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I'm a Youtuber, Blogger, Vlogger, Facebooker, SEO Expert, Snack Taster, Chef, Model, Gamer, Geek, Auto Mechanic, and more. I'm your multi-tool to success, and I can translate very well! Let's work together!
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This makes so much sense!

06 Nov, 2018
I had no idea I could buy refills for my Gel pens, and these are fantastic. Very smooth and vivid, these fit into practically any pen shell. The kids were so happy to see these, and you can honestly u... read more »

Complicated but Cool

06 Nov, 2018
This is a grea knick knack, but it was kinda frustrating to figure out. The set button has many functions, and it wasn't responding well at first. All of the sudden it started working and I was ab... read more »

Epic Mirror, Great Lighting!

06 Nov, 2018
This little mirror here is my best friend. It takes 2032 Batteries, which are really easy to find and are super cheap. The lights are very bright, and the mirror can stand itself up really well. This... read more »

Couldn't flip all the sequins

06 Nov, 2018
Looked epic, but some of the sequins wouldn't flip. This disappointed the kids, but they still love this pillow cover very much so. read more »

The Kids Opened this set and have been playing together for hours. Magical Toy Set here!

06 Nov, 2018
Firstly, let me say I have twins that are 10 and an 8 year old. They do not always play nice together, but once we opened this toy set it was so different.   The kids played for hours toget... read more »

Worth Every Penny! These are AMAZING!!!!

06 Nov, 2018
Okay so, I didn't exactly know what these would work for, for me. But I quickly started to load my produce into these bags and O.M.G. these are fantastic! The fruits and veggies last soooo much lo... read more »

Beautiful & Elegant, But Squirrels Break Them Fast!!!

06 Nov, 2018
I put these down each side of my fence, which is about 50 Feet long. It has so many options and lit up really well. It made a bland yard into an amazing one. Definitely a good buy if you don't hav... read more »

Okay but not Great, Especially for the Price.

06 Nov, 2018
Does not have great suction, nor does the tip stay on. The cord is super short - and although it is easy to clean, it gets smelly and hot pretty quick. read more »

Super Cute Sock Set

06 Nov, 2018
These socks were so comfortable I had to share them with my kids! I couldn't believe how cute and comfy these were! read more »

Good, but not fully functional

06 Nov, 2018
My PC and Phone did not support the software read more »

This is an Epic tool

06 Nov, 2018
Works great for all types of flowers, cactus, and herbs. The maze is great, especially when using the grinder, it sometimes solves itself. A lot of fun to use, and very sharp. Great tool. read more »

Fantastic Dealer Level Scan Tool! Highly Recommended!!!

06 Nov, 2018
This scan tool definitely exceeded my expectations! The one I owned before this is a $200 scan tool, and guess what.... This one here I tested provided me more information than the one I paid $200 for... read more »


06 Nov, 2018
This little set is absolutely beautiful, and sized perfectly. My Pokemon were so very happy to be able to enjoy some tea together! What a lovely elegant set! read more »

Great at first, but chip and break easily!

06 Nov, 2018
I loved this set so much. It looked so pretty, but I quickly realized that it also looked very sharp. With that, I proceeded to try to cut a tomato - and the knife slipped! After a few washes the kniv... read more »

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