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Stay at home Mom of 2 beautiful daughters, wife to an amazing man, Golden Retriever owner and diehard Steelers fan.
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Great variety

26 Jul, 2018
My daughters absolutely love these. They bounce very well. The sparkles I side of them are nice to.  read more »

Nice Toaster

26 Jul, 2018
I have had the same toaster for 19 years. So needless to say I needed a new one. This looks great and works very well. read more »

Good for the price

26 Jul, 2018
Love that this has the ability to keep your car adapter available.  read more »


26 Jul, 2018
This is perfect for marking milestones. The first day of school is coming and my 9 year old no longer will have to hold a sign. I love that this one sets up. read more »

Wish I purchased sooner.

26 Jul, 2018
I have 2 Golden Retrievers. One is 2 years old and loves water except for when it's sprayed on her. This bathing tool makes it so much easier to bath her. Our other Golden is 7 months old and love... read more »

Very bright

09 Jul, 2018
These are great but I was a little disappointed that the rechargeable batteries were not included. They are bright and are a great size. read more »

Received green set

03 Jul, 2018
I received a green set instead of the red. I actually like it better than what I was supposed to receive. Very happy. It's absolutely beautiful.  read more »

Works very well

03 Jul, 2018
This is easy to store and does exactly what it is supposed to do. read more »


29 Jun, 2018
This little dress is absolutely gorgeous. Made well and fits perfectly.  read more »

Good for the price

27 Jun, 2018
Seems to work pretty well. read more »

Great set

27 Jun, 2018
This set has everything I needed. Easy to use. The laser pointer isn't very bright but it is good. read more »

Love this stuff

24 Jun, 2018
Makes my lips feel awesome. My daughter loves it. read more »


07 May, 2018
These are really convenient.  read more »

Must have

07 May, 2018
These are my first silicone ice trays and I must say I wish I would have tried these years ago. So much easier than the plastic trays. Going to buy more. read more »

Work well

07 May, 2018
These do exactly what they are supposed to do. Made well and love the storage bag. read more »

Tough toys

07 May, 2018
I have 2 Golden Retrievers (2 years old & 5 months). They seem to go through toys quickly .They haven't destroyed these rope toys yet. It's been a week. read more »


07 May, 2018
I figured I was wasting money but this thing is a lot better than I expected. I can actually feel the resistance from this. read more »

Super soft

07 May, 2018
I have 2 daughter's and we all have long hair. These work for my fine hair as well as for my daughter's thick hair. Super soft and absorbant.  read more »

Easy to install

07 May, 2018
Purchased this light bar for one of our rail buggies. It was super easy to install, it looks good and is very bright. read more »

Very Bright

07 May, 2018
These lights are easy to install, look great and are very bright   read more »

Perfect fit

07 May, 2018
Purchased for my 5 month old Golden Retriever pup. Fits perfectly and keeps her from pulling. She is very hyper and loves to try and pull me around while on a leash. Wish I would have purchased 4 mont... read more »

Quite Nice

19 Apr, 2018
If your into this kinda play then you should buy these now. Great fun. read more »


19 Apr, 2018
I really like that this has 4 ports to charge with. Seem to charge faster than the old car charger I had. read more »

Slow rising

19 Apr, 2018
These are quite slow rising for sure. Smells amazing to.  read more »

Smell Good

19 Apr, 2018
These are nice and smell amazing.  read more »


19 Apr, 2018
My oldest daughter loves blue and purple so this set was perfect. Easy to decorate with. Highly recommended.  read more »

Very Happy

19 Apr, 2018
I purchased these lights for my Mom. She absolutely loves them. The remote really is convenient.  read more »


19 Apr, 2018
Purchased this shirt for myself but after my Mom seem me in it she took it. Light weight and looks good. read more »

Very nice

19 Apr, 2018
This flashlight is so bright. It's a good size and well made. read more »

Great Gift

19 Apr, 2018
This is a great gift for any wine lover. Has the essentials. read more »

Works perfectly

19 Apr, 2018
I purchased this for my husband. It's made well and charges quickly.  read more »

4 Year Old Adores This

19 Apr, 2018
My 4 year old daughter loves to watch me squish it's ears down and giggles every time they slowing pop back up. read more »

Doesn't taste great but works

19 Apr, 2018
This tea doesn't taste very well but it does cleanse my system. read more »

One works well & one doesn't

19 Apr, 2018
These are beautiful but one will only work if you turn it upside down. read more »

Does the job

19 Apr, 2018
Although these were a little hard to install, once they were installed they do exactly what they are made to do. read more »

Heavy Glasses

19 Apr, 2018
These are quite beautiful. Have a nice weight to them and my husband loves them.  read more »

Pretty Powerful

19 Apr, 2018
Although this is small in size the power is not. Does the trick.  read more »

Couldn't be happier with this product

19 Apr, 2018
Love the color and ease of use. Made well but I would prefer to be able to adjust the heat. Works well on my daughter's thick hair. read more »

Must Have

29 Mar, 2018
This kit is awesome. It has everything you need in a small, easy to carry case. Its a must have for every household. Perfect for the car as well. read more »

Perfect for dune buggy riding

08 Mar, 2018
My husband and I go dune buggy riding with a group of people and we handed them. Perfect to put around your neck and pull up over your mouth and nose. Keeps the dust from the dirt roads out of our mou... read more »


08 Mar, 2018
Purchased these for my husband but they were to small. I can wear them and actually love to sleep in them. Super comfy. read more »


08 Mar, 2018
I love the color of this shirt. It's light weight and so comfortable. Super stylish as well. read more »

Very Warm

08 Mar, 2018
I absolutely love these gloves. They fit my small hands very well. Super warm and comfortable.  read more »

Very Fast

08 Mar, 2018
Works very well. Charges super fast.  read more »

Super Bright

14 Feb, 2018
These were perfect for our Railbuggy. Easy to install, made well and super bright. read more »

Love This Mop

13 Feb, 2018
This mop is great. Love that the microfiber cloth can be washed. Works well dry but I prefer to use it wet. Cleans great and gets to hard to reach places perfectly.  read more »

Stylish look & great performance

12 Feb, 2018
Not only does this power strip do exactly what it's supposed to do. It also looks very stylish. Highly recommended. read more »

NICE and bright

05 Feb, 2018
Very simple to install. Love the way it looks on our railbuggy. Nice and bright read more »

Must have for anyone who works outside.

03 Feb, 2018
Purchased this for my husband. He is a land surveyor and works outside in the cold all day. He absolutely loves this face mask. Breathable and keeps the chill off his face. read more »

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