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just a bandaid

28 Dec, 2019
This is pretty much just little round bandaids and a needle. did nothing for my acne read more »

santa wine topper

28 Dec, 2019
The Santa topper fits well over the wine bottle. well made. looks just like a santa read more »

really pretty

28 Dec, 2019
This is really pretty. the size is good. i put it on my dining table  the colors are really vibrant.  read more »

Very cute socks

11 Nov, 2019
 I love these. They are  so cute. They are really comfy too. 5 different designs and they fit perfect. read more »

super cute socks

11 Nov, 2019
 I love these. They are  so cute. They are really comfy too. 5 different designs and they fit perfect. read more »

cat toys

27 Oct, 2019
The cats like them alot. played with it allday but the pink one is torn open after one days use  read more »

rechargable batteries

27 Oct, 2019
These work well. just plug in the case and they charge. the light changes to let you know it is done. 4  batteries that charged quickly.  read more »

Great gift for bride

20 Oct, 2019
This is a nice sturdy bag with nice handles. Glittery bride lettering is so pretty. read more »

cute for wedding pix

20 Oct, 2019
Very cute. Great for engagement or wedding pictures. read more »

Airpod case

19 Oct, 2019
This is somewhat sturdy case. It is a really pretty sparkly pink case. I gave it to my daughter and she liked it a lot. read more »

cat toys

19 Oct, 2019
This came in two packages. The second is full of refill parts. the cats seem to like playing with it.  read more »

LED headbands

11 Oct, 2019
I like . it lights up or flashes. The flowers are pretty and look like they will stay put. It was a little tight on my head. read more »

great item for christmas

11 Oct, 2019
The tree is a very nice size and the felt is really thick. There is a nice bag of ornaments that can go on the tree or can use to decorate on thier own. Cant wait for December to arrive. read more »

great gift

07 Oct, 2019
there is plenty of beads , alot with letters.  There are cute little bags to give your creations out as gifts. There is also a lot of string.  I cant go further than this as it  is a gi... read more »

nice charging cable

05 Oct, 2019
I like this alot. the material seems sturdy and i like the coil.  All 3 of the charging cords worked well. read more »

wax strips

05 Oct, 2019
i dont like this. It did not work. was just gummy and no hair was removed. read more »


05 Oct, 2019
I  really like this flag. it is very sturdy and the colors are not fading out side. read more »

Cute item

02 Oct, 2019
I took the four fish out of the package all four of my cats were given one to play with.  They seem to be enjoying them alot.  read more »

Felt tree

02 Oct, 2019
When I took this out of the package to look at this, the velcro peices fell off.  I am not able to get this to look like a tree at all.  The enclosed ornaments are cute. read more »


27 Sep, 2019
I really like this glitter for over my nail dip. It is so, so pretty. Went on with out any issues. read more »

Curtain tie backs

13 Apr, 2019
i really like these long curtain tie backs. They are a very pretty color and they stay tightly around my long sliding glass curtains. The magnets are very strong . read more »

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