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*From my Amazon Profile:
Information Technology, Electronic Specialist in Testing. Located in Surrey BC, Canada
Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to read my profile. Maybe you wandered here, maybe you are visiting from one of my reviews, no matter the reason, I hope that I was, or am, able to help you in some way. I'm here on Amazon to purchase the latest gadgets, electronics, tools, and more. While shopping I often find things along the way that add enjoyment to life, help me learn a new skill or satisfy curiosity. These reasons are part of why I enjoy writing reviews to share what I've learned, no matter how big or small the importance, If I can provide confidence in a product, maybe another user buy the item also and find some of the same benefits as I did. to Maybe I found something that makes a routine task easier, maybe it allowed me to do/learn something new, whatever the reason, I find Amazon, and other online shops, open the door to new and unique products. So I share my experiences with others hoping it helps.

Over the past 3 years on Amazon I've become buddies with my mailman, friends with courier drivers and shared a laugh with many of the friendly same-day delivery drivers. Reviewing my purchases allows me to share the good and bad about what I find with others, helping them make a fully informed decision on what to buy. Everything I share is unbiased and primarily from my own personal purchases, which I often hunt for deals, getting some items 95% off when Amazon drastically lowers the price on items, seemingly automatically.

I love to tear things down and really understand how they work and this allows me to get a better feel for the quality of workmanship that has gone into a product. I use a wide variety of tools and techniques to analyze all sorts of products, voiding the warranty of almost all purchases in the process. It's just something I've done since a child, much to the dismay of my parents. In the end, all I hope is that I've helped someone, somewhere purchase something that has done something positive for them or their loved ones. Take care and enjoy your shopping!

Hope my reviews can help others in the same way theirs have helped me.
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Delivered just what It advertises.

11 Dec, 2018
There isn't too much to say about  the camera setup and works flawlessly, just as it should. App installed on my Note 8 and other tablets and the motion is great, depending on your placement... read more »

Finally, a tempered glass full adhesive screen protector [Note 8]

20 May, 2018
I don't even know how many screen protectors I've gone through, I cannot find one that actually lasts and isn't annoying, with either a gap in the middle, sides or made of a material far t... read more »

Great addition to a better tank.

30 Jan, 2018
One thing Bettas love is laying on leaves but these leaves do so much more. They are said to help combat fungus and bacterial problems like finrot, and prevent stress by mimicking the natural hab... read more »

Quality Test Strips that Every Aquarium Owner should have.

30 Jan, 2018
Many beginning aquarium owners dread learning about water chemistry. But just by knowing the basics, you can greatly improve your track record in rearing healthy fish. Since water quality has a direct... read more »

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