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I have many social media platforms to work with and love reviewing .
I have been reviewing for sometime now and work with many sellers and am always looking at finding more ways to work with you.
I use my family to help with different products , like toy unboxing with my daughters, baby using baby gear and male items with my partnet my cat love helping too.

feel free to contact me
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07 Dec, 2019
Great and handy 10000mAh power bank. Charges my Samsung s8 phone in 2hrs time. I can charge it 3 times.  Handy and easy to carry it around. read more »

Good power bank

07 Dec, 2019
Good power bank. Charges my Samsung s8 perfectly  3times. The charging time is s bit long. Easy to hold.not too heavy. read more »

Great toy

15 Nov, 2019
Lovely car with not boring songs. Easy to use. The remote is provided so you can switch car to move and roll automatically or you can move car manually with remote yourself. The lights are super brigh... read more »

Easy to set up

14 Sep, 2019
Easy to set up monitor. Good quality video: no lags or pausing or freezing on video.  Great price compared to quality  read more »

Rubbery plastic material

31 Jan, 2019
Nothing to dislike about this set. Very detailed, from the dinosaurs to the foliage, realistic,  the size is not too small. Great value for money. Made from rubbery plastic. Nephew loved this set... read more »


31 Jan, 2019
I am using it to rinse my mouth.  All I can say it does SAME job as organic pricey Tea Tree oil from high street. Definitely gonna swap to this bran as they are bigger bottles(50ml instead of usu... read more »

Quality is good

31 Jan, 2019
The camera came boxed so perfect for gifting it to someone who drives car. I bought it as a gift to my dad. It was easy to install in his car. It went really well until it became full and no more memo... read more »

Missing studs

31 Jan, 2019
The diamond painting came in clear plastic bag. The painting was rolled into tube shape. When I started I got hooked up and couldn't stop doing it. It's easy because you just need to follow th... read more »


14 Jan, 2019
Lovely cake toppers. Fitted my daughter birthday just perfectly. Great price for so many pieces  read more »

Lovely colours

12 Jan, 2019
Lovely colours, solid bright. The clip is crocodile pin style. None of them broke her using everyday for the past months.   Great value for the money read more »

I'm addicted

03 Dec, 2018
I'm addicted to  cool mist humidifiers. It's my 3rd one and still looking for something different.  This diffusers water capacity  is 300ml so it lasts a while. I add orange... read more »

Good for gamers

03 Dec, 2018
Nice and clear sound going thru headphones.  Ear pads cover a ears perfectly and no pain after prolonged wearing.  I love the lights and how it's designed.   Great price, soun... read more »


03 Dec, 2018
Bought it for my kids to use while we travel. The battery of their tablets and wireless headphones dies pretty quickly and th is power bank is a saver  on car road trips.  Great price and... read more »

Picks small particles

05 Nov, 2018
I like that it's cordless and I can use in car. It picks small particles very easily and has different nozzles for different spots in car. The downside is that it's not so powerful and doesn&#... read more »


05 Nov, 2018
Looks awesome. Bought is as Christmas pressie  to my girl. read more »

Great for baby bedroom

05 Nov, 2018
Bought it to use in my baby's nursery when he has runny nose. I add some eucalyptus + lavender essential oils mixed with water. The best thing is that is has auto turn off once all water is gone. read more »

Compact, nice, stylish

09 Oct, 2018
Humidifier  very compact which is ideal for around the house but has a large reservoir for holding water and oil, this is great. You don’t have to keep filling it up. It has a lovely decora... read more »

Great value kit

09 Oct, 2018
This cocktail making kit is great value for money. I was so surprised on the quality of all the contents of the box. Used it on my Birthdy Day with the family and had no issues and the pourers came in... read more »

Develops child imagination

09 Oct, 2018
Lovely toy. Easy to build, easy to push around , the wheels.moves easily. It comes with.some shipping items(veggies fruit red.) Great colours. Kids love it . read more »


27 Sep, 2018
The camera can take selfies without selfie stick, add fun photo effects to photos and vidoes, view them and delete them etc. We use it and it only work while plug in for the first time. But after rea... read more »


27 Sep, 2018
Colourful, didn't fade after wash.  True to size. Happy with the purchase read more »

Does the work

27 Sep, 2018
I am using it to rinse my mouth.  All I can say it does SAME job as organic pricey Tea Tree oil. Definitely gonna swap to this brand. What a bargain! read more »

Fabulous present

11 Sep, 2018
Bought 8t as a present for my nephew. He's 3 years old and he was in love tmwith the truck packed with small cars. Looks sturdy toy which will last couple of years read more »

Happy customer

11 Sep, 2018
Works perfectly. Easy to adjust heat. Love the choose of wax beads too. Very easy to use. Happy with the product read more »

Compatible with iPhone 8

31 Aug, 2018
Brilliant product for the money. And is compatible with my iPhone Build quality is very good, the material is soft but strong and strap  adjusts for almost all wrist sizes. Screen... read more »

Great to look after your little angel

30 Aug, 2018
Has audio, night vision and lullabies. The video image doesn't freeze which is good.  read more »

Works well . Lot of apps

30 Aug, 2018
It's a really great fitness tracker . There are plenty of apps that you can get on it and I am happy that I made this purchase since day one. Every notification goes to my watch that comes up on... read more »

Good quality

30 Aug, 2018
Good quality. True to size read more »

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