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Thin floss

31 Jul, 2019
It is a big bag of floss that comes with travel cases.  For the first few ones I tried, I find the floss is a bit loose (not pulled straight), and thin.  So I don't think they are too ef... read more »

Beautiful oil

30 Jul, 2019
I am using their Rose Water Toner and Aloe Vera Mist, add this Jojoba Oil to my skincare routine and they made a great combo. - Made in Canada - Organic - Cold-pressed, so the content will not ge... read more »

Light weight toner

30 Jul, 2019
I used their Rose Water toner before and like it a lot; this Aloe Vera mist is equally delightful. - Made in Canada - Alcohol and fragrance free - Love the spray nozzle:  It sprays a fine mi... read more »

Slightly, but not completely, effective

09 May, 2018
I have been using cotton swab to clean my ears which is not recommended.  By pushing the swab in, you might push wax and debris further into the ear canal.  The spun cotton might come l... read more »

Quick and easy snack!

09 May, 2018
I have been looking for ways to cut down unhealthy snacks for the family.  Homemade popcorn is one of the better options, but making popcorn on stovetop is not as convenient because it can be bur... read more »

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