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07 Mar, 2021
these are fantastic, but have a couple issues.  i want to mention that these do seem like they are plastic not just plastic coated, super silk smooth. they look fantastic quite unique from most c... read more »

pretty good

24 Feb, 2021
got em mainly because they are microwave and dishwasher safe, they are a bit floppy but still much stronger than any paper plate.  the have a curved up lip on the sides, not quite a bowl, but eni... read more »

Nice but thick

31 Jan, 2021
It has nicencolors, a bit dark and narrow for the center design but looks great in sunlight.   The thing is that its a bit too thick so you feel it between fingers and kind-of hurts if you g... read more »

Neilden is good

26 Jan, 2021
Neilden sets never let me down, it's sticky, comes with everything needed and the image is clear.  I look forward to completing it.  read more »


26 Jan, 2021
I'll be honest I have no idea what these are used for but they look good. It's organic cinnamon, the capsules look fine, albeit a bit large. Distributes by a company in Florida but unsure wher... read more »


21 Jan, 2021
This is a great set, the circle light seemed small because I have a bigger one but it lights up much better and seems brighter.  Comes with A LOT  of stuff the tripod is a bit funky but it g... read more »


21 Jan, 2021
Neilden makes good stuff their diamond painting kits are pretty nice, sticky and detailed.  Comes with everything you need and its good quality. read more »


18 Jan, 2021
Works great on my dogs and cats they both enjoy it.  The push button thing works but you still have to shake off the fur a bit but way easier than not having that at all. read more »

Lots of cushion

09 Jan, 2021
For the price I thought they were going to be thin and flat,  however they're actually quite thick and plush.  read more »


21 Dec, 2020
i thought it was going to be gimmicky, but honestly as someone who wears glasses, this option is amazing. it really makes a difference.  im glad someone is out there making this stuff read more »

really good

21 Dec, 2020
its actually pretty good, makes a bit of noise but doesnt bother me.  got it up on the wall. read more »

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