I was not su... read more »

After you get past the no sparkle part of the glitter is ok.

06 Jun, 2019
I did not realise this was because I am almost certain this does not exist, this is confetti. After realising my mistake, this product seems decent. The containers leak a bit but not too bad. The con... read more »

Super Cute Design But Not A Lot Of Support!

28 May, 2019
The print on this bikini is adorable! The material is nice and the product is a good quality. The sizing seems good and it wears well. The only issue I had with this suit is that the top does not have... read more »

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