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very nice set

07 May, 2021
this is is a well done set, comes packaged nicely, the designs are clear and instricate, no rough edges of pieces breaking off.  seems well made.  the designs seem a bit blurry but its not b... read more »


29 Apr, 2021
its a very nice set to have handy, the nose pads are good, i like the air bag ones, the screws are in its own little container so they are not just lose in the big container,.   read more »

has been working great

29 Apr, 2021
battery life is longer than i thought, it works to create fire, light things up, its easy to forget that its dangerous because it does not look like fire and it doesnt generate a lot of heat, but rest... read more »


16 Apr, 2021
These are false advertising, not bone conducting, they are just outside the ear buds.  I want them for walks out side, these defeat the purpose which is to allow me to hear traffic and other surr... read more »


13 Apr, 2021
the extra blades really help out with the spread of the light, this thing is bright, seems like true 100w very cool white which i like.  i really like this light, perfect for the garage. read more »


06 Apr, 2021
At first I question them because they feel a bit weak and ki d of scratchy but ho estly they work amazing.  The o ly downside is I wish they were about bigger maybe around 50% bigger would be gre... read more »


06 Apr, 2021
Enough space for my cats to dig in but not enough where they can scoop up half a cup at a time lol exactly as designed.  The non slip rubber amount is great, it really is much better than those w... read more »


06 Apr, 2021
Honestly I thought these were going to be cheap, thin, and flimsy...but they are quite good and super transparent, can see everything perfectly., good size too.  read more »

my first bad review

02 Apr, 2021
this is one of the worst items ive had to reviewed, the pictures do not match the description or images show in the listing, completely false advertising. read more »


02 Apr, 2021
i didnt read too much into it but it was something i needed, going by the pics i thought it was going to be one set with random color, but nope, you get 3 containers as shown one in each color, comes... read more »

Very different, fully plastic.

22 Mar, 2021
Very distinct playing cards, they stand out, they are vibrant and super silky, slippery even.  They are not plastic coated but fully plastic, so you can even rinse them in water. I got the gold,... read more »


22 Mar, 2021
Very distinct playing cards, they stand out, they are vibrant and super silky, slippery even.  They are not plastic coated but fully plastic, so you can even rinse them in water. I got the gold,... read more »

Pretty good

19 Mar, 2021
The music is annoying but it has a no music option which is great.  Kind of hard to turn but it's still fun to use, lights are bright but the flashing can be a bit annoying, overall it's... read more »


07 Mar, 2021
these are fantastic, but have a couple issues.  i want to mention that these do seem like they are plastic not just plastic coated, super silk smooth. they look fantastic quite unique from most c... read more »

pretty good

24 Feb, 2021
got em mainly because they are microwave and dishwasher safe, they are a bit floppy but still much stronger than any paper plate.  the have a curved up lip on the sides, not quite a bowl, but eni... read more »

Nice but thick

31 Jan, 2021
It has nicencolors, a bit dark and narrow for the center design but looks great in sunlight.   The thing is that its a bit too thick so you feel it between fingers and kind-of hurts if you g... read more »

Neilden is good

26 Jan, 2021
Neilden sets never let me down, it's sticky, comes with everything needed and the image is clear.  I look forward to completing it.  read more »


26 Jan, 2021
I'll be honest I have no idea what these are used for but they look good. It's organic cinnamon, the capsules look fine, albeit a bit large. Distributes by a company in Florida but unsure wher... read more »


21 Jan, 2021
This is a great set, the circle light seemed small because I have a bigger one but it lights up much better and seems brighter.  Comes with A LOT  of stuff the tripod is a bit funky but it g... read more »


21 Jan, 2021
Neilden makes good stuff their diamond painting kits are pretty nice, sticky and detailed.  Comes with everything you need and its good quality. read more »


18 Jan, 2021
Works great on my dogs and cats they both enjoy it.  The push button thing works but you still have to shake off the fur a bit but way easier than not having that at all. read more »

Lots of cushion

09 Jan, 2021
For the price I thought they were going to be thin and flat,  however they're actually quite thick and plush.  read more »


21 Dec, 2020
i thought it was going to be gimmicky, but honestly as someone who wears glasses, this option is amazing. it really makes a difference.  im glad someone is out there making this stuff read more »

really good

21 Dec, 2020
its actually pretty good, makes a bit of noise but doesnt bother me.  got it up on the wall. read more »

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