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Indie Filmmaker, Videographer, Video Producer, FX Designer, Product Reviewer And A Serious Gamer. I Do My Best To Make You Look Good. Let's Work.
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Superb alternative to the original controller.

02 Jul, 2020
There isn't much to complain about when it comes to this controller. This controller performs and feels exactly like the original. Battery life is the same, weighs the same and looks exactly like... read more »

Retro gaming for cheap!

02 Jul, 2020
This is a great little package for retro gaming that wont hurt the bank at all and provides hours of nostalgic gaming. You get the gaming unit, a controller for single and multiplayer games and cables... read more »

Great Power Bank With Great Features.

17 Sep, 2017
Power banks that have mid-range power capacities are ones that offer some best or worst portable charging experience, so it’s vital to always take a closer look when it comes to mid-range portab... read more »

Blazing Fast!

16 Aug, 2017
ou can use this cable to connect a new device with a USB-C port to a charger or computer with a standard USB port. This is a durable cable that you can rely on, with a double-braided exterior and an a... read more »

Lot Of Bang For Your Buck!

16 Aug, 2017
The GS500 Pro gaming headphones from Kotion Each deliver tournament-grade performance thanks to a duo of 50-millimeter audio drivers, as well as a retractable microphone with excellent quality. Soft m... read more »

Near Perfect Keyboard

15 Aug, 2017
The ZK-POIO is a solid, well-built semi-mechanical gaming keyboard for gamers who like to keep their gaming experience high-quality but simple. While the ZK-POIO doesn't come with features like wr... read more »

Great Little Quad!

13 Aug, 2017
This thing is zippy and I mean really zippy. I would not recommend this as a toy for kids under 10 due to the high risk of getting it right in the eye. While this thing is tiny, I can imagine it would... read more »

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