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Perfect and transportable

08 Nov, 2020
I am very happy with this ring light with it being my first, firstly it is quite affordable and such a light weight model, it’s also very compact too, so easy to carry when travelling. The... read more »

Fun colourful and entertaining

08 Nov, 2020
Amazing toy, light and colourful, keeps children of all ages busy. Can be played inside the home, but can get damaged easily, so I would recommend flying outside in the garden or park, with more spac... read more »

Small, fun, enjoyable

08 Nov, 2020
This little drone is suitable for young children as you can't stick your fingers between the rotating wings. However, one must also say that sometimes the drone does not do what one wants, since i... read more »

Smaller than anticipated

08 Nov, 2020
Some of the negative reviews scared me a bit, I expected for the worst but I was wrong. The size was really unexpected alot smaller than I anticipated.Totally worth, every single penny! The look and t... read more »

Nice colourful and practical

08 Nov, 2020
Recieved these lights was very wary with regards to the colours, but once charged via solar panel which is supplied with plenty of wire to maximize the sunlight, these lights brought colour to a garde... read more »

Soft and cosy

08 Nov, 2020
This quality of the mat is very good in terms of softness and colour. Fits perfectly with the theme in my room. I can easily chill and sit in it without any discomfort. Very soft to touch comes Vacuum... read more »

Fun and entertaining

08 Nov, 2020
Amazing toy, keeps children of all ages busy. Can be played inside the home, but can get damaged easily, so I would recommend flying outside in the garden or park, with more space so you can try more... read more »

Sleak design and great

25 Oct, 2020
Great item, was concerned at first with it not being an official Sony one, charging is the same as the original version so no need to change ports, easy set up to your playstation,  gameplay is s... read more »

Light, small and fun

25 Oct, 2020
Wow was shocked at how small this was but this toy can turn any adult into a child back. I had fun with it tbh but my kid didnt let me play anymore. It has sensors to every end so wont hit any wall... read more »

Never received

25 Oct, 2020
Item was never received by myself,  parcel was taken from my front door  read more »

Easy to use great cooling

19 Oct, 2020
I noticed one day when I went to turn off the ps4 it was burning up so I've got this to lift it up off the shelf and allow air ventilation around it. The added fans speed up the process. There... read more »

Great cooling and useful

19 Oct, 2020
This cooling pad works well. I have been using this now for a fes days, The two fans cool somewhat. Has really neat looking blue lights. Adjustable base allows to adjust laptop to different angles. Pl... read more »

Stylish and lovely

19 Oct, 2020
Lovely watch, slightly heavy when first wearing but unnoticed after a day of wearing.  Easy to set the time, the strap feels soft and doesn't discolour like some cheaper watches. If you are a... read more »

Lightweight, compact, powerful

19 Oct, 2020
I've been looking for a projector for at least a year. Almost bought one last year but now I am happy that I didn't, because this model has far better specs and cost half price of what I was g... read more »

Soft cosy and durable

19 Oct, 2020
The size of this rug is perfect for my lounge, I was shocked by the way it was sent and packaged but once unrolled and folded it was good . It has some smell when arrived but it has gone after 2 days.... read more »

Quiet and convenient

19 Oct, 2020
This is absolutely brilliant! I chose it because of the current lockdown and it seemed to meet my needs. I hadn't considered how useful it would be to have two batteries to charge or how well the... read more »

Item never received

19 Oct, 2020
No review can be done as I never recieved this item  read more »

Lightweight , easy to use , comfortable

06 Aug, 2020
Item arrived,  shocked with the weight, lighter than I thought,  easy to use and easy to understand instructions.  This pool float lasted all day in searing hot weather. The material is... read more »

Compact and efficient

20 Jul, 2020
Looks good, is small and lightweight as advertised. It says it will remove up to 700ml in 24 hours. However it only managed 150ml in 24 hours in a small room, so I can't have had much moisture whi... read more »

Small colourful and Fun

20 Jul, 2020
This was easy to use the colours are great and music as well. I Loved playing with this, you can do lots of tricks and lasts along time. Looks great when you have the lights off. Very sturdy,  qu... read more »

Great scratcher well built good quality

20 Jul, 2020
Had this scratcher a while now, but my cat loves it, he hasn't destroyed it unlike some cheaper versions I have brought in the past, having the suction caps helps position the scratcher in differe... read more »

Small but powerful and lightweight

20 Jul, 2020
Small but powerful! So much easier than pumping by hand! It inflates a double air mattress in around 4 minutes, so very quick. The item is small, nice and compact but don't let this small size foo... read more »

Soft, cosy and warm

27 Nov, 2019
The basket arrived well packaged and in a vacuumed bag for transit. I carefully removed the basket from the packaging and allowed it to breathe before introducing it to my furry feline friend.  T... read more »

Must have gadget for all

19 Nov, 2019
In all the years I’ve bought ice from the shops and lugged it home, having this ice maker is just a ‘must’ for anyone like myself, who likes ice in their drinks. I love my machine. J... read more »

Sleek design and comfortable use

19 Nov, 2019
 The mouse arrived well package, very quickly and in good condition. It uses a usb charger cable and standard charger (charger not included though), to charge the mouse, rather than batteries, w... read more »

Fantastic gadget to own

19 Nov, 2019
I like this frother as it has a small footprint on the counter top. It is very quiet and the design is slender. I purchased this frother for my coffee and chocolate can recomend it as it blends the co... read more »

Small but mighty fountain

19 Nov, 2019
Really good water fountain and the cats seem to take to it well. I bought this as the old one went all green and weird and i was unable to get in to properly clean it. This is really easy to clean, it... read more »

Small, compact easy to use camera

16 Nov, 2019
I've been wanting an action camera for ages but wasn't willing to pay the prices required for the top end ones. I also wasn't willing to sacrifice video quality either. This one is superb... read more »

Great, bright, very useful

14 Nov, 2019
Other than the instructions being very small and difficult to read, and the box being very plain, the lamp was very easy to install. The bluetooth connection was very easy to set up with my phone and... read more »

Stylish, contemporary and modern

10 Nov, 2019
Wanted a tripod style lamp and this one came up trumps. Very easy to put together (took me approx 20mins). Once it was assembled, popped in a bulb which it doesn't come with a bulb and it was as e... read more »

Impressive compact and good quality

07 Nov, 2019
This is a very impressive collection of every screwdriver bit you are likely to need. The quality of the bits appears to be quite good - no obvious defects and I like the length of the bits - makes th... read more »

Superb and outstanding kit

07 Nov, 2019
This kit is superb, comes with all the bits for even the weirdest looking screw heads, ideal for modern electronics, having two sized handles is a nice touch, especially the small one which allows to... read more »

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