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i'm a working mom and have one 19-year-old daughter and also my 6-month-old grandson that i am currently helping to raise. i love my family and my daughter is amazing! i feel very blessed that i live with my family and that we're a strong family unit. family is everything to me. i like reviewing products for fun and i enjoy trying new things. my family is a big family, and we buy many new products often just to try them out and to review them for fun. i have an active facebook account and also a google+ profile where i make new friends and share all of my reviews. i am eager to dive right in and review my heart out! thanks to any seller reading this, i hope we can cooperate together soon.
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Cute, comfy, functional and fits well! They even have pockets!!!

27 Apr, 2018
I really like this pair of running/work-out shorts for ladies.  They are super comfortable and provide support for a slimming figure, but without hurting or pinching too tightly.  I like how... read more »

An easy & fun way to explore & share your world in Virtual Reality, even for live-streaming! Lots of fun to play around with.

27 Apr, 2018
This 360 Degree Video Camera works well for my Android phone.  It’s nicely made, and it’s effective at providing you with a VR experience.  It’s a special type of panoramic... read more »

Very comfy cotton sleepwear made by ENJOYNIGHT! Perfect for Spring & Summer Weather!

15 Apr, 2018
These cotton, short sleeve, around knee-length nightgown pajamas are perfect for Spring and Summer weather.  They are nicely made and look pretty, and even come in more than several different des... read more »

Truly Wireless & wonderful waterproof Earbuds with their own convenient charging case!

15 Apr, 2018
These Wireless Earbuds are truly, entirely wireless!  They feature the latest in Bluetooth 4.2 Technology, and are IPX7 level Waterproof.  They are equipped with a Noise Cancellation feature... read more »

Great Wireless Bluetooth Speakers to use as a matching couples set, or to set up for 360-degree Surround Sound!

15 Apr, 2018
These bright red couples matching Bluetooth Speakers set is great!  You even get 2 quality speakers for the price of one!  These are waterproof with an IPX7 level.  They feature the lat... read more »

Amazing headphones, can be wired & wireless!

15 Apr, 2018
These headphones by Lobkin are fantastic!  They are very high-quality, well-made, and work amazingly well.  (They are very durable, too.)  With these you can enjoy more of your music wi... read more »

One single, very small earbud that does a lot. You can listen to music or talk on the phone with it. It’s comfortable, too.

06 Apr, 2018
Tiny earbud that does a lot.  You can use it to listen to music like headphones, or you can use it as a Mic for phone calls.  It’s got a decent volume level and fits well in my ear.&nb... read more »

Such a good Caddy that I bought one in black and one in white! Now I don’t lose my stuff & am more organized

06 Apr, 2018
This is a great wall mounted Caddy Organizer and I am so pleased with them that I ordered some in white first, and then got these (the same kind) in black.  Both colors looks great on my wall.&nb... read more »

Helps me to stay very organized and keeps me from losing my pens, glasses, and other things. I like it a lot!

06 Apr, 2018
This is an awesome, roomy Caddy Organizer!  I put it on my wall by the couch where I sit when I make appointments.  Fits all of my pens, some sticky pads, paperclips, pencils, scissors, tape... read more »

ADORABLE Dachshund Doggie Desk Organizer! I needed help assembling it, but once it’s set up it looks very cute!

06 Apr, 2018
I LOVE my new Dachshund Desk Organizer!  It’s really adorable and fits well on my side table by the couch.  I don’t lose my pens and things as much now and am able to be more org... read more »

I’m impressed by this Bluetooth Headset with magnetic headband & good volume level!

06 Apr, 2018
This Bluetooth Headset is just what I needed for talking on the phone with my daughter and my friends.  I like the magnetic band feature that keeps the earbuds on the neckband when they are not i... read more »

Great LED light bulb with LOTS of different color & tone choices, convenient remote, good quality!

06 Apr, 2018
This light bulb just amazes me!  I am elderly and I really get a kick out of new gadgets and stuff like this.  This has TONS of color choices and tones.  It took me a bit to master the... read more »

Sexy, fun, flirty, & feminine! This shiny coin Hip Scarf is very nice, high-quality, & it fits well, too!

06 Apr, 2018
I’m very happy with my new coin Hip Scarf.  It’s a pretty shade of deep black and has 3 rows of dangling coins.  The coins go from your hip area and down to around your thighs.&n... read more »

These made for a great novelty gift to give to my Daughter & Son-In-Law & they liked them. They were a unique & fun kind of present.

01 Apr, 2018
I bought these dice as a novel, funny present to give to my Daughter and my Son-In-Law.  They loved them!  The dice are exactly as pictured and were nice and smooth and seemed like they were... read more »

Ingeniously designed soap dishes with 2 layers & slits effectively drain your soap of excess water & that helps to make the bar last longer.

01 Apr, 2018
These soap dishes with little slits on the bottom to drain out any remaining liquid from the soap dish are wonderful to have and very nifty.  They are nice quality and seem to be made of a sturdy... read more »

Pretty loud & super tough, durable speakers that are shockproof, waterproof, & come with a built-in mic for calls.

01 Apr, 2018
This black Bluetooth speaker is awesome!  I LOVE how well water-proofed it is and how easy it is to just bring along with you anywhere.  It’s of good quality and is sturdy and nicely m... read more »

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