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31 Dec, 2019
Wonderfully  read more »

A more practical and useful set of shears

20 Jan, 2018
I cook for hours a day on average.  Although not used nearly as much as my knives, I use kitchen shears on a regular basis.  Until I found these, I can say that all the shears have been basi... read more »

Great quality and features

19 Jan, 2018
I use meat tenderizers fairly often and have for several years.  Not only do they work Greta for tenderizing meats, they also create puncures for marinades to seep into the meat, enhancing flavor... read more »

Small and compact and does what it should

06 Jan, 2018
Out of a few different wireless outlets we have, this one is somewhere in the middle of the pack.  It works, and I only had a couple of hiccups.  Setting it up wasn't hard  but make... read more »

Looks amazing and works great for hard-core gaming

06 Jan, 2018
I got these for my son who is very into gaming.  He already had a gaming mouse but this one looked cutting edge so he gave it a try.  Although I don't know much about computer gaming, he... read more »

Best Bluetooth ear buds I have tried yet!

06 Jan, 2018
Between myself on my family, we have many sets of Bluetooth ear buds style headphones.  Out of all of them, I prefer these.  First off, the neckband is so light you forget it is there, but i... read more »

A great useful concept for a charger

31 Dec, 2017
I don't personally use Apple products so I got this for a friend that uses an iPhone.  She absolutely loves it.  It is elegant looking and compact.  The chargers fold into the base... read more »

Works great. May not fit all applications though

31 Dec, 2017
I have mixed thoughts on this charger.  It works well and chargers with speed.  I love that it provides two additional outlets in addition to the two USB outlets.  This realistically al... read more »

Perfect! Made my son VERY happy

31 Dec, 2017
My son plays in the school band.  When he practices at home he often has trouble reading his music due to not having a stand and having to use a table.  This ended up with his trumpet often... read more »

The absolute best smart switch yet!

31 Dec, 2017
My whole home is a smart home.  We have lights, locks, switches, etc covering the entire home.  Needless to say I have tried several different smart plugs and this is by far the best of the... read more »

Sleek and sturdy scale for the kitchen

31 Dec, 2017
This scale turned out to be a blessing.  Since its arrival we have used it many times as we are health conscious eaters and it has allowed us to measure certain ingredients with ease.  It is... read more »

Simple and elegant

31 Dec, 2017
After recently making the switch to a safety razor from the impractical and over priced name brand disposable razors, I have been on the hunt for a stainless bowl for my shaving soap.  This littl... read more »

Heavy weight, heavy duty, heavy power

31 Dec, 2017
I have another power bank that is rated for the same amount of 20000mah.  It is just slightly smaller but this performs at the same level and the price makes it a far better value.  I love t... read more »

An awesome set perfect for adult coloring

31 Dec, 2017
The misses is a huge fan of adult coloring books.  She typically uses gel pens but expressed interest in giving markers a try, so I ordered her this set.  First off, the markers come in a ve... read more »

Makes short work of inflation without the need for a plug!

31 Dec, 2017
I am becoming a big fan of King Camp products.  This is just another example of an amazingly well made practical item.  We go camping often and a few of us have to pump up mattress pads or a... read more »

Serves its purpose well, but no fast charging

31 Dec, 2017
This is a sharp looking and well performing charger. It works flawlessly and is compact enough to not take up a lot of room.  My one complaint is the lack of fast charging capability.  Fast... read more »

An absolute charm of a pack

26 Dec, 2017
When this backpack showed up my middle son instantly claimed it.  It is made well.  The stitching is top notch.  All the clasps and connections are made from the highest quality materia... read more »

Now this is what you need in your tent!

26 Dec, 2017
We have tried a few different camping pads.  One of the things I look for is packability.  It needs to be easily stored away in a compact manner.  Additionally it has to be comfortable.... read more »

Very practical and useful

26 Dec, 2017
I purchased this for my son who has a USB C connection on his laptop.  He has been looking for a cable with USB C connectors on both sides.  This works perfectly as it allows for connections... read more »

Tough case that truly protects the phone

21 Dec, 2017
MY wife and I both purchased Note 8 phones as soon as they were released.  I am super careful with my phones and never have "accidents".  My wife, on the other hand, does not do so... read more »

Precision cut and does the job

21 Dec, 2017
I purchased a similar set for my wife as she needed a set.  However, they were not a very manly color.  Despite that I continually found myself using hers as the awful standard silver ones y... read more »

The best of the bunch

21 Dec, 2017
Our family has tried several different models of these projector lights, including the ones often advertised on TV.  This one works the best of them all.  The biggest issue with most of them... read more »

Looks amazing and works well, just not always on the first try

21 Dec, 2017
This is a good product.  From a build quality perspective it is great.  The look is outstanding and fits well in my master bath.  The readout is easy to see and very legible.  The... read more »

The money clip to end all others

21 Dec, 2017
So I was a bit skeptical at first, assuming that this was not going to be actual carbon fiber.  In short, I was wrong.  Smooth and silky finish and this is the real deal.  A superior al... read more »

Look great and made well. A big win

21 Dec, 2017
With USB C cables flooding the market, there are several types to choose from.  These are the best I have found.  Red is my favorite color so these look incredible.  The real kicker her... read more »

Good concept, but falls a little thin

21 Dec, 2017
I have been looking for a camping mat for my son for a while.  We did not really think the self inflating type was the right choice, so we tried this one out.  The concept was good.  We... read more »

Great protection and fits better than glass.

14 Dec, 2017
Anyone with a note 8 knows what a nightmare glass screen protectors are.  You lose sensitivity and they don't stick.  You can bet they are going to crack if you look at them funny.  ... read more »

Great filtration and looks good too!

14 Dec, 2017
I use these types of masks all the time.  This one filters well, fits well, but also looks the part.  Much higher quality than the typical cheapo mask    #RankBoosterReview #S... read more »

Works amazing and great for gear bag

14 Dec, 2017
I wanted a shovel toll to add to my gear bag.  This works amazingly well and does far more than I expected.  Quality is top notch and this isn't going to break.  Just an all around... read more »

Works well, small

29 Nov, 2017
This doorbell seems to work well.  Lots of options.  However, it is very small.  This isn't a bad thing, but I think it impacts the sound quality a bit.  The outdoor button wor... read more »

Works like a charm

29 Nov, 2017
I have been through a few grinders, as we prefer to grind the beans ourselves.  Burr grinders, when made well, are far superior to blade grinders.  This one is made very well and works equal... read more »

Great set!

29 Nov, 2017
Awesome set of various guitar picks in a unique and durable holder.  These were perfect for my son.  He loved them.   read more »

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