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18 Apr, 2019
these were soft but did not stretch much.  read more »

My first powetool

18 Apr, 2019
This was great quality, loved how lightweight it was. Came with charger . It was very easy to use and is the perfect size for my hands read more »


18 Apr, 2019
Was a bit flat but it was the right size.. my dog is medium sized and fit perfect. It could used a bit more cushioning but it was ok  read more »

Great kit

03 Apr, 2019
this kit was so ni e. It came with everything to reveal either team boy or team girl.  read more »

Love love love

28 Mar, 2019
This lamp did it’s job. I’m so satisfied with it. It cured my polish really fast. The design is so cute too. There’s enough space to put my whole hand under it. In all this was exact... read more »

It was ok

28 Mar, 2019
Not as powerful as I expected. Did not scrub my skin like I wanted. Only 1 speed available. I like that it was rechargeable and I don’t have to be buying batteries .  read more »

Ready for some pics

28 Mar, 2019
This set included 2 lamps with stand and bulbs , carrying case too. I received everything in the description and I’m happy with my purchase. It was really easy to set up and put away. I like the... read more »

Good protection

28 Mar, 2019
i purchased these because I have bad asthma and any dust can trigger it. I like that it has a breathing valve. I don’t feel suffocated with these. It came in a box of 20. They are really good qu... read more »

So comfy

28 Mar, 2019
These were so comfy and soft. I got an xlarge and they fit nice and loose . The fabric is great quality and the design was so cute. Will definitely purchase more read more »

Easy comb

21 Mar, 2019
this tamed my hair and it took less time that a straightener. It’s better if used in dry hair. Will not bu4j your hair. Just divided my hair into sections and combed it it’s tgis brush. Ju... read more »


09 Mar, 2019
i was able to pair my iPhone . It is very easy to set up. It is rechargeable. The lights come on when the music is playing. It is a pretty loud speaker. Excellent quality product  read more »

Dad loved it

09 Mar, 2019
Great quality watch. Numbers big and easy to read. Came in a nice box ready to gift. I got the one that says dad on it and my dad loved it. This goes nice with a suit. It is fancy read more »

Cutest ever

07 Mar, 2019
these were the cutest ever. They are Bluetooth headphones. My grandson loved them. Clear loud sound. I was able to pair it with my iPhone . Great quality and warm to wear. Unicorns are life. read more »

Good for my cricut

07 Mar, 2019
I used these sheets on my cricut machine to make decals to put on mugs. I received 7 sheets which had adhesive on them. The colors were metallic and all 7 were different colors. I’m glad they wa... read more »

My safety cam

05 Mar, 2019
i was able to monitor directly from my cell phone . It was super easy to set up and not only can I see what’s going on in my home but I can hear too. It also has night vision. I set this up to m... read more »

Great support

05 Mar, 2019
This band gave me great support and was easy to put on. It’s soft but durable and I could adjust the tightness which was awesome. I loved it read more »


25 Feb, 2019
These are great gaming headset. They are comfortable to wear and are durable. They do not look like the cheap quality headsets I’ve purchased in the past. I use this with my ps4 and the sound qu... read more »

So comfy

16 Jun, 2018
these were so comfortable . They are so sporty and very well made. I loved them. They are grey pink and black . I look so good in them. They stretch a whole lot and are awesome to workout in. read more »

Magnetic and tricky

16 Jun, 2018
At first I thought these were very cool , but they are so tricky to put on. They don’t stay on for a long time. Any touch of your eye will cause the to move and slip off. I would wear these only... read more »

Soap on a rope Love it.

11 Feb, 2018
This soap smells so good.  When I opened it I thought it would smell bad since it is a black soap. But I was wrong, it smells great. It's a penis shaped soap on a rope . I have it in my bathr... read more »

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