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About Me

please do NOT contact me on facebook to propose a paypal agreement!!
I do use Wechat. ID: StylistAndReviewer. Add me with a note about who you are.

Hi there,
I'm Beth. I'm a licensed hairstylist, makeup artist, and nail technician. I enjoy reviewing beauty products.
I also love arts and crafts items.
I also love to review women's Clothing, Shoes, and accessories and take all photos using a professional backdrop and a Nikon D3000.

I also have an interest in featuring items on my blog and youtube in the categories of:
Beauty, arts and crafts, home organization, kids items, (Toys and clothing)

I am always open to direct offers. [email protected]

Please keep in mind that I have a social reach of approx 12k, and therefore do not accept offers lower than 80% off.
Thank you!

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Easy to use and compact

21 Apr, 2021
I was able to use these to easily fix my son's glasses which had lost one of the nose pads. I've used several of these kits and this one was far more compact, while still having all the tools... read more »

Actually works!

05 Mar, 2021
I ordered this bowl because my dog was getting sick to his stomach frequently and I couldn't figure out why. Nothing about his diet had changed and he hadn't had the chance to get into anythin... read more »

Large and sturdy

05 Mar, 2021
I have been pleasantly surprised by these organizing cubbies. They are really very sturdy, And a lot larger than I had pictured. I was a little bit confused as to how to assemble them, because the mai... read more »


13 Mar, 2020
I purchased two of these multi-ports and my experience was frankly scary. I am well aware of reviewer-etiquette, but am not willing to give this seller a chance to rectify this issue as it's obvio... read more »

Love it!

07 Dec, 2019
I am constantly looking for efficient dish drying racks, because I wash a lot of stuff by hand, and get sick of my entire counter being full of drying dishes. I couldn't wait to see how it worked,... read more »

Fun once you know how to use them

30 Oct, 2019
I got these for my two kids to play with because we live close to the beach. Both of them were pretty excited. I had a little trouble figuring out how to best fill them with sand, but eventually I lea... read more »

Compact and powerful

28 Feb, 2018
This Bluetooth device has been by far the most reliable and easiest to use that I've ever owned. It's been in my car for months now and has never failed me. It fits securely into my cigerette... read more »

Very handy

31 Jan, 2018
I got this change counter because collecting change is surprisingly a very easy way to save for my kids college. I previously would sit down once a month and count all of my change by hand, then distr... read more »

Very high quality

30 Jan, 2018
I absolutely love these balloons. They are colored really well and have a pretty pearlescent appearance once inflated. They are easy to inflate and pretty easy to tie roo. They are listed as being 12... read more »

Blendable and smooth

30 Jan, 2018
Although having three different color options seemed kind of pointless to me, it did seem like a unique feature.  The highlights of this eyebrow pencil include:  Smooth application, wi... read more »

Great brow pencil!

22 Dec, 2017
Please note that I'm a licensed cosmetologist, which includes education in makeup artistry, therefore this review includes my professional opinion.  I was wary that this eyebrow pencil may... read more »

Good light wear walking harness

25 Nov, 2017
I got this dog harness mainly because my dog likes to play dumb when he's not vested, and sometimes the simple act of being vested gets his attention more during training. It's fit those needs... read more »

Sturdy and Easy to use!

03 Nov, 2017
I recently had a pretty intensive spinal surgery, in which they had to enter in the front of my throat. Due to the tracial tube they used during surgery, it was extremely painful to attempt to swallow... read more »

beautiful ladies gloves

03 Nov, 2017
I have been very pleasantly surprised with these beautiful women's gloves. They are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, and the 'touch screen' material is not immediately noticea... read more »

awesome PJ set!

31 Oct, 2017
#sponsored # #rankbooster #CNBABY I love this set of PJs and so does my son. They actually were such a life saver, because my son had spirit week at school and I had no nice PJs, then... read more »

toughest toy I've ever purchased

21 Sep, 2017
I have ordered a lot of different dog toys over the last 6 months, due to the fact that I was matched with a service dog that gets easily bored when he's at home and not 'working.' Sadly,... read more »

Tough enough to stand up to my chewing destroyer

21 Sep, 2017
I got this toy because the service dog that I was matched with is stupidly smart, and gets incredibly bored in the house when he's not 'working' so I'm always looking for new ways to p... read more »

Fits well, does the job

14 Aug, 2017
I currently have a Samsung Galaxy s6, and this case works well for that phone model. I did have to take my 'every day' case off to make it fit, but I expected that to be the case.  The m... read more »

Great waterbottle but accessories even better!

01 Aug, 2017
This water bottle is well made and seems to be durable. I've had no issues with leaking or cracks. It's pretty much what you would expect from a water bottle at this price range and is designe... read more »

Made well and gives good results.

10 Jul, 2017
I have owned a couple of these lense kits in the last few years and this one has been one of the better ones. It definitely has pro's and con's. pros- 1) the metal used feels sturdy and dura... read more »

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