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Great buy!

07 Jan, 2021
Great buy. It is super light and powerful.  Happy with it.   read more »


16 Dec, 2020
I love this brand. The sound is so crisp and clear.  The pairing is easy and these deliver top notch notes read more »

Great for crafting

14 Dec, 2020
Nice easy patches that are easy to cut and create your shapes and sizes. Perfect to serve its purpose. Well made material. Seems like it will last.   read more »


10 Dec, 2020
Most of these stickers are cool and fun.  I plan on using these to make my own ashtrays and epoxy cups.  read more »


10 Dec, 2020
Nice chrome color.  Looks sleek and modern. Light is nice and bright.  I placed this over a nice painting in our library. It looks exceptional.  read more »


10 Dec, 2020
This year we vowed to create our own Christmas presents and these helped me create beautiful signs , wrapping paper, gifts.   read more »

Work like a charm

10 Dec, 2020
Great replacements. Everyone needs extra chargers and these work great.  read more »


08 Dec, 2020
Bought this to keep the kids busy.  It is awesome. Bean bags are in the smaller side but it fits them.   read more »

Perfect for crafting

08 Dec, 2020
This is the perfect product for crafting. You can make your own bows or you can use it as edging for various diy projects.  Gonna make so many cute things with these!  read more »

Just what I needed

04 Dec, 2020
Making a cool astronaut themed presents for Christmas and these are just what I needed to save a ton of money by creating my own jacket and NASA shirt.  read more »


10 Nov, 2020
This really looks sharp.  I bought it for my niece named Reina which means queen in Spanish.  Vinyled her name on it.   read more »

All shapes and sizes

10 Nov, 2020
Perfect for my garden.  I also painted a couple to leave for my nana at the cemetery.  read more »

Great quality

09 Nov, 2020
Using this for my garden.  Study and will last in this Arizona heat.   read more »


09 Nov, 2020
Shine bright like a diamond.  Stylish and elegant.  read more »

Sooo soft

30 Aug, 2020
Fantastic design.  Really soft fabric.  Bought these to spruce up my pop up cushions.  They went on so easy.   read more »

Not only looks great, but works great!

23 Jan, 2019
#Sonictoothbrush works great.  My teeth feel clean.  It is easy to use and looks awesome! I love the color.  It comes with two heads.  Order yours here: read more »

The Best Projector in it's class!

14 Jun, 2018
#ExquizOn has done it! I was so impressed with the picture quality.  The speaker on this thing is good enough for a small to medium living room. The quality of the projector is amazing at this pr... read more »

Durable Dog Chew Toys

14 Jun, 2018
#WoofExpress Dog Rope Chew toys are strong and durable.  My dogs loved these toys.  They have been entertained for hours.  These are going to last them a while.  Comes with a folda... read more »

Great kitchen tool

14 Jun, 2018
#SaladCutterBowl is magic in the kitchen.  It makes cutting up salads so easy.  I have seen some recipes on Facebook that use this bowl.  Great tool.  I highly recommend. ... read more »

Beautiful Glasses

10 May, 2018
#Glassware 6 pc cup set are beautiful.  The size is perfect for cocktails. These are made with good quality material.  Very sturdy.  Get yours here: read more »

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 530ml

26 Mar, 2018
#Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 530ml is awesome! Very well built, and works great! Chucks out the vapor.  I can have this running for hours, and it fills the kitchen and dining room easily.... read more »

awesome LED string fairy lights

26 Mar, 2018
LED string lights are so pretty.  Order comes with two packages to equal a whopping 66ft!! Very good for the price, comes with different settings, so they will blink, stay, or twinkle fast or slo... read more »

HDMI to VGA adapter

26 Mar, 2018
HDMI to VGA adapter comes in handy when using an extra monitor with your laptop.  I was able to get so much more done with an additional screen.  This converter works nicely. 6ft of cord giv... read more »

Expandable water hose

26 Mar, 2018
Expandable Garden 50ft garden hose comes with spray nozzle, that you can change spray or stream.  It coils up nicely, and does not kink.  Hold pressure nicely as well.   Bu... read more »

Photo Paper

26 Mar, 2018
#coloritphotopaper Matte photo paper for inkjet printers is perfect for printing out those precious photos you have saved on your phone.  I made a great wall collage.  Paper is great quality... read more »

Wifi Smart Plug works with Alexa!

21 Mar, 2018
#Tocode wifi smart plug is a fantastic product.  It works great with Alexa.  Easy to set up, and to use, it was literally a minute to set it up with my Echo. Now I can turn on the lights whe... read more »

Awesome Car Scan Tool

05 Mar, 2018
#Car #Bluetooth #OBDII #ScanTool ELM327 easy to use.  Just download the app, plug in the scanner, turn the car on, connect to bluetooth, and open the app.  It is really simple, and no more p... read more »

Lobkin Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

05 Mar, 2018
#Lobkin Neckband #Bluetooth #Headphones have a great sound, and the battery life is fantastic.  I believe it is around 10  It vibrates to let you know that you have an incoming call.  T... read more »

Cordless earphones!

06 Feb, 2018
Bluetooth Earbuds TWS #Eschone Twins Wireless Earphone Stereo In-Ear Magnetic Headset with Charging Box IP67 Waterproof Earbud For iPhone Samsung - Cordless earphones are amazing. Sound is nice and cr... read more »

Screen Protector

29 Jan, 2018
#Meviusone Apple Watch screen protector fits perfectly. Keeps the watch safe from damage.  I really like that it is clear. Buy yours here: read more »

Very Stylish

23 Jan, 2018
Solar Pathways lights are made of high quality materials. They are very easy to assemble, and place. Weather and water resistance make this a desirable light to use in gardens and pathways.  Very... read more »

Fashionably soft undies

17 Jan, 2018
#Ocoatton briefs are so soft. They are also very stylish with these patterns.  Fit is very comfortable, and the waistband is a great feature. Check them out here: read more »


17 Jan, 2018
#WELUK aviator sunglasses look so good.  They fit perfectly.  They come with a hard case, a soft case, a cloth, and a cool card that will show you how great these glasses are. Check them out... read more »

Fast lightning charger cord

17 Jan, 2018
Awesome little charging cord.  It can be used with a micro USB or an Apple phone.  The cord is blue and looks cool.  The adapter is fantastic, and works great with it on or off.&nb... read more »

Great gift for anyone

16 Jan, 2018
#Amteker multi tool pen is a perfect gift for anyone you know. It has the essentials included. It has a flat head for glasses etc.  It also has a Phillips head as well.  I definitely ca... read more »

Awesome speaker

09 Jan, 2018
#XPLUS smart LED speaker bulb works great.  You have to download an app to use it.  The speaker does not have a lot of bass, but it is pretty loud.  I have one in my front porch and in... read more »

Bright colors

09 Jan, 2018
#SimpleArt dual tip markers are fantastic.  I used this set for some arts and crafts.  The canvas bag is awesome.  Very nice and bright colors.  Will be buying a set for each of th... read more »

Nice and sturdy shower curtain liner

09 Jan, 2018
#CRW Shower Curtin liner is fantabulously made.  It is standard size and is mildew resistant.  Buy yours here: read more »

Fun speaker

02 Jan, 2018
Gave this as a gift.  It is fun, and the speaker quality is great.  It has a sensor so when you touch your plant, it will play a piano tune.  It is so cool #Mugig builds quality product... read more »

Fine quality dresser pulls

02 Jan, 2018
Very sheik, and modern drawer pulls from  #Altimos easy to install.  They each come with both long and short screws, so you can use for a drawer or a door.  I installed this in my remod... read more »

Fantastic charger

01 Jan, 2018
#BYbrutek made a fantastic charger.  It is a smart charger and has an LCD display. read more »

great toothbrush

01 Jan, 2018
This electric toothbrush has been one of the best ones that I have ever used.  It also comes with a case.  It is easy  to use and to store. read more »

Great for gift giving

01 Jan, 2018
I love Christmas parties, and I love giving bottles as gifts.  I appreciate getting alcohol during the holidays. I enjoy giving it.  This helps making the gift a little cuter.  I love t... read more »

Gave as a gift

01 Jan, 2018
This is a great gift  idea, especially for a new home owner.  It is fun, and has all the essentials for creating an awesome drink. read more »

Thick rope light

01 Jan, 2018
#Luxjet LED light  is made with thick quality rope light. It is not a light LED with 3M tape on the back. You will have to use screws with this rope light.  I believe it is good enough to in... read more »


01 Jan, 2018
Thank you for makin another charger that is #Apple certified for my watch.  Charges awfully quick just like the original. I think this is as good as the one that came with the watch. ht... read more »

my driveway has been improved

01 Jan, 2018
These lights rock! I am really happy that I do not have to remember to turn them off or on.  They are nice and bright and work even though it is a little dusk at times here. I highly recommend to... read more »

cool microphone

01 Jan, 2018
#Mugig is a great company with great products. It is a brand that I can trust.  This microphone is quality.  It sounds amazing.  I could not ask for anything better. #Microphone ht... read more »

Stylish watch band

01 Jan, 2018
#OMO band is very stylish. Better than the stock plastic white band that it comes with.  It makes it look as if it was an actual watch.  Really great and comfortable to wear. # https://... read more »

bright flashlight

01 Jan, 2018
#Yeto flashlight is as bright as they come.  It does have a focus feature that is perfect for defense or to find things in the dark.  Great flashlight. #Sponsored buy it here: https://w... read more »

A must have

27 Dec, 2017
#Renrencoo 2 in 1 lightning splitter is perfect for my iPhone 8.  I can charge my phone while I use the standard headphones.  Buy it here: read more »

Awesome decorations!

27 Dec, 2017
Used this as part of the backdrop for my Christmas party.  It looks great.  The trees are nice and glittery.  Thick material is used, so it will not tear easily.  Can be pinned up... read more »


27 Dec, 2017
#XPLUS 2USB charging port wall outlet.  This fits perfectly into the wall outlet. I can plug in my phone charger and my coffee maker in the kitchen now.  No need to find a wall charger for m... read more »

Lightweight and super bright light box

27 Dec, 2017
#Huion makes this ultra-thin light box that works great.  Easy to trace for tattoos. This particular model is a USB charging one.  Very well made. Buy yours here: https://www.amazo... read more »

Unicorn bracelets are awesome

18 Dec, 2017
#Unicorn Bracelets were a huge hit at the Christmas party. The kids loved it.  Really super cute, and great for kids. #Sponsored. Buy here: read more »

Kids loved them

18 Dec, 2017
Emoji bracelets were a big hit with the kids.  Even some adults got in on the fun.  The party was off the chain.  Great product. #Sponsored Buy it here: read more »

Lightweight sleeping bag

18 Dec, 2017
#KingCamp lightweight sleeping bag is easy to pack away, and carry.  Very soft and comfy.  It comes in a small package.  Zipper seems like it is well made.  Good quality materials.... read more »

Works great!

18 Dec, 2017
#Casfuy Dog and Cat Brushes for Shedding works like a charm.  My cat loves it, and lets me brush him.  I love it because I do not have cat hair all over the place.  It is a great produc... read more »

Cute beanie

18 Dec, 2017
Very cute beanie.  It it perfect for winter, and with a little smiley face.  Super duper cute.  Buy it here: read more »

Fancy charger

15 Dec, 2017
#SOWTECH has created a one of a kind charger.  The material is a soft rubber, but not too soft.  It feels smooth to the touch.  I have had compliments on this charger.  It is very... read more »

Absolutely love this case

15 Dec, 2017
#IPad #ThreeLayerCase I can feel confident that my IPad is protected with this case.  It has a hard plastic shell, and a nice rubber protective layer on the outside.  If you value your IPad,... read more »

Real Glasses!!

15 Dec, 2017
#WishClub #CatEye #Sunglasses are not only fashion, but comfortable.  Made with real glass. Very modern and sleek design. #Buy yours here: read more »

The perfect addition for my MacBook

15 Dec, 2017
Works perfectly with my MacBook. I can now utilize an extra screen. The design is minimal and wonderful.  It does not take up much room, and fits into my laptop bag easily.  Buy it here:&nbs... read more »

My absolute favorite case ever!

15 Dec, 2017
#JWCTech has created my favorite case.  It is lightweight, and holds about 3 cards.  I have enough room for my DL, debit, and credit card.  I highly recommend this case.  Fits grea... read more »

My favorite case ever!

15 Dec, 2017
#JWCTech has created my favorite case.  It is lightweight, and holds about 3 cards.  I have enough room for my DL, debit, and credit card.  I highly recommend this case.  Fits grea... read more »

IPhone Screen Protector is fantastic

15 Dec, 2017
#JWCTech #IPhone #7Plus great screen protector that fits my screen fine.  It is easy to install on your phone.  It is a must-have nowadays.  Highly recommend. #Sponsored Buy it here:&nb... read more »

Cute case

15 Dec, 2017
#IPhone #Case Soft Crystal clear case provides superb protection.  It is slim and is a great design. #Sponsored Buy it here: read more »

Comfortable band

14 Dec, 2017
#Apple watch band by #Supore is comfortable, and fits great! Buy yours here: read more »

Wireless charger that does not take up too much desk space

13 Dec, 2017
#Topoint #Wireless charger works fantastic with my IPhone 8.  It is not big and bulky like other wireless ones.  Great product! #Sponsored Buy yours here: read more »

Comfy blanket!!

11 Dec, 2017
#AMillion #MermaidBlanket is a great gift for anyone.  It comes packaged nicely in an airtight seal. Cozy blanket that feels so soft. Very comfy. Buy yours here: read more »

The cutest gift ever

11 Dec, 2017
Great gift for a wedding or for valentine's day.  #Scrapbook Very nice and cute, it is about 5 X 7 size. Comes with a great presentation. #Sponsored. Buy yours here: https://www.ama... read more »

The most comfortable band I have used

11 Dec, 2017
#Supore #AppleWatch band is the most comfortable band.  The material is fantastic. Changing looks is easy and fun. #Sponsored Buy yours here: read more »

Best IPhone Screen protector

08 Dec, 2017
#Renrencoo 2 pack screen protector works fantastic. Fits my 8 plus perfectly.  read more »

Perfect sound

08 Dec, 2017
#Lobkin #Bluetooth headphones are perfect for any music lover.  The sound is crisp, and they are comfortable to wear.  Sweatproof and versatile.  I could hear clearly on phone call.&nbs... read more »

Flippin awesome waterproof LED light

05 Dec, 2017
#threetrees #Headlamp is perfect for diving.  WAterproof says it all. Works great.  I used it to work on my pool.  Buy it here: read more »

Stylish Carbon Fiber wallet

05 Dec, 2017
#MGCFT did it again with this #CarbonFiber beauty.  It is very cool looking. Sleek black carbon fiber wallet.  Buy yours here: read more »

Perfect for crafting

05 Dec, 2017
#Qrooper sells this amazing glue gun.  It is just the right size.  Not too small or too big.  The nozzle is narrow enough for easy clean up. There is a great LED light that tells me whe... read more »

Sturdy dog leash that handles my dog well

04 Dec, 2017
#Pecute has built a well-made dog #leash.  This handles my 90lb dog very well.  Easy to lock and unlock. Great product for a low price. #Sponsored Buy it here: read more »

Ceramic knives are fantastic

04 Dec, 2017
#Lovkitchen has an awesome knife set that includes a fruit peeler! The ceramic knives cut so nicely.  I am a huge fan, and highly recommend them. #Sponsored Buy yours here: https://www.... read more »

The absolute best laser light projector!

04 Dec, 2017
This #LaserProjector blows the others away.  #Omnilight has surpassed all the others.  Images are nice and bright.  The laser shoots out nicely, and covers my home.  I highly recom... read more »

Confetti Balloons are great for any party

01 Dec, 2017
Great confetti balloons for any occasion party! These do not pop while inflating. A must have and easy decoration for your next party. #UniqueMiracle #HomeKitty #Sponsored read more »

Perfect for my Christmas Party

01 Dec, 2017
Great decorations for my Christmas party. #HomeKitty is selling a Christmas party set up, and it is beautiful. #Sponsored  read more »

Stylish Money Clip

01 Dec, 2017
#CLCarbonLife Carbon Fiber Money Clip is the best! It looks stylish with the matte color.  Makes a great gift. #Sponsored #Review read more »

Great flashlight that mounts on my bike

01 Dec, 2017
This product fits my bike perfectly. It is a speaker, a flashlight, a charger, and bluetooth calling speaker.  This is perfect for my bike rides. #Handsfree #Sponsored #JMKMGL read more »

The coolest shirt everr

25 Nov, 2017
Great LED shirt by #SoooEC.  The LED lights are sound activated.  Looks so cool.  Buy yours here: read more »

Fun gift idea

25 Nov, 2017
Bought this as a gift. It is awesome! Great for music lovers.  #MISOSA  Buy yours here read more »

Great for travelers

17 Nov, 2017
My wife is a frequent flyer.  She absolutely loves this product.  It frees up her arms, and she can easily maneuver her carry on with her laptop bag on top now.  Very nifty idea, a... read more »

Very cute!

14 Nov, 2017
This business card holder is sharp.  It is very stylish.  Fits anywhere and is very convenient.  Highly recommend. Very simple design that works. Minimalists will love it.  read more »

Powerful staple gun

14 Nov, 2017
This little staple gun packs a bunch of power.  It is cordless.  It does not take long to charge, and it comes with staples.  I am going to try some other products from #Werktough. ... read more »

Perfect for camping

14 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this speaker combo.  I am an avid camper, and this is a must have for any outdoorsmen.  This awesome speaker has great sound.  It sounds nice and clear, not too loud.&... read more »

Total Lifesaver for laptops on the go!

13 Nov, 2017
I work remotely, and I am always on the go.  I need my laptop to be charged at all times.  This power inverter is perfect for me.  It is truly a lifesaver! I have used it many times.&nb... read more »

These comfy insoles are a must have!

13 Nov, 2017
I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, and these insoles help my heels from hurting.  They are easy to cut to fit my size.  They have a bit of extra cushion where I need it, in the heel.  The... read more »

So fun!!

03 Nov, 2017
These pajamas are the best.  I bought these for my nephew, and he loves them. They are great quality.  I can see this set lasting him until he outgrows them.  I suggest to get a size up... read more »

Awesome Self Defense Tool!

27 Sep, 2017
I was surprised at how awesome this tool is! It is very well made.  Very sturdy.  I will be able to break glass if needed.  I keep the tool in my car.  It comes with pen refills wh... read more »

Great wall charger!

08 Sep, 2017
Wall charger is awesome.  Charges fast and fits usb great.  read more »

Absolutely awesome!

06 Sep, 2017
My favorite accessory so far.  This looks so cool first of all with the lit up stand.  Easy to set up.  My controllers fit nicely. Charges fast.  I am very happy with the quality o... read more »

Works great with my pool skimmer

01 Aug, 2017
This is a great product that fits my skimmer basket perfectly.  read more »

super duper cute

01 Aug, 2017
this case is everything right now.  i bought it for my niece, and now I am the coolest aunt in the world.  Fits her IPhone 7 perfectly.  She had no issues putting it on or taking it off... read more »

Great mug

01 Aug, 2017
I love the look of this mug.  It is nicely insultated.  Coffee stays hot.  Works as it should.  I have received many compliments on it already.  Easy to clean.  Great pro... read more »

Great tool

01 Aug, 2017
I bought this to do my cat's nails.  It is so quiet that they dont really put up a fight.  They dont like it much, but I can usually get them done. This would not be good for bigger dogs... read more »

Greatest cup in the world!

01 Aug, 2017
I love this cup.  It is my go to cup, especially living in Arizona.  It is so hot here, and ice water is a must.  This cup can sit in the car for hours while I am out shopping, and the... read more »

Fantastic Gadget!

01 Aug, 2017
This stylish monitor mount is fantastic.  I have received so many compliments on it already. I had to downsize my desk in my home office, and this mount is amazing. It has allowed me much needed... read more »

Highly recommend!

28 Jul, 2017
This camcorder packs a lovely punch.  It has a 16X digital zoom.  I used it to take video of our trip to the lake.  The screen shows every beautiful color.  It rotates all the way... read more »

Talk of the pool party

20 Jul, 2017
I bought these for a pool party. They were a huge hit. They actually fit a beer can really good. These are easy to blow up.  Hillarious.  read more »

Increases productivity, and clears up my desk.

20 Jul, 2017
Great product. This has increased my productivity.  It also clears up my desk a bit.  I work from home, so this helps out tremendously. I highly recommend. #RankBooster #Sponsored #HUANUO read more »

Greatest product everr!

18 Jul, 2017
I love the length, as it allows me the mobility that I need.  I used this one in my living room.  The outlet is behind the couch, so it was a pain trying to charge my phone.  Not anymor... read more »

Great accessory

18 Jul, 2017
These straps fit my airpods perfectly.  This is useful when running.  I am very happy with the overall look, and quality of the strap.  I recommend for anyone who wants to secure their... read more »

The best car accessory when you have a dog.

15 Jul, 2017
I have a white and black pitt bull that loves to shed everywhere.  I always love taking him up north, but now I do not have to worry about my seats. I love love love this product.  Great for... read more »

Awesome 10ft mini usb charger!

15 Jul, 2017
Great product! Charges my phone lightning fast.  The 10ft cord gives me the mobility that  I need to use my phone while it charges. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #YCCTEAM O... read more »

Socks are awesome

12 Jul, 2017
Bought these socks for my son.  He loved them.  They fit perfectly.  The material is nice and soft. Order yours here: read more »

Works perfectly!

10 Jul, 2017
I used the finger brush for my smaller dog, and the long toothbrush for my bigger pup.  Works great! Their teeth are nice and clean now.  Thank you! read more »

Great Product!

06 Jul, 2017
The best camcorder for my money.  I just received it today, and I could not wait.  I had to go buy a memory card!  The screen is great, but it does not capture the full HD that the play... read more »

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