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I love to shop and get bargains for my family. Reviewing products is fun and I do it to share my views because I rely heavily on the reviews of others before making purchases.
As most everyone, I love getting discounts that allows me to be frugal as well as try new things.
My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience. I try to help others understand what is important or of value to me about a product as well as critique it's less than desirable attributes if they bother me. I hope it helps to give a relatable insight to both seller and other buyers.

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Woot! Love these!

18 Oct, 2019
This set of 8 comes with 50 to each compact, convenient, groovy little case. That's 400. These are not individually wrapped like the larger cases but they are in a portable container.  The... read more »

I like these!

18 Sep, 2019
Razoko Flossers I recieved a four pack of 50 flossers and a pack of 100 dental picks called Razoko Dantel Pick.  I usually keep my flossers in a covered jar but these by Razoko come with th... read more »

makes old couch look nice

31 Aug, 2019
I was using a blanket which I constantly had to pull and tug at and adjust. This is really soft and cozy. It was really an inexpensive makeover that I wouldn't hesitate to do again.  The... read more »

Getting ready for the cold season

15 Aug, 2019
This bulb is low heat and energy consumption. It's  full spectrum LED 60 watt equivalent bulb. It's good for hydroponics and damp environments because it's rated for high humidity&nbs... read more »

Rope totes are the best!

09 Aug, 2019
This is a nice large tote. It stretches out so it fits tons. I like it for the kids blankets right now but I will change uses as needed. I really didn't want the compartments. The material of t... read more »

Works great

22 Jul, 2019
I love these types of anti loss devices. I have a nice one on my keys already. I recently bought a super cheap one for my remote because I keep losing it. Is that silly? Why don't they build track... read more »

Handy quick multitool!

17 Jul, 2019
I wanted this Worksite Oscillating tool to be able to saw wood with.  I had some wood that extended too far and I needed to make it flush behind a cabinet on both sides. I used the saw blade that... read more »

All around good and sharp pocket knife

15 Jul, 2019
This knife clips on easily. Some pocket knife clips are difficult to open but this one opens easily and holds the knife in place on my pocket well.  It comes very sharp and cuts fa... read more »

Great for belts and more

13 Jul, 2019
I bought a belt a long time and could not wear it because it was too long and needed some extra holes. I ran across this set and picked it up. It did the trick putting a fairly decent shaped hole... read more »

Keeping cool

09 Jul, 2019
I got this for summer to have for the pets and kids to play and cool off. Its got sturdy boards on the inside of the sides that don't flop around. It isn't heavy though. This is something t... read more »

Keeps track of my keys AND phone!

21 May, 2019
I'm very happy with this little device! The Rinex bluetooth tracker was super easy for me to  pair up and use and I never use bluetooth so that's great. The app is a real simple... read more »

Covered and dry!

18 May, 2019
This apron is pretty cute with it's pin stripes, sturdy oxford material, and pattered towels on the side to dry your hand quickly.  The description title says two Owels but I thi... read more »

Comfortable but weird

10 May, 2019
I live in a very noisy environment! I need to protect my hearing from the noise when it is really bad. I really don't understand these earmuffs and why they amplify all the noise. I actually wante... read more »

Best thing ever!

06 May, 2019
These amazing magnet hooks help me so much to keep my home organized and neat. They allow me to have things in places I could not use before and have things handy. I'm so happy with this s... read more »

Just right pocket sized fan!

02 May, 2019
I'm pleased with this fan! I do alot of walking and in the warm seasons I need to rest and cool off sometimes. This is so lightweight, compact, and small and pretty much just what I wanted. I... read more »

Very nice comfy heel pads!

01 Apr, 2019
These silicone adhesive pads stick very well. They are very comfortable and cushy but not at all bulky. My walking shoes always start eroding in the heel area first while the rest if the shoe is st... read more »

Makes great easy coffee!

27 Mar, 2019
I really wanted a large pour over filter so I could make coffee for more than one person. But also for a single cup and for any instance that electricity is unavailable. This one fits the... read more »

Pretty designs

11 Mar, 2019
I think the designs on these wood beads are so pretty. The wood is the a natural element that I enjoy. I plan to make some bags with drawstring closures that have beads on the ends. These will be f... read more »

Perfect in Pink!

26 Feb, 2019
I'm so happy with these Baby to Love pads for changing and burping! There are three sets to chose from and I chose the pastel pink with hearts. It matches my pale grey diaper caddy perfectly. I... read more »

Some things remain good

21 Feb, 2019
Okay everyone has seen these kind of leather journal books in movies, right? Whether it was a scientist writing important discoveries in the jungle, or a traveler, or a poet writing profound, per... read more »

Nice plain beanie

19 Feb, 2019
This forest green cap is slightly large for me in a medium size. The fit is not bad though. I think it wears well as a large or medium. This is really a unisex hat but I think it is probably more o... read more »


12 Feb, 2019
These cute fish are perfect for holding chapstick.  They come in different patterens. They are very lightweight because they are made of neoprene. That's good so that the don't add too mu... read more »

Great compact travel/home kit bag!

25 Jan, 2019
It's small but it can also hold a few larger items and several small items.  It's actually very roomy for such a small size. It opens wide so you can put things into the deep po... read more »

These are fun and functional

08 Jan, 2019
I love these collapsible silicone bowls! These bowls by Kathy each come with a carabiner and in a different color of red, blue, green, and yellow. They hold 1 1/2 cups of food and 12 oz. of wate... read more »

I make things from scratch helper

08 Jan, 2019
I sometimes make my own cream cheese or yogurt and this cheesecloth holds in the solids very well while allowing it to release the whey. We have also used it for cold brew coffee,  b... read more »

Add comfort and cush where there is none

01 Jan, 2019
I put these in my rain boots because they had no cushion at all. I get painful feet when I don't have a little more cushion and my boots had none. The Dr Foot Sport insoles were a bit... read more »

Winter busters and cute!

31 Dec, 2018
These come in a nice variety of colors.  They add an extra layer of warmth for kids crawling around and they look good. They have a sort of ruffle or scallop at the top which gave me hesi... read more »

Handy versatile slings

31 Dec, 2018
These will not necessarily be used for a rifle. They are very strong and durable with very good quality hardware. I may replace one of my purses straps with these since I like a more... read more »

My favorite small purse!

24 Dec, 2018
This purse is just right for my phone, my keys, my card wallet, chapstick, and really much more. It's small with two sides. The zippers and hardware are good quality. There's nothing unnece... read more »

Pretty and roomy

17 Dec, 2018
I gave this to a family who is going to have plenty of dates to remember this year with their busy schedules and goals.  It's pretty and I like the big roomy grid for writing appointm... read more »

Simple lady's shaver

21 Nov, 2018
This has a flat shaving surface so it's much gentler than those kind with the flat blade with teeth.  It's a very pretty pale pink and nice and compact. It comes with a ba... read more »

Compact smooth works

17 Nov, 2018
It comes with a little cleaning brush. It uses a AA battery.  It works great trimming hair. I tried it out on my leg hair just to be sure it was working and it trimmed it great. I did that bec... read more »

Hard to bend, possibly useful

02 Nov, 2018
This works well only if you have it in one place all situated and don't need to adjust it anymore. However if you are wanting to readjust it then this is not the right one for you.  T... read more »

Loaded kit

30 Oct, 2018
This repair kit seems to be very good quality with more bits than will ever be needed but nice to have. I got this for a birthday gift because really everyone needs a few of these tools. They... read more »

Sunshine glare buster

27 Oct, 2018
When the sun is blazing away in my direction causing sight problems when driving this is a serious help. Love the sun but not in my eyes. It's nice to have a sun visor when you don't h... read more »

Pretty in dark

24 Oct, 2018
This comes in two shades of brown, light and dark. I opted for the dark brown and I really love it.  The wood grain blends nicely into my decor and furniture. The top chimney cycles through 7 dif... read more »

Nice large capacity

23 Oct, 2018
This has a 500ml capacity so I don't have to keep refilling it. It's very pretty, nice for a night light, cycles through several colors, and comes with a remote control.  I like that t... read more »

Replaced my inferior pliers with these superior ones

23 Oct, 2018
So many times I've had to use pliers and they weren't good enough and I like having tools that work so I replaced the old standard kit pliers with these finally. At this price, I waited t... read more »

Nice stainless spigot

20 Oct, 2018
I used this to make a gravity water filter using buckets. It's nice looking and very durable.  The washers do not leak and it assembled easily and well. It has a real fast flo... read more »

Lightweight handy drainer

20 Oct, 2018
This rack is perfect to set over the sink, or a tray, cookie sheet with a towel, or a plastic bin to drain off dishes that need to air dry on the inner part as well as outer.  Unli... read more »


17 Oct, 2018
The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 is because I prefer a lighter headphone and the flat ear muff was a little uncomfortable to me. I have sensitive ears though and my son loves these. He... read more »

Cute color, handy

09 Oct, 2018
I like the small profile and the easy open and close sides. It holds the phone well. It has a small clamp that opens easily as well and rotates 360 degrees  on a ball. The clamp tightens onto the... read more »

Sturdy well designed

08 Oct, 2018
This dashboard phone mount is way sturdier than another I used to have. It rotates 360 degrees. It has two push buttons that open it up so you don't have to pull it apart by force.  My last o... read more »

Thinking about Spring already.

02 Oct, 2018
These simple, cute, natural jute, bunny earred bags are lined nicely for added strength and looks. I think they are sweet for gifting and can be painted with a bunny face or something&n... read more »

Wow so easy!

30 Sep, 2018
I set this up in less than 10 minutes along with a new remote and got 33 channels. I have it placed on the wall by a window and the reception is amazing. It's raining now and it's still great.... read more »

Works well

26 Sep, 2018
I got this for bird watching and hiking and seeing the terrain ahead.  It's also for events.  It did not disappoint. The adjustments, quality, and lenses are superb. The clarit... read more »

Get the metal out

18 Jun, 2018
 I want to focus on using it as part of a heavy metal cleanse along with other supplements. I plan to start off with one tablet and then the next day two and then three for the next two days. I&#... read more »

Good Budget Haircut Scissors

18 May, 2018
This is a nice kit to have for cutting hair. I like to cut my own hair most of the time and having sharp scissors helps to give it a more professional look. I haven't used them yet and never used... read more »

Super fast charger

12 May, 2018
I just connected two Android Smartphones to this BAITER charger not simutaneously but at different times and it charged both phones up to100% super fast.  It's sleek and although I... read more »

These are useful for securing things better

11 May, 2018
These are great for strapping things on tighter so they aren't loose and dangling about which is great for hiking.  They're made of lightweight strong ABS plastic with a nice strong... read more »

Nice and light but strong D-Ring Clip

11 May, 2018
Wow you get 12 of these D ring clips made of strong but nice and light ABS plastic. These open very easy and stay securely closed. They work well on any packs webbing especially conveniently placed we... read more »

Beautiful Nature Hooks!

11 May, 2018
These beautiful hooks are very helpful around the house. I use one in my bathroom for a large hand mirror. It really sticks well. You have to follow the instructions well so that you do it right bu... read more »

Complete kit, everything you need.

20 Apr, 2018
I'm a bit of a germaphobe and this is important to make sure you aren't harboring and prolificating germs that you will then be drinking. The process of making sure it's dry is very necess... read more »

Comfortable and nice looking

10 Apr, 2018
I chose the tortoise shell rimmed and I think they are quite pretty. They are very light and they fit well. It's a comfortable fit, secure without feeling tight or irritating.  They... read more »

Soft and natural

13 Mar, 2018
Washcloths are one of the items for baby that you need plenty of and are most required by new moms when you ask.  These bamboo washcloths are ideal for baby because they are incredibly soft an... read more »

So light

22 Feb, 2018
The titanium metal makes this a very lightweight utensil for backpackng. It's nice and long for stirring in hot pots over a stove or fire or eating from a bag. For me it's comfortable to ea... read more »

Fun time with our cats

07 Feb, 2018
Our cats love this toy especially the caterpillers. Both really, but I like the caterpillers. :) It's fun to play with them and give them something to do. The pole is telescopic and aluminum I thi... read more »

Durable Wand and beautiful set of varying feather arrangements!

05 Feb, 2018
You get a soft handled metal pole,  a connector piece,  and an extention piece, that screws together to make it a long pole.  It easily unscrews to break it down to store it away o... read more »

Chunky tools to keep busy with

05 Feb, 2018
This comes with a motorcycle and a cute convertible car. The hex nuts and chunky tools (a wrench and a screwdriver.) are included for taking them apart and reassembly. This is a great toy for a toddle... read more »

Cute but cheap

04 Feb, 2018
It's a fine little dollar store toy and would be good in an Easter basket. :) It's bright, cute, and cheerful and actually fun. I do recommend buying it at the dollar store for less. ... read more »

Cute door stoppers

03 Feb, 2018
These adorable foam cushions hug to the door and keep it from closing on little fingers. Ouch, I've done that to myself! Kids are rambunctious and get careless with doors so this is a great way... read more »

Fishing in the tub pond

30 Jan, 2018
My baby grandson is going to like this because of the colorful fish and pole. It will be a fun game to play catching all the fish onto the hook. These toys don't have the hole in the bottom so... read more »

Slim and ample, nice

19 Jan, 2018
This wallet has a generous opening for the bills and the slots hold the cards in nice and tight but loose enough to get out easily. I love the built in rfid lining to keep the cards from getting sc... read more »

Top Quality Mitts!

16 Jan, 2018
These oven mitts are such good quality heavy duty potholders! I love how easy they are to slip on and off. These sit by my convection oven and stove and work great for baking and cooking. They're... read more »

Versatile and comfy!

14 Jan, 2018
I truly love using this comfortable cushion in the car.  It doubles as a camping pillow! What a versatile pillow this is! You can use it for traveling and cushionizing the seat belt which is 1... read more »

So handy!

13 Jan, 2018
I use these cable ties to organize and neaten everything around the house. I've used them to fix things and even construct a couple of things. They're handy for hanging stuff too. #RankBo... read more »

Skills puzzle

11 Jan, 2018
For a child this puzzle is a challenge. It can teach skills and help brains to grow smarter. This seems like something everyone would like to do.  I really like that it is not going to be a qu... read more »

Favorite Game

11 Jan, 2018
I remember playing with the magnetic fishing game as a child and thought it was so fun so I got this for my grandson. It comes with a mesh net bag to store all the pieces in plus a gift bag to give it... read more »

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