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Beautiful Clock

23 Feb, 2021
I am a really big fan of these silent Clocks and once again they have not disappointed me. This beautiful 30 cm round wooden wall clock has a nice rustic style that would look great in many different... read more »

Beautiful and Well made

10 Feb, 2021
Today I just received this Womens bracelet which I purchased as a gift and I can say I am very happy with it.  The bracelet I got was the silver with blue and white stones that sparkle... read more »

Good Product - Bad Packaging

24 Jan, 2021
When I first ordered this product I was actually quite excited as I recently have been having issues with dry forearms and elbows and thought this would be great for that.  Now before talkin... read more »

Better than I expected

22 Jan, 2021
I had low expectations when I ordered this as it didn't have any reviews or dimensions so was worried it might be too small from the pictures but once it arrived I was actually blown away with the... read more »

Feels like quality and looks nice.

22 Jan, 2021
  Hey everyone today I'll be talking about this 8 pack of nose studs that I picked up as a gift and they went over very well.   These studs seem well built and the CZ gemstones... read more »

Great for home or on the go

18 Jan, 2021
So I picked this up for a family member who always was carrying two chargers and a powerbank to try and lighten their load. The main feature of this device is the fact that your able to use it at home... read more »

Exactly as described

18 Dec, 2020
I received this a while ago and have been up able to give my thoughts on it as I wanted to test them all make sure they all worked as described.  To do that I ordered a tool that would test these... read more »

Awesome little tree

18 Dec, 2020
I got this tree without high expectations of it being very bright or that sturdy but to be honest I was blown away. This is an awesome little tree. It can be powered by batteries or BY USB with an inc... read more »

A Little Different But Works as Advertised

07 Nov, 2020
Im a PC builder and often find myself showing, working on or testing PC's in locations that may not have a wired internet connection so I purchased this Wise Tiger Dual Band USB 3.0 ... read more »

Nice retro clock design

17 Oct, 2020
I grabbed this clock to put in my kitchen and I love it.  So when I saw the 34cm Retro Farmhouse clock I knew it would be perfect to replace my currently failing kitchen clock.  The im... read more »

Great clock perfect for rustic or farm decor

17 Oct, 2020
I picked up this clock as a gift for someone and they absolutely loved it.    The clock itself was the 40cm Vintage Farmhouse version with a large picture of a rooster. The printed ima... read more »


29 Sep, 2020
This scarf is amazing.  Its so soft I swear I dont own anything as soft as this.  Im not sure exactly how much I can say about this scarf but I gave it to my mother and she says it is the be... read more »

Small and Powerful

19 Sep, 2020
The LETION UV Flashlight is a powerful little light which can be used for a multitude of things like checking for pet stains, counterfeit bills and even detect fungi in food. Another great feature abo... read more »

Great Controller, Now Friend Wants One

19 Sep, 2020
The Gamory Wireless Pro Game Controller for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is a great controller that works just as good as the brand name one. The buttons, triggers and bumpers are all very resp... read more »

Great Little Camera with Lots of Features

11 Sep, 2020
THIS CAMERA IS GREAT   Ok now that thats outta the way, let me tell you why I feel the blurams Dome Lite 2 Smart Camera is so good. First of all the packaging was great, seems like the... read more »

Really Helped with my itching and flakiness

28 Jul, 2020
So I have never actualy used and type of beard products but recently it has gotten long enough(my beard) that it has started to itch and flake(Dry Skin I assume), so when I saw this Cedarwood Bea... read more »

Works great comes in very handy

25 Jul, 2020
I got the two in one Vacuum/Duster So after using this on all my keyboards and controllers I was actually surprised at the job it did.  It came precharged and I was able to clean all my items... read more »

Light and strong

26 Jun, 2020
So I got the WHIPPY Tactical Belt with magnetic quick release buckle mainly because of how it looked, but also I was intrigued in the buckle.   So once I opened the package and looked over... read more »

Great belt with an Awesome buckle

23 Jun, 2020
Today I will be talking about the Whippy Tactical Nylon Riggers Belt.  So I grabbed this belt knowing that the buckle was large and might not fit through loops in all my pants but since I was... read more »

Works Great

10 Jun, 2020
So I grabbed this camera never having owned an action camera before and I am actually quite impressed.  It has tons of video resolutions from 4k60 to 720p 120 as well as a 20MP camera, 2 batterie... read more »

Great cable - no RCA

02 Jun, 2020
Ok so I got this cable as I was looking for an audio cable with a thin housing on the connector and from the pictures this looked like exactly what I needed even though the title said 3.5mm Male... read more »

Best Ive Ever Used

02 Jun, 2020
So I got the E-TING thumbstick grips mainly for my PS4 controller as the rubber has started to wear away on them.  I did originally try a different pair purchased from Amazon but they were not a... read more »

Not as advertised

30 May, 2020
So I got these masks for the same reason as everyone else in the world right now trying to do my part in flattening the curve however I was either sent the wrong item or they are advertising it wrong.... read more »

Handy little device

20 May, 2020
I was actually looking for an HDMI switcher as my receiver has run out of inputs and I just got a new game console and didn't want to have to sacrifice one of my other device so when the VTOP HDMI... read more »

Water bottle holder could be larger otherwise great

07 Mar, 2020
So today I received this fanny pack and immediately opened it up to look it over as well as make sure there were no defects which of course there was none. The material feels solid yet soft with a mes... read more »

Great upgrade for any office chair

18 Dec, 2019
  The amzDeal Office Chair Castors are a great upgrade for any compatible office chair. I switched the plastic wheels from my new computer chair, which after a month were already getting stuck... read more »

Great for on the desk or on the go

09 Dec, 2019
These Dental Floss Picks are great.  Now I know what can be so great about a Floss Pick but if you have never used them before get ready to save your fingers.  These picks make it so easy to... read more »

All the features @ half the price

26 Oct, 2019
Hey everyone, today I am reviewing a Fitness Tracker that I picked up on Amazon Canada.  This is actually my second fitness/activity tracker as I had bought a fitbit branded one a few years ago.... read more »

Makes charging so much easier

07 Oct, 2019
Today I am reviewing the Poweradd Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad. This is my second wireless charger, this being my first one from POWERADD and I'd have to say I much prefer the look of this m... read more »

Great addition to my home

30 Jul, 2019
I got the Alike 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser from amazon because Ive been looking for a second one, and the price was to good to beat.  One of the main reasons I chose this diffuser was because&n... read more »

True Powerhouse

06 Jun, 2019
Thanks for checking out my review on the Poweradd PD Portable Charger Power Bank 20000mAh.  I had been looking for a large capacity Power Bank for a while and had this sitting in my cart forever... read more »

Much smaller and lighter than expected

06 Jun, 2019
Hey everyone today I am reviewing the Poweradd EnergyCell 10 000mah Portable Power Bank.  After receiving this item I promptly took it out of the box and looked it over for defects of which none... read more »

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