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Does the job

22 Mar, 2021
Very colorful, does the job, disappointed it did not come with a needle on the pump to actually fill anything.  read more »

Never received

19 Mar, 2021
Otem never came  read more »

Items Never Come

27 Oct, 2020
My item was supposed to arrive over a month ago. No email or response from seller, so I'll have to ask Amazon for help. Purchased and it never comes.  read more »

So many decals

01 Oct, 2020
Even my husband said this set was gorgeous. Decals and glitter will make so many beautiful and creative designs. I'm excited to use! read more »

You can literally feel it working!

01 Oct, 2020
Very happy with this purchase. I couldn't believe I could feel it working within minutes and just one drop does the job. I feel safe taking the ingredients listed as well.  read more »

We love this!!

01 Oct, 2020
My husband and I fight over this sweatshirt. It fits well, and is super cool. Graphic is slightly blurry, but that can be expected with graphic transfer.  read more »

Long and fast charging!

01 Oct, 2020
Works just as advertised. Super long and the charge is actually fast. Very worth it.  read more »

My baby loves it!

01 Oct, 2020
My baby is teething but refused to bite anything other than people. This has nice, big colorful beads that are comfortable to chew on and engaging in play very worth it.  read more »

Love this gadget

24 Sep, 2020
As we upgrade our phones, we were very disappointed to lose our AUX port. We purchased dongles but they could only be used for music OR charging. I enjoy that this works just find for me to use both p... read more »

Very simple, very fun

24 Sep, 2020
My son loves these blocks. They work well for stacking and as a domino-type set up. They are simple painted blocks but babies away have fun with a bunch of them! read more »

Love it

24 Sep, 2020
These are perfect couples bracelets. They are beautiful and it means a lot to us as in our relationship. Very cute and the clasp is super duper cool.  read more »

Long looking for a great product.

24 Sep, 2020
We've been looking for about a year for a quality product at an affordable price. This one fit the bill and my husband loves it. It works for all of our needs and has wonderful picture. Very happy... read more »

Wonderful quality

24 Sep, 2020
This is a beautiful tribute for my son. It looks great and serves a sentimental purpose. Very satisfied. read more »

Very nice kit

12 Sep, 2020
Very nice kit that comes with almost everything you need for all sorts of projects. Easy to use and very effective. Thank you! read more »

Everyone loves this toy!

12 Sep, 2020
Bought for my 1 year old son because I don't want him on phones. Him, my husband, and I love it. It's loaded with amazing games and everything you need to play for hours. Love this purchase!!!... read more »

So vibrant!

06 Sep, 2020
I love this set. It is such a colorful rainbow with so many vivid colors. Applies very easy as well too. An awesome product! read more »

Awesome for Fall

23 Aug, 2020
This set is sturdy and comes with EVERYTHING you need to carve pumpkins and all sorts of vegetables. It has adult instruments and children's safety. Scoopers and scrapers- its perfect for the upco... read more »

Very Fun Decoration!

17 Aug, 2020
These butterflys are slow cool, but elegant at the same time. They are a great addition to a beautiful home. They are durable and realistic, although the centers had quite a large gap. Very excited fo... read more »

Super cool

12 Aug, 2020
This tent goes above and beyond! Easy to assemble, plus it give activities on top if the fun shelter! My little one loves it and it nice for him to have a little place to be by himself throughout the... read more »

Awesome colors. Easy to use and well crafted.

02 Aug, 2020
I love how vibrant the colors are and that it easily attaches to any costume. Seems wekl crafted kike something i would make if i had time.  read more »

So much Nostalgia!

16 Jul, 2020
This tiny gadget packs a huge punch! Its small and compact, easy to use, and totally retro. It comes ready to play woth over 400 classic games. The old cheat codes even work!! This is going to provide... read more »

Great pack

29 May, 2020
This product is helping me save the turtles. It is also very convenient and practical. Very satisfied. read more »

This is An Awesome Product

28 May, 2020
Melon ballers, especially quality ones, are extremely difficult to find anymore. These are awesome, practical, and durable. read more »

Delicious tea

26 May, 2020
Delicious tea and great packaging.  read more »

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