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Stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. We own a farm and grow cotton,soy beans,and corn. We have a few dogs,cats,cows and horses that I enjoy on the place also. Our little refuge was inherited from my husbands great grandfather who settled here and made this place what it is today with his own two hands almost 100 years ago. I enjoy doing product reviews because it makes me feel productive and makes my day to day life more interesting.
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Great electric mower

29 Jun, 2021
I am thoroughly impressed with this lawn mower! I have a rather large yard and have never used anything battery powered on it but this light weight easy to push 60v mower really blew me away!! The run... read more »

Cute top

16 Jun, 2021
Soft and flowy quality made blouse. It is light weight and true to size so if you want it loose i would size up. The length of the top is just right. #cloudlghaltertop  read more »

Nice product

16 Jun, 2021
I was impressed with these night vision binoculars. They are very easy to use and are a quality made product. The viewfinder is large and the picture quality is good. The 4x zoom feature is nice to ha... read more »

Nice set

09 Apr, 2021
This has the best variety I have found of essential oils all in on place. If you use essential oil like I do on a daily basis I would recommend giving the a try. It included a few oils that are a bit... read more »

Best shorts ever

09 Apr, 2021
These are comfortable and stylish shorts for yoga or exercise. They are high waisted and stay in place well. Have pockets so you can have a place to put a few things while you exercise or jog. Would r... read more »

Brightest little light

09 Apr, 2021
I've had several different styles of headlamps and this one tops them all. It is small and compact and super bright. I love the spot and flood feature that it has and it also hasa dimmed sett... read more »

Never received product

15 Feb, 2021
I never received the product to review. #noproductreceived #rankboosterreview read more »

Didn’t last long

15 Feb, 2021
These cables were nice and long and worked well for a week or two but unfortunately the connections didnt last long before they began to break at to connection point at the phone. Had to had one piece... read more »

Nice product

18 Jan, 2021
Product is well made and very soft. I was very excited to try out this bra but unfortunately they run small so I wasnt able to wear it. I would definitely size up a couple of sizes from your normal if... read more »

Super Bright Light

02 Jan, 2021
Light is extremely bright and covers a large area. Durable construction and aimable fixture to light up your dark corners. Fits standard lighr bulb receptacles which makes installing it very simple. I... read more »

Great set of hair clippers

02 Jan, 2021
Product construction is durable and well built. Clippers are cordless and easy to use with minimal upkeep. Comes with hair guides for different lenth cuts and small cleaning brush for blade clean up.... read more »

Great machine

02 Jan, 2021
This item was a wonderful addition to my home office.  I have used it several times to laminate anything from important documents to grandmas recipe cards. It is well built and simple to use jus... read more »

Great insole

17 Dec, 2020
These were purchased for my husband to help his feet on hard floors for hours on end. They gave great cushion and longevity to his footwear. Complaints of hurting feet were a thing of the past. Defini... read more »

Best trap ever

17 Dec, 2020
These are sumple to bait and even more simple to set. Quality product to catch all your rodents big or small. Triggering mechanisms are sensitive to the slightest touch. Definitely will recommend this... read more »

Smaller than anticipated

17 Dec, 2020
Item was much much smaller than I had anticipated. Bought for a 10 gallon tank and still doesnt fill much space and is always falling over on it side. Product is very light weight plastic and isnt wel... read more »

Excellent quality

05 Dec, 2020
I purchased this for my grand son. I thought the saying was just too cute, it brought me back to my high school days. The product was excellent quality and super soft fabric. When washed item did... read more »

Poor quality

03 Nov, 2020
I never got a chance to use this dog collar because the item would charge from the get go. Sent several emails to seller and never got a single response. Do not recommend as I have not been able to tr... read more »

Great Item

31 Aug, 2020
High quality products that my child absolutely loves to play with in the pool. More pool toys than you would normally get in a set.  Recommend this product.  read more »

Great first camera for the kiddos.

20 Aug, 2019
The Prograce digital camera and video recorder is a great first camera for your young photographer. The images are good quality and the video looks great also.It is simple and easy to use an... read more »

Great Pet Product

09 Jan, 2019
This fountain is a great pet product for your beloved furbabies. Perfect for a small dog or cat. Easy to assemble and comes with replacement filters for cleaning up tap water for your pampered pets. C... read more »

Compact hair removal product

09 Jan, 2019
If you need an easy way to remove facial hair that is painless this tool is great. Not much bigger than a tube of lipstick it is easy to carry on the go. Uses AA battery( not included) which does... read more »

Great product

09 Jan, 2019
I absolutely loved this monocular. I have wanted one for a long time to add to my hunting tools because I have difficulty using binoculars with glasses on but this monocular solved that issue for me.... read more »

Great Product#Yol

09 Jan, 2019
These ropes greatly exceeded my expectations upon receiving them. At first glance they are extremely heavy duty and well constructed for any activity  you would consider them for. The carabine... read more »

Awesome pet toys

09 Jan, 2019
These rope toys for dogs are extremely durable and hold up well to puppy teeth and aggressive play with any dog at any age. They held up well and  didn't fall to pieces when dogs got rowdy... read more »

Great Massager

09 Jan, 2019
This massage wand is great for relieving tension or soothing aching muscles. Cord is extra long and swivels so you aren't tangled up in the cord while using this massager. Foam cap is very cush... read more »

Superb Product

18 Oct, 2018
Absolutely the best product to add to your hunting bag. If your like me and have difficulty focusing binoculars, this monocular is for you. Excellent quality, moderately heavy and great quality. Cryst... read more »

Stylish and Comfy

18 Oct, 2018
These are the trendiest tennis shoes I have ever bought. The camo pattern goes with everything. These are extra light weight and very comfortable tennis shoes for everyday wear or if your working on y... read more »

Great binoculars!

18 Oct, 2018
I usually don't use binoculars because I wear glasses but these are the best. They are crystal clear and very easy to focus one handed if  you are hunting or just bird watching. The magnif... read more »

Awesome battery charger to have on hand

18 Oct, 2018
This charger might be small but it's performance is big! It is compact and easy to store in your car,garage,or house.  It comes with two different sets of cables ,clip cables and terminal... read more »

Great product

25 Sep, 2018
I love the feel of these yoga capris. The grey fleck coloring goes with everything. The fit is a bit smaller than expected but fit great. Super comfy and not binding for any type of activity. #Rankboo... read more »

Cute toys

25 Sep, 2018
These are super cute toys for your kiddos to play with. They are small framed for little hands to grip just right and the fruit themes are very appealing to children. These are simple children'... read more »

Husband loves these

12 Jan, 2018
i purchased this product for my husband and he absolutely loves them. I have been told they are extremely comfortable to wear and don't ride up at all. He also informed me that he loves the moistu... read more »

Great product

11 Jan, 2018
Several ties in all different sizes. They are a bit flimsy but proved to work for several different projects successfully.  read more »

Great for hiking

11 Jan, 2018
This product is great for hiking. It has plenty of space for everything you could need. They are water resistant to a point but I did have a few items get damp. The zippers are good quality, zipper pu... read more »

Great addition to camping equipment

11 Jan, 2018
This light was the best addition to our camping equipment. It is super bright and solar charged. Love to hang it inside and outside of our tent.  read more »


11 Jan, 2018
This light bulb was the best investment for my porch. It is super bright and motion activated. I love that it conserves electricity and cost less to use than other bulbs. Great find read more »

Great quality item

11 Jan, 2018
I purchased this necklace for my mother in law for Christmas. It is beautiful quality and she absolutely loves it.  read more »

Super cute!!

11 Jan, 2018
I purchased these for my daughter and she has the best time playing with them. We have had hours of fun making our own puppet shows. She loves to interact with them. Her imagination really has a chanc... read more »

Super soft

11 Jan, 2018
My fur baby loves this super soft pet bed. It is small enough to use alone or in a pet carrier on the go. It is easy to wash also. I just throw it in the washer when needed read more »

Great product

11 Jan, 2018
This is an awesome edition to my gardening tools. I love the expandable hose. It is easy to use and never kinks. The sprayer is good quality and the kit comes with 2 extra o rings for replacement when... read more »

Extremely nice instrument

11 Jan, 2018
This violin is extremely beautiful and would be great for the beginner to learn on.  It comes complete with case,strings,rosin, everything you need to get started.  read more »

Very impressed with product

05 Jan, 2018
This headlight is well worth the money. It is super bright with several settings including my favorite feature, the motion sensor that turns it on and off. The USB charger is so much easier than chang... read more »

So cute

05 Jan, 2018
This is the softest,warmest hat I have ever used. The color is beautiful. Recommend to anyone wanting to color coordinate the winter fashions.  read more »

Hunters must have

07 Nov, 2017
This light might be mini but it is mighty. I put it start to the test on an extremely dark night. The green led shines critter eyeballs and makes it easier on your eyes in the dark also. Flash light c... read more »

So cute,Dry and Comfy

02 Nov, 2017
What a wonderful raincoat. I loved it so much I purchased on for everyone on my Christmas list this year! Light weight,extremely comfortable. Great for everyday use. These are just enough to keep you... read more »

lovely feet

02 Nov, 2017
This product is absolutely great for dry ,cracking feet. The result I experienced were wonderful. My feet were terrible because I'm usually barefoot  and that is extremely hard on your fee... read more »

Great little device

28 Oct, 2017
This little compact power inverter is just perfect to stash in my vehicle for emergencies. I have also carried it when we use our generator camping and traveling. Works great to recharge a couple o... read more »

Too cute

28 Oct, 2017
These headphones are just almost too cute for words. I purchased these for my daughter to use with her portable movie player and she loves them. these have the cutes cat ears that light up on her h... read more »

Great product

20 Oct, 2017
This was exactly what I was needing to revive my over used cellular device. Having all the tools included made it easy for me to install in a short time and I was able to get back to all my day to day... read more »

Love these

20 Oct, 2017
I purchased these for my husband and I as a pre wedding gift and we love them. They look great ,are easy to set and easy to read. They have day,date and time which I love.  Classy look, water res... read more »

Awesome Little Speaker

20 Oct, 2017
This little Bluetooth speaker is easy to use and has great sound for its size. I was thrilled at how powerful it actually is. Waterproof feature and easy push buttons to change songs,volume,and power... read more »

Wonderful little diffusers!

13 Oct, 2017
I just love this little diffuser. I put it in my toddlers room and get two benefits out of one product. First I get to infuse the air with calming essential oils, and second she gets a colorful night... read more »

Cute and Comfy

05 Oct, 2017
This little nighty is cute and comfy. The product was exactly as described and fit true to size. I love how it fits and will definitely purchase like products again.#RankBoosterReview #Sponsered #Enjo... read more »

Great battery case

05 Oct, 2017
I purchased this case for my husband because his phone is always almost dead. It is easy to charge and does it very fast. It extends the phone life triple fold. It is extremely easy to install and rem... read more »

Comfy socks

05 Oct, 2017
I purchased these for my husband to try. He is very picky about his socks because his feet get hot and make him uncomfortable so he usually wants cotton,but he was very impressed with these socks. He... read more »


05 Oct, 2017
I purchased this product for my husband to add to his drag car toolbox to check the rear tire pressure after a run and he absolutely loves it. He informed me that it was possiblely the best low pressu... read more »

Great Rechagables

30 Sep, 2017
I purchased these for my husband because he never has hot flashlight batteries until now!  He can use a few and charge a few now at the same time.  He is a flashlight guru so he has gone... read more »


30 Sep, 2017
These are my new favorite panties ever!!!! These are very soft and very comfortable. You almost don't even know you have them on. They are very breathable and moisture wicking. Quality made p... read more »

Great battery backup

30 Sep, 2017
This little case is awesome if you find yourself needing some extra battery life for your phone. It is easy to put on your cellphone and extends the battery life triple fold. It charges rather fast an... read more »

Great iPhone battery backup

30 Sep, 2017
I love this backup battery case. it is very long lasting and easy to put on your phone. Extends the battery life on your phone several times over.               &nbs... read more »

Great investment

22 Sep, 2017
These waterproof cases are a great investment to purchase for protecting your expensive cellular phones from the elements.  They stay nice and dry in rain ,sleet,or snow and your phone remains fu... read more »

Great product

22 Sep, 2017
This is a great product to use if you want a non permanent option for yourself or your children's hair. It is a fun way to express your own personality.  I would definitely recommend to mo... read more »

Love this little light

17 Aug, 2017
This is a really nice relaxing addition to my garden tub when I'm ready to unwind. the colors are for the most part very tranquil. I love that it just suction cups to the tub where ever you want i... read more »

Awesome product

05 Jul, 2017
This little earbud has awesome sound and is very easy to use. Pairing it was very easy and the run time for it is excellent. I have listened to my favorite music for hours and it still has charge. Cha... read more »

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