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15 Jul, 2019
Everything was great quality! Really loved the water color paints read more »


15 Jul, 2019
Perfect amount of light and oil being diffused. Kids love it! read more »

stopped working

15 Jul, 2019
Worked good for 3 days then just stopped working.  read more »

soft but..

15 Jul, 2019
These were super soft for my sensory kiddo - but did run a little big. read more »


15 Jul, 2019
I usually just go for the cheap Walmart pillows and have to use 2-3 to sleep at night. This pillow, however, is amazing! One pillow - stays fluffed - and comes with extra fluff when needed!  read more »

Works great!

05 Mar, 2019
I bought these for my brother in law for his PlayStation 4. He is a complainer and so far I haven't heard anything negative about these headphones, which is a huge plus!     read more »

Awesome gift

28 Oct, 2018
One of the things my youngest wanted for his birthday was a tumbler. He's 6 and he embraces his weirdness. He likes planes so I figured why not on this one. It isn't very heavy but it does kee... read more »

Super handy

28 Oct, 2018
This little tool set has helped so much around the house. It definetly is good quality!  #rankboosterreview #sponsered read more »


28 Oct, 2018
This diaper bag set was purchased with the intent of gift wrapping for a baby shower of a close friend of mine. The bag isn't super roomy but could handle some diapers, bottle, formula and a chang... read more »

Definetly not the best

28 Oct, 2018
I bought this because my kids have a tendency to throw my keys in the trash and I got tired of having to dumpster dive for them. It wasn't an easy set up between the app and the tracker. Sometimes... read more »


28 Oct, 2018
It looked nice when we received it but after a few minutes the litttle plastic hinges on the small cubes broke and the magnetic ball/s went a rolling. Definetly not something I would give my SPD kiddo... read more »

True to size

28 Oct, 2018
These pillow covers are true to size and have held up over the past month of having 4 boys constanly throwing and pillow fighting with them. The only problem I had was the opening to put the pillow in... read more »

Good headphones

28 Oct, 2018
They have great bass. I ordered these for my little brother but I tried them out before I handed them over. They do have great volume and a great bass. However, the noise cancelling definetly isn'... read more »

Will make an awesome Christmas gift!

28 Oct, 2018
I originally bought these to give to my 7 year old, who is delayed in fine motor skills, but then decided they would make a great Christmas present. I did end up taking them out and seeing how well th... read more »

Just as good as the name brand!

28 Oct, 2018
I was skepitcal on these in the beginning becasue sometimes when you find a deal, especially in the homeschool world, sometimes it is a bust. I've wrote on these, as well as my two kids, with mult... read more »

Super comfy but runs small

27 Oct, 2018
These socks are very soft on the bottom & breathable on top. I am a size 10 in women's & they don't fit correctly so they do slide down after so much walking. Other than that, I really... read more »

Homeschool must have!

30 Jul, 2018
I bought this to be used in our homeschool room and it has fit perfect. The drawer sometimes doesn't pull out correctly but I have been able to make it work, that is why I deducted a star. &nbs... read more »

Sturdy and fun

30 Jul, 2018
This bowling set held up to both of my boys (most don't!). They work super well in therapy for hand eye cordination and among other therapy things. I would definetly recommend again. https://ww... read more »


11 Dec, 2017
So, I keep buying these from sellers from China, because well they were cheaper. Cheaper plus China usually means a knock off and that's what I got previously. They always broke so I just ordered... read more »


11 Dec, 2017
I've been looking for a decent prize one of these for quite some time now! I figured why not with this one. We are an electronic household so finding a plug that accomidates to all our needs all a... read more »

Small but bright

08 Dec, 2017
These were way smaller than I expected to be, apparently all earrings from this brand are smaller than pictured. Which I guess isn't a bad thing when you perfer smaller earrings than the big ones.... read more »

Home drill

07 Dec, 2017
This is a perfect drill to use around the house! The package arrived in two days, thanks to prime shipping.. The box the product came in was pretty destroyed but all pieces of the product were there,... read more »

Really nice & durable!

07 Dec, 2017
I bought this for my brother since he has shown an interest in drumming. Nobody likes to hear drumming repeatedly, especially from an 8 year old. This was a nice addition to his practice sessions! It... read more »

Super Convenient!

07 Dec, 2017
As a family who rely heavily on electronics, we're always misplacing the wall plug for our chargers which in return causes chaos in my house. Buying this was kind of a must, especially since I jus... read more »

good quality; slightly off color

07 Dec, 2017
This seems to be a good quality eye shadow. The colors are deeper than what is pictured in the pictures. They did stay on all day for me which is a huge plus, especially at the inexpensive pice tag of... read more »

Smaller than original thought

07 Dec, 2017
These are smaller than I originally thought they were but they look amazing once I put them on my ears. They also sparkle super pretty as well! They were on prime, so they did come in two days and the... read more »

Perfect size!

07 Dec, 2017
It was delivered within a week, without prime. Packaging was excellent, product was vacum sealed in plastic. I did wash this before using, just like I do with everything that we wear and lounge around... read more »

Super stretchy

04 Dec, 2017
I love this dress! It is a thin stretchy material  and it fits me super nice! It falls right below my knees and the arms are mid length. I found it to be true to size for me. It isn't low in... read more »

Just one piece I couldn't figure out

04 Dec, 2017
I bought this music stand for my niece who is in high school level band. It came in a nice carrying bag which will be useful to her because she plays about anywhere she can. At first glance I didn'... read more »

It's good, could be better.

04 Dec, 2017
I love bluetooth speakers, maybe that's why I have so many! It pairs fairly easy. The only thing I did not like is having to flip it over to get the full sound then flip it back over for the contr... read more »

6 year old loved it!

04 Dec, 2017
I really liked this product simply because of how small it was. The strap is secured tightly onto the wood as well. I gave this to my son as an early birthday present and he loves walking around and d... read more »

Small but powerful

26 Nov, 2017
This food chopper looks super small. It can fit a medium size onion pretty well though. You will have to shake the container a few times if you did fill it up all the way just to be safe that all piec... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
So..I gave this can opener a 5 star, even though I struggled in the beginning. User error, I will admit! This is a super simple can opener and since I have been needing one I figured I would try this... read more »

Perfect learning toy

25 Nov, 2017
This will be wrapped up and given as a present to my kids. The box was labeled in Chinese, but the product inside is exactly as pictured. It has a good solid base which will work well on our sensory/f... read more »

Car is great, music not so much

23 Nov, 2017
So I bought this for a Christmas present for my kids for next month. I waited for them to go to sleep before I attempted to to take it out of the box, play around with it quietly, then put it back in... read more »

Instructions would've been nice

23 Nov, 2017
I'm a mother of two special need boys, both of which also have a sensory disorder. These have been recommended to me for quite a while for sensory play but I just haven't gotten around to buyi... read more »


22 Nov, 2017
Last year, I decided to be lazy and just get a projector for the outside for holiday lights. They were all fails. It either took forever to warm up or you couldn't see the color on the house. It w... read more »

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