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About Me

I write content for various blogs and forums.
Additionally, I am a published Poet and Author.
I possess a mastery of the English language that's non-pariel.
Also, I have the ability to write either in American english or Kings english (UK).
Furthermore, I am semi-fluent in spanish.
I can write detailed & elaborate articles about a given product .
Or highly polished and concise snippets.

I have tested and reviewed a number of products..I wish to hone my skills.
I am adroit in regards to the english language.
hablo y escribo muy bien ingles¡
Ich verstehe eine vernachlässigbare Menge an Deutsch und Französisch.
je comprend une quantité négligeable d'allemand et de français
I hope I will be able to increase my knowledge in this field.more importantly, I also aim to spread word about any amazing products you let me test.
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Totally awesome. Qaulity products. Very well made. Built to withstand Heavy Duty use

21 Mar, 2019
Totally awesome. Qaulity products. Very well made. Built to withstand Heavy Duty use. The contents are all individually packaged. this kit full of qaulity supplies. The tactical knife is SOLID.... read more »

Surgically sharp blades. sturdy handle. hard to assemble.

21 Mar, 2019
Surgically sharp blades. sturdy handle. hard to assemble without slicing your fingertips to pieces. Would rate 5 stars if the mounts (little tiny bumps) were changed to small posts.. the current de... read more »

not very good. flimsy. non-intuitive operating

21 Mar, 2019
not very good. flimsy. non-intuitive. basically they dont work very well.break easily read more »

Exellent buy. work great. batteries last. good range

17 Mar, 2019
Exellent buy. work great. batteries last. good range They are comfortable. They sound good but shine in the bass department. read more »

Salon quality nails from the comfort of home

22 Feb, 2019
This product works amazingly well. highly portable. If youre looking for uv gel nail polish dryer this is the one. read more »

Works well. Comfortable.

22 Feb, 2019
This product is good. It works as advertised. Its especially nice with it being cold outside.  read more »


05 Jan, 2019

Awesome mini photo/scrapbook book.

13 Dec, 2018
Awesome mini photo/scrapbook book. This item is made well and out of sturdy, qaulity materiels. The pages are thick and their color is black. A grreat product my wife loves it. read more »

Better than expected!

01 Dec, 2018
This media player is sleek. Its got a nice weight to it. Overall, this is a great buy. read more »

perfect size. fits inside your palm. fits in small pockets.

30 Nov, 2018
A great purchase. a four pack of super led light ,brightness. seem to be made well. read more »

They have almost no fragrance to them. They smell like wood burning

16 Nov, 2018
Not worth your time or money. cool packaging and box though read more »

fun stickers. very cute

16 Nov, 2018
Great for kids. Perfect for the scrapbook decorating. read more »

Sweet relief!

16 Nov, 2018
These compression socks not only look nice. They feel even better. A wonderful product. read more »

Good deal in a pinch

24 Oct, 2018
these are a good deal as far as price goes...but not all that durable. sound qaulity is decent read more »

I spy with my little eye...LOL..this scope is awesome :p

12 Oct, 2018
I just got it gave it a try..but havent had time to put it through its paces. From my preliminary testing all is well though the images are slightly blurry sometimes. my verdict read more »

I LOVE this shirt!! :)

12 Oct, 2018
It feels good. it looks very classy. It would fit right t home on a bloomingdales mannequin.  I just wish the shirt kept in mind people with large pecs and shirts a smidge tight... read more »

Nice shirt

01 Oct, 2018
I loved this shirt..until i put it on. i normally wear  a 2xl. I figured it woild run small. i got a 3xl and it didnt fit. if youbuy this shirt order at least 1 size bigger. 2x if your barrell... read more »

Wife loves it

30 Sep, 2018
silky smooth the wifey loves it. will be ordering more. read more »

Super Bright. Fully adjustable. Four modes.

16 Sep, 2018
This headlamp is very bright. has zoom in and xoom out feature. The torch is able to have its direction changed down and up. It works great. charges fast. my only complaint is that it is a bit o... read more »

Bye Bye callouses and bunions.

13 Sep, 2018
This foot peel detox product works remarkably well. My feet are SOOO soft even after just one use. My only complaint is that it only comes with 2-pairs. For the price, should have at least 3... read more »

Functional. Sturdy. AWESOME!

12 Sep, 2018
This Mp3 player is made with high quality parts and exacting standards. It is lightweight, rugged,and is mega-portable. The batterie(s) last a long time. An excellent product at an affordable... read more »

Works GREAT! Manufactured with quality.

12 Sep, 2018
perfect size to use while at the gym or going on a run. The materiels this MP3 player are made with render it durable and solid.   read more »

Great concept.

21 Jun, 2018
Great concept. it does work. i find it a bit large though. read more »

Heavy Duty..Will cut thickest of nails.

03 May, 2018
These Dog nail clippers are not just well made; they are adjustable. You can adjust them to the exact diameter of your dogs nails. Oh! they also come with a built in removable nail file. read more »

Hi-tech, futuristic design..beam me up scotty!

05 Mar, 2018
sound great. comfortable. stylish. read more »

Its a bit like espresso

08 Feb, 2018
Have only taken a few doses. seem to increase my focus a bit like a double shot of espresso would. read more »


01 Feb, 2018
Lots of Bang for your buck read more »

Practically useless.

21 Jan, 2018
Nice. Simple. Auto on/Off. one button, for the LED flashlight. Well worth it. read more »

Heavy Duty! Solid!

08 Jan, 2018
This aux cord is made of sturdy stuff.  From the connectors to the casing. And it looks awesome. Love it. will be buying more. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #CSHOPE read more »

Very nice. made well.

06 Jan, 2018
This is a very handy and useful product. Much better than those collapsable travel water dishes. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #XUANR read more »

Difficult to set up.

04 Jan, 2018
not user friendly. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #UBYMI read more »


02 Jan, 2018
it is a nice only complaint is that the pockets could be bigger. or like, a variety of sizes in one organiser read more »


02 Jan, 2018
This LED tape is made with good materiels. The fact that it has a remote control is a HUGE bonus. Its not just an On/Off remote. This LED light strip tape has a plethora of different speeds, modes... read more »

Id give it 10 stars if that was an option! Amazing!

29 Dec, 2017
This not only the longest charging cord ive ever had, but its THE BEST , HANDS DOWN!!!!.  Its tough. looks nice. More importantly it charges your device FAST.  It will... read more »

Wife loves it! Perfect for damp cold winter weather.

29 Dec, 2017
Put together well. keeps you warm and long as you aren't mucking about in a deluge. read more »

Strong, sharp blade...but...

29 Dec, 2017
The blade part of this product it durable. It comes with a nice edge but takes to the wet stone readily. My only complaint is its credit card design, while not very usable in any sort of... read more »

Finally! No more crap rolling around the floorboards!

29 Dec, 2017
These organiser(s) have plenty of space without taking too much room leaving my vehicle neater and leaving room for passengers.A place for everything and everything in its place. read more »

Quality!! Feels like silk!

29 Dec, 2017
This product is made with quality materiels. It repels water and feels silken. Does not stick to your skin like vinyl or plastic curtains. read more »

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